Ray's Bar and Grill

by Stormcrow

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, BiSexual, True Story, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: True Sex Story: This story is absolutely true. It happened like I'm telling it. Did I embellish it a bit for story? Sure, but the essentials are real. When I think about this incident, I think about when I used to go to "Ray's Bar and Grill"

This story is absolutely true. It happened like I'm telling it. Did I embellish it a bit for story? Sure, but the essentials are real. When I think about this incident, I think about when I used to go to

I was about 25/6 at the time. Lived in a major city, in an old neighborhood like one that you might see in a film. The kind with sixty to eighty year old, two and three storied brick and asphalt shingled homes on long streets, shaded by thirty and forty foot trees that started out as sticks when the homes were new. The ones that had the little neighborhood bars where "everybody knows your name." Except on Saturday nights. I used to go to one at the end of my street. Ray's Bar and Grill. Didn't go often; newly married, wife not into dingy little bars; you know, the ones with greasy hamburgers and ice in the urinals. But I would go now and again for a beer and a burger, and to piss on the floor after one too many.

Not long after I married, I was in a motorcycle accident. Riding along a dirt road bordering a farmer's field, my front wheel crashed through a rain weakened culvert, throwing me over the handlebars. I concussed, fractured six or seven ribs and two vertebrae, powdered a 1 inch section of collarbone, broke both thumbs, etc, etc ... even after several months, I was in pain a great deal. That didn't keep me from sex; my son was conceived during this time. After she got pregnant though, my wife was continuously so sick that THEN my sex life suffered. One night while she went to house sit her parent's home for the weekend, I went down to Ray's Bar and Grill and ran into some people I knew marginally. Well the party was goin' good and about midnight a bunch of us were invited to the home of one of the revelers that I didn't know. The people seemed cool, and, despite being in pain a good bit, I decided to go. A party store nearby supplied the necessary, and we adjourned to a house about two long blocks from my own.

At the house party, I drank more than I needed what with pain killers and all. Started chatting up a knockout little girl while sittin' on the sofa. As the party shrank down, I was having a really unexpected success with this woman (she was wayyyy out of my league, and I knew it ... figured well, hell, the sun even shines on a dog's ass once in a while, so might as well go with it!) We'd been getting progressively more touchy feely as the drinks kicked in and before lone I was necking with this gorgeous youngster. SHE had placed my hands under her loose blouse and bra, and she'd been fishin' around in the front of my denims, despite the fact that there were others in the room. She didn't seem that drunk, she just seemed like she refused to believe that these people had any right to censure her ... and at the time, was I gonna disagree? Sheeeitt! She might have been twenty, but no more, with an exceedingly pretty face, a knockout figure, (I'm not kidding when I say she was way out of my league; she was a stunner) and a give-a-fuck attitude that was startin' to grow on me. Well as time passed, one thing led to another and we got real friendly, and lay down on the couch. After a bit, she complained that it was too warm, winked, and just hiked up her skirt a bit, unzipped my trou, pulled her panties to the side, and we were, um, kind a discreetly fuckin' on the living room couch as partiers came and went.

Now, my wife (I know I'm a dog, but hell, I hadn't had more 'na hand job or two in more than six weeks on account of her being nauseous all of the time.) had a nice pussy. It was pretty; not one of those big lipped floppy cunts that look like a side of beef that's been stove open with a cleaver, but a pretty tight lipped, sweet smellin', slippery when wet, (and it was wet a lot until lately) slit that she kept neatly trimmed and was fairly tight for a twenty six year old, who came of age in the 'sixties. But this little girl that was trying to give me a tonsillectomy with her tongue, was tighter than six toes in a sock! I could feel the ridges in her cunt rubbing the top of the ridge around the head of my cock. She was hotter 'n a wood stove, puffin' like a steam engine, and I was doin' my best to oblige. BUT; we couldn't move much, on account of we had to pretend we weren't fuckin' on the sofa of the living room in someone's house, just like the other partiers had to pretend that they didn't know what we were doin'. If we kept our motions to a minimum, everyone could go on pretendin'. Kinda like we pretend we believe what a politician is sayin' and he/ she pretends that they give a shit whether we do or not.

