Believe Only Half of What You See

by woodmanone

Copyright© 2009 by woodmanone

Romantic Story: Believe only half of what you see and none of what you hear.

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This story is based on real people and a real situation. I have changed the names and taken some literary license with the facts, but the basics of the story are true. Please leave comments. It's the only way I can see if I am becoming a better writer. Thanks and enjoy. A newby trying to get started.

Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see. (That line is from the song "Heard it on the grapevine", by Marvin Gaye) It is very good advice. My wife and I are a prime example of what happens when you don't follow that good advice.

Hi, my name is Bob. I am 35, reasonably good looking, and am 6ft 1, 200 pounds. My body is fairly muscular as I work out some and run every day. I am no gym rat or marathon runner, but I keep in pretty good shape. When I was in high school, I boxed for a couple of years in the Golden Gloves program. Never could understand why I could not kick a guy in the knee, or backhand him; that's how we did it in my neighborhood. We did what we had to do to win. In the "hood", there are no points for style. If you can walk away after the fight, you are the winner. More background on me. I love women. In high school, college and until I got married I tried to get into as many ladies panties as possible. My friends always said I would hit a snake if someone would hold it straight for me. Not quite that bad, but close. Facial beauty wasn't necessary but a good body was. The girl could look like twenty miles of bad road, but as long as her body was hot, so was I.

That was how I was until I met my wife, Julie. She is the perfect woman in my mind. Tall, slender but not thin, with good size breasts and one of the greatest asses in the world. Just a perfect little bubble butt. I love it. Once we were married my old ways died a quit death. I was no longer a cock hound. I was married and planned to stay that way happily. My father, a good man by the way and a better father, had been married three times. I vowed that once done right was enough. Sorry, got off on a tangent there. My story took place about 5 years ago.

I was in sales, okay I was a car salesman. We called ourselves, "Transportation Consultants". Really that's what our business cards said; I was just a car salesman. My best buddy is Mark. We are tight. He is the brother I never had. I got his back and he has mine. The reason I mention Mark is he plays an important part in the unhappy occurrence I will tell you about. Sorry a little aside here. The three professions that get the most women (read as pussy) are cops, personal trainers and car salesmen. True fact. Cops and car salesmen also lead in the divorce statistics. The two facts seem to go hand and hand don't they?

Mark came to me on a Thursday and asked for my help. He had been to a family reunion the previous weekend and met a cousin (Sandy) he hadn't seen for like 15 years. She was now 25 and apparently having problems with her marriage. Her husband had moved out. Sandy had called Mark Wednesday evening at home and asked him to meet her for a drink to discuss her marriage.

'How about coming with me buddy?" Mark asked. "I may be reading it wrong, but I think she wants help in the bedroom as well as advice on her marriage. If there are two of us she will have to settle for advice. I really don't want to become involved with her romantically."

"Is she a dog? I can't remember many times that you passed up a little action with the ladies. Is it because you are cousins?"

"No, no, she isn't a dog, she is really hot and she is like my fourth cousins. It's just that she and Sam aren't divorced, just separated. If I did her and then she got back with her husband, I would see them at family things and it would be very awkward. Also, I just started dating Josie, and I don't want to screw that up. She would be pissed if I jumped Sandy's bone. What do you say bud."

"Okay, I'll go with you; just to protect your virtue. Let me call Julie and tell I'm going to be very late." I called my love and told her Mark and I were going to have a couple of beers after work and I would be home late.

"Be careful, drinking and driving," Julie warned me. "I don't want to pick you up off the highway or come get you at the jail." She didn't sound too happy about the whole idea. "Don't be meeting up with some hottie and forget about me here at home."

"Hey, where did that crack about a woman come from?" I asked. "You know you are the love of my life and the only woman I want or need."

"Just kidding," she replied. She was a little testy I thought.

I road with Mark and left my car at the car lot. Big mistake. We met Sandy around 6:30 at a lounge close to our work. Mark introduced us, she was 25 or 26, he was right she was hot. Sandy has auburn hair, a body that will cause men to fight over her, and a very sexy, sultry voice. She said hello and shook my hand and I felt like she was trying to pull me into the bedroom. Sandy had that kind of sexual charisma without even trying.

