I Have a Small Confession

by Pianokey

Caution: This True Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, True Story, Uncle, Niece, First, Masturbation, Petting, .

Desc: True Story: A true story about my first encounter with incest in my life. My oldest niece and I share a special morning together.

I have a small confession. Well, not really a small one, a fairly large one, and I'm not so much worried about confessing as I am professing. I want to shout this out to the world for some reason, for all that's wrong with it, and how much I've relished in the thought of it since the act has occurred. Let me start the night before, and lead up to now.

My sister Michelle has three wonderful kids. Lee, who is a stunning eighteen year old, Kay, who is a cute five year old, and Michael, a boy of three. Through the randomness of life and Michelle's love towards me, Michael and I share the same birthday, even though I'm twenty five years older than he is.

Lee and I have always been quick friends. She knows I'll be honest with her about her mother, my mother, life, and anything else she might have questions about. She's been open and honest about her relationships, and whenever problems have come up in her life and I've been available, I've tried to help her. Her father's work keeps him from home, and her mother is a head nurse at a nursing home. Lee helps her mother as much as can be expected of a high school senior. She's great with Kay and Michael, even though she used to torment Kay.

Lee is also, like I mentioned, stunning. She just turned eighteen on the 17th of March. She's about 5'6", probably weighs about 115, and has thick, wavy, dirty-blonde hair that goes almost all the way down her back. She has a fair complexion and blue eyes. She already dealt with three years of braces, so she's got straight, pretty teeth. Her nose is thin and has a slight upturn at the tip, which makes her face look very youthful. She doesn't have a super toned body, but she exercises with her mother and is always careful about what she eats. She doesn't wear much makeup. She's basically a very cute thin teenager.

I'm twenty eight. I'm 6'1", and about 180. I'm not in the best shape in the world, but lately I've been eating better and doing more yard work than I've ever done in my life, so I'm slowly toning back up to what I was like earlier in my life. I recently moved back to North Carolina from New York, where I had moved to be with Dianne, a girl I was having a long distance relationship with. I moved there three years ago, and after moving back in January of this year, after more than seven years of being with Dianne, we went our separate ways. We weren't working out as a couple, so the breakup wasn't full of malice, but there was some grief on both ends. We did love each other; we just weren't in love with each other. I've been trying to date around in the last few months since we separated, but I haven't had much luck. I flirt with an old friend that I used to work with from before I moved and with a girl I used to date in high school. The friend is a huge flirt but isn't really interested, and the old girlfriend definitely isn't interested in a physical relationship. So mostly I go to work, help out around the house, and hang out when I can with my sister and her family to help there as well.

My sister, being a head nurse, is sometimes called away from her normal job to travel to go to seminars and lectures about health care. This means that my mother is on call to help take care of Kay and Michael while Michelle is out of town. Olivia is expected to help, as am I. There's no problem here, but this weekend it led to something so ... Unexpected, sensual, sexual, wrong, perverse, thrilling ... exhilarating!

Michelle had to leave this weekend for a three day trip to Charlotte for a seminar, and had to leave at three in the morning on Sunday to fit everything in her schedule. I work as a driver for Pizza Hut, so I don't usually get off on weeknights until after midnight. Saturday night I called Lee and asked her if she'd be up, I wanted to come by and spend the night and get a chance to see my sister off. Lee said she'd be up, so we could talk when I got there.

After arriving, I plopped down on this bean bag chair called a FoMBAG next to Lee. They're big enough to hold 2 adults or a handful of kids, and sturdy enough to lie on and not sink in. We started talking about her recent birthday. She told me about how her father had called her the morning of her birthday and how he had asked her if she was going to play hooky. She actually did that day, and narrowly avoided getting into serious trouble by doing so. She went on to tell me how she spent the rest of the day loafing around, and how she had been gifted a small bag of weed from one of her friends later in the day. Her friends also threw her a surprise party later in the evening, so she had a pretty good birthday.

