Filling Donna's Fantasies

by pj

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, True Story, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Squirting, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: I hook up with a co-worker in a small medical services office. She finds she can trust me to exercise her libido. I find her really cute and horny like me.

This is a real-life story with real-life people based on real-life events. As such, it may be boring to some who live in a sexual never-land in which the men are all hunky studs and the women are gorgeous, slutty one-dimensional cum-buckets. Sorry! It's just about the, sometimes complicated, relationship between myself and one of my women friends who I'll remember fondly, forever.

Chapter 1

I met Donna at a client's business where I was working an extended contract as a systems engineer. She was a redhead, about 50 but looked years younger, and was short with a trim body. It was one of those affairs that begin with locked eyes ... and the eventual outcome is immediately obvious. Working in the same place as my lover was a trip ... we were discreet, but what fun to be working on a system error and have a screen message pop up from her asking me to come to her office and help her with a "problem".

Donna was a paradox ... When she was mad at me for some reason, which happened often, she acted like a repressed Sunday School teacher ... stifling her sensuality and complaining if I made the slightest off-color remark.

When we got along well, she would egg me on incessantly with questions about sex and sex fantasies. All I had to do was to make the slightest reference and she would "grab the ball and run with it."

Here's how I first found out about her rich fantasy life.

On the way to lunch, one day, we drove by one of those XXX places.

"Have you ever gone into one of those places?"

"What places?"

"A sex shop."

"Sure. About 20 years ago and later in New York" I replied.

"I never have. What are they like?"

"Well, they're usually sort of seedy ... the customers look fairly normal ... and usually peep-show movie booths in the back but I never went in the back again once I satisfied my curiosity."

"Why not?"

"The floors are sticky..."


" ... but the worst part is the holes in the walls between the booths..."

"Soo ... guys can watch other guys jack off?"

"Naw, they're at crotch level..."

"Guys stick their 'things' thru them? Yuck!"

She was quiet for a bit.

"So you were in there and someone poked their 'thing' through the hole?"

"No - but about as bad. I noticed someone's finger sticking through, they were crooking it ... you know, like, "look here".

"And... ?"

"Well I had to satisfy my curiosity so I looked through the hole..."

I paused.

"And... !"

I loved teasing her but it made her mad, Donna's kind of a control freak.

"All I saw was a hairy greased up asshole and set of balls."

She broke into peals of laughter.

We pulled into the Max 'n' Erma's lot, Donna squirmed a little in her seat.

"I changed my mind ... let's go to my house. I'll fix us something there."

Not a smile ... not a single pat on my crotch ... damn she sure took me for granted ... but I was getting as turned on by what I thought she was thinking as she was.

While we drove, she continued to ply me with questions about "bizarre" sex.

"What's in those movies?"

"Just the usual, screwing and blow jobs ... just doing away with any semblence of plot."

"I thought they were kinda far out ... tying up the girl ... and plastic pricks and such!"

"Well sure, some of them."

"DO they sell those pricks in those shops?"

"Oh ... dildos ... yeah! Every kind ... double ended, double pronged..."

"I get double ended, what's a double prong?"

"Oh, that's for both holes at once ... or for the clitty, depending on how you use it."

"Hmmm ... do they have all sizes?"

"Sure ... some of them even have bases and belts."

"Oh, I hadn't thought of that. Women use them on other women."

She was quiet but I thought I could hear her thoughts, was she considering expanding her selection of partners?

"Have you ever used one?"

"Oh, you think I need enhancement?" I smiled but not in my thoughts.

"No, that's not what I meant ... did anyone ever use one on you?"

Now I got silent ... I flashed back to being raped ... but that didn't fit her words, that couldn't be what she was referring to.

I was stationed at Andrews ... working nights with a swing schedule of 4 days on and 2 off so often my days off fell in the middle of the week and, one particular night, I felt like hitting the bars in DC but couldn't find anyone to go with me ... well I'd met a few locals and I was sure I'd catch up with someone. But after hitting about 4 bars, I still hadn't run across anyone and I was getting kind of down. A young, downy cheeked, airman (people could tell by the haircut, of course) is NOT what you want to be when alone in downtown DC at night.

