The Island
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, True Story, Cheating, Slut Wife, Wife Watching, Swinging, Group Sex, Orgy, White Female, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Friends become more as passion builds into an explosive climax

Jerry needed to get away and what better place then Fisher Island. Fisher Island is the perfect little getaway just minutes from Miami. Mary was looking forward to spending four days on the island. At the last minute they decided to ask Shannon to come with them. After all, Shannon was alone this weekend, and worse yet, was the fact that Shannon lost her job on Monday.

Everyone arrived at the marina on time and having thirty minutes to kill, decided to grab a drink at the marina bar before the ferry took off. Walking up to the bar they noticed that the seas were a little rough and Jerry did his best to comfort the women. He knew that the ferry would only be exposed to rough water for less than ten minutes.

The air was chilly enough to give him notice that both women were erect and showing though. He pondered for a moment about which lady had the sexier pokies, Mary with her 36c's, or Shannon with her 34d's? Both women were sexy in their own way. Mary had sexy curves, her curly jet black hair was six inches down past her shoulders while Shannon was more athletic with shoulder length hair with a brownish red hue sheen. Still, both women had great breasts fueling hopes that he might get lucky enough to land them both in bed together. Is there anything sexier than being in bed with two women? He pondered the thought until he felt his cock begin to swell.

Once in the bar, he ordered the ladies two glasses of wine, taking a soda water with a twist for himself. Shannon was filled with questions about the island. She acted like a little girl going on her first sleepover, though they have been friends for years. Jerry checked his watch and informed the girls that it was time to head over to the ferry.

This was the first time that Shannon had been on a ferry. With their clothes and supplies already on the island, both Jerry and Mary helped Shannon with her luggage. The only thing Jerry had to worry about was a cooler on wheels with food for the weekend.

Though the Atlantic was angry, the ferry ride was comfortable. Once on the island, Jerry walked over to the garage and drove his golf cart out. They quickly loaded up the golf cart and started off towards the house.

All of the houses looked very contemporary and very expensive. Shannon started to make up little stories about each owner and talked about how stuffy they were. Jerry and Mary's house is one of the few homes built by a North Eastern builder and showed different lines. The house was more like one you would find in the Hamptons.

Once out at the house, they put everything down while Jerry and Mary ran around to get the house ready. With a push of a button the hurricane shutters rolled up and Mary returned with a bottle of champagne. Jerry popped the cork and poured two glasses for the girls. They toasted and then Mary offered to give Shannon a tour of the house. Jerry busied himself with her bags, taking them to her room.

Mary placed her hand on Shannon's wrist, "If you need anything just ask. Also if this is too cold for you we can turn on the heat?"

Shannon said that she was fine and assured her she would ask if she needed anything.

They came back down to the kitchen and noticed it was seven at night. No one felt like cooking let alone cleaning so Jerry called the resort and had them deliver dinner. The girls enjoyed the rest of the champagne. Mary did her best to comfort Shannon and the girls talked about what Shannon should do next.

Thirty minutes later the food came. Jerry decanted some red wine for the girls and they sat down at the kitchen table. After dinner, the girls kept on talking and planning while they finished the bottle of wine. Mary was spent and at ten o'clock she announced that she would be going to bed. Shannon said she was spent also and went up to her room. Jerry however wasn't ready to call it a night just yet and went off to the great room to find a movie to watch.

Jerry was just settling in when he looked up and noticed Shannon walking down the stairs. He was excited when he noticed what she was wearing. Her short shorts could almost pass for boy short panties while her camisole highlighted her curves. Though a little disappointed by her bra lines, he was pleased to see the cold night air had provided him with a rather lascivious view of her pronounced nipples.

Shannon smiled, "Hey."

"Hey. Can't sleep?"

"No. I'm so glad that you invited me to come out here with you. I've never knew about this or the other island out here. They are so beautiful."

"Thank you and your welcome," He tossed aside the blanket covering him then stood up. "Care to watch this movie with me?"

Shannon walked over and gave him a hug, moving into his arms things felt a little different. She felt very safe and comfortable, so much so, that getting closer to him wouldn't be too hard for her to imagine.

