Kelly's 50th Birthday Party

by Peter Duncan

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, Group Sex, Orgy, Analingus, Double Penetration, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: It was his wife's fiftieth birthday, A time to pull out all the stops and give her a gift she had fantasized for years.

Six months prior to her fiftieth birthday Kelly Matlock said to her husband Corey, "I'm gonna be fifty years old and I've never done anything really exciting in my life." She and her husband had actually been leading an exciting life: traveling extensively, going to the latest musicals, plays, ballets, operas and concerts and playing tennis and golf. They took dancing lessons hiked and camped and did some rock climbing. Both even bungee jumped from the bridge in Victoria Falls in Africa.

He felt badly that his wife was down at the moment Corey Matlock but also felt good that he had begun planning a special party for her. Though it would be a surprise that she would have no way of expecting it, making it a complete surprise would be impractical. In order to make it come about for her in the way he was planning he had to tell her about the party as a ruse to pull off the truly outrageous event that he was working on. "I was thinking about renting a suite at the Ritz-Carlton and having a party that you'll never forget baby."

The Ritz-Carlton in Laguna Beach, California overlooks the Pacific Ocean. According to its well-travelled guests it is the most beautiful hotel site in the world, with a price tag to prove it. Always the typically frugal wife Kelly said, "Can we really afford such an expensive spot honey?"

"Hey sweetie you spent a lot of money on my fiftieth. So I just want to prove to you that you have been worth at least as much to me."

When Corey and Kelly met in college in the late fifties it was an era of sexual naiveté, a time when sexual permissiveness was practiced by only "loose girls." Always the model of propriety Kelly was certainly not one of those. Through college Kelly would sometimes allow a man to fondle her breasts on a hot date. In her two serious relationships she drew the line at heavy petting where she would handle her lover's penis and allow him to put his fingers in her pussy. But she was a virgin when she married Corey.

As a typical couple Corey and Kelly's first few months of sex were two to three times a day, seven days a week. From there it was every day until their third year when it dropped off to an average of three times a week. During their child rearing years sex waned to twice a week which fell right in line with the average for all married couples who enjoyed healthy sex.

From their wedding night on Kelly proved that she was not only hot, she was always interested in anything Corey wanted to do ... things many people of her generation would definitely have considered kinky. Before seatbelts, which didn't come along till the mid-sixties, Corey would sometimes find it difficult to concentrate on the road while Kelly was bent over in her seat, bobbing on his cock while he drove. People behind them often thought he was alone in the car, driving like he had too much to drink. But their suspicions were always debunked when Kelly's head popped up on the passenger side and the car suddenly continued on without weaving.

Being a natural tease Kelly always sensed his coming orgasm and backed off, waiting for him to collect himself then go back down on him, prolonging the erratic driving for a few more miles. She was also a bit of an exhibitionist. Whenever a big truck or an eighteen wheeler would pull alongside of them when she was giving head, especially if there were a passenger in the cab, she would look up, grin at the passenger and give him, or her, a gleeful grin then go back down on Corey's cock. This usually got a long blast from the truck's air horn.

Many nights Corey and Kelly would sit opposite each other in a restaurant and get each other off under the table with their stockinged feet. Once, while they were alone doing a clean-up chore in the chapel of their church Kelly insisted that she ride Corey's cock while sitting in the Pastor's chair by the altar, taking a chance that someone would come in and discover them. When VCR's became popular Corey rented straight sex porn videos. Kelly loved them.

During the first two early years of their marriage while they were living in Huntington, West Virginia they were constant friends with two local couples who attended their church. Once during a party the two couples split from one another and started kissing the other's spouse. They urged the Matlocks to join in. To Corey's disappointment Kelly adamantly declined; something she had never done with others of his requests. While the friendship came to an abrupt end Kelly wondered from time to time if swinging might have been something she would have enjoyed. They discussed it every now and then, wondering what became of their one time friends. But the opportunity hadn't presented itself again.

While their children were growing up they had to sneak their fucks, feeling like naughty teenagers when they did. But as their sexual appetites matured they took weekends away from the kids. While away it was always at Kelly's suggestion that they search for the latest toys and sexy lingerie.

After the kids went to college Kelly's attitudes began loosening. Before kids they only rented straight sex porn's. With the kids gone she became interested in group and bisexual flicks. Once though, when Corey asked her if she might be interested in having sex with more than one man, she became irritated with the question, telling him, "Don't be stupid Corey. I'm strictly a one man woman." Her mixed feeling confused Corey as he considered the conversations they had about their days In Huntington.

In the year after her forty-sixth birthday Kelly's best friend Marta discovered that her husband had been cheating on her for years. After splitting with her husband Marta told Kelly, "I've been a good girl all my life, a model wife. Now I'm just going to fuck my brains out." Each time they had lunch after that Marta would fill Kelly in on her exploits, which got her so turned on that it would be Corey who would be getting get his brains fucked out.

Three months before Kelly's fiftieth birthday Corey met with Marta to ask her to help plan a party. Kelly had been filling him in on Marta's escapades. One night while relating that Marta had told her about being gangbanged by four guys Kelly attacked him to the point that after five hours of sex of sex Corey's cock was literally raw. Afterwards, when he asked her what happened to the "one man woman," he said "Four guys fucking you would have been much easier on me."

With a sheepish laugh she said, "Ya know what honey, back in West Virginia when I turned you down about swinging, I was sure that I did the right thing. But I've never stopped wondering what it would have been like. When you asked about other guys having sex with me I thought you might either be losing interest in me or you wanted to use me for some kind of perverted pleasure. But since Marta has been telling me about her sexual exploits I've really been envying her. The more I think about it Corey the hornier I get, and the more such things are appealing to me. Does that seem strange?"

"I don't think it is strange Kelly, I've had those thoughts for years but I'm a guy. Maybe it's just that you have reached a point in your life where you are looking for more adventure than one man can give you. But I've always let you know my feelings on that."

"Yes you have sweetie but until lately I've always been threatened by that. I've had the fear that maybe something would go wrong with our marriage. Maybe I shouldn't let Marta influence me the way she has been doing." As she thought about what she had just said a dreamy look came into her eyes. Lying back she put her hands behind her head and sighed. "And since she told me what it was like to have sex with four guys at the same time I can't stop thinking about it honey."

A couple days later when Corey told her that he wanted to plan a special birthday party for her he asked what she would like for a birthday present. With a saucy chuckle she said, "How about a gangbang. That might be fun." She said it as a joke but the way Corey heard it she was not joking.

He asked Marta to lunch and told her he was planning a party for Kelly. To make sure she understood that Kelly was feeding him everything Marta passed on to her about her sex life he told her. "I don't think there is much that I don't know about your sexual adventures Marta. She tells me everything."

Marta said that she wasn't surprised, "Kelly tells me everything you two do as well."

When he told Marta that Kelly joked about getting a gangbang for her birthday Marta said, "I'm not surprised at that either Corey. You know how misery loves company?" Corey nodded. "Well so does the joy of pleasure. Kelly's my best friend and I would love to her to experience the things I've been enjoying. Maybe I've been telling her a little too much. I know I've got her juices flowing. If you care about my opinion Corey your wife wasn't joking. She has this growing feeling that she is missing out on a lot of life that she would like to explore."

"Kelly envy's the hell out you Marta. I can tell by what happens every time she gets home from talking with you. She screws me 'til I'm raw." I'm almost positive that she would love a gangbang for her birthday present.

Marta said, "Sounds like you're looking for help from me."

"I am Marta. First I wanted you opinion which you have given me ... now? I just don't know how to go about setting it up."

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