When Jessi Met Kathy

by JW

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, True Story, First, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Three years after the break up of her marriage Jessica is in need of some TLC. This is the story of how she found it.

Jessica Wilson tidied up her desk waiting for the woman from the Nursing Home's corporate office to come by. The luncheon meeting promised to be a boring affair. The only good news was that she'd get a chance to get better acquainted with the attractive blonde from headquarters.

Jessi always felt a little unsettled around the slightly younger woman from HQ.

'Maybe if I get to know her better I'll be able to figure out why she affects me the way she does, ' Jessi reasoned.

She was watching her computer screen go blank when she caught the subtle scent of perfume—Kathy Ferguson's perfume.

'That's one of the things that gets me sort of... nervous ... or something whenever I'm around her.'

Turning in her chair Jessi was surprised at how close the pretty blonde was. Kathy had to take a step back to allow the chair to come around.

"Ready to go?" Kathy asked jangling the rental car keys.

"Yeah ... uh, yeah," Jessi replied standing and picking up her purse.

She was trying to think if she'd done everything she needed to before leaving the office but her mind was suddenly blank. The look on Kathy's face when she stood up sent a shiver down her spine. The woman hadn't really backed up far enough and now that she was standing Jessi found that Kathy was way inside her comfort zone. She thought she could almost feel the heat coming of her co-worker's body.

'If our boobs were any bigger they'd be touching, ' Jessi realized and the thought caused an unexpected sensation low in her belly.

Kathy turned toward the door and Jessi fell in step beside her.

"I just love your hair," Kathy complimented as they walked. "The color is so great and it's so shiny and silky looking ... can I touch?"

The peculiar sensation that Jessi'd felt when they were standing nearly toe to toe was back and stronger than ever.

"Sure ... I guess," Jessi agreed.

The feel of her co-worker's hand on her hair made the brunette tingle just a little all over.

'It's just the lack of human contact. It's been three years since I went on a date ... Oh my God; am I so love starved that the touch of another woman is turning me on?'

She tried to dismiss the thought but it wouldn't go away.

The meeting was forty minutes late starting thanks to the bad manners of a couple of the corporate officers. But on the bright side it expanded the window of opportunity to chat.

Jessi was starting to feel at ease with the vivacious woman from the Des Moines office by the time they were heading back to the Nursing Home. Their friendly chatter almost made her forget about the odd sensations she'd experienced earlier, that was until Kathy said brightly,

"Hey I really enjoy your company."

"Thanks the feeling's mutual," Jessi responded.

"How about we get together for dinner and maybe a movie ... what do ya say?"

That disturbing feeling low in her abdomen came back and it was evidently reflected on her face.

"It's not business just a night out, like ... like friends," Kathy qualified her offer apparently misreading Jessi's expression.

When Jessi didn't speak right away she added still misinterpreting,

"But I can expense the whole thing so you'd get a free dinner and show."

"It's not the money ... I can pay my own way it's just that I'll never be able to get a sitter on such short notice," Jessi demurred and that funny feeling, the one she didn't want to think about, stirred again.

The disappointed pout the driver gave her was endearing.

"I'm gonna be here until Friday morning with nothing to do with my evenings." Kathy moaned. "I might get through tonight but if I have to spend two nights in that motel room I'm gonna be climbing the walls. Is there any chance you'd be able to get somebody for tomorrow? I'd really like to get to know you better."

When Kathy emphasized her statement by touching Jessi's leg, the brunette got a little light headed.

"Uh, I'll have to think about it," the Nursing Home Manager deferred as they pulled up in front.

"'K, I'll check in with you tomorrow," Kathy said sounding disappointed as Jessi got out of the car and headed back to work.

Jessi was thinking about her eye appointment the next morning when she called her mother.

"Hey mom, can you look after the kids this evening? These corporate honchos are here from Des Moines and they wanna have a dinner meeting," she lied.

"Great! dinner's at six-thirty, I really appreciate it mom."

Hanging around waiting for her eyes to regain their ability to focus after seeing the eye doctor left the Nursing Home Manager with time to consider what she was doing and why.

'I really feel ... attracted to her. I need adult companionship, ' she thought mulling over her motives. 'The kids are great and I love 'em to death but a relationship ... a friendship ... it's ... it's different ... I need that kind of social outlet'

If that's all it was, companionship, it wouldn't have made her feel the way she was feeling and she knew it. She was attracted to miz Ferguson on another level—a level that made her nervous and excited all at once.

Jessi's eyes cleared and she made it to her desk by one.

She was struggling to get caught up after missing the morning when Kathy poked her head around the corner. The look on the shapely blonde's face was expectant.

"What did you decide? Are you going to rescue me from terminal boredom?"