She smiled, "Sure. I'd love to join you.

He sat back down and patted the sofa, "Yeah, can you believe how cold this winter has been?"

"No, it's like I'm back up in Buffalo."

"Nuts." Jerry looked up and noticed that Shannon was still wearing her bra. "Isn't it a pain in the butt sleeping with your bra on?"

"Oh," Shannon took a moment to think about what he just asked her. She wasn't sure where he would go with it, "I need to support as I'm getting older." Shannon cupped her breasts. "I'm starting to drop a little."

"Well, I don't agree and think that the girls are freaking awesome. I say take it off, after all this is my late night movie rule."

"Fine," Shannon slapped his shoulder, "Then you take it off." Shannon leaded forward to tease him.

With a quick movement he was able to reach behind her and unclip her bra.

"Damn, that was quick."

"Well, thank you, but after all I'm a professional."

Shannon looked at Jerry and waited for him. Shannon's body had started to come alive and tonight was the perfect night to push some limits. She always found him sexy and wanted to feel his tight muscular body. Jerry was nothing like her boyfriend Taylor, who had let himself go. Not that Taylor had the time, after all his startup was consuming at least sixty hours a week.

Jerry wasn't sure why Shannon was looking at him, "What's up?"

Shannon looked down at her breasts, "Well, are you going to take it off?"

Jerry had a mischievous look on his face, "Of course." Jerry moved closer to lift up her camisole. He thought for sure she would stop him, but she didn't.

He watched as she pulled her arms out of the straps of the bra. He loved the soft curve of the side of her breast, but more importantly Jerry loved seeing her hard nipples. Granted, this was due to the cold air, but he still loved looking at a woman's hard nipples. Jerry has had a crush on Shannon from the day that he met her and now her breasts were inches from his face. In his heightened state he hoped she might notice the lengthy swell of his aroused cock.

Once she was out of her bra, Jerry smiled, "Nice." After all he had just seen most of her breasts. Hopefully there would be more soon.

Shannon smiled, "Thanks."

They moved back under the covers. Shannon enjoyed feeling his body heat but desperately wanted to feel his body on top of hers.

"That wasn't the first time you saw them."

They settled into the sofa with Shannon laying in front of him. They both snuggled under the covers.

"I know but I just love seeing them."

Shannon took a deep breath, "You know normally when I remove my bra sometimes the girls need a little massage."

Jerry took that as a queue. Before she could finish her sentence, his hand was moving under her camisole. Shannon offered no resistance while waiting to enjoy how he touched her. Over the past two years he had felt her up before in the pool but never this close or intimate. She wasn't disappointed, if anything his touching her started to frustrate her. He was careful to avoid touching her nipples directly, which only made her want him to touch them more. She could feel her pussy come alive as her clit started to throb. In a few moments she knew that her pussy would be aching to be filled. Shannon started to ponder if he would go down on her, after all oral sex wasn't cheating, right?

Shannon took a deep breath as waves of pleasure raced though her body; Jerry knew just how to touch her to bring her body alive. She could feel all her lady parts becoming awake and demanding attention.

Jerry couldn't hide the fact that he was very aroused. No matter what he did, every time she moved, her body would press into his hard on. Oh how he tried to keep his erect cock away from her, but this became futile once Shannon started to press her ass into him. He couldn't keep the mental image or the feeling of his rigid cock spreading her lips and sliding deep into her heat.

"I guess you do like my girls." Shannon reached for his hand then guided it to her breasts making sure his fingers rested on her nipples. "See they are just tits." She left his hand there.

When she pressed herself back into him she decided to take it up a level. This was her turn to try and tease him. She could feel his arousal and wanted to torment him till he ripped her shorts off.

Shannon tried to find her softest sexiest voice, "Now this is a great way to watch movie."


For the next hour they teased each other. Jerry toyed with her nipples and breasts, being careful to not rub her raw. With ten minutes left to the movie Shannon reached behind her back and grabbed him. Her hand brushed against his cock, sending shockwaves through her body. She didn't mean to do that, but was unable to move her hand away. Shannon liked feeling his thick shaft, with her body alive she started to wonder how that would feel in her.

