Melani's Birthday

by tunefulbob

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, True Story, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A true story about a bisexual woman who shares her well-endowed boyfriend with a young protege.

I live in a very quite little town in rural Nevada. I do erotic sculpture, tile and ceramics. I usually work and romp around in a pair of bib overalls and tennies, that's it (I'm not into encumbrances). Sometimes, when I go into town, I'll slip on a little tube top that I carry in my car. I do wear a broomstick or cotton wrap-around skirt from time to time, maybe with a little silk or cotton blouse, over sized sweatshirt or tee, or even a little camisole, maybe sandals. I don't deal with things, including clothing, that get in the way (not my way, but rather, the way).

I have green eyes, light brown, sun streaked hair that's generally kept in a long braid. I get pretty brown in the summer. I also do ero-botics and yoga to maintain the areas that need it — actually, it's more for personal demands of myself. I enjoy sex, I'm very sensual and I masturbate when, or if I feel like it. I'm very visual as well. Oh, I have a small mole just above my upper lip and another above my right breast. I also have a hoop pierced through my clit hood — and clip on a dangle when that seems called for. The dangle can get in the way during sex, but other than that, it just tickles and excites the outer vaginal area while I'm moving around. Doing housework, dancing and aerobics all have an exciting, sensual tinge when the dangle is in place. I especially like it for dancing, when it starts me off on a buildup for what will come later.

I'm about 5'-1" tall, 103 lbs., between a B & C cup, if I wear a bra. I have a couple that just rest peacefully in a drawer, One is a cute little shelf thing, I think that I've worn it twice in the three years I've had it. (It was given to me by a very sweet lecher who was fond of having me display myself, which I didn't mind and rather enjoyed. And the sex was incredible. He was quite well "Fixed" in that area as well as being a "Laster." I sent him away, though, when it became clear that he was never going to get over his hangup with his mother — or his mother over her hangup for him. The last I knew, she was pregnant with his child. But that's another story.)

Tom is my regular guy, and has been for a couple of years. He's a bit over my physical limit sexually, but I enjoy that. For rounding things out, however, my friends Randi and Melani are very satisfying partners. When I travel, which is frequently, Randi or Melani usually comes with me. Randi is several years older than I am and is very talented. The combination works very well for my disposition as well as my glowing complexion... !! I really don't have a "first" sexual preference — and don't believe that sex needs to be sexist, I'm just open enough to enjoy it in whatever form it might occur. But nothing takes the place of Tom's Big Boy when the time is right. I enjoy the look, the feel, the smell, the taste and the delicious throb of his straining and pulsing member. Like a very proud soldier at attention.

But this story is really about Melani and starts a few weeks back, when she was still 17. Melani may be as highly sexed as I am. She very willingly encouraged her two cousins to officially rescue her from her virginity at the age of 13. This was while visiting a family farm somewhere in Iowa, about four and a half years ago. Her comment to me was that it was a good riddance. In addition to being Melani's intimate friend, I am also a sort of role model and mentor for her. She wants to spend her life making beautiful things and having beautiful sex, as I do. She also wants to get a piercing similar to mine, if she can. Some day soon, I'll introduce her to the right people for that.

Melani had seen how big Tom is, since he and I are pretty casual about wearing clothes around the house. She wanted to try Tom on for size — but he told her she would have to wait until she was 18. Though Melani is taller than I and has broader hips with a deeper pelvis, at that point in her life, it seemed unlikely that she could accept all of Tom, just as I can't. He and I have to be careful that I don't end up having my uterus pushed up into my lungs. I do enjoy him "tickling the bottom," as he puts it, but don't really crave having my insides rearranged.

In answer to a question, I told Melani that, yes, I had actually measured Tom. She was quite satisfied with the results of those measurements. I measured the side of his shaft from the pelvic bone to the tip. That measurement was 8 11/16". The diameter at the glans is 1 1/2". At the base, the diameter is just under 2". This is when he's excited. His length is 6 5/8" in a relaxed state.

Melani turned 18 last Saturday, the day she'd been excitedly waiting and lusting for. Tom has said over and over that she's a very pretty and desirable young lady, but has also steadfastly stuck to his word that he wouldn't touch her until she was of legal age, which in Nevada is 18, even though he has had my permission and blessing — and even though Melani hasn't been a virgin for nearly five years. But it shows the thoughtful side of Tom's character. When he was young, he had the experience several times of hurting his partners — in part because of his size coupled with his youthful desire to ram his shaft home without restraint — but also in part because they were just too young and hadn't matured and been stretched out yet. So he is very careful about both parts of that problem now. I think it's sweet of him and says a lot about what a good guy he is. He and I also agreed that it would be worth the wait for Melani, and that the anticipation would do her good.

In the meantime, Melani had been working out with a large dildo, sometimes with my help, in order to make sure that she could accommodate Tom when her day arrived.

Melani's 18th birthday was beautiful. She never really accepted Tom's decision that she would have to wait and had been totally lusting for him since the first time she saw the size of his cock some months ago. She had reached a point of being an innocent little slut with her little bits of "accidental" showing off her cute body to him in parts and glimpses. So when the day finally arrived, she had built herself up to an intensity of anticipation that was quite extraordinary. Tom and I were pretty excited too. We had candles all over the place — eighteen of them — and a nice fire in the fireplace. We were all fresh from our showers. Tom had suggested, and Melani had agreed, that I would call the tunes that we would all dance to.

Tom and I were on the bed while we waited for Melani to finish her shower. We couldn't resist the temptation to start without her — some friendly caresses and kisses had gotten us both rather excited. In fact, I'd already had a string of orgasms from the good graces of Tom's fingers and tongue. The serious part had started when I took Tom's semi-flaccid cock into my mouth and started deep throating him. Pretty soon, Tom was in a state of magnificent excitement — and my deepest engulfing of him could only take in about two-thirds of his beautiful shaft. I really wanted to bring him off; but we had agreed that his first orgasm of the evening belonged to Melani. At the point where I was fighting off the impulse to finish Tom, Melani came out of the bathroom, looking innocent and deliciously sexy in the very thin cotton white floor length nighty that I had suggested that she wear. The candlelight and firelight behind her revealed the lines of her lovely body through the thin material.

Melani's body had filled out beautifully in the last few months. While her tummy was still as flat and firm as ever, her breasts had blossomed to the point of overfilling the C cups she wore. For a moment, she stood there by the side of the bed. Her long, strawberry-blonde hair was flowing over her shoulders. The nighty she wore had buttons down to the waist — and they were unbuttoned so we could see the lovely place between her beautiful breasts. Her nipples were also clearly visible — already erect and pressed against the thin fabric. Her nipples are especially pretty — puffy, with an erasure nipple and rather small relative to the size of her breasts. But for all the delicacy of their appearance, they take very well to being sucked and squeezed with intensity. For her part, Melani was taking in the sight of Tom's big pussy stretcher, with a look of mingled awe and excitement on her face, for she had never before seen him in a fully erect state.

Filled with a sense of the drama of the moment, Melani slowly pushed the nighty off each shoulder in turn, held it over her breasts for a moment, and then slid the fabric down to unveil her own delicious beauties to our sight. Then, as she dropped the nighty to the floor and stepped toward us, it struck me that she looked lovelier than Botticelli's Venus.

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