We got some alcohol and she started to tell us her tale of woe concerning her marriage. The more we talked, the more we drank. Sandy's problems were typical of a young couple trying to get started. She said the Sam worked long hours, was tired when got home and didn't want to do anything but rest. Sandy was working long hours too but said she tried to make home life interesting. He just wouldn't respond. Yada, Yada, Yada. Same old story, same old tune. As she talked she would put her hand on Mark's knee or my arm to emphasize a point. She would lean over toward us and her blouse fell open at the top. There was no doubt she was very well endowed as she wasn't wearing a bra. I don't know about Mark, but I was getting a little nervous. Would she actually come on to both of us? Was she innocent and was I just being perverted? All I knew is she was giving us a hell of a show with her gaping blouse and very short mini skirt.

Finally, Mark got a few words in. "Sounds to me like you guys need to sit down and have a serious discussion. Instead of fighting and Sam leaving because you are both angry, get together and have a talk about what is important to the both of you. Neither of you should point a finger of blame; just a why have things have gone wrong talk."

"Mark is right, Sandy." I chimed in. "All couples have an adjustment period to live thru. Everyday life can be a bitch all by itself with the pressures of work, a new household, and getting to know each other. Call Sam and make time for a meeting. Be positive when you ask him to meet you. Tell him you miss him and want to work on your problems. If he loves you he will forgive you and want to work things out. If he doesn't love you, then you are better off splitting sooner rather than later. It's a harsh reality but the truth."

Sandy was all ears. (And breasts and legs) Mark and I gave her advice and we drank for another 2 hours or so. The only bad advice we gave her was, let's have another drink.

When we decided to call it a night and got up to leave Sandy was wasted. Car salesman, at least at our dealership, have a reputation of having a hollow leg when it comes to alcohol. We have a huge capacity. She had been keeping up with us. Problem was she is a light weight. Sandy was so out of it that Mark and I had to almost carry her out of the bar. She was staggering around with us holding her up and trying to help her walk. I must admit I enjoyed feeling her body as we helped her out to her car.

"Well she certainly can't drive like this." Mark said. "She will either have a wreck or just fall asleep here in the parking lot. We will have to take her home. Shit, she lives 35 miles or more from here, I don't want to drive that far. I'm a little fucked up myself and don't need to be on the road that long. Hey, how about taking her to your house, you live the closest?"

"Whoa dude, we have to go back to work to get to get my car and will be closer to your house by then. Besides, she is your family. I want to go home to my wife."

"Alright, help me get her into the car and I will take her home with me."

When we got to his car, he couldn't unlock the car and hold her up too. He pushed her over on me to hold her up. Sandy put her arms around my neck and I had both arms around her back. Again she was very drunk and began to kiss my neck and cheek.

"Come on Sam kiss me," she whined. "I'm really horny and I want you so bad. She obviously thought I was her husband.

As she was kissing me, I thought I saw a flash of light. Must be a car driving by I reasoned. I pushed her face into my shoulder and waited for Mark to get the car open. We put her in the back seat, got in and drove to the car lot.

"I hope Josie doesn't find out about this. It's totally innocent but she might get the wrong impression," Mark worried.

"How would she know? She is at her place and you can get Sandy to her car tomorrow. Good luck with her," I told Mark. "Better you than me. See you tomorrow buddy."

"Yeah, tomorrow. I owe you one brother. See ya."

I got to my car and started the long drive home. It is about 20 minutes to my house and I was feeling the effects of all those drinks. Not drunk, but not near sober; I drove very carefully. The garage door wouldn't open and I thought a hell of time for the batteries to go out in the remote. I left the car in the driveway and went to the front door. The security chain stopped the door from opening. What the fuck, why is the chain on the door? Julie knew I was going to be late. I started to bang on the door, no answer. Dead silence except for the noise I was making.

"Julie, open the door, I can't get in" I yelled thru the partially open door. No answer. "Julie, what the hell, open the door please."

"You don't live here anymore you cheating asshole." Julie yelled back at me.

"What? Quit kidding around and let me in. I need to get some sleep. I have to work tomorrow."

