Tea Ladies

by Michele Nylons

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, BiSexual, TransGender, CrossDressing, True Story, Cheating, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Enema, Foot Fetish, Leg Fetish, Transformation, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Mike Harris is a part time transvestite who struggles with his compulsion to crossdress. He hung up his wig and high-heels over two years ago but 'The Quickening', his compulsion to dress as a woman, has returned and his alter ego Michele Nylons beckons. This is a semi-autographical story with a message but with plenty of titillation for those who enjoy a little 'under-the-skirt' stimulation

(T minus three weeks)

Mike Harris called it 'The Quickening'. He had borrowed the term from the film 'The Highlander' where the quickening refers to the awakening of special powers that lay dormant in certain people until they are triggered by a significant event.

Mike applied dramatic licence to the feelings that regularly overwhelmed him and called these feelings 'The Quickening'. Mike hadn't felt the quickening for two years; he thought that he had suppressed the feelings for so long now that he would never feel them again. Of course he was proved wrong.

The feelings welled up and overwhelmed him without warning on the evening that Mike's wife informed him that she was off the other side of the country for a month to visit her sister and that she would be leaving in three weeks time.

Mike had been married to his wife for over twenty years. Happily married; he had never been unfaithful to her with another woman. But Mike had kept a deep dark secret for all those years. Mike was a closet transvestite.

During his early life Mike progressed through the usual stages of inquisitiveness, experimentation, clandestine pleasure, fear of discovery, and repeated suppression of the urge to crossdress that most secret transvestite's experience.

In puberty he had discovered he had a fetish for lingerie and hosiery which quickly progressed from using the sensual articles of clothing as masturbatory aids to the practice of actually wearing them. In adolescence he moved on to secretly wearing female outer attire and footwear and then to wearing makeup and a wig. By the time he was in his mid-twenties he could transform from a handsome young man to a well-proportioned sexy transvestite in under an hour.

Mike did this quite regularly in his modest bachelor flat. He had plenty of girlfriends and a healthy sex life, his girlfriends appreciated that he favoured them with gifts of sensual lingerie which he would often request they wear during lovemaking; but they were totally unaware that Mike wished it was him wearing the seductive attire and playing the role of the woman.

Mike had an extensive collection of pornography, mainly transvestite themed; he was not particularly aroused by transsexuals although he had used the services of a transsexual prostitute once but found the experience not particularly satisfying.

He liked to dress as a woman and look at magazines and videos of transvestites having sex with each other or with male admirers. He hadn't summoned up the courage to consummate his desires even though he had seen numerous advertisements for clandestine meetings in the magazines and on the notice board of the sex shops he visited.

At various times during this period he had thrown out his collection of female paraphernalia and pornography and vowed to live the life of a straight heterosexual male. Inevitably the urge would descend upon him and he would find himself with a new female wardrobe and requisite accessories and back in the same cycle of relief and remorse. This was the uncontrollable urge that he called the quickening.

He had met his wife at the age of twenty seven and married her the next year. They had no children but were happy. He gave up crossdressing and vowed never to succumb to those desires again. The quickening struck him after three years of marriage and he soon had a collection of fetish clothing, shoes, wigs and makeup which he wore when his wife was away and he was sure that she would not discover his secret. This usually occurred during her frequent absences undertaking work related travel or when she went to visit her relatives who lived interstate.

He would also take his stash of female paraphernalia with him when he travelled alone. The cycle of throwing out his wardrobe and vowing never to dress again and then succumbing to the quickening and acquiring a new wardrobe went on over the years. But he never strayed from the marriage bed.

Then in his late thirties an amazing thing happened! It was called the internet and before long Mike had become adept at surfing the net for sites that catered to his peccadillos. He acquired an online handle: Michele Nylons, and began posting pictures of himself dressed as Michele. He was soon chatting online with other transvestites, crossdressers and admirers. He weeded out the loonies, usually young men trying to come to terms with their sexuality, and conversed with experienced transvestites and true admirers.

