Fun With Mandy

by Sissycraver

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma, Consensual, CrossDressing, True Story, Light Bond, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Playing with a sissy who's never been with a man before.

I pull up to the parking lot and look around licking my dry lips. My heart is pounding fast and I feel a slight tingle in my hands. I am excited and nervous at the same time. I grin to myself and think, "I bet Mandy is more nervous than I am." I get out of my truck and close and lock the door. This hotel is pretty seedy. I wouldn't do to come out and find my stuff stolen. I walk over to the steps looking for the room number she sent me. I pass one or two people and nod at them pleasantly wondering if they are engaged in anything like the fun I'm about to have. One of them meets my eyes but the others look away. It's that kind of hotel. I finally come up to the door. I stop and reach down and quietly adjust my growing hardon and then reach out and knock, three times and then once just like we agreed. After a few seconds the doorknob slowly turns and then the door cracks open.

I wait a few seconds and then step inside. The light is dim after the bright sunlight outside but I see where Mandy has moved to stand in the center of the room facing me. She is dressed in black lingerie and a long wig much as she was in the pictures she sent me. Her legs are shaved nice and smooth and she is wearing a nice pair of stockings. She also has the dog collar we talked about around her throat and the ball gag in her mouth adds a very fetching touch to the whole look. Over in the corner are the 'man clothes' she has shed for our little get together. I smile widely. I turn and make sure the door is fully closed and lock both the regular lock and the privacy lock. I feel my heart beating faster with excitement. I turn around again and walk over to Mandy. "Well, well, well, looks like I've got me a sweet little slut whore to play with," I say as I walk around her. I see the handcuffs she has bragged about snapped around her wrists. I let my hand drift out and I slide my fingers over the smooth material of her outfit. "Dressed up all slutty for your man aren't you?"

Mandy lets out a small moan through her gag and bows her head letting her hair partially cover her face. I reach out and grab her chin forcing her to look into my eyes. "I expect and answer when I ask a questions slut! Even when you can't talk, you can move your head" I bark out the sentence feeling my cock growing harder and feeling the heady delight of control as she mutely nods her head.

I walk around the room and see the handcuff keys sitting on the table. I pick them up and dangle them in front of Mandy's face... "If you want these back you better be a good little whore and make me happy, " I say with a chuckle. She moans again through your ball gag. I reach up and trace it and your lips. "I like the looks of this, although of course it will be coming off soon, at least as soon as I want to feel your mouth on my hard cock.

I see her shiver and walk around her several more times. I trace my fingers gently over the body draped with feminine finery. I reach around front and run my hands over her chest finding a small hard nipple under the thin material. I pinch it between my finger and thumb eliciting a nice little shudder. "I really can't make up my mind about falsies you know that slut? On the one hand it makes you look even more like a woman but on the other hand it does keep your nipples away from my fingers and I do love to twist on a sweet pair of sissy nipples." She shivers again as I reach up and grab both nipples and give them a good hard squeeze doing nothing to discourage me. I then walk behind her again and trace my hands over the metal cuffs. "Ummm, these are nice. Just perfect for keeping sluts in line."

I take my hands and pull Mandy's hands back away from her body and rub the hard cock pressing through my pants against her fingers. She moans again and traces the rigid length of my shaft. "I lean forward and whisper in her ear, "Been dreaming of this for a long time haven't you bitch?"

I feel her body trembling under me and ignore the slight shaking of her head. While still behind her I slip out of my pants and shoes leaving them crumpled on the floor. She can easily tell what I am doing from the noises and her trembling increases. I step forward again and let her fingers touch my now naked cock. "Feel how hard you've made me baby and just think about all the nasty things I want to do to you."

Mandy groans and push back against me rubbing her ass against my cock while stroking it still with her bound hands. I step back and then move around in front of her. I move to a nearby chair and look at her. "Turn around for me a few times slut. Arch your back for me, show me what you've got. Put on a show for your Man."

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