Doctor Von Scouries: Case #1 Katherine

by scouries

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Rape, Heterosexual, True Story, Incest, Brother, Sister, Size, Doctor/Nurse, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A sexually confused but beautiful young lawyer seek help from Dr. Von Scouries. Why can't she refuse the advances of big cocked men? Can Andy cure this young woman? And how will his secretary Gaby involve herself in the cure? Sex on the analysts couch? Panties left for waiters as tips? Incest!

One of my second cousins, Andy Von Scouries, a psychiatrist, is the hero of the following tale (they still use the Von in their branch of the family). When Andy and his sister were down visiting in Florida last winter they told me about some of his most interesting cases. He was hoping I'd write some of them up for him so he also left me a copy of his case notes and some of the video of the various sessions to ensure accuracy. Next time I'm up visiting him he's promised to let me sit in on one of his cases. Which should be interesting! ENJOY!

Session #1

"You're going to like this one Andy," my secretary Gabrielle said with a saucy laugh as she dropped a slim folder onto the desk in front of me and then came around the desk and stood next to me.

"Am I Miss G?" I asked as I flipped open the file with my left hand while moving my right hand onto the plaid miniskirt that hardly covered her still teenaged bum.

"Uh huh," she giggled.

"How come?" I asked idly as I read the notes on the page. The fingers of my right hand slipped under the hem of her skirt and onto her silken skin.

"She's young ... beautiful ... smart ... sexy ... successful ... a redhead, " Gaby answered as she ticked off the reasons on her fingers. I slipped my hand inside her panties and then under until a finger found her moist slit.

"Why's she here then?" I asked as I slid my finger deep inside her.

"Andeeee!" she groaned softly, then added, "her G.P., your pal Doctor Farley, recommended you again."

"Good old Mandy," I said as my mind momentarily flicked to an image of my old med school classmate who was now in general practice in the city and who was quite happy to refer her crazy patients to me.

"That's the third one she's sent us this year, I don't think she knows there are any other psychiatrists in town," Gabrielle added. She was starting to urgently buck her pelvis against my hand.

"I used to help her with her studies when we were back in med school. I'll have to give her a very big Christmas present," I said as thoughts of my student days intruded.

"Hah! Studying! The only thing you two were studying was each others anatomy," my nineteen year old secretary scoffed. "And may I remind you boss, Doctor Farley is now a married woman. You're not allowed to give her any more of your beeeeg gifts doctor," Gabrielle instructed as she ran her palm slowly down and across my crotch.

"Sit on the desk," I ordered as I pulled my finger out of her and moved my chair so that I could position her between my legs.

"Like this?" she asked as she hopped up so her perfectly formed rear end was perched on the edge of my desk and her legs were splayed wide open.

"That'll do fine Miss G.," I agreed as I placed my hands under her skirt and grasped the top of the polka dotted silk boy shorts she was wearing as panties that day. I quickly slipped them down her legs and then brought them to my face.

"You and your panty fetish," she chastened as her fingers found my zipper, "I think you're the one who needs the doctor."

"Do you?" I asked as I stood, my rampant, blood filled cock straining upward through my now open zipper. Gaby's panties were around my head. The trimmed triangle of her blond, almost white, pubic pelt pointed to the spot my cockhead urgently probed for.

Then I pushed the bulblike end of my throbbing penis between her vaginal lips.

"Ohhhhhhhh Andy," she groaned as my thrusting lance punched deep inside her. And as I fucked my nineteen year old secretary I didn't give one thought to the red haired patient who was sitting patiently in my waiting room. Nor could my new patient hear the lusty screams that were soon echoing around my office — an office that had been carefully soundproofed by my grandfather some fifty years earlier.

Her back was lying on the cool, smooth polished wood of my desktop, and her legs were resting on my shoulders while her bum was arching upward off the desk, writhing in the throes of her teenage orgasm, when the first thick, warm stream of my cum splattered angrily into the deepest recess of her womb.

"Little blond slut," I accused as my sperm continued to spit inside her.

"Sicko pervert," she spat back with a laugh as she tightened her legs around my head.

"Hussy! You always get so wet and excited when I get a new patient don't you?"