He bought a webcam and had hours of sticky fun having cybersex; but he yearned for the real thing. Even during this period he went through phases of remorse and regret and took extended sabbaticals from his online persona, only to succumb to the quickening and re-emerge online as Michele Nylons, closet transvestite.

Finally, after years of anticipation, guilt and desire, he met up with another transvestite in a hotel room in a nearby city. The sensuality of kissing, caressing and fondling another girl dressed in sexy clothing, sensual lingerie, smelling of exotic perfume was awe-inspiring. The taste of their lipstick as their tongues intertwined, the feel of their bodies clad in satin, nylon and lace rubbing together, the sensation of finally stroking a hard penis encased in satin panties whilst the girl in her arms reciprocated far exceeded any fantasy Michele had dreamed of.

Michele spent the afternoon delighting in experimentation and awe of her first encounter with another crossdresser. Her name was Tracy and she taught Michele the enchantment of extended foreplay and the total satisfaction and gratification that were possible in the act of fellating a long thick penis. The first time Michele licked and swallowed the offered organ she knew that she had been missing out on an amazing experience.

The two transvestites pleasured each other all afternoon until they could come no more. Michele didn't think of herself as homosexual because she was with another crossdresser; she was just sexual! She also didn't consider what she was doing was adultery. It was not Mike Harris having sex with another woman; it was his alter ego Michele Nylons having transbian sex with a fellow transvestite!

Two men left that hotel room in the early evening totally satisfied; each carried a small suitcase full of their girly requisites and promised to meet again online and arrange another meeting.

The remorse hit Mike halfway home and he pulled his car over to the side of the road as his body shook with regret and self-loathing. He ditched his suitcase in a roadside dumpster and went straight home and cleaned his computer of every trace of Michele Nylons and anything to do with her transvestite persona.

This lasted three months and then the quickening returned with a vengeance and Mike resurrected Michele who was soon arranging clandestine assignations with Tracy. Tracy introduced Michele to a few trusted friends online, other transvestite and crossdressers, and soon Michele was a regular at their secret transvestite meet-ups. Michele liked it when there where multiple partners; transvestite orgies became a regular event on her calendar.

This small group of closet transvestites who met on a regular basis called themselves the Tea Ladies, an aberration of T-Ladies. It was their little joke.

Of course Michele often had feelings of regret and remorse for living her double life but these feeling were overpowered by feelings of lust and anticipation.

Inevitably the day came when Tracy invited Michele to a party where there would be male admirers present. Michele agonised over this; she longed to be held by a man who appreciated her womanly charms but she had some reservations. She knew that there were trannies out there that would only go with other trannies but she had also chatted to many trannies online who related the wonderful experiences they had had with male admirers.

She went to the party full of trepidation and anticipation. Michele was fresh meat and she soon had the attention of a most of the admirers. She allowed a handsome mature man to lead her to a darkened bedroom where he treated her with the utmost respect and reverence. Fully clothed, Michele permitted the naked man to take her in arms and kiss her passionately. The feel of his hardened penis pressing against her body unleashed feelings of femininity and lust. She was soon on her knees attending to his needs.

When he lay her on the bed and hiked up her skirt and pulled her panties aside she felt apprehensive and anxious; unsure of how painful this new experience would be. The man had already performed the practical preliminaries of donning protection and copiously lubricating himself and Michele's entrance, but she was still a little unsure as to whether she wanted to experience the ultimate transvestite sexual thrill.

"Are you sure you want to try this?" the man whispered into her ear, his throbbing penis nudging her puckered sphincter.

Michele nodded and lifted her legs up around his body and drew him to her.

It hurt! The man took his time and slowly penetrated her virgin anus stopping frequently to allow her to accommodate the invading member. After a few minutes, interceded with muffled cries pleading for him to stop followed by tacit gestures of encouragement, he was buried up to the hilt in Michele's back passage. It took a while for Michele to get used to feeling of fullness but soon a delightful sensation of pleasure began to radiate from her prostate gland.

In no time at all Michele was bucking away underneath the naked man as he thrust away. They experienced a wonderful mutual orgasm punctuated with passionate kisses and much groping and fondling.

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