I was sitting at the bar and started talking to some guy who said he was stationed at the Pentagon. After a few more beers he said he had to leave ... expected at a party in Alexandria. As if an afterthought, he asked me if I was interested ... he said there were a lot of secretaries and clerks there. Something like that is music to a horny young guy's ears.

Well, I won't bore you with how's and why's but he ended up pulling over at a dark turn-off and asking me to drive because he felt a little too drunk. As soon as he got in the passenger side he pulled a knife out of the glove box and told me I wouldn't get hurt if I just did what he wanted.

And what he wanted was to pack chocolate.

Now, that WAS a humiliating, and traumatizing, experience and I'm still not sure what the long term effects on my psyche are ... but I suspect that it started my distrust of men. The same distrust tempered into cast steel when I walked into a party some years later after getting off my second shift job to find my girl in the bedroom with one of my best friends.

Or maybe it just shows some folks should only work normal shifts.

"Oh ... you mean has a WOMAN ever used one with me!"

"Yes, that's it."

"No ... no one ever brought it up."

"You never wondered about what it would be like?"

"When I was a kid ... I shoved a few things up my butt. But when that guy showed me, at knifepoint, what it was REALLY LIKE I lost my curiosity."

"Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot about that."

I was more sad than angered ... imagine her reaction if I had forgotten SHE was once raped. My ardor was cooling fast. We finally got to her house and, once we were inside the door, she pulled me to her and gave me a passionate kiss.

"What would you like? I have..."

"Whatever you're having." I cut her off.

"Well I'm not really hungry..."

We raced to the bedroom.

More deep, passionate kissing ... her tongue whipped against mine, she took my hand and put it over her tit ... I rubbed the side of my thumb over her hard, erect nipple - she loves this - her breathing quickened and became more shallow.



"I didn't really forget ... I just didn't think before I said that."

More emotional confusion ... I'd almost put that out of my mind for the present. Now I looked at her with a tender eye: she was SO passionate, sensual, everything I'd fantasized in a lover ... true, she could be self-centered, hyper-sensitive to any real or imagined slight ... but she responded so well to sensual stimulus ... and, at this point, my ego and id both centered around the joy I could give. My reward being recognition as a competent lover.

My hand was massaging her inner thigh, I'd learned that, like most women, sometimes she liked a lot of foreplay and sometimes she liked to get down to business quick ... but, whichever, SHE wanted to call the shots. Something else to stand in the way of a long term relationship. But I knew it was always best NOT to rush her.

She lifted her hips, her signal for me to take her panties down and I wasted no time ... throwing them to the floor over my shoulder; immediately she spread her legs wide, another signal.

Usually I would start kissing and biting her nipples, something I would do for her in her office (door closed of course) so that would be the first thing dispensed with when we were alone. A slight touch of her crotch let me know that there would be little need for foreplay but I ducked down to lick her pussy anyway.

I'd just started and I noticed that her tiny clit was as large and hard as I'd ever seen it ... her musk was strong but still sweet... "I ... I ... took only a quick shower today..." she said hesitantly while her restless hands mussed through my hair.

She loved me to lick her, so I just said, "You're more delicious than ever!" - a truth: Fortunately she never had that 'dead carp' smell that a lot of women are cursed with.

I parted her sparse reddish blonde hairs with my tongue then fluttered her clit with it before planting deep sucking kisses on her inner pussy and clit. Her hips bobbed frantically - she was way ahead of the game.

"Hu ... honey ... I'm gonna ... Ohhh ... I'm Cummmminnnggg!"

I buried my face deep in her pussy, squeezing her asscheeks hard as I alternately tongued and sucked her clitty. I felt her sprinkle on my face. She'd said she sometimes ejaculated, but she'd never done it before with me. It was so sweet and I REALLY felt good about myself, though, somehow, I had the feeling it wasn't my technique that caused her to come so hard.

I slid up and held her as she came down ... we kissed and hugged each other hard.

"Oh, that was so good ... thank you." Wow, this was the first time she'd said anything that directly complimentary!

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