"Thought you were going soft on me," she gave him a gentle squeeze.

Shannon kept on teasing him just like he had been doing to her. She loved the rush from holding a hard cock in her hands and that is when she decided to slip her hand under his shorts, allowing her bare hand to touch the warm tight skin of his cock. She loved holding him, wrapping her fingers around his hard shaft. When she squeezed, his cock twitched, which told her that he was all hers.

"What are you doing?"

"Nothing more than what you are doing to me."

His voice was flustered, "Ah, I don't think that this is fair." Needless to say that he didn't want to stop.

Shannon knew she really had him now, "Why so?" She waited to play this one out. Did he want this to stop; because there was no way that Shannon wanted this to end.

With her hand down his shorts she desperately wanted to scream, "Rip off my shorts." But was afraid he would think she was a slut. He couldn't stop yet; she gave him a squeeze while feeling the length of his long shaft. If Jerry wanted to stop Shannon knew that she would have to finish on her own and the only thing she wanted right now was him inside her body. Shannon 's clit started to throb even more while she enjoyed feeling his ridged cock with more thoughts on how he good he will feel in her.

Jerry looked her over and monitored the way she was breathing. The final clue was the way her hips where rocking, basically mimicking being on top. His hands moved to her hips, slowly he slipped his hand under the elastic band of her shorts. When her breathing quickened he started to pull her shorts and thong over her hips and down her legs. Shannon helped by lifting up her body and then kicking off her shorts to the floor.

Now she lay next to him vulnerable and exposed.

Shannon took a deep breath then slid over onto her back. She wanted him to have access. Even though she squirmed around, her fingers never let go of his cock.

A rush of hormones flooded Jerry's body thinking about this dance with Shannon. Having her on her back told him that she wanted to push the envelope farther. When Shannon opened her legs exposing her pussy to him, it took everything in him not to shoot a thick stream of cum on her belly.

Jerry reached out to touch her face, chin, and then to tease her breasts by making small circles around her areolas while being careful not to touch her nipple. When he finally touched her nipples Shannon's body shook like a mini orgasm just ripped though her body. While watching her reaction he started to move his hand again, down to her stomach and then to her right thigh. He quickly discovered that her pussy was freshly shaven. He loved the way a shaved pussy looked, but loved the way a pussy tasted even more. He had to taste her, make her cum while looking up at her, and then sinking his cock deep into her body after giving her an orgasm from his tongue. Then he could share her taste with Shannon.

Slowly, his hand found her pussy, and Shannon was soaked. Jerry's wife didn't shave her pussy and he liked how Shannon's pussy felt. The way Shannon's lips were so smooth and slick from her arousal. His fingers danced over her wet swollen lips. Oh how he wanted to plunge his cock deep into her, and by the way she was holding him told him that she was wanting that also.

Shannon's heat radiated out from her pussy.

He knew that he was about to cross the line by feeling her where only a few men and a few ladies might have. Slowly his finger slid over her wet clit, between her lips, till he reached her hungry wet opening. Shannon moaned as his fingers rimmed the opening to her sex. Carefully he worked his index finger into her wetness. The folds of her pussy were well lubricated and even with that wetness he could feel her fire. When he pulled his finger out he quickly moved his finger up to his mouth.

Jerry had to taste her. She tasted better than the sweetest dessert.

Shannon grabbed his wrist, "I want a taste." With her hand still on his wrist he went down to her pussy to dip his fingers then brought his wet fingertips to her mouth. Shannon licked his fingers and made sure that he enjoyed the show.

This time he guided his middle and ring finger to her pussy. He wanted to feel how much she could take. Her wetness allowed his two fingers to slip deep into her body.

All he could think about was the rush from slipping his cock into her. The past few years of flirting with her and now he was about to enjoy his dessert.

Shannon reached down to grab his wrist, "What are we going to do?"

Jerry didn't say a word. She still was squeezing his cock with her other hand.