Now, despite me being harder than Chinese arithematic, and hornier than a three peckered billy goat, I couldn't get my rocks off; each time I'd get close, the movement required to put me over the top would cause me so much pain that I would have to stop ... she liked it, as I'm sure that she climaxed a dozen times or more, whispering " oh yeah, fuck me, fuck me ... oh yeah, cowboy, do it some more ... oh sugar, that feels so good" until she passed out. I was laying there in a stupor when the guy who owned the place came out (all other guests finally having left, and left us to our devices) and said something like, "Shit, Jan, right here? Man, whatja wantta do that for? That's my girlfriend!" I almost shit, but he was cool, (read: verrrry verrry drunk) and she came to telling him, "Hey, it's alright, he's good ... you'll like him." Well I was sitting up now and he walked away, and she grabbed me by the arm and said somethin' like, "C'mon, I got to make him happy too." "What the hell?" I thought, but I followed her to her (his?) bedroom, and she stripped and started to strip him.

"This is way to much!" I thought. But as I started to turn to leave, she said, "No, stay; we like to play together, it's cool." I didn't know what she meant but she was suckin' his meat like there was no tomorrow, and I was wired: I hadn't been able to bust a nut while fuckin' her for the better part of an hour out of the last three! So, I watched as she knelt at his feet and started suckin' him off. She swapped his cock for two of the fingers on her right hand and while slow stroking his firm tool, and lookin' me right in the eye, started a sexy little tease with her fingers goin' in and out of her mouth slowly, and suggestively. Her eyes glinting with repressed humour, she then slid those to fingers in her fat little pussy, and while watching me for my reaction, she stuffed his prick back in her mouth and went back to suckin' his dick while friggin' her outrageously beautiful pussy. She signed to me to get undressed, so I did, with the numerous straps and braces that held me together quickly becoming apparent. Didn't bother her; she took my hand and put it on her (very nice) tits and started to stir her little honey pot really good. "Hell, why not?" This wasn't my first time in a trio, though the others I'd been in had been FMF. But even though I was only a block from where my wife and I lived, I decided to go for it. I lay down on the floor with my head between her lovely thighs as she sucked his crank, and as she lowered her torso I began to lick her soaking cunt. Well this turned the guy on, and he began to groan, and talk shit, like, "Oh yeah, suck that pussy, eat her fucking cunt! Get that pussy ready for my big man meat." This was all talk; he was not as long as me, and I ain't but right at average sized. Besides that, he was about as big around as my thumb ... looked like a bean stalk. Nevertheless, this was makin' him hot, as his girlfriend got her lil' cookie nibbled by a near stranger, and he got his schlong sucked by her. She was starting to DRIP, BIG TIME, into my mouth, and it was kinda good for me because I was layin' on the floor without moving, so, NO PAIN!

Well this went on for a spell. She became more animated and increased the pace at which she wiped that sweet woman thing back and forth on my face. She also became more vocal, though what she was sayin' was a mystery, as she had a face full of cock, but she nearly drowned me when she came, and her delightfully pungent girl grease exploded into my face. That was just as he pulled out of her, and splattered his spend across her face and my chest. Well she did the porn star thing by wiping off what he'd dripped on her, and sucking it off of her finger. Hot damn! Did I want this woman again or what? Then she leaned over and as She (being a woman, and more importantly the ONLY woman there at the time) was calling the shots; neither he nor I were going to protest. She got us all in his bed, and decided to have some fun telling the boys what to do. She told him that I couldn't get off because of my inability to move because of the pain. So "Why don't you help him out?" "Hunh?" "Look, he's got a nice dick, why don't you help him out? He won't mind, will ya sweetie? I'm wondering "What the fuck is she talkin' about?" But the guy reached over and started jackin' me off. I was a little shocked, as this was the first time a guy had touched my prick since I played doctor with my friend and his sister when I was nine years old. The fella knew what he was doin' though and he moved down until his legs were over the end of the bed, got between my legs and, cradling my balls carefully in one hand, stroked my cock expertly with the other. I wasn't gonna complain, and when I looked down, kinda in amazement, he just looked up at me, grinned, and licked the head of my cock. Now I'm really enjoyin' this, and so's he. Her eyes were glazed, she was fingering her slit like it was a magic lamp, and moaning, "Oh yeah, suck that cock!" "Is it good baby?" "Do you like his hot cock?" He's slurping, trying to talk, and it's coming out like: "Ohmm, aa, gumm forrbee!" His spit is soaking my balls and they were sliding through his hand as he fondled them and took me deeper into his hot, wet, roiling maw. This fella was devouring my prick, and I loved it! Jan kept up the encouragements, and, while continuing to mash her clit with the heel of her hand, leaned over and began to lick my nipples. I was entranced! The seed in my nuts was aching for release, but, again, the motion that I needed to get off was just enough to break through the painkiller and beer fogged pain receptors, and deny me the climax I desperately needed. She could, I think, tell what was going on, and decided to do something about it.

