An Unusual Way of Life

by Jenny Anderson

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, True Story, Swinging, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Voyeurism, .

Desc: True Sex Story: A fantasy is lovely, but to bring it to life is even better. A story of a loving couple who bring others to their lifestyle. A story told from the male perspective.

Sharon and I first met at a party, something neither of us had bothered with since our surprisingly civilised divorces. From the moment we met, a rapport began to build, and when it was time to leave, I asked if she'd like to come home with me. She did, and that was five years ago.

We lived in a small but adequate house on a secluded farmlet, an hour out of town. With the house surrounded by scrub, it gave us the privacy we enjoyed. We had installed lighting through some of the closer areas of the garden, so if the mood took us, we could commune with nature of an evening. Many a night as we wandered naked, we would stop and enjoy carnal pleasures.

It took a further two years of living together, to find out why she and her husband divorced.

For the first year of their marriage, things went well, but when his performance in bed began to lag behind her requirements, she took an occasional lover, something he objected to. The idea of his wife with another man wasn't to his liking, and after an ultimatum, which she rejected, he asked her to leave.

This revelation came as no surprise. Her sexual appetite was something most men could only dream about, but when confronted with the demand, found it hard to perform. This was a problem I didn't have. For whatever the reason, I found I could perform as required, regardless of the demands she put on me. In fact, I often instigated our sexual romps. We were as insatiable as each other were.

Once things were out in the open, there were times when we'd talk about the things we did with others before we met, and describe in detail, what we did, how it felt, and the emotions they generated. These talks thrilled us. It was as though the third person was actually with us, and that added even more spice to our relationship, and our lovemaking.

I'd tried to ring, to tell my lover, I'd be home, although rather late. I was supposed to be away for the night on a work assignment, but last minute changes altered my plans. There was no answer when I called, so once I'd finished for the day, I drove home, thinking it would be a nice surprise.

It was late when I put the car in the garage, and locked the door. The house was in darkness, and I assumed Sharon was in bed asleep. I moved quietly into the house, not wishing to disturb her. Surprisingly, when I went into the bedroom, she wasn't there. This explained why she didn't answer the phone. Probably out with a friend, I thought, as I prepared for bed.

No sooner settled, and I heard a car in the driveway, then two doors close. As I lay there, I wondered who she would invite in at this hour. I had little time to guess. Two voices, both slightly inebriated, one Sharon, one male. I listened to the sound of the male voice; it was one I recognised, my mate Geoff.

"Paul won't be pissed off with me taking you out for a drink," I heard him ask.

Sharon giggled. "No, should he?"

"Well it's just I didn't know he'd be away. I only called into saythello."ello."

I heard bottles rattle as they took them from a bag. It appeared, they planned to have a few more drinks before he left. I lay there, wondering if I should join them, then decided not to, for the moment. It would be interesting to listen a little longer.

Geoff was a good friend, and over the years, we had shared many of our darker secrets. He knew my thoughts on Sharon, and what she'd done while she was married. My heart rate went up as the mental picture of he and I with Sharon raced through my mind. No, while we'd fantasised about a third with us, it had never been taken further. Although the time wasn't far away when it would.

I continued to listen as they poured their drinks, their conversation muted, and then footsteps going into the lounge. The tele turned on, and I heard Sharon fuss with the DVD player. Again, my heart rate went up. They were settling in for a night of movies. And what else, I began to wonder.

Curiosity got the better of me; sleep now the last thing on my mind. I thought about joining them, but changed my mind. I wanted to see what happened between them. I got off the bed and listened. Their voices muffled, distorted by the sounds from the tele. I listened harder. Then I recognised the movie. An R rated one, saucy, but without being crude. I couldn't help wonder whose idea it was to watch something like that. It was then I decided I wanted to see what they did.

Without bothering to dress, I went out the bedroom door that led onto the patio. From there, I hoped I'd be able to see into the lounge. The first thing I noticed was the curtains as they billowed through the open door. Sharon had opened the door to allow the cool breeze to flow through the house. The movement of the curtains, and the dimmed lighting, meant they wouldn't be able to see out. Now I could sit comfortably to watch and listen, without the risk of being caught.

