Breeding Sandy

by Myra Simmons

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Lesbian, Heterosexual, True Story, Group Sex, Interracial, Black Female, Black Male, White Female, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Squirting, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Sandy, a former lover of mine is now partnered with a wonderful woman. They decide to have a child together the old fashioned way. They ask my lover to breed Sandy and we agree.

The dim grey of early dawn began to fill the room. I sighed gently as I began to wake, the sweet sensations of my lover's sperm in my body still present. My nerves were tingling, even after our shared slumber, from our intensely shared passion of the previous night. By the time we were both sated and I was spooned up against him, my pussy and ass still burning with the heat of his fresh cum, nerves still tingling in arousal, it was well into the early morning.

I shifted my body slightly, pressing my ass back against him. I felt the increased pressure from his hand on my breast, even as he snored gently into my ear. I giggled, knowing that, even in his sleep, he was determined to hold me captive against him. I arched my hips, pushing my naked ass cheeks against his groin, grinding his morning wood in my crack. The feel of him there awakened my need for him fully. My heart racing, my breath quickening, I shifted a bit more, lifting my ass up his body until his cock slid between my legs. With an anticipatory grunt, I pushed myself down on him, gasping as I felt his cockhead push between my vaginal lips and slip, easily, back into my sexual sheath. I sighed softly as his full nine inches of hard, black cock entered my blonde, white pussy.

Holding him fully inside me, I began to swivel my hips, moving his drooling monster in my cunt. I could feel the constant pulsing of his cock as it throbbed in time with his heartbeat. I let out a quiet squeal of delight as I felt the increased pressure on my breast as he began to squeeze it, finally rhythmically rolling my rigid nipple.

I began to rock my hips in a rolling motion, moving my ass back against his groin and then away, moving his cock in and out of me, never letting more than half its length escape me. My breathing became deeper and more ragged, my sounds louder and louder. I was so close to my needed release but couldn't quite reach it. Suddenly, Tyrone moved his head and I felt the wet rasp of his tongue on the side of my neck! I screamed out loud as my orgasm ripped through me, my hips quivering and shaking on his shaft, my vaginal muscles rippling along his length. My screams became gurgles of total delight as I felt the surge of his cum pulsing up his cock and spraying deeply into me.

Shuddering in the aftermath of our morning fuck, I clamped my vaginal muscles tight, locking him inside me. He kept his groin pushed tightly against my ass as his own body quivered in his orgasmic aftermath. I put my hand on top of his, pressing his tightly against my breast, sighing and relaxing against him as he returned to massaging it. I twisted my head so that I could see his face and quickly pressed my lips against the underside of his jaw, letting the tip of my tongue trace a wet path. When he turned towards me, I quickly pressed my lips tightly to his, showing the depth of my satisfaction and my pleasure in the feel of him inside me and pressed against me. The passion of his returned kiss showed me how deeply he wanted and needed me, his need equal to mine for him.

As the kiss ended, I sighed and turned my head away from him. I relaxed my body against his, shaping my spine to his chest, wriggling up against him. I kept my hand on his so he could not let go of my breast. I glanced down, excited by the view of his dark brown skin over my pale color, which peeked out between his fingers. A sensation of joy and arousal flowed through me, mingling with the residual tingling of my recent powerful orgasm.

"God, Tyrone, I love you so much!" I gasped out.

I felt the increase of pressure from his hand on my breast and moaned as he pinched and rolled my nipple. I could feel his cock jump inside me as well and then the press of his lips against the back of my head, through the thickness of my blonde hair.

"I love you too, Myra," he sighed, "I can't imagine life without you anymore."

I smiled gently as I let my body fall even more into his.

"I guess we are just two permanent singles," I mused out loud, "that have found completion in each other."

"Yep!" Tyrone responded, "We are. I think, no matter what we do or who we are intimate with, we will always need to return to each other to find that feeling of completion we share."

"Oh, my sweet lover, you are so right! No matter how many men fuck me, no matter how hard they make me cum, it's only with you that I feel complete and safe and can totally let go of myself."

"Me too, Myra," he answered, shifting slightly. "Now, would you mind letting me take my cock out of your pussy?"