Ten minutes later my secretary led Katherine Erin O'Malley through my office door and introduced me to my new patient. Gaby hadn't lied! The red haired beauty that stood in front of me was simply stunning. Tall and lithe, the thousand dollar, perfectly tailored business suit she was wearing couldn't hide her womanly curves.

"Katherine with a K," my new patient advised in her first words to me while offering me her hand.

"An Irish beauty worthy of the Hills of Tara and the Kings who roamed there, '" I intoned as I took her hand and raised it to my lips.

"Hardly," she said with raised eyebrows as she reclaimed her hand. Her white, almost translucent skin had no defense against the blush that had spread into her cheeks.

"And from what I understand the up and coming young legal superstar of our fair cities number one law firm," I added as I directed her to a seat in front of my desk and nodded to Gaby, letting her know she was dismissed. The little hussy actually had the temerity to stick out her tongue at me as she backed out the door. Fortunately my new patient missed our little interplay. I then took my place behind my desk. A pen and pad were the only items that marred its smooth surface but I couldn't help but notice the smell of my secretary's sex that still lingered in the air.

"I'm just a hundred hour a week gopher for the partners," Katherine O'Malley answered but I could see she was pleased at my description and the fact that I'd clearly done some research on her in preparation of our meeting. I watched as her eyes traveled around the office slowly, clearly registering every detail. I even noticed when her nose rose just a titch as she inhaled the unexpected odor.

"It's beautiful ... the house I mean ... everything," she said as she indicated her surroundings. "How'd you ever find it let alone afford it?"

"Good genes," I answered solemnly.

"Good genes? I don't--"

"I inherited it," I said as I interrupted her. "Granddad," I added as I saw the question in her eye.

"You own the whole thing, I thought there were other offices or something," she started, the wonder clear in her voice.

"My great grandfather had it built for him in 1911," I supplied. "He was a doctor, so was my grandfather."

"A family of psychiatrists?"

"No," I said with a chuckle, "they were both gynecologists. They worked here downstairs and lived on the top floors."

"Gaaawd, you live here too?"

"All my life," I nodded. I was used to the endless questions about my house. Now designated a protected 'Historical House' by the State's Heritage Commission, it was one of the last great city mansions still standing in the small residential quarter that sat between the University district and the downtown skyscrapers.

For five minutes she peppered me with questions about the house — I let her, I knew she was nervous and wasn't quite ready to spill her guts.

"Well, maybe we should start," I finally said, then lifted my pen from the desk and sat with an expectant look on my face. My patient, nonplussed for just a moment, put her hands in her lap and lowered her eyes. But then almost immediately raised them again and looked up into mine.

"I've been feeling strange ... no, different... ," she started tentatively, clearly unsure of herself. I recognized immediately that this reticence wasn't in Katherine's nature.

"I'm physically well," she added quickly as I started to write on my pad. "Doctor Farley gave me a clean bill of health. I've always been athletic," she added.

"You're a swimmer I'll bet," I said with a touch of admiration in my voice.

"How'd you know? Did Doctor Farley tell you?"

"Just a guess," I answered as I wrote another few words on my pad. I could see her curiosity as she tried to read my scrawl upside down.

"Oh. Anyway, as I was saying, it isn't anything--"

"Could I interrupt you for just one second Miss O'Malley?" I asked, a more formal doctoral tone suddenly in my voice.

"Yes ... of course Doctor, I'm sorry I was just --"

"I wonder if before we got too much into your story you could do me a favor?"

"Of course doctor," my pretty redhead eagerly agreed as she leaned forward in her chair. I could see she was in no particular rush to tell me why she was visiting a psychiatrist.

"Could you take off your clothes for me Miss O'Malley?" I asked softly. Before the true impact of my words hit her I saw her fingers involuntarily dart to the top button of her jacket.

She'd actually undone the button before she realized what I'd asked. "What? Why?" Not answering I decided to wait her out. "Doctor Farley's given me a complete physical examination ... just two weeks ago. That's what I was just saying."

"So you'd prefer not to disrobe?" I asked as I quickly wrote a few more lines on my pad.

"I'd just like to understand why," the young lawyer said as she fidgeted in her seat. "What did you write?" she asked, unable to hide her curiosity.

"It's not that important for now," I said but in a tone that that conveyed just the opposite. "Feel free to leave your clothes on Katherine," I offered in a friendly tone as I wrote a few more cryptic words on my page and then underlined them twice.

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