Strange Bedfellows

by Hambone Jones

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, True Story, Slut Wife, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Slow, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Two brothers are invited to go home with a couple they meet in a bar.

Jim and I had gotten to the Bend It around 8:30 p.m. that night. We had met some guys from work for a beer at another bar around six and were not ready to go home. We were usually in the Bend It four or five nights a week, depending, so we were readily known by the regulars and of course Ray, the bartender.

We said high to a half dozen people we knew and nodded to some we had seen before. We stood at the bar drinking our beers. Jim was talking to Ray about some redhead who had been in last week and I was looking around the room.

The Bend It was your typical neighborhood gin mill. It had a long bar with stools. There were maybe ten tables and two or three of those tall tables that were bar height. That night there were four people sitting at the other end of the bar and about four or five of the tables were occupied.

At one of the tables was this old couple who had started coming in about a month before. They always sat at a table near the bar. They never said anything to anyone or bothered anyone. I guess they just liked to drink, as did most of the people in the Bend It.

When I say the couple were old I guess I mean that in a relative way. They looked to be in their fifties. I was twenty-four and my brother Jim was twenty-five. We had another brother, John, twenty-eight, who was the upstanding member of the Hastings clan. He had gone to college, gotten a good job where he wore a coat and tie everyday and last year had gotten married. Jim and I didn't want any part of that life. We wanted to be free to come and go as we pleased.

When we got out of high school we both got jobs in construction and after a year we moved from our mom's house to a small house of our own. We figured that way we could stop fucking in the back seat of the car.

Just last year Jim and I had gone to Australia to go skiing. We got jobs maintaining the ski trails for the Royal Park service. We worked until the spring melt and then headed back home. Australia was O.K. The people were really nice and man could they drink. Jim is the best that I had ever seen at quantity consumed and being able to hold his liquor but those Aussies could drink him under the table and that was only the women. When we got home we were back in construction and drinking every night and fucking as often as we could.

I had turned to talk to Jim after Ray went to the other end of the bar when the old man came up. He was very polite and said that he and his wife had noticed us many times in the bar and they would like to buy us a drink and would we like to come to their table. Never ones to pass up a free drink we followed him to the table. He introduced them as Harry and Helen. They knew our names as they had asked the Ray a few weeks ago.

We chatted for awhile about this and that. They told us about their daughter who was in college and their son who was a major in the Air Force. We told them about our trip to Australia. And the kind of work we did. On our third beer at their table Harry got down to crux of why they had asked us over. They had been married thirty-five years and Helen was going through a period where she was horny all the time and Harry was incapable of satisfying her needs. And she wanted some new cock and she would prefer that it be young. They were not separating or anything like that. They loved each other and Harry wished to get her what she wanted and after their watching us for a time they thought that we might be interested.

Well, I must have been sitting there slack jawed because Jim reached over and put his hand under my chin and pushed my mouth shut. This brought me back to what had just been said. But I still couldn't talk. Jim asked them if they could give us a few minutes and they both said they understood and to take as much time as we needed. We picked up our beers and walked back to the bar.

"What the hell was that all about," I asked.

"A chance for some easy pussy and free beer."

"You're really thinking about what they said. She's old."

"Look, she's not bad. We've fucked worse. Remember one eyed Lucy."

At the thought of Lucy I chuckled and turned to look at Helen and they both waved to me. I turned back to Jim and told him yes, but Lucy had a good body and that we had no idea what Helen's looked like. You cant see below her tits. They do look like they are O.K. At least they are not 44HH.

Jim said, "Yea, well you know what old women have between their tits?"

"What's that?"

"Their navel."


We talked about it some more until finally Jim said he was for it. It was free beer and all the pussy we wanted. By that time I had about six beers on top of what we had had earlier so I told him why not.

Jim went over to the table to tell them of our decision and to find out what the next step was. After a few minutes he came back and said we were to follow them to their house. They were parked outside in a red BMW. And away we went.

They had a very nice house with an in ground swimming pool and privacy fence. I could understand why they wanted to scope us out before they approached us. They wanted to be sure they would be safe. That Helen would be safe. There was no telling who they might be bringing into their home in this kind of deal.

Jim and I and Harry were in the kitchen and Jim and I flipped a coin to see who got to go first and Jim won. He went back into the bedroom that Harry directed him to. Harry and I stayed in the Kitchen and drank beer.

Harry told me that he had no desire for another woman, that Helen was enough for him but that he could understand Helen's desire for some verity and also he could not get it up as much as Helen wanted. They had decided to try this. He told me that if everything went O.K. tonight and we were agreeable that they would come to the Bend It to get us if we were there when Helen wanted us again. I said let's see how it goes tonight.

Jim came into the kitchen and told us she was ready for me. I looked at him questioningly but he just opened a beer and started taking to Harry.

When I got to the bedroom Helen was in the shadows on the bed. She told me I could put my cloths on the chair in the corner. When I got to the bed I was as limp as I've ever been.

Helen said, "Come here baby and let me get some of that cock."

With that she leaned over and fed my cock in her mouth. I mean all of it in one gulp. There was no putting the head in first and slipping the rest in with easy suction.

While she was doing this I was able to get a pretty good look at her. She had nice tits for someone in her fifties. They hung down but not too badly. They didn't reach her navel and they still had globes and nice nipples. She had wide hips and heavy thighs, she had no waist and there was extra weight around her middle. There were rolls but she was not sloppy fat. Her pussy hair was turning gray. It was the first one I had seen that old. She was neither pretty nor ugly she was just fifty plus. One nice thing was that her eyes sparkled.

Mine was not the first cock Helen had sucked. She had taken my balls in her hand and slipped one finger into my asshole and had my cock down her throat as it slowly got hard. I wasn't all that big, about 61/2" but she could have handled 10". My biggest asset was that my cock was fat and I figured that I would need it for an old pussy and especially one that had already been fucked that night.

I guess she figured I was as hard as I was going to get because she removed me from her mouth. She then spread her legs and threw that pussy up at me and said, "Come and get it, baby. It's ready for you."

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