Marriage Emasculation

by Dr Know

Caution: This Drama Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Heterosexual, True Story, Cheating, .

Desc: Drama Story: The journey of man through a marriage where the spouse tries to reconstruct him into something he's not.

I met Madeline, who was 50, online in a People Who Love Golf chat room. At 52 I'd recovered from the loss of my first wife and was seeking companionship of the female persuasion.

I'd had a couple of one night stands but nothing that even felt close to being a candidate for a relationship. Most of these one night stand women had much more emotional baggage than I was carrying.

I'd had a short but hot long distance affair with a woman from Tennessee that fucked my brains out when we could get together. She could suck like a Hoover vacuum cleaner. But she was just playing and not looking for a relationship. At that time, neither was I.

Anyway, Madeline and I met for drinks at a Ruby Tuesday close by. We hit it off pretty well and agreed to play golf together the next weekend. We were both full time employed and only had the weekends to play golf.

Neither of us was worth a shit at the game, but we enjoyed the open air and trying to get better at striking the ball.

This went on for several months with dinner, movies, and other normal dating activities occurring on mostly the weekends. I'd gone slowly because I really did like this woman and wanted to see if we could develop something.

I invited her to my place for dinner and to watch the local pro football team attempt to make it to the playoffs in their last game of the season. She was a fan of the team and knew all of the players by name and position.

We settled on the couch to watch the beginning of the game and she snuggled up to my side with my arm around her. She looked up to me and with her hand gently turning my face to hers she laid a wonderful kiss on me.

This led to some intense making out and I began to smell her rising scent of sexual desire. Pretty soon, we were naked on the couch going at it the rest of the afternoon. I don't think either of us ever knew who won the football game.

We seemed an odd marriage of personalities in a couple of ways. I was a computer nerd, never a jock by any means. She had been married to high school football coach who had majored in Physical Education. She was determined not to age and I just felt you took what life gave you.

Our relationship grew and we were together at either her place or mine six or seven days a week. The sex was sweet and we placed no demands on each other as to what we wanted or our future together.

One weekend she flew to see her sister for a week and I missed her. Each day I missed her more. We talked on the phone like teenagers for hours. I went to pick her up at the airport and when she got off the plane and hurried to me with a hug and long sensual kiss, I blurted out, "Will you marry me?"

I'd decided the evening before that I needed her in my life. After all we shared similar interests and seemed simpatico if you know what I mean.

We married and merged our households together. I'd been living in a condo on the beach and she had a condo about six miles away.

I found and purchased a nice house near the beach in an older established neighborhood before our wedding. Each of us brought our own furniture and what not to the marriage.

It took us weeks to sort out what furniture to use where and what furniture to sell. Funny, but most of the items sold were my old pieces of furniture. But most were getting ratty and I wanted to make her happy.

We had agreed to each keep our own bank accounts. I paid for the house and expenses and she paid for the travel.

The first couple of years were pretty good. We screwed all over the house and took many trips to places we'd always wanted to see around the world.

Then in the third year things started to change. Okay granted I'd put on a few pounds. I started to feel some sniping at my attitude toward exercise and "eating right".

As far as I was concerned, giving up my meat and potatoes was tantamount to maybe living long but with no enjoyment in eating.

This was when things started going south for us.

She began nagging about getting in shape, staving off the aging process, making myself over.

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