Terminations Services Inc

by Big E

Tags: True Story, Mystery,

Desc: Flash Story: A new way of handling an old problem.

Saturday Morning.

TSI: Good morning, may I help you?

Caller: I was given this number to call about a problem that I have.

TSI: Can you give me the number that was given to you as your referral?

Caller: Oh, let me see if I can read it. I have a black eye and I'm having some problems seeing. Here is it, the number is 1287H56687.

TSI: One moment, please.

A few moments later

TSI: Thank you for holding. I see by our caller ID that the number you are calling from is a cell number. Can you be reached at this number later today or early tomorrow?

Caller: Yes. I am safe for the next 3 days at least.

TSI: One of our services personnel will be contacting you either later on today or before noon tomorrow. Then you can review with them your needs and possible solutions.

Caller: Thank you.


Sunday mid-morning.

TSI: Good morning. This is Terminations Services Inc. calling.

Caller: I was afraid that you weren't going to call.

TSI: First, you may call me Fred and I will be your only contact from this point on. Do you understand?

Caller: Yes, Fred.

TSI: I have spoken to the person that referred you to us and I have reviewed you case as well. I feel that we can be of help to you in resolving your problem and getting your life back to as normal as possible. Can you speak freely where you are?

Caller: Yes I can. Right now I'm parked in a church parking lot and there are a lot of people coming and going to the services. I guess they think I'm just waiting to pick someone up.

TSI: Good. Please give a detailed physical description of who we will be referring to as "The Terminated Subject". Remember, no names, please.

Caller: The Terminated Subject is 6'4" tall and weighs 200 pounds. He has brown hair cut very short. No facial hair and has hazel eyes. He has two tattoos, one on his right shoulder of an eagle with its wings spread out. The other is on his left forearm of a stiletto with blood dripping off the end.

TSI: What kind of transportation does he use?

Caller: He drives a big Dodge pickup truck that is raised with huge tires. I need a push up to get into it, it's so tall. At his work, he drives a cement mixing truck.

TSI: Why is it that you feel safe now?

Caller: After he attacked me on Thursday night, I was taken to the hospital again. But, this time there were witnesses to him beating me. The police were called and they went and arrested him after getting statements from the people in the market where I work. The Police said to me that by the time they have done their paper work on him and get him booked and that with the holiday on Monday, that he would not see a judge until Tuesday. If the judge set bail low enough, he could be out as soon as Wednesday morning.

TSI: Good that gives me enough time to set things in motion. I have to ask this, do you feel that there is any chance that you two will ever get things worked out between each other?

Caller: After all that he has said and done over the past three years, no I don't!

TSI: OK, you understand that this solution will be a permanent one!

Caller: Yes! Do it.

TSI: This solution has two possible endings. One is that the "The Terminated Subject" disappears and there will never be a trace of him after that moment. That it will take at least a year or more to settle his estate. The other solution has him found after in a few days and depending on how it's done, you will have everything cleared up within four to six weeks.

Caller: I feel that the first choice is the best.

TSI: Why do you feel that way?

Caller: After all that he has done to me in the past and suddenly he no longer is a problem to me, it might look I did something or had it done. But if he's not around, maybe it will look like he left me for one of his bar bitches.

TSI: OK then, I'll call you within a few days but before Tuesday evening so that you will be able to make some plans for the rest of that week.

Tuesday early in the morning.

TSI: Good morning this is Fred.

Caller: I was wondering when I was going to hear from you. Is everything all set?

TSI: Yes it is. Do not write down what I'm going to tell you, is that understood?

Caller: Yes!

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