Emancipation 08: Bet, Peep Show

by LiteroCat

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, True Story, Wife Watching, Sister, Swinging, First, Masturbation, Petting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: More intimate, embarrassing confessions. An outdoor challenge and mini street sex. How far will my Pygmalion go?

"It's far from over, but there isn't enough time to explore every nuance and fetish comfortably today. So Lois, enjoy exploring some of those with Joe and sharing them with us. We can recreate them or you can tape them for us! Or BOTH! I have a few things in mind and a surprise only Sue knows about. Ohhh, Lois, now you know what I was writing - a list of all your FIRSTS for you to frame. I also recently learned that I might have a panty fetish, and I don't care."

"Sue, those things you did with Pat and her boyfriend were hurtful. I can understand that maybe that wasn't your intent and you were trying to be a good partner for Pat, but if you had told me what you did, and let him do back then, I'm not sure I could have held it together. Today, I can't tell if it was the intimacy with them or the lies that would have bothered me more. Both were hugely hurtful.

"Are you sure this is a good time to share my first time ogling Lois naked - um, I mean when SHE was naked? OK, why not? If I revealed this two weeks ago, I expect Lois would have fumed bright red in a frenzy (real or not, I'm not sure now) and probably slammed me with something. Now, Lois, I hope YOU especially get a thrill from it.

"You and Joe had come up for a long, MUCH more conservative, weekend. After dinner, we were teasing and telling racy jokes (as racy as the old prudish Lois could stand!) You sighed with ennui (real or not?) and wanted to go to bed to get away from us. We had to let you go. Several minutes later, I went up to get something from our bedroom, which was next to your room. As I passed your room, I saw the door was open about THREE inches, an unusually wide opening. I knew that door didn't swing open by itself (like my bedroom door does). So I was about to check it, when I saw an incredibly beautiful sight.

"Lois, you were standing next to the window, looking outside but facing the door. You were topless and slowly scratching those big beautiful tits and rubbing your stiffening, irritated nipples, with the room light ON!" I tugged her taut nipple to emphasize my view. "I couldn't believe you could be that careless, ... and didn't believe it. That was something I expected from your sister - to 'accidently' be exposed to Joe or anyone else. You were just too damn 'shy' for that! How thrilled do you think I was that you were ignoring your germ paranoia, especially all the germs in your sexy titty sweat? I never suspected you had all THIS in you.

"My heart thumped, my breath stopped and I wondered what that meant. In a flash I considered: Did you want me to catch you? Why? To tease me? To prove to yourself or Joe that you were hot? Or were you so annoyed with your life that you wanted to arouse me to approach you? 'Yeah, wishful thinking. You should be so lucky.' I thought. My head spun and my cock told me to push open the door and take you. I almost listened to it! With huge effort, I stood still and stared silently, breathlessly, as you massaged those memorable mammaries, just FOR ME. I could taste them on my tongue, feel the turgid tips and smell your lusty scent.

"All the while, I was terrified you would catch me. Tough questions surged thru my head. Was I afraid that you'd slam the door on me in rage? Or that you'd look at me and smile that beguiling smile? If you did, would I be man (or foolish) enough to surrender to carnal lust? Would Sue care if I did? Would Joe? Breathing hard, I felt like I was about to find out. Sue and Joe were still downstairs, laughing at something while I swooned over you. I gulped and was about to drag myself away, when you unbuckled your pants. Still at the open window, you dropped and folded them. After giving me a peek at your cute little ass, you returned to the same spot at the window wearing just your yellow bikini panties with the white lace trim."

In a mocking tone, "Oh my God, this is a true story! I just threw those out last month."

"Of course it's true. Why would I make it up now? Tsk, now YOU'RE teasing ME ... again! So, I moved right up against the door jam. There you stood, draining all the blood from my body and pushing it into my already swollen cock! The room light was just right to light you up without shadows. As you kept shaking one tit at a time, I was often distracted by and stared intently at your crotch. I could see your dark, lush triangle thru your panties and strained to see your deep, sultry raphe.

"I was sure you heard me groan, but you didn't react. There was a hint of your pussy outline growing deeper, and I groaned again. Still no reaction, so I was getting more confident that you knew I was watching and were putting on a show for whatever reason. I didn't care why since I really enjoyed the show! I had to adjust my stiff dick, then nearly spilled my load when you rubbed your pussy lips first then your clit thru the panties. I knew there was NO WAY you would actually touch your bare skin in that dirty dirty 'germ box'.