She had been lying on her back, and I had been lying on my side facing her. We were sharing a light cotton blanket that barely covered the both of us. We talked for a good hour, which brought us to about 1:30 in the morning. I had actually expected to fall asleep like that, next to her, but at that point, we heard someone walking around upstairs, and we both turned towards the noise.

"She'll think you're Alex," Lee said.

Alex was her on-again, off-again boyfriend who was a source of tension between her and her parents. Lee and Alex were known to sneak in and out of the house to see each other. I hadn't let Michelle know I was coming over, so I quickly rolled of the chair and moved over to a nearby couch. It now looked like Lee and I had just been talking, and not quite cuddling.

"Heyya! Good morning sis," I exclaimed when she came into the living room. "I came by to see you off this morning; we didn't mean to wake you up by talking so late."

"That's okay. Lee, it's after one, you need to be in bed. I kept hearing voices and I couldn't figure out what was going on. I checked on Michael thinking he was having a bad dream or had gotten up and turned on his TV." My sister wasn't upset, just a bit disheveled. We'd woken her up just a little over an hour before she had to get up to hit the road for a fairly long drive, but she was taking it well.

"Ok mom. Here, you can use this," Lee said to me as she got up from the chair and walked over to where I was and handed me the blanket we'd just been sharing. I sometimes slept on these couches, so the gesture was both logical and friendly.

Lee's never been ashamed of her body, and there had been a few occasions where I'd been over late at night or early in the morning and had seen her walking around in a t-shirt and panties. This time though, she was wearing a sweater and a pair of boy shorts. I caught myself feeling a little let down.

We all said goodnight, and once they were upstairs I tried going to sleep. I couldn't help thinking that Lee had said Michelle would think I was Alex. Alex was one lucky son of a gun, having had hit rounds with Lee in bed. It was a weird thought, thinking about Lee in a sexual way like that. She was cute, and physically it was easy to be attracted to her, but she was my niece. I'd known Lee her whole life, had helped change diapers, used to tease her when she was a child, and was now trying to help guide her through her last few teenage years. Wasn't it wrong to think of anything more than how cute she was?

I had set my phone to go off at 2:55 AM, so I could be up to see my sister off. However, when the phone went off, no one was up, the lights were all off in the house, and I didn't hear anyone stirring, so I sat there looking at my phone for what I thought was a few minutes. What actually happened was I fell back asleep with the phone in my hand, and I didn't wake up until nearly an hour later, when I heard a decently loud 'Ah Fuck!' from the kitchen off of the living room.

Michelle was walking around in the dark with a candle. It took me a minute, but I realized that the power had been blown overnight, and Michelle was now running late. We live in a fairly mountainous area, so one bad tree fall can sometimes kill the power for a while. I woke myself up and tried to make myself useful.

"Need me to carry anything down for you?" I asked.

"No. Well, actually, yes. I can't do my hair or makeup in the dark, so I'm not really late, but this is pushing it, I should already be on the road. I also can't take the car in the garage because you have to unhook the stupid door from the electronic opener to do so, so I'll just take the truck outside."

"Alright, just let me know what all I need to take down."

She and I then discussed what all she had laid out for Kay and Michael for the next few days. I helped take a few light bags down for her, and walked her to the Explorer she was going to be taking. We kissed on the cheek, said our goodbyes, and she backed out of the driveway. I watched for a minute looked around, enjoying the moment by watching the stars, before the cold brought me back inside.

When I came back in, I decided at that moment that I wasn't done cuddling with my niece. She'd have gone back upstairs to sleep in her mom's bed, since her father was out of town. Lee's bedroom was downstairs, and her room was constantly freezing cold. She'd sleep upstairs in the king size bed with her mom since it was warmer, and also because Kay would sometimes sleep between them if she wasn't able to sleep alone.

