Axel's Penis

by scouries

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, True Story, Humor, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Sex Toys, Size, Nudism, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Axel, a College boy studying at the University og Georgia, accidently learns that his sisters and mother have set up a Internet sex site. Could it really be true? Are they selling environmentally friendly dildos? Tiger Woody? He rushes home to Miami to confront them.

11:45 a.m., Saturday, March 14th 2009: a Freshman Dorm, Athens, Georgia

"Ronnie?" I stretched as I uttered my girlfriend's name. My eyes were still closed but I could feel her warm body snuggled next to me. On both sides. Huh? Both sides? I stretched again as I opened my right eye.

Ronnie had short blond hair today. Which my still fuzzy brain found strange since she'd always had shoulder length brown hair. So I shut my eye and lay back down against the pillow. Blond hair?

"Aaaaaaahhhh." A contented moan. It came from my left side. Turning my head I slowly peeked through my left eye. The sun was flooding into the room from somewhere beyond the naked body that was nestled against me so I again asked, "Ronnie?" before I realized that this Ronnie had long red hair. What the fuck? I fell back against my pillow and tried to go back to sleep. I liked this dream.

But it was too late, my brain was working too hard to process what my eyes had seen to go back to sleep.

And then I remembered. Veronica had gone to Atlanta to visit her aunt for the weekend. And I, a fourth year business major at the University of Georgia, finding myself alone on a Friday night, had accepted one of my buddies invites to join him at a party that his Frat had been holding.

I slowly opened my eyes again. I looked left, then right. Shit! The first year coeds! Ashley and someone, yes Kimberly's the redhead I remembered as I inspected the girl to my left. You fool I chastised myself even as visions from the night before came back to me.

You're supposed to be in a monogamous relationship ... Christ, you've been thinking about popping the question ... you bastard, you're not supposed to be doing this anymore. As these thoughts flashed through my mind my eyes hungrily raked across the cute red head to my left. Her puffy pink nipples that capped perfectly proportioned pyramids beckoned.

So I leaned over and trapped one of the beauties between my lips. Then moistly tongued it before sucking it hungrily into my mouth. Stop that my mind ordered as my fingers cupped the sleeping girls breast. My cock lazily lifted its head.

A sigh behind me momentarily took my attention away from Kimberly. I turned. Ashley, still asleep, was stretching her lithe young body like a cat. Her breasts, smaller but rounder than the cones of her friend, invited me. So I bent over her. They tasted great. I moved my fingers down across her shaven mound as memories of the night before continued to surface. I remembered how her hot little cunt had squeezed me when I'd pushed inside of her. My cock continued to grow. I slipped a finger down her slit. I could feel the sticky remnants of my last night's ejaculations as I explored her opening.

Then I felt a hand slide across my butt and slip between my legs. Fingers closed around my sack. "Hey," I protested as I looked back over my shoulder at the redhead. Her eyes were open.

"It's my turn, not hers," she insisted as she grabbed my shoulder and pulled me until I was lying on my back.

"No its not," her blond friend answered as she opened her eyes.

Kimberly ignored her as she climbed on top of me.

"I can't ... I'm finished," I protested. The three of us had been going at it half the night.

"He's not," Kimberly answered as she grabbed my penis and then adjusted herself so that my cock was rubbing against her red curls. Then she started to ride me!

"You're better than Tiger Woody," Kim said with a shy grin five minutes later. I was rapidly softening as I slipped out of her.

"Much better," Ashley agreed. "Bigger too."

"Tiger Woods?" I muttered. These babes had been sleeping with Tiger Woods? "The golfer?"

"We don't play golf with him," blond Ashley replied with a grin.

"He does have a big driver though," Kimberly said, and then, as she put her fingers around my semi erect shaft, asked her friend, "Do you really think he's bigger than Tiger?"

"Definitely!" Ashley replied as she moved her hand and cupped my balls.

"Really? I'm not so sure. He's certainly thicker and he's got this nice curve," she said as she started to move her hand up and down my shaft, "but is he longer?"

"I'll prove it," the blond said, then hopped out of the bed and rushed from the room.

"Where's she going?" I asked.

"To get the Tiger," Kim replied.

These girls are fucking nuts I thought but I figured that I might as well humor them as I watched my redheaded coed dip her head and then capture my cockhead between her lips. "Where does she keep him?" I asked. My cock had sprung to attention in her mouth.