"NO!" I shouted out gasping, my vaginal muscles renewing their grip on him. "I don't want to be separated from you! I need your cock in my pussy!"

Tyrone leaned forward and gently kissed the back of my neck as my muscles continued to spasm along his length. He ran the tip of his tongue over the rim of my right ear and then behind it, finally pressing his lips against the inner area of my ear.

"Please, Myra, release me, I need to get up" He whispered softly.

"Get up inside me!" I giggled out in response.

With a growl, Tyrone nipped my earlobe and then suddenly pinched and twisted my nipple hard. I cried out in surprise, pain and pleasure. The diversion took my attention from my vaginal area and my muscles suddenly relaxed. Tyrone moved so fast that, by the time I realized he was sliding out of me, he was gone before I could clench down on him again. At his absence, a sorrowful moan escaped my lips.

"You beast!" I wailed out, my body agonized by the loss of his cock in me.

Tyrone leaned over me, smiling. I snapped my head around to face him, my mouth hanging open as I panted, ready to protest to him again. My needs disappeared as he firmly pressed his lips to mine and his tongue snaked between my parted lips. My displeasure turned to pleasure and then to passion as our tongues danced. I brought my arms up around his head and pulled him tightly to me. After a sufficiently long time, our passionate kiss ended, his tongue exiting my mouth and our lips separating.

"Now," I asked him sweetly, "would you please get back where you belong? Put your cock back into me!"

Tyrone stared down at me, smiling. Instead of mounting me and sliding back into me, he ran his fingers through my hair, caressed my cheek, running his fingers lightly down to my breast where he stroked my rigid nipple. His hand left me and then I felt a sharp, quick sting on my ass as the sound of flesh on flesh exploded in the room! I yelped in surprise as well as in reaction to the stinging sensation on my ass cheek. With a squeal, I launched myself at him, grabbing, slapping, kicking and clawing, trying to get to him as I giggled and laughed. As firm and toned as I am, I was no match for his muscular power. I was soon face down on the bed, my hands pinned behind my back, my lower body imprisoned by his sitting on me. He had my legs wedged together between his thighs, his now semi-hard cock pushing between my clenched cheeks. I couldn't help but squirm, moving his cockhead down my crack further until I felt it slipping between them, close to my anal opening.

"You've conquered me, sir," I gasped out, "now finish what you want. Thrust yourself into me, as I am ready for you!"

I arched up my ass, rolling my hips as much as I could under his weight. The head of his cock pressed against my willing anal opening, the tip beginning to penetrate me. I strained against his hold, trying to move him deeper into me. Oh how I wanted his invasion of my posterior! I heard him laugh as he held me and then, I squealed in delight as I felt him pushing against me, his cock stretching my ass open until his full head slid into me. With a happy moan, I arched my hips even more, giving his cock full access to my ass.

"All of it, Tyrone!" I begged, "Put all of it in me now!"

I moaned in pure pleasure as I felt his shaft filling and stretching me more and more. Finally, I felt his balls pressed against my upper thighs, my ass stretched open wide by his massive shaft. As he slowly slid back out, I turned my head and caught myself in his mirror. My white skinned body was pinned to the bed under his powerful black body. The site of his hard cock half lodged in my ass made me gasp in wonder at how beautiful we looked together.

"Fuck me, Tyrone! Take me! Oh God I love being taken by you!" I cried out, my eyes locked on our reflected image.

The weight of Tyrone's hand on my back, pinning my hands against me, increased as he began to fuck my ass in earnest. My orgasms began to come fast and hard as he subdued me and took his pleasure in my ass. As I felt the sensations of his motions and presence and then the hot wetness of his pre-cum pouring into me, the intensity of my orgasms increased until the waves of pleasure became continuous and the sum total of my universe. My senses were becoming overwhelmed, my body quivering and shaking, a growing sheen of sweat coating me from my exertions. As I felt his thrusts become more and more demanding, my hope arose that he was going to fill my ass with his precious gift. I needed it!

"Oh God, Tyrone, yes! Fuck me!" I cried out as I shoved back at him. "Harder, faster! Cum in my ass, please! I need to feel my ass being filled with your cum!"

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