"Go sleep with that slut you were with tonight. I'm sure you have done it before. Maybe you and Mark can flip to see who gets the bed, or maybe you can sandwich her. I was warned this was going on. Get the hell away from here."

"Slut? What slut? Who are you talking about?" No answer. "Oh wait, you mean Mark's cousin. There is nothing going on there. She and her husband have split and she wanted some advice on what to do from Mark. He thought I might have some insight since I am married." Come on Julie, you know I have never or would ever screw around on you. I love you."

"Bullshit. You have a funny way of showing it. I have pictures of you two in the parking lot. You were hugging her tight and she was kissing you. How do you explain that asshole? Go away before I call the cops. Like I said, you don't live here anymore."

"Julie, don't do this. It's just a misunderstanding that I can explain. Slow down and let's talk. You can call Mark and verify everything I'm saying."

"Mark is like your brother. If you told him to he would swear the world was flat, the sun rises in the west, and that you are a saint. I wouldn't believe him either. Besides, it looked like it was going to be a threesome so of course he would lie. Josie already knows what was going on so he is in a world of shit too. Go away."

"Now I'm getting pissed off Julie. Take a deep breath, calm down and open the door so we can talk. This has gone far enough. I'm asking you for the last time."

"Fuck you go away," Julie shouted at me.

That did it. The anger that swept over me was like nothing I have ever felt. I drew back and kicked the door as hard as I could. The chain ripped off the door and took part of the door jamb with it, but the door was opened. I stepped into the entryway and Julie was just standing there in shock.

"Don't ever think you can lock me out of my own house," I yelled at her. Julie went running to our bedroom and slammed the door. I heard the click as she locked the door. I guess she hadn't learned anything. I walked very quickly to our bedroom door and kicked it in also.

Julie was backed into the corner, staring at me with real fear in her eyes. I think she thought I was going to come after her next.

"I told you, no one locks me out of my house and that includes the bedroom. I am going to get my clothes for work tomorrow and I will leave." Then I picked out a suit, shirt, tie, and grabbed my razor and such. Looking at Julie, I told her she didn't have to cower in the corner; I couldn't hurt her and walked to the door. One last look and I said "I guess the next time we see each other will be at the attorney's office."

I piled my stuff into the car and drove to a nice motel near my work. Sitting there in that room, I thought about what had happened. How could a good deed come back to fuck me so bad? I was trying to help someone and got shit on big time. At first I was so mad I could have chewed nails and spit thumbtacks. The anger left after a few minutes and all I felt was a bone weary sadness. My wife hated me and wouldn't listen to anything I had to say. I was guilty without even a hearing. Oh well, after this was all over I guess the cock hound would be reborn. I wasn't really too excited over that prospect. I was in my room for about 30 minutes when my cell phone rang and I answered without thinking.


"Bob! Bob! Where are you? I need to talk to you. I have made terrible mistake. Where are you?" All this from Julie.

"NOW? NOW? Now a mistake has been made huh?" Fuck me? Fuck me, isn't that what you said Julie? Well fuck you." I hung up. The phone began to ring again. I hit the off button, didn't want to talk to her or anyone else right now. Fuck them all.

The next morning I got ready to go to work. I had two appointments with prospective buyers this morning. Both were possibly very big sales, one was for a fleet of trucks and cars for a manufacturing business and the other was for a small community about 100 miles away. If I pulled it off, my commissions would be huge, I mean really huge. In spite of my personal life going to hell, I had to meet with these people. The appointments were a result of 4 months of my work. I turned my cell back on and there were at least 20 messages from my home number and Julie's cell. After erasing those without listening to any of them, I noticed five or six from Mark. I was pulling into the car lot so I didn't listen to them either as Mark was standing at my parking space waiting on me.

"What the fuck is going on? Where the hell have you been? Don't you answer your cell anymore?" Mark started on me.

"As to what is going on, Julie and I have split up. I stayed at the Courtyard last night and I turned my phone off. Anything else you want to know? If not I have got to get ready for my first appointment." I turned and walked away headed for my office.

