The Party

by Thesandman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including BiSexual, True Story, Swinging, Group Sex, Orgy, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Squirting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: This is the true story of a couples first experience with group sex and everything else associated with that. "We" hope that you do enjoy it, and look forward to hearing from you if you do.

Author's note: From time to time I entertain ideas or suggestions from some of my readers and fans. A while back, I was approached by a couple who had attended a rather wild party. They asked if I couldn't put into words for them, some of the things they did and experienced. As they have also asked to remain anonymous, I will honor that request. There is quite a bit of bi-sexuality in this story based on the experiences they encountered at this affair. So for those of you, who find no interest in that, please beware.

I have also chosen to write this in the first person as that is my preferred choice and style of writing, so am writing it from the viewpoint of this intriguing couple who described for me in somewhat explicit detail some of the aspects of the party they attended. Obviously I have taken a little liberty in doing so, using dialogue which I feel will enhance and add to the story, and to the situations as explained and described to me as I began writing this. For those of you who do read and enjoy this work, I hope to hear from you and appreciate your votes and comments. I am likewise sure, that they too, would be interested in hearing what you have to say. All individuals portrayed in this tale are of course, over the age of 18.

Joining an Adult site

For quite a while now my wife Kate and I have toyed with the idea of joining an adult site, specifically with the intent of perhaps meeting another couple, or couples we might be compatible with, and with whom we might actually explore a few sexual fantasies the two of us have had. Fantasies we'd very often spoken of candidly with one another, but had never acted upon. We gave it a lot of thought, and then sat down one night together and scripted up a profile that we thought accurately described ourselves, along with a few of our more tame thoughts and desires. Within the span of a few short hours, we already had several personal notes waiting for us in our in-box, though none so far from anyone close or local. At first, we began to wonder if we ever really would as we had heard a few stories. People (mainly men pretending to be women) or couples whose profiles and pictures didn't accurately represent who it was they really were.

We had gone in with the intent to be as honest as we could be. We were certainly no Ken and Barbie, though I daresay, my wife Kate at 49 years of age looked easily ten years younger than that, with a body that I thought could compete easily with any mature woman around that age. For myself, I am five years older than my wife. At 54, I already have a full head of almost bright white hair, which had begun turning so before I had even reached 40. A genetic trait perhaps that ran in my family, though Kate thought it made me look very distinguished without looking old. We both worked out at a local gym twice a week at least, so remained in fairly decent shape, though admittedly again, neither one of us had abs of steel or anything like that. Toned perhaps, though at my age, I was happy just to have that.

More about us. Like I said, my wife Kate looks ten years younger than her true age and that's no exaggeration. She stands 5'4" tall, has shoulder length dark brown hair, and an incredible figure though she (like most women perhaps) is constantly complaining about how gravity is beginning to take over. Personally, I find the gentle hang of her lovely C cup breasts to be most alluring and sensual. They are full, heavy against her ribcage with lovely light tan colored nipples that when erect are very thick and full, a reason why even with a C cup, Kate has often worn pads inside her bra as her nipples tend to show through even with a bra on, and do so considerably.

She has a nice firm ass, though again she considers it too big for her tastes. Personally I like the way she looks in a nice pair of tight fitting jeans and a white blouse which, as already mentioned, usually shows off those lovely full breasts of hers.

For myself, I stand just a fraction under 5'10". I have hazel colored eyes (as we both do) I tan easily, though now I am trying to be a lot more careful about spending quite as much time out in the sun as I used to. Again being honest, I am as they say average in the endowment department. I don't have a monster cock, though Kate (and girlfriends in the past) never had any reason to complain. Kate's always said it's not what you have, but how you use it. Hopefully she's not just saying that because I'm her husband, though her quite vocal expressions of pleasure whenever we've made love are a pretty fair testament of that fact.

Oh and by way of introduction. My name is John.

First Meet

It was several days after we'd placed our ad before we actually had someone reasonably local to where we actually lived, who contacted us. After a few brief exchanges back and forth, we finally agreed to meet someplace for coffee as a way of meeting one another in a so-called "neutral" environment. Needless to say, Kate and I were both anxious as well as nervous ... though likewise excited. We had hopeful expectations, but had already decided going in, not to get our hopes up, especially for a first time encounter with another like-minded couple.

What surprised me about Kate was when she came down the stairs after primping in front of the mirror for the last hour before joining me. Dressed casually of course, she was wearing one of my favorite outfits. A nice tight pair of form fitting jeans, and a lovely white blouse, though I immediately noticed she'd gone without the usual pads in making any attempt at covering up her large thick nipples should they become aroused. The reason I knew this, was because I could see them already. She was aroused. Nervous yes, but obviously excited too.

After some discussion, we had agreed to meet Jack and Jill (yes their real names) which had been the introduction for some comic relief on both of our parts, deciding that the best place was a truck stop located approximately thirty minutes away for both of us. It was the perfect place to meet, sit ... have a cup of coffee and a piece of pie perhaps, and simply get to know one another. They were already waiting for us when we arrived, recognizing us almost immediately (by my white hair) and waved us over to where they had already been seated.

Jack was my wife's age, though to be honest, he looked closer to my own. By his semi rugged features, it was obvious he worked hard (as we soon learned) working as a construction worker for many years. His wife Jill was a fiery looking redhead, somewhere in her mid forties, with far larger tits than even my wife had. And though not trying to make too obvious a comparison here, she was built a little like Dolly Parton, similar frame perhaps, though her breasts weren't quite as large as Dolly's are, but you get the idea. Jill was very warm and friendly from the get-go, standing, giving each of us a very affectionate hug and a kiss before sitting down to join them. As we soon learned, they'd been in the "life-style" as they called it for a number of years now, though they didn't consider themselves constant swingers, and had in fact remained pretty exclusive to a small group of special friends. The only reason they had even decided to contact us was the fact one group of friends had moved away, and they'd been looking for another "perfect" couple that might be interested in joining their small little group. We spent the next solid hour getting to know one another better, and slowly but surely, Kate and I became very comfortable in getting to know them. When they suggested that we go out into their motor home (which they had arrived in) for a drink perhaps, we hesitated only briefly before deciding to do so. After all, we were in a truck stop, so there wasn't much of an expectation that things would really go anywhere, even in their motor home. Boy were we in for a nice surprise.

Our first sexual dalliance

The motor home was spectacular with all the amenities. They explained that they enjoyed traveling a lot, driving across country, and had gone all out in purchasing the motor home we were now sitting in. Even sitting there in the truck stop, it felt more like we were visiting them at their place, though they assured us they also had a very nice "country-style" home on a twenty-acre piece of property, that allowed them some seclusion and privacy for their more intimate parties and adventures. We sat sipping wine getting more and more relaxed. Kate and I both enjoying their company, and in no real hurry to call it a night just yet. Already we could feel and sense some underlying overtones of sexual electricity in the air, especially when Jack asked if either Kate or I would enjoy looking at his wife's tits. Obviously she was as proud of them as her husband was, already beginning to undo the blouse she was wearing before either Kate or I had had a chance to nod our heads yes, though we both did.

Another side note here. Aside from a couple of brief, curious encounters when she was a teenager, Kate had never really been with a woman before, not fully anyway. Aside from masturbating, and being masturbated by a close girl friend, and then a year later doing the same with a distant cousin, that had been the extent of her woman to woman experiences. Though she had confessed going in, she was certainly interested in exploring that further. Something I was certainly anxious to see for several reasons. Like a lot of men perhaps, the thought of seeing two women together had always been high on my "jerk-off" list. And with the potential of one day actually seeing my wife do so, I was of course very supportive and all for it.

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