It was now or never for Shannon, "You better fuck me now before I soak the couch." Shannon let go of him then quickly stripped him out of his shorts.

Jerry took a deep breath, it was no or never. A new wave of hormones rushed through his body almost pushing him over the edge. He had never been so aroused before, never wanted a woman so badly before.

His next move was to pull her on top of him. Shannon let out a little scream as she was totally caught off guard. Once she was on top of him, she went for the kill. She moved her body to position herself over him, till the tip of his cock started to probe her. Gently, she moved her body over him so that her wet lips coated his hard shaft. She wanted to tease him a little before she took him in. After all he had been teasing her all night.

The only thought in Shannon's mind was having him. She wanted to rock his world, to show him what a skilled lover she was.

Shannon pulled up and wanted to kiss him. She loved kissing and to have a man's tongue in her mouth as his cock slipped into her body for the first time.

Not able to wait any longer, Shannon leaned to kiss him. The kiss quickly turned passionate. Her own orgasm was now building in her body just from the teasing. Quietly and involuntary she started to moan, then her moan turned guttural as he trusted his hips forward, stuffing his cock into her. That empty void feeling was gone as soft folds of her pussy gripped around his hard cock.

Shannon was slammed down hard into the sofa and the weight of Jerry pushed her further in. She gasped into his mouth as his cock slipped deeper into her pussy than any man had before. The rush of the sudden action set her over the edge and released a powerful orgasm.

At this moment Shannon didn't think about her boyfriend or if he was with another woman. She was enjoying her fill. With her orgasm coming to an end, all she could think about was having another.

Jerry wanted to slam his hard cock deep into Shannon. He reached around to lift her up. His cock slipped out of her and felt cold being all wet from Shannon. Using his strength, he turned her around to slip her on her stomach, in a cat like move, spun around her, then guided himself back into her. No romance, no foreplay, he just rammed all of himself into her which caused Shannon to moan. She loved being taken, and used for a man's pleasure. Her body craved this and loved being submissive to him.

With each thrust he pushed her body deep into the leather sofa. She could feel her orgasm building again.

"Flip me over, I want to watch you do me."

By the little light TV was emitting she could watch his muscles flexing as he did her. She loved how strong his shoulders were and really loved watching his six pack flexing as he drilled her. She knew that this wasn't going to be a onetime deal, that her body was his whenever he wanted and just in case he didn't ask, she would for him!

Shannon loved watching his muscles flexing as he did her. She knew that with each flex he would be giving her pleasure. Oh, how sexy his hard body looked and it was all hers. She loved feeling him deep in her body.

Her second orgasm hit her with the power of an approaching freight train. Her eyes flickered in her head as waves of pleasure exploded in her body.

"That's it, cum in me!" Shannon started to run her hands up his side, teasing him by digging her nails in a little. "I want to feel you cum in me."

Shannon watched his expression change and then his eyes closed. She knew with that final thrust he was cumming. His cock was deep in her when the mushroom tip head expanded to shoot his cum into her. Her pussy felt hot from his thick cum. Then he pulled out a little and thrusted again, shooting a couple more streams of cum into her. She didn't care, she wanted to feel him, to watch him cum. She wanted to give him that pleasure.

Jerry collapsed on top of her. His cock still buried deep in her. Shannon enjoyed having him in her still, even though he started to soften. He stayed in her for another couple of minutes till he was soft enough to slip out of her. She tried desperately to keep him in her, but he slipped out between her overly wet lips. Shannon knew she was soaked from her own arousal and his cum.

Shannon broke the silence, "that was amazing."

Jerry smiled, "Yeah, guess all these years of sexual tension really heated things up."

"I've never been fucked like that before. Promise me that this won't be the last time."

"What about Taylor?"

She chuckled, "What about your wife?"


"Well, I won't tell if you won't. I'm serious." Shannon grabbed his chin with her left hand to look him into the eyes, "I don't want this to be the last time."

"Oh trust me, I want more of you."

Shannon pulled him down on top of her for a warm hug, "Good."

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