Kimberly spat me out for a second, just long enough to say, "In my bedside night table, I was the last one to use him." Then her tongue darted out and started to swirl around my thick bulb.

Drugs I thought. Major drug use has fried this poor young things brain. However her tongue certainly seemed to still know what it was doing.

"We got him just last week, FedEx delivered him," she added between moist licks.

I thought of the FedEx Cup. It had to be them I thought, hell they're the big sponsor of the PGA tour these days. What am I doing with these wacko broads I asked myself. Shit, I was almost engaged. Then I looked up.

Ashley was standing at the side of the bed and was now clad in a pair of tiger skin patterned panties. Or so it seemed. And sticking out from the crotch of said panties was an eight inch or so long, yellow and black striped pole.

"A strap-on? What are you going to do with that?" I gasped.

"An environmentally friendly one," little Ash proclaimed as she climbed up on the bed. And in doing so brought the contraption towards my face.

"Bring it here," Kim ordered her friend. "I wanta measure them side by side."

Tiger Woods is endorsing dildos now? How much money does any golfer guy need? Does Nike put their 'Swoosh' on them? What the fuck is she talking about, 'environmentally friendly'? All these questions and more cascaded through my mind as I watched Ashley move down my body and adjust herself so that 'Tiger Woody' was facing my 'Woody'.

"Don't you dare touch me with that thing," I ordered as I struggled to sit up.

"We're just comparing them, measuring them," Kimberly said while putting her hands around both my penis and 'Tiger'. She then placed them head to head.

"That's disgusting," I grumbled.

"Take it off Ash so I can put them side by side," Kimberly instructed her friend. Seconds later 'Tiger' was released from the strap-on and firmly held by the redhead. Then she placed it side by side with mine.

"I told you he was bigger," Ashley said triumphantly. Looking down my body I could easily see that I had Mr. Tiger Woody beaten in the length category.

"No wonder Axel felt so good," Kimberly answered, then tossed the dildo to the floor. "And you're going to feel good inside me again," she promised my penis, quickly kissed him, then straddled my body and brought him inside her pussy. A pussy still oozing out the sperm my last ejaculation had filled her with.

"It's my turn," Ashley protested even as Kimberly lowered herself onto me. "And you shouldn't have thrown 'Tiger' down like that. You could have hurt him." Out of the corner of my eye I watched her pick the fake cock up and then reattach him at her groin.

"First come, first served," Kim answered triumphantly. I watched as her red pubic triangle started to move up and down. I thrust upward to meet her. Then I pulled her head down and crushed her lips with mine. Our hips continued to move. Then over Kimberly's shoulder I saw Ashley positioning herself behind her friend. I actually felt it when she pushed 'Tiger Woody' into her friends bum.

I'm too old for freshmen I thought as the three of us quickly got into rhythm. Kimberly was a screamer! Tiger didn't say a word!

"We need a picture, actually lots of pictures," Ashley said sometime later. She was holding a small digital camera and pointing it at my cock.

"Oh no you don't," I ordered as I tried to cover my face and groin with my hands.

"Not your face silly, we just need pics of your penis for the contest," Kimberly informed.

"What contest?" I asked as I peered between my fingers.

"The dildo company is holding a contest. They want girls to send in suggestions for their next generation of penile replacements."

"No one is making a dildo out of this guy," I promised as I lifted my cock from my thigh.

"Hold Tiger Woody next to it," Ashley encouraged her friend. "So they'll see how big he is."

So I let the girls take a few shots. What could it hurt? The chances of my man getting chosen were one in a million. Or so I thought.

"Why is it environmentally friendly?" I asked Kimberly some hours later. I'd forgotten Ashley's earlier claim until I'd tripped over old 'Tiger Woody' on a trip back from the can. Although we'd eaten breakfast in bed and showered together, most of the previous six hours had passed in sexual play. I was finished. My cock was dead! Let Tiger do a little of the work I thought.

"What's environmentally friendly?" Kimberly asked.

"Woody here," I answered, "Ashley said something about it being-"

"It is," Ashley answered as she came into the room carrying three beers. "That's why it's so expensive."

"It's expensive?" I asked as I bent over and picked it up.

"It cost $119.00, shipping and handling included."

"What? How much? Are you two nuts?"

"But that included the strap-on contraption too," Kimberly explained. "And some of the proceeds are donated to charity."

"It's also a 'large', and came with two srcew in attachments."

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