The image I saw as she moved to stand at the end of the bed has lived with me to this day; while I can only get visual 'flashes' of most of the rest of the evening/night, I can plainly see her standing at the end of the bed, body lit by the light of the moon, both direct, and reflecting from the snow covered back yard, coming in the window; she was tall, lithe and a little muscular for a woman, but feminine in the extreme, with a flat stomach split by a mouth watering 'innie' that was erotically shaped like a large marquis cut diamond. Her soft, rounded hips screamed, "I'm a baby machine at the height of my heat, fuck me!" Long, silky dark hair (the feature that had first attracted me to her) hung straight down from her head, alternately revealing and hiding a pair of succulent tits that were a little too big for her body. Symmetrical cones that had the slightest bulge below, they were topped by large, meaty nipples, half an inch around, now hard as diamonds and standing out half an inch from darker areolae that were fully three inches in diameter. She stood at the foot of the bed pulling on one of her nipples with one hand, while sucking two fingers of the other into her mouth. Lord, that vision, as clear in my minds eye as if it were happening in front of me, still floods my little willie with blood to this day: she looks into my eyes as she erotically pushes her fingers in and out of her mouth, before switching hands; wiping her spittle on the vacant tit as she kneads it, and replaying the sucking of her fingers with the other hand. I'm about ready to burst, as her boyfriend continues to suck my prick, now stroking what he couldn't get into his mouth with one hand, and continuing to gently need my huevos in their little sack. Jan moved to straddle his leg, and began to slide back and forth, rubbing her dripping snatch on his muscled calf. Her lust was apparent; saliva running down her chin, eyes wild, as she pulled, and rolled one of those luscious pink nipples between her finger and thumb. I felt his tongue probing, licking, and seeking out the lubricant that seemed to be dripping from my cock. I strained against his face, trying to ignore the pain, working to get to a climax, when she reached over and, spreading his cheeks with one hand, slid a finger from her other up his ass. That did it ... my mind overloaded on input, my balls seemed to explode as she moaned, he groaned out his pleasure, and I pumped my seed into his sucking mouth.

I awoke sometime later; don't know how long. Except for the brightness of the moon it was still dark out. The bed moved (oh god DAMN my ribs hurt!) and I began to take stock. My groin was chilled by the cooling remains of his spit and my cum. His face was stuck to my thigh by my eruption, his prick to my shin where he exploded when he climaxed. Jan was grinning at me and rolling a joint. I was in pain; I disengaged myself and, gingerly rolling over, groped for my levi's on the floor where I'd dropped them. "You're not goin' yet are you?" "Hmm? Ah, no ... not yet," I mumbled, as I rifled my pockets for my pill bottle. Grabbing a couple APAP #3's I turned to her, wincing with the sensation of having hot knives pushed between my ribs...

"Got anything to drink,?" "Oh yeah, party on!" she said with a laugh and a heart melting smile. She took a glass from the night stand, handed it to me.

The pills were bitter on my tongue before I could wash them down with the cheap, fruity wine that was all the rage then.

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