The Lie

by Jenny Anderson

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, True Story, Cheating, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: There was no reason to lie to Shannon about my affair with Verne, but for reasons that to this day still baffle me, I did. Shannon and I had a good relationship, one that allowed me to indulge my lusty nature, just so long as he was with me. I liked two men using me, but I chose not to say anything the following morning about the fun I had with Verne. This story has two endings, one of which is true.

Why did I lie to him?

Our relationship was good, and he understood my lusty nature. Wasn't it he who had noticed my desires to take a lover before we actually lived together? Wasn't it he who understood, and early in our relationship encouraged me to be honest with him? Even though I'd said nothing, he knew, but wanted me to tell him of those encounters. I was hesitant, unsure of his reaction.

My husband had thrown me out when he discovered what I'd done behind his back. Would Shannon do the same once I told him?

After we'd been living together for three months, I knew if I didn't tell him, our affair would come to an end. All he wanted from me was honesty.

We were in bed, naked, his arm around me, my head on his shoulder. "If you can't be honest with me, then there isn't any hope for our relationship. You know that as well as I do."

Those were words I didn't want to hear, but with his ultimatum, I had nothing to loose. So after crying on his shoulder for ten minutes, I plucked up the courage to tell him.

"Do you really want to know"? I asked with the vague hope he didn't.

"How many while you were married?"

I shuddered when I thought about them. In the four years of marriage I'd had ten lovers, some only the once, but there were others I'd had many times. One even lived with us for a while. I thought about lying, but I knew under his careful interrogation, eventually I would make a mistake and it would come out.


"Do I know any of them?"



"Greg and Kyle."

Shannon's hands had begun to wander over my body, and if I wasn't mistaken his breathing had quickened. Surely me telling him what a slut I'd been wasn't turning him on? With that in mind I became more confident.

"And since we've been together?"

"Just two. Before you ask, it was Greg and Kyle. Greg mostly, he use to call in when I stayed with my mother. But that was before I moved in with you."

"I bet there were times I had you soon after one of them had finished with you."

I thought back. There had been times when Greg had called in late in the day, and we'd gone to bed for a quickie, and with him no sooner finished, Shannon was there to pick me up. It was on those occasions he screwed me just how I liked it. Even back then, he'd known what I'd done.

"Are you mad at me?" I asked.

"No, I like sluts. Always have for some reason. If there are others you must tell me. I hate lies."

Over the next year, with some prompting from Shannon, we relived all the juicy details of the lovers I'd had. It was a turn on for both of us. Some nights, we were satisfied with short versions of what went on. Other nights, he would encourage me to go into great detail. What they did to me, what I did to them, where we did it, and how it felt when I did some of the things.

I was at ease with my past behaviour now, as was Shannon. I had mentioned Greg and his wife Karen on a couple of occasions, and one night Shannon asked if I'd like to visit them.

Even though Greg and I had been lovers, we had been friends long before things became sexual between us. Karen had been a school friend, and it was through her that I met him. When my husband and I visited, I never felt any guilt, they were a couple, and we were friends. Things changed quickly whenever Greg and I were alone though.

"It might be nice. I haven't seen either of them since we've been together. Are you sure you're okay meeting him?"

"Why shouldn't I be. You're not going to fuck him, are you?"

That comment hurt. Of course I had no intentions of doing anything with him. This was just a visit to catch up, and to introduce Shannon.

The following Friday night we did visit. We were well met, and Shannon got on well with them. He was astute enough to notice the attention Greg gave me, and although I tried not to, I found it exciting to be in the same room with him again. Shannon went outside for a smoke, and I followed.

"You two still have the hots for each other." The first words Shannon said.

The words shocked me, had he noticed what we'd tried to hide?

With our now candid approach to life, I answered honestly. "You noticed did you?"

"I noticed, and I don't mind. In fact it stirred me. Like your stories."

That came as a surprise.

"I might take Karen for a drive to the bottle shop, give you two some time alone. Would you like that?"