I walked upstairs to my sister's bedroom, and saw that Lee and Kay were both in bed. Kay was nearly in the center, lying on her back. Lee was facing Kay. Both were fast asleep. For some reason, I didn't slide into bed near Lee, I got in bed where my Michelle had been, and just got under the covers and laid there, listening to them both breathe.

I must have laid there for a good half hour. The power clicked back on, and light shown in the room from a street light. I watched Kay turning in her sleep. She'd occasionally scratch her head, sometimes she'd push the blankets down to her knees, and other times she'd sit up and pull them back up, all without waking herself up. It was odd, but cute. At one point, she pushed the blankets down, and then kicked them down further, past her feet.

I then knew Lee was awake. She reached down and pulled the covers back over Kay. I started thinking then about what I should do. Should I do what I wanted to do, get up and move over to be next to Lee? Should I just fall asleep here, and be content? In the end, I decided it was worth it to try. The worst thing she would do is tell me no, and I knew that'd be the end of it. We were close; she wasn't going to be freaked out by me falling asleep next to her. I fought with myself for a few minutes, then got up and started walking around the bed. I was excited, nervous, and expectant. Just because I wanted to sleep next to my niece!

I pulled the blankets up to crawl in next to her, and she looked over her shoulder, and I could see in the dark that she was okay with what I was doing. She edged closer to the center of the bed, and gently moved Kay a bit so she could get more room. I spooned up close to her, feeling her warmth and her smooth bare legs on mine. She had taken off the sweater and put on a long t-shirt. I slipped my left arm over her side and clutched my closed hand up between her elbows and close to her neckline, safely away from her chest. She has small B cups, but I couldn't just grope my niece. I just wanted to snuggle, nothing else. She got comfortable, and had her chin touching my hand. Her hands were curled up holding the top of her head, the way I'd seen her curl up a thousand times before. I could feel her breathing gently on my hand as she starting falling back asleep.

Her hair smelled wonderful. It was a light fruity smell, but it wasn't overbearing. It was slightly damp. She must have towel dried it out, and not used a blower on it when she showered earlier in the night. It was cool, and soft, and inviting.

She and I fell asleep for a while like that, until some time later I woke up burning up. The room felt sweltering, and the blankets felt heavy and damp. I realized that it wasn't just me, the room really was really hot. I could feel that my palms were sweaty, which felt so gross at the time. I took my left hand away from Lee and pulled the blanket away from our torsos so we could cool off some.

That's when I apparently decided to do away with being rational, and that Lee was just a cute girl.

I was pulled back away from Lee a bit, and I could see her outline in the soft light. She didn't really have any hips to speak of. The form was there, but it was slight.

I lifted the back of her shirt a bit with my left hand and slowly scratched her back. I gently touched and scratched her back for a good ten minutes, feeling her warm, smooth skin, and just enjoying being able to touch such a beautiful young woman.

When I finished I curled back up next to her, and did something out of habit. I slipped my hand in the front of her shirt. I caught myself, and stopped my hand and let it rest on her stomach. I nearly tried to curl up to her like I had to Dianne for the last three years. Asleep with my hand on her chest was a normal way to fall asleep, but it definitely wasn't normal for me and my niece. I had, in my head, averted doing something really wrong.

I fell back asleep, content and much cooler with the blanket off of us. I don't know how much longer it was, probably not too long because I hadn't moved at all, and Kay kicked and turned over towards the far side of the bed. Lee woke up and pushed Kay's feet away from her, which straightened Kay back out on the pillows. Then Lee pulled her arms back high over her head, and stretched her legs out. I followed suit.

I kept my hand where it was on her stomach. When she finished stretching, she curled back up into her original position. I moved my legs to spoon back up with her, and I did something unthinkable.

