The Badminton Match

by maxmarieuk

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, NonConsensual, Heterosexual, True Story, Rough, Humiliation, Gang Bang, .

Desc: True Sex Story: Two girls play a match but the guys watching give them a very different ending

The sports club usually closed at ten thirty in the evening but this had been a grudge match between two girls who did not particularly like each other and therefore neither would agree to a draw or a postponement when closing time came and as a result they were the last two in the gym.

Jane was tall and fairly slim with long blonde hair, tanned legs and arms which were shown off to advantage by her white skirt and blouse. In contrast Alice was a little shorter, very slim and dark haired with an olive complexion. Although they worked together, they were from very different backgrounds, Jane regarding herself as quite superior to Alice who she thought of as quite common. This only added to the rivalry between the two, at work, play and with their men. Both girls were in their late twenties and attractive, usually drawing an appreciative audience when they played as they provided an attractive display, especially to a male audience who found their bodies most appealing as they threw themselves around the court, dressed in their short skirts.

This evening however, they were alone as the club was visiting a rival for a competition, leaving Jane and Alice plenty of time to play their game to establish once and for all just who was the best.

They were both concentrating so hard on the game that neither of them heard the door being forced or the sounds of the group entering the hall and the voices therefore came as a shock to them both when they heard someone say "now look at the legs on these two."

They both spun round to see a group of six young men in their late teens to early twenties standing in the gym watching them. They could sense immediately that it was not the badminton that attracted them and Alice decided that firmness was required and told them "this is a private club - you have no right to be in here so leave now before we call the police to have you thrown out."

The one who was obviously the leader said "first of all we have cut the phone line by the door, secondly there is no house within half a mile of this place so no-one can hear you and thirdly, we only want to watch." At this the others laughed and were whispering to each other. The girls were beginning to be a little frightened but both decided that the last thing they should do was to let their fear be seen so they faced up to the youths. "We had just finished playing" said Jane "so you are out of luck. If you would like to leave now we are just going to lock up before going home."

"Oh, you can't disappoint us after we have come out all this way especially to see you two play. You see, we know that the rest of them are away tonight and that you two would be playing and we have planned a whole evening for us all. I'm sure you'll enjoy it, won't they lads?" At this there were smirks and laughs from the others who all shook their heads in agreement. Jane felt like hitting them with her racquet as she did not like younger men at the best of times and these were now becoming a big problem but she realised that it would not be wise to do this.

"Look, what do you want? We really are finished playing so you are wasting your time hanging around. We are going to leave now so please get out of our way." At this she started to walk towards the door but the ring leader stood in her way.

"Look, he said, sounding very reasonable, "me and the lads only want to see how the game is played. We really have come a long way especially but we got delayed so we are a little late. Please just play a little longer so we can watch for five or ten minutes. We'll sit over there, out of the way and just watch." He turned to the rest of them and said "now sit over there and don't get in the way" and they moved to the edge and sat around the floor. The girls were confused. Perhaps they had misjudged them. They whispered together and agreed that it may be best to humour them and play for a few

minutes and then leave the hall.

"OK" Jane said, "we'll play just for a few minutes and then we really are going to go - agreed?" "Of course" he replied.

They started to play a slow, hesitant game then gradually felt better as the youths sat quietly around the edge, under the control of the older one who had done all the talking so far.

After a few minutes, he got up and went over to them, halting their game. "There is one thing we would like you to do for us" he smiled. "What is that" asked Alice then they both were shocked to hear him say "take off your tops so we can see your tits bounce when you play." With this he couldn't hold back his laugh and the others all whistled and cheered. The girls looked round to see how they could escape but they were ringed by the youths. "Either you take them off nicely or we will rip them off for you but they are coming off either way - its up to you how we do it. You don't have any choice really, there are six of us, three to each of you. We will hold each of you down and take off your tops and you'll get them torn in the process or you can just take them off yourselves. We only want to watch. I expect you have both sunbathed topless on a beach - its no different - we only want to watch, you'll be quite safe."

The girls did not believe this for one moment but they knew that if they resisted the youths would take their tops off and once they had hold of the girls it was unlikely to stop there so they very reluctantly agreed on the condition that they promised to leave them alone if they played for five minutes. The leader agreed and they all watched as they both pulled their sports shirts over their heads and dropped them on the floor. "Come on, and the bras" he laughed so they reached around behind and unclipped their sports bras, exposing their breasts. They both realised that the best thing was to get on with the game rather than stand around inviting further contact so they&

immediately started to play.

As they served, they bent down and felt their breasts hang then jerk up as they lifted to hit the shuttlecock and they felt the eyes on them as they moved around the court. Both of them were playing slower than usual to minimise the movement until Jane bent down to retrieve the shuttlecock after a missed shot and heard a shout from behind her+

- "hasn't she got a lovely arse."

The leader got up and came round to them both again. "Look, its a bit obvious that you have slowed down. Lets make it more interesting for us all. You will play to fifteen points and the loser is going to be tied to those beams over there and she will have her pants taken down, her skirt removed and her arse beaten with this" and he showed them a riding crop that he had in his hand. "Just to show that we mean it" he said and clicked his fingers and suddenly the others all ran forward to grab the two girls and hold their arms, forcing their arms up behind their backs so they were bent forwards. The leader spoke to them. My name is Dave, what is yours?" They both told him to go to hell until he stood in front of Jane and said again "what is your name?" She repeated "go to hell" with her head forced down so she could not see what was happening. The next thing she heard was Alice scream as Dave hit her bottom full force with the crop. "I shall keep on hitting her until you tell me" and she heard Alice scream each time she heard the whistle of the crop and sound of it hitting Alice. "Her name is Jane" screamed Alice, but Dave said to Jane, I want you to tell me and carried on hitting Alice until her screams forced Jane to say "my name is Jane - stop hitting her you bastard."

"Well done, now its her turn to tell me her name. Now remember how long it took your friend here to tell me," he laughed. "You may not want to tell me straight away" and with that he applied the crop to Jane's bottom. She screamed out to Alice "tell him for pity's sake -this is killing me" but Alice was going to make Jane suffer the way that she had. Dave had correctly seen that there was no love lost between these two and he had the youths holding Jane carefully spread her legs so that he had a clear shot across her buttocks. He laid on with the crop, carefully concentrating on the same spot each time so that it was on fire for her. As each blow fell, Jane hated Alice, not Dave since it was Alice who could stop this. "Bloody tell him" she yelled to Alice in a choking sob and Alice could hear the pain and relented. "I am Alice" she whispered.

"Right, now we have established that, lets get on with the game and remember that the loser will be stripped and beaten but this time it will be all over." The girls were still being held but they had been allowed to stand straight so they were facing Dave as he stood in front of them. He looked at their breasts, each in turn. Both were attractive girls with large well shaped breasts and after their beating, both of them had erect nipples. He stood in front of Jane and reached out to her breasts with both hands and pinched her nipples. She tried to pull away from him but he pulled her nearer by her nipples which was painful to her. He then got a full handful of each breast and squeezed them roughly, digging his fingers into her until she could not hold back her scream any longer and she shouted in pain. He then moved to Alice who tried to pull back but was pushed forward from behind, her arms pulled up her back to thrust her breasts out full at Dave who took full advantage of them. "Not quite as big as Jane's" he said to her "but a lovely feel to them. I would love to beat these tits so perhaps you will lose so I can?" He laughed as the two were released and he told them to get on with the game.

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