Why Momma Was Wrong About Women

by Sir Semega

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Desc: : Guys, Momma gave you bad advice when it came to how to treat a woman! The question is why? This is more an essay really.

Men, if you have problems with your woman in relationships, if they walk all over you, if you are always asking yourself after they left you, what you did wrong, after all you treated them good, just like Momma told you to, well I got news for you:

Your Momma lied to you.

All your early years you probably heard from your Dad to suck it up, stop being a wimp, be a man, don't cry, etc. Meanwhile you heard from your Momma that it was okay to cry, to let it all out, that it was okay to be emotional. Be nice and pleasant; always treat a woman with respect. Share and be equals. Well guess what? Dad was right, and Momma was full of crap.

There's a good reason for this. It goes back to our basic animal make up. We're talking evolution and basic biology here. You'll find out how in a moment, just follow me here.

Your girlfriend dumps you for some badboy. Someone who you know is not right for her. Someone who doesn't respect her like you do. Who won't treat her right or as an equal like you. Well buddy, what the hell makes you think that that is what a woman wants in her relationship? Makes sense though doesn't it. As a man, you are looking for respect, equality certainly, and someone who will treat you good. Well woman are not men!

So now that we got that out of the way, again I ask you the question on why you think, or put it this way, what makes you KNOW that woman want to be treated nicely, with respect, as an equal and are looking for a kind, good man? Well originally, it goes back to Momma.

From the time you were in diapers, most mothers were on us boys as to how to treat girls and woman. You're stronger than the girls, so be gentle with them. You can be selfish, don't do that, share and be kind. Treat them with respect. Be nice to them. All this sound familiar?

Now this advice is good for learning how to deal with people in a social context. But a sexual relationship is not quite the same animal now is it? If it were then we'd be fucking all out friends, men and woman alike. But we aren't.

So somehow during our upbringing, we reach puberty and again conversation happens between us and our role model for woman: Momma. Whether direct or not, Momma reinforces the same advice she gave when you were a child. Be kind, good, gentle and caring. Share. Treat her with respect. Treat her as an equal. Well if that worked, then why are you sitting there alone, trying to figure out why your girl has ditched you for someone who is so NOT that? Or maybe you haven't even gotten to that point. Maybe you are what the girls call: Just Friends.

Thanks Momma, your advice is working like crap.

So what the hell is going on here?

Why is she giving you crap advice?

Here's a thought, have you ever thought to take your Dad's advice? What did he tell you, if you were lucky enough to grow up with a father? Act like a man! Suck it up. Don't be a wimp! Or a wuss! So what's a wimp or a wuss?

Ask a woman what one is, and I can guarantee you that they know the answer to that question. It's something they are NOT attracted to.

So on one hand you have Dad telling you not to be a wuss. Be a man! And on the other, you have Momma telling you to treat a woman as your equal and be kind, gentle and good. Now ask yourself this question. What do woman want?

Can you answer that?


Why not?

Because every time you ask a woman that question they each give you a different answer, as well as if you ask them that same question later, they will give you a completely different question at that time. They don't know! Actually they do, but they can have a very difficult time describing it and putting it in words. They JUST KNOW when it happens.

Yes I know, frustrating isn't it?

Okay so if they can't really tell you, then I ask you again, why are you listening to a woman as your foundation of advice, the advice and attitude to build upon everything else when it comes to your attitude towards women, when we know they all have different answers to that question? What the hell is going on here?

Better yet, why aren't you listening to a man who seems to have been successful enough to get a woman? Your Dad. Obviously he must know a thing or two or else you never would have happened now would you?

So what's Dad's advice? Be a man!

What's Momma's advice? Be a wuss.

Yes a WUSS. Wuss = Wimp + Pussy.

So you've tried to use the advice and concepts your Momma has instilled in you all this time and treated your girlfriends, or girls you want to be girlfriends that way, and have gotten nowhere. Or maybe to a point and then boom, she drops you. Maybe she lets you down easy and tells you that she is to blame and you did nothing wrong. Well guess what? If you were perfect, she wouldn't be fucking that badboy in a leather jacket right now, while you surf the net for jerkoff material.

Ok. So a little clarity here, before I get blamed for creating misogynistic rapists out there in internet land, 'No' MEANS NO! Okay?

Treating a woman with respect and treating her like crap are not opposites. So don't go out there and endear yourself to woman by shitting on them, that's not what I'm saying.

Equality is not all it's cracked up to be, I would like to point out that pretty much all relationships we have in life are not equal. Father-son, boss-worker, customer-seller, mentor-apprentice, etc. So where the hell does this equal thing come from? It comes from the child behavior and the 'play well with others' advice, and it should stay there. Who told you to play well with others? Momma did.

So what is Attraction? What attracts people to others? Charisma? Presence? Power? Wealth? Fame? Sexuality? Yes.

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