My head spun with those words. "Are you saying that it's okay for me to have Greg while you're gone?"

"You don't have to, but I saw the way he looked at you, and your response. If you do, we'll leave when I get back so you can tell me all the juicy details."

This was a new side to Shannon, and one I didn't expect. He had accepted that I'd had lovers in the past, and it had excited him with the telling. This though was a big step, I didn't want to do anything that would jeopardise our relationship. Was he testing me and my fidelity? Or was he giving me permission to take a lover?

I looked up at him as he stubbed out his cigarette. "Are you testing me? Or do you really want me to have him?"

"I told you ages ago, I like what you did, but I might like it more if I could have you straight after. Think of the fun we could have with you still wet from a lover."

With the stories, often we would make love for hours. Now I was curious how long he would be at me after I'd given myself to another, with him aware of what I'd done.

"You really mean it, don't you."

"Only if it's what you want."

I did want, Shannon had always been a great lover, and with my stories, he'd become insatiable. Now I could only imagine the loving I'd get once Greg had finished with me.

"Okay, take Karen to the pub, but I'm not promising anything. I'm not even sure he still wants me that way."

Shannon looked at me and smiled. "Oh he still wants you. That you can be sure of."

We went back inside and sat at the table with my friends, and the conversation picked up where we'd left off. Half an hour later and I saw Shannon look at his watch.

"I need to pick up some booze. Karen would you like to show me the nearest pub?"

She glanced to Greg, and I saw him nod his approval, not minding she was about to go off into the night with Shannon.

I watched them drive away, then looked to Greg. "How long do you think they'll be away?"

"The nearest one is fifteen minutes away. They'll be gone for over half an hour."

"Any ideas how we could spend the time?" I asked.

With that he stood and dropped his trousers, his erection at the ready. I went to him and dropped to my knees then took it in my mouth.

"Do you want to fuck or suck," he asked.


We went into his bedroom, and he did as I asked. It was a thrill to have him again, but more so when I knew Shannon would have me when he'd finished, and we were home in bed. Greg kept an eye on the time as we enjoyed each other. With five minutes to spare, he worked towards his finale. I felt him go off, and he took me with him, my legs wrapped around his waist, urging him on. As he left me to clean himself in the bathroom, I felt the mess he'd left with me. If that didn't do something for Shannon, then I didn't know what would.

Greg and I had only just sat back at the table when I heard the car pull into the driveway. I had to get Shannon on his own as quick as I could, already most of what Greg had put in me had come out, and my panties were soggy.

On the pretext of showing him something, I ushered my lover away from prying eyes.

"Did you do it?" the first thing he said, his breathing already rapid.

I took his hand and guided it inside my panties. "How does that feel?"

"Great. Pity I can't stand you on your head until we get home, so it stays in you. Did he take any persuading?"

"None. The moment you were out of sight he was on me."

Then came the words that stunned me. "Do you think he'd like to come out home, and we both do you?"

"What, both of you at me at the same time?"

"Would you like that?"

"You've been inside my fantasies. It's one of the things I often dream about."

"Ask him before we leave. Tell him I know what you've done, and I'm okay with it."

It was time to leave. Karen came out to see us off while Greg needed the loo. As we were about to get in the car, I remembered something I'd left inside. I dashed back in, and caught Greg as he left the loo.

"Shannon knows what we did tonight, in fact he encouraged it. Now he wants to know if you'd like to come out and join us for some fun."

"Shit, I don't know. I've never had a threesome before. You reckon you can look after the two of us?"

"I'll think of something. Do you want to do it?"


"The moment you can get away. Could you get away tomorrow?"

"Have to work in the morning. Karen's going to her parents for the day, and won't be home until late. I guess I could. You sure Shannon's okay with it?"

"It was his idea. He likes my slutty side."

"Okay then. See you tomorrow, mid afternoon."

Shannon had the motor running when I went back to him, and Karen about to walk in the front door. Good job she didn't come in any earlier, that would have made things awkward.

"He'll be with us tomorrow," I said as we pulled away.

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