"Wait a minute, Julie called me last night and said she caused a big fight. She said you kicked in the front door and the bedroom door and left and that you hung up on her when she called you to apologize. She kept trying to call you, but it went right to voice mail every time. I tried to call you and got the same thing."

"I don't have time for this shit right now. Let's meet around 2 and I'll fill you in then, okay?"

My two meetings went off like clockwork. I sold a total of 42 cars and trucks between the two deals. Made a shit pot full of money, the boss was so happy he offered me the job as lead salesman at the new facility opening in a couple of months. The owner said make to me the fleet sales manager also. Guess I got a promotion out of it.

I met with Mark at 2 in my office and told him what had happened. That Julie had the wrong idea about Sandy from somewhere, had pictures as proof and didn't want to hear what I had to say. She tried to lock me out of the house first and then the bedroom. That was when I kicked in the doors.

"I wouldn't put up with that lack of respect from a stranger, much less my wife. She can take her temper, her suspicions and her so called proof and go to hell. I'm done."

Mark looked at me real hard. "I'm not going to let you do this, you asshole, you two belong together. You changed for the better when you met her. She has helped you become a better person. Do you really want to throw all that away over a misunderstanding?"

"You are my best friend and like my brother, but stay out of this. I won't be mollified or calmed down by anyone, even you. Stay out of it, Mark. If she believes I'm guilty without even talking to me, the fuck her. I won't take that."

I left the office and went back by my house. Julie wouldn't have had time the change the locks yet. She was out somewhere, at work or her attorney, I didn't care. After gathering most of my clothes and personal items and loading them into the car, I went back to the kitchen. I left a note on the counter telling Julie I would have my attorney contact her. Along with the note I left my wedding ring. On my way back to the motel, I picked up a new cell phone, as I was sure Julie would just keep calling. She is stubborn if nothing else. I needed to find an apartment or something. That motel room was depressing.

My old cell phone began to ring about the time Julie would have gotten home from work. After I saw the first five calls were from her, I turned it off. She started calling me at work the next morning. Cindy our receptionist usually rings the phone on your desk or pages you when the customer asks for you. You have no idea who is calling. When I picked up the first call from her I hung up without saying anything. The second call a few minutes later I told her to stop calling me and hung up without giving her a chance to talk. I gave Cindy my new cell number and told her to forward all calls but Julie's to that number. I told her that I didn't want to talk to Julie. I guess Julie finally took the hint after Cindy told her that I wasn't accepting her calls. There that would stop Julie from bothering me. Remember, I told you Julie was stubborn?

Eight o'clock, time to unwind after a busy day. As I walked out to the car, I saw Julie standing by it waiting for me. I walked right passed her and started to get in the car.

"Bob please let me talk to you. I made a terrible mistake and I am so very sorry. Please, let's go somewhere, have a drink and talk about this. Please."

"Julie I don't want to talk to you. There is nothing to say. I tried to explain that night, but you had already convicted me. You didn't want to talk then and there is no need to talk now. I will have my attorney contact you for your attorney's name and everything can be handled between them.

"Where will you go, Bob? Where will you live?"

"A friend of mine needs someone to house sit for a couple of months so I will stay there until he gets back. After that I don't know, but I do know I don't want to see you anymore. Leave me alone please."

I got in my car and drove away. Wish I hadn't looked in the rear view mirror. Julie had slumped to the ground and was sitting there crying. Shit, why do I feel bad? She was the one that screwed the pooch over this. Why do I feel like shit then? I guess you can't turn off love like a beer tap.

I decided not to file for divorce. Let her pay the freight if she wanted to. We have no contact for about two months now, except three letters Julie sent to me. Into the trash unopened. The third one I return marked "Delivery not accepted". No more letters. There were a few calls at work from Julie but Cindy wouldn't put them thru. No more calls.

The new job was great; I was making money hand over fist. Big deal, I had no one to share it with. I had made three more fleet sales in the last two months which were real money makers. They were the largest and most profitable deals in the company's history. My boss was very pleased. It made him look good for putting me in that position. The owner gave me a trip to Hawaii for two. First class airfare, a special suite at the Kaanapali Beach Hotel with all meals and two thousand dollars spending money. Great, I had no one to take on a wonderful vacation. Just fucking great.

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