They sat opposite each other, relaxed in recliners, so they could talk to each other, as well as watch the movie. If I'd expected something untoward to happen, then I was disappointed. Just two friends spending a quiet night. Then things began to change.

"I should go once I've finished this," he said indicating his glass.

"No stay; we have a bottle."

"If we finish that one as well, I might have to stay."

"Would that be so bad?"

"It wouldn't be if Sean was home."

"Are you frightened to be alone with me?"

"More to the point, frightened of what I might do if I stay."

"And what might that be?" She teased.

"I think you know."

Their conversation was hotting up, Sharon's lusty nature coming to the fore. Would she encourage him to make a move on her?

"Sean's told you about me?" she asked. "The way I behaved when I was married."

"He told me."

"And what do you think of girls like me?"

"What should I think? I'm glad Sean found you; your lusty natures suit each other."

"Has he told you we talk about the things we've done with others?"

He looked surprised. "No. Do you go into details?"

"What we did, and with who. We leave nothing out. We tell each other all the juicy details." Then she changed the subject. "I need the loo." With that, she left Geoff alone.

With her out of the room, he stood, and the first thing he did was rearrange his strangled genitals. It seemed their talk had excited him. My friend was only human, and if the Sharon's of the world played up to him as mine had, it was natural his blood would be stirred. From my vantage point, I felt his indecision. Had it been anyone else but Sharon, he'd be more than willing to take things further. Could it be my lover wanted to bring our fantasies to life, and had chosen him? If so, her choice was perfect; we had known for weeks we wanted to take the next step, even though neither of us had said anything.

While Sharon had been away, she'd changed out of her slacks, and into a skirt. Now I knew she wanted to seduce him. My bet was she'd removed her knickers as well.

"Girls always look nice in a skirt," Geoff said as she re-joined him.

"Do you think so? Why is that?"

"Don't know. Skirts and long hair. Very feminine."

With that, Sharon undid her pony-tail, then shook her hair loose. "Something like this?" she asked.

Geoff looked embarrassed. "Are you trying to seduce me?"

"You know when I told you about the fantasies Sean, and I have. Maybe the fantasy is no longer enough. Perhaps we want to have someone with us."

Bless her, she knew the time was right to make our dreams a reality, and she couldn't have thought of a nicer person to ask.

"Does Sean know you're going to seduce me?"

"No, but I know he wouldn't mind."

"Yeah, well I'm not so sure. If he was here, it might be different. I've never thought about it."

"Liar. Your eyes tell a different story. I know you've thought it."

"Thinking about it, and doing it, are two different things. That's probably why I don't flirt."

"And if Sean was here, and knew I wanted you?"

"I don't know. As I said, I've never thought about something like that. If he was okay with it, then I guess I'd play."

From my vantage point, I knew her excitement was on the rise, as she quietly considered what he'd said. What she'd do from here, was a question I would have to wait for the answer.

Any normal man would have jumped on her half an hour ago, but Geoff was made of sterner stuff, our friendship the barrier.

Geoff looked at his watch, then at the half empty bottle on the table. He made a move to get up, then changed his mind as he poured the last of the drink into the glasses. I guessed he wanted to see what Sharon's next move would be. As did I.

Geoff had proven he was the friend I always knew he was, but even the best of friends have a breaking point. Sharon had excited him, and kept him excited, wanting him to take her to bed. I had to admire his fortitude as he resisted the urge.

"Why won't you come and make love to me?" I heard her ask. "Don't you want me?"

She was at a point now when she had to push him to do something. I knew the state she was in, and the loving I'd get once she knew I'd seen and heard what had gone on between them.

"Of course I want you. I've wanted to enjoy what Sean has, even if only once."

"What if it was more than once?"

I could see he didn't understand what she said. "Are you saying that he'd be willing to share you more than once?"

"I know he would, if you were okay with it. Just think, sitting home alone and feeling horny, how nice it would be if you could call in and have me."

He grinned somewhat shyly. "It could be fun."

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