In Her Own Words

by In My Stead

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, True Story, Cheating, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Voyeurism, Slow, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Soon after we got married I had to go on an overseas tour that would separate us for a year. She came to visit me after four months. When she left I was beginning to understand that she was as oversexed as she was young. After my return and for several years after that I couldn't help but wonder. Finally, I got my wish, told to me "In Her Own Words."

Three months after Robin and I first married I had to go overseas for a year. Before we were married we had lived together for about six months before that. To say the least, those nine months had been sexually torrid!

At the time that we got married, Robin was a really attractive girl with a very pretty face and a great body with long shapely legs and small but perfect pert breasts. We had met within weeks of her coming off a bad marriage so I was a little tentative about getting involved. I am almost nine years older than she.

She had spent all of her life in a small Oklahoma town and, to have been married, she was naïve as could be. On the other hand, I had been single and been floating around in the "single world" for quite a long time. Being as naïve as she was, it was a total shock to me that on the very first date we ended up on the floor in her living room with my face between her legs. She started cumming in no time and I know that during the rest of that evening and night she must have cum eight or nine times. I'm not kidding you.

She wouldn't stop cumming and responded to every little thing that I did to her. She later said she hadn't had sex for six months and even then he was a lousy fuck. It became very obvious very soon that she was tremendously oversexed.

I knew right then that she owned me. Lock, stock, and cock!! We got married seven months later. Three months after that, I had to leave for a year.

Our sex life was very sweet and remained extremely active up until I left. What I should have realized was that I had a young wife that was extremely oversexed.

I had been gone for four months when she came to visit me in October. During that elapsed time, we had sent cassette tapes to each other on a regular basis in addition to daily letters. When she arrived, the first thing I noticed was her hair was very long in comparison to when I had last seen her. She was wearing boots and a very short dress that buttoned up the front, top to bottom.

We had a room right next to the airport. When we got in our room, I put her up against the door and lifted the dress she was wearing. When my hand went between her legs, it was met with a super slushy pussy. The tiny thong she was wearing was totally soaked and did nothing to protect her and cum was running down her inner thighs. Later, I found that the transparent lacy black bra she was wearing was just as tiny and useless as the thong, her stiff nipples slipping out of the top of their confines! I was super proud and turned on by all of it. Surely she was so thrilled to see me.

She stayed for two weeks as we celebrated her 25th birthday and we had a wonderful time with non-stop sex. One thing had not changed ... she was absolutely insatiable. Unfortunately, she got on that plane to go home with a wet and begging pussy and it was still seven months before I could return home.

We continued our long distance correspondence. However, a few months later I began to notice something about those tapes she sent me. At the time, I didn't "tie things together". Even though our letters were very personal the tapes were much more revealing. A letter may say something, but a recorded voice revealed how it was said, what was actually meant.

Even before she came up to visit, I had noticed that at times her voice would become a bit shaky, hesitant, and even feeble. It was obvious that at times she would turn the recorder off before she would recover and proceed on. But a few months after her visit and just after Christmas there was a subtle difference in the tone coming out of that little recorder.

It was just as honest, just as full of anguish and the "I miss you" stuff. But all at once it was noticeably different. I couldn't put my finger on it and never mentioned it. Almost in a pleading tone, later I would recognize it as an "I'm sorry" admission that didn't quite come out as she wanted.

Months later I returned home and over the next couple of years we had a child and settled into the rigors of daily life. I'm not saying our sex life went away, but it certainly became mundane at best. For some reason, it was just different. Almost as if she was holding back. Saying nothing to her, I couldn't help but wonder.

Then one night I happened to awake and (for my first time) discover her masturbating right beside me. I said nothing at the moment and was very still as I felt and heard her come to an explosive orgasm. I was surprised and thrilled. I never let on to my discovery but, after that night, I gently coaxed her into doing it on a regular basis for me.

After some time not only did she relent to do it in our bedroom but also, since our son was so young, she would routinely do it on our car trips. Very soon, watching her bring herself off in the car overrode the purpose of the trip itself. It is astonishing how hard she could cum from her fingers.

On one particular trip we were going on a day trip to a local resort so she had her bathing suit on. I intentionally had our son sit up front in a child restraint seat (it was legal at the time) and she sat right behind him in the back seat where he couldn't possible see her. I glimpsed back at her at times but mostly I watched her by adjusting my rear view mirror.

She was reading a magazine and, as I watched, she slowly slipped her hand under the right leg of her swim suit. Within thirty minutes, always looking out the window or at her magazine and not at me, she began a quiet undulation of her body that increased until she quietly exploded, jamming her feet down onto the floorboard and writhing softly on the seat.

A few minutes later she pulled the top of her suit down and started rubbing her nipples. She kept it up for a long time before going back to her clit and quickly and quietly exploding once again. I think it was then that I first fully understood how sensitive a woman's breast can be.

Over the next year or so our sex life really picked up. It was during that time that when we were in bed and having sex, I often started asking her about sexual things she had done in her life. Her little stories were exciting but innocent ... not a really big deal. Somehow, I thought there was more. I could just feel it.

I was right. My intuition was right on!

As things happen, it all came about in a strange way.

One Christmas on short notice I had to leave on a business trip which kept me out of town the two weeks before Christmas. She was pissed, especially since shopping wasn't done and we had to rush to do it before I left. On the way back from my trip I was going to have to drive right by her parents. From our house to theirs it was a three and a half hour drive. We agreed that when I came back she would drive up there and meet me for the weekend and then we would come on back home together but in separate cars.

Because my trip home required an overnight stay in a motel, it took me more than twenty four hours to drive from my business location to her parent's home. I got there in mid afternoon but found her already there. She had driven in very late the night before, completely in the dark.

I expected to find her still angry with me. Instead, she was incredibly wet and very willing. She had driven up while it was dark and our son was asleep in the back of the car. She said she had lowered her jeans all the way down past her knees and had come so hard several times that she almost had to pull the car over.

I came so hard with her that night!!

And then, lying quietly but still hard inside of her, like many times before I quietly asked about that trip years before when she had come to visit me. I was deep inside her as I quietly and gently cajoled her. I felt her pussy begin to twitch in response to my inquiry. I thought for a moment she was going to say something but she held back.

When we left the next day, she did a strange thing. We agreed that our son would drive back with me and she would travel alone in front of me. Even though they were old technology, we had never discarded those old tape recorders and I had taken one of them with me to my business seminar but never used it. I was surprised when she asked for the cassette player.

We got back to our home about noon Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve and Christmas morning was uneventful but very nice. She kept saying she had a special gift for me, so when it wasn't under the tree I very happily readied myself for a very special Christmas Night. Ignorant me. I had no idea of what was to happen. None at all!!

Right after our son got in bed she started pacing. I didn't bother her, even though I thought it strange. I half heartily watched an old movie and kept an eye on her. After a while it was obvious that she was in a decision making mode.

"Go for a ride."

She had walked up behind the stuffed chair I was in.

"Huh?" How strange. It was Christmas night!

"Go for a ride in your car."

Then she walked away. She seemed to want to distance herself from me. Her nervous gestures were very noticeable.

As soon as I opened my car door I saw it. That little cassette player was lying on the front seat driver's side. There was no way that I could miss it!

I drove. Then I hit the "play" button. Her raspy, shaky voice came through the little recorder. I listened for about two minutes before I pulled aside in a very dark strip mall parking lot that was totally abandoned for the holiday.

Her quiet voice filled the car.

"You have asked me many times about my trip to see you. First of all, I want you to know how wonderful it was."

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