I moved my hand up between her breasts, and at the same time I asked her "Are you okay?" I felt her nod and heard a small "Mmhm," come from her. I could feel them, warm, soft, unguarded. It was okay to touch her like this? This was new, this was thrilling. I placed her whole left breast in my hand, and it didn't fill my grip. I gently held her like that, feeling very alive, very awake, and very comforted knowing I was this close to my niece.

If you've ever slept next to a girl like this, you know that you don't just hold a breast in that position forever. If you start like that and actually fall asleep, you lose your grip, you toss and turn, and you rarely wake up in a position close to what you started. In this case, I wasn't even trying to sleep. I wanted to touch her more. Her arm was right on top of my hand outside of her shirt, and it was pressing my hand to her chest.

I did what I could after a few minutes of holding her. I opened my grip, letting my fingers gently touch her skin. My fingers were softly touching her other breast, and after a moment I felt the weight of her arm lift. She was encouraging me. She wanted me to touch her, at that moment I knew it for sure! While she held her arm up a bit for me, I felt around in earnest. I explored her chest with my hand, feeling out their size, gently squeezing them both, running my fingertips over them. She must have the smallest nipples of any girl I've ever known. They felt so tiny when I would rub and pinch them. Occasionally Lee would make a soft murmur of approval, letting me know she was still enjoying what I was doing.

After a while, I slowed my attentions, and she let her arm down again. I gave her a small but tight hug with my arm, and we both gently shook ourselves down to resituate a bit and get comfortable again.

I rested there, awake, in basically the same position we started in, thinking about what had just happened. I had just fondled my niece's chest! I felt closer to her than I ever had, but at the same time I knew how wrong it was. I was breaking some unwritten rule that said I was walking along a line that couldn't be crossed. I was more than excited, mentally and physically. I was turned on, my cock somewhat hard, but I wasn't stiff, and I wasn't about to try to violate her any further. I just enjoyed the feeling for a while, trying to capture the feeling of her small breasts and wondering to myself just how small her nipples were. I wished more than anything to just take a look, but I wasn't going to disrobe my niece with Kay in the bed. The last thing I needed was Kay saying anything to Michelle or anyone else about how her big sister had been undressed in bed with her uncle.

I was too excited to sleep. I knew I wasn't going to rest well that night anyway, once I had crawled in next to Lee, but I definitely knew now I wasn't going to sleep. I was going to have to just lay there and think about everything, and work it all out in my head.

I was still resting with my hand on her chest. Since I wasn't asleep, I'd sometimes gently move my thumb on her chest, just gently rubbing her. One of the times when I did this, she turned a bit away from me, turning her body to lie more on her stomach than her side. This pulled my hand away from her chest. She straightened out her right leg and moved her left leg up, so that her left knee was straight out. My hand was now on her side near her hip since I couldn't reach her chest anymore.

I thought about this for a moment. I figured she might still be awake, and if she was, was this a sign that she was done? No more touching? If she was asleep, then it was just her turning in her sleep, and she was done for the night as well. I wracked my brain for a minute, and then I felt my hand moving again.

It moved down and rested on her left leg, below her thigh. I let it sit there for a moment, wondering if this new position was okay. I then thought to myself that if it wasn't okay to touch her, why did she just let me touch her chest? If she didn't want me in bed next to her, she wouldn't have let me slide in next to her. I wouldn't be here if she didn't want me here. It was with those thoughts running through my head that I started running my fingers up and down her left leg. I'd run them towards her knee as far as I could reach, then back again up towards her rear.

I was encouraging myself by this point. I knew I could touch her. I knew she wanted to be touched, and I knew above all else, I wanted to touch her. I wanted to explore her whole body, if I could.

So, I took another step. When my fingers reached her rear again, I placed my hand right on her left butt cheek. I was really surprised that it was so small! She really was lacking hips, if I could get half her ass in one squeeze of my hand. The fabric of the boy shorts she was wearing was smooth, and stretchy. Polyester, probably. I rubbed my hand over her butt and over her boy shorts, feeling how smooth and round her little ass was.

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