"I couldn't dare wish for any more than watching you play with your twat and tit at the same time. I SO wanted to do that for you! It was hard to tell, but I thought I saw a moist, darkening spot growing from your pussy. Then, with just a quick furtive glance at the door, you abruptly whipped off your panties. No tease, no slow peel, just whoosh- gone! Your tits jiggled provocatively when you straightened up. My knees buckled and I drooled. When you lifted your leg onto the low stool and rubbed the crease between your thigh and your pussy, I groaned so loud I thought Sue could hear it downstairs! You still didn't react. Driven mad with lust, I whipped out my dick and squeezed it, wanked it, right there in the hallway!

"By then I was sure you knew I was watching, so I was strongly tempted to push just my hard purple cock head thru the doorway for you. I wanted to see if you'd ignore it, or come and pet it. I even had a quick fantasy that you'd run over, with a huge grin, drop to your knees and suck it. The nearly closed door would somehow be our prophylactic. When I saw your rubbing cause your pussy lips to stretch and open, I did explode, with a loud, unconcerned moan. By then, I wanted you to hear me.

"You just kept staring out the window, naked, rubbing your tits and dark downy delicious pelt and swollen, moist pussy lips. Your naughty smile was very wide. I opened my mouth to say 'thank you' or maybe 'come here', but snapped it shut and went to clean up instead. I confess, I have fantasied about that night several times. It feels so liberating to be able to confess that to you without fear for my life! I'm dying to know, what would you have done if I came in or just pushed my hard cock past the door."

Sue spoke up "Wow, you never told me that much detail. That was HOT!"

Joe asked "Lois, DID you know he was there and strip for him?"

"Hmmm, If I say no, then I was totally oblivious. Ummm... , <gulp> yes I knew ... oh God, NOW I'm embarrassed? I guess I hoped you would find me. I see what you mean about confession. I would have absolutely DIED to admit this two weeks ago. The jokes did annoy me, but I felt I was expected to act the way I did, and yes I was bored with my life. I don't know why I felt so daring, but I convinced myself that no one would come up so early and if you did, all you'd see were my ugly, lumpy breasts.

"I felt very angry, oddly horny and attracted to you, but would never act on that. Damn I hate confessing! Of course, I refused to believe I felt that attraction. At first, I left the door open just 1/2 inch. [137- I could count each act here, but I'm not.] That did nothing for me, so I opened it to a foot, but felt that was too blatant - I might as well strip in the hallway! So, I set it at three inches to give you a good view without being too obvious. Just to be sure, I even went into the hall to look in and see the best place to stand.

"I told myself, 'For sure nobody wants to see these', yet my pulse raced. I liked the rush, especially when I turned on the room light and took off my blouse. I waited for a sound from the hall before taking off my bra. Since I figured I might chicken out, I hurried to strip beyond escape. After a long minute just rubbing my boobs, I was about to give up when I clearly heard someone come up the stairs.

"I knew if it were either Joe or Sue, they'd just come in and close the door. Since it got eerily quiet instead, I knew it was you. I heard the LOUD silence and rubbed harder and pulled my nipples so they'd be stiff for you. My pulse was strangling me and I didn't know if I wanted you to come in and kiss my tits, and me, or not. When you didn't, I felt disappointed and relieved at once. The rush waned so I had to give up or step it up. I didn't care what Joe thought.

"When I wondered how my underwear would look to you, the thrill was back! I couldn't hesitate too long or I'd lose my courage and the moment would be gone. I did try to peek at you, then dropped my pants. I'm surprised you didn't see me blush bright cherry. I felt the heat! Until then, I wouldn't let anyone see my spindly legs, not even in shorts, and certainly not my mammaries, yet here I was in JUST panties and hoping you were watching! OMG! What a hussy! Your groan nearly made me cum.

"I moved deliberately slowly when I folded the pants and went back to my stage at the window. I knew you'd like to see me rub my pussy, so I did - just for you. Though I didn't know, I hoped you could see thru my panties. If you weren't in by then, it was unlikely you were coming in, so I knew I had to go all the way.

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