"Uh, I don't know I'm not sure we should," Jessi said with her mouth while other parts of her were screaming for her to say YES!

"Aw come on Jessi have heart," the woman from corporate pleaded. "Fort Dodge isn't exactly the entertainment capital of America ya know."

"Well it's asking a lot from my mom to give up her evening like this," Jessi had made the necessary arrangements but she still wasn't sure she had the nerve to go through with it.

"Pleeease, " Kathy sighed with that adorable pout again.

"OK," Jessi relented.

"Wonderful! It's a date." Kathy enthused and started to walk away.

The word date sent a chill through the manager as she sat at her desk.

Her interpretation of the word based on experience was going out with a guy who'd probably try to take liberties sometime during the evening. Advances she was pretty sure she wouldn't welcome from a man, but what about a woman. The very idea made her squirm, but the idea lingered.

'Don't be ridiculous Jessi!' she scolded herself. 'You're just going to share a meal and some more conversation with the woman ... just like yesterday ... it's no big deal.'

'But what if people in the office find out ... what if she tells them ... what will they think?'

As her concerns swirled in her head, through unfocused eyes she saw Kathy coming back toward her. The blonde leaned close and whispered,

"Can we keep this just between us? It's kind of bending the expense account rules a little. I wouldn't want any embarrassing questions popping up at the end of the month."

"Of course," Jessi replied in relief. "I won't breathe a word."

Kathy winked and said,

"See you around six-thirty," and then she left.

Jessi felt like the gnawing feeling she'd had in her tummy when she agreed to dinner with the woman (who seemed to have cast a spell over her) got a little better as the afternoon wore on. Still she was a bit hyped up when she got home at four.

Nikki and BJ were off doing their after school thing so she made a beeline to her bedroom and stripped out of her working clothes down to her panties. She wanted to look nice—sexy—but she'd told her mom that it was a business meeting so there was that to think about.

The black lace panties were sexy.

'Too bad nobody's going to see them, ' she mused and chose a pair of black pantyhose.

Checking her beautiful firm breasts in the mirror she decided that the green sweater would be adequate to hide her plump areolas and their sensitive finger tip sized button in the middle; a bra would not be needed. She couldn't resist showing her tits a little appreciation. The rotary motion of her thumb on those puffy pebbly pink pleasure centers caused the gnawing feeling that had never completely subsided to jump and clench. She bit her lip to suppress the moan.

She laid the heavy black and green plaid skirt on the bed with the panties, pantyhose and sweater and headed off to the shower.

'No time to do the hair ... but it's OK, ' she decided and tucked her long brown locks into a shower cap.

The warm water was soothing in a way but as she washed she noticed that her skin felt—something—more alive, tingly. The washing process left her with a glow.

A few quick expert strokes of the razor left her underarms smooth. Sitting on the little seat the long sexy legs took a bit longer. With methodical strokes she persevered through her major shaving chore leaving her legs with a nice rosy hue.

She took a fresh razor for the final and most sensitive region. Spreading her thighs she recognized that the stubble was very light but—'Just to be thorough' she though and began to apply the shave gel to her vulva.

The gel was quite cool and she hadn't realized just how hot her cookie was. A squeal escaped her as the oh so sensitive tissue reacted to the temperature of the shaving lubricant. She was spreading it where the hair grew. She was not applying it to her labia, her hand was not starting that quick circular rhythmical motion—IT WASN'T!

Wonderful beautiful currents of pleasure streamed up her body, tickled her breasts on the way to her head. Inside the unsexy plastic bonnet Jessi felt the head spin just a little.

"I haven't got time for this," she snarled through clenched teeth.

She went back to work spreading the gel over the necessary parts of her vulva. Willpower alone saw her through the pubic hair clean up as her coochie screamed for more. The yearning feeling was bad enough but the tremors in her hands were actually scary. Mission finally accomplished she put on her robe and went out into the hall just in time to hear her mother arrive.

She heard words being exchanged with the kids. She couldn't hear what they were saying, but it didn't matter she had been relieved.

Back in the bedroom the sexy back panties hugged her somewhat swollen mons and the pantyhose added more pressure.

Sitting at her make up table applying the shadow and eye-liner the juncture of her thighs throbbed gently in rhythm to the beating of her heart. She pushed the feeling out of her mind while she coated her full sensual lips with the subtle red lip gloss.

Brushing her hair she couldn't help watching her very firm boobies move with the motion of her arms. She wondered if Kathy's were bigger or smaller; and what about her nipples.

'Stop that!' she demanded silently and got up to finish dressing.

The plaid skirt fell to her mid calf and she fastened the catch and zipped it before rotating it into its proper position. Dropping the soft dark green sweater that matched the green in her skirt over her head Jessi felt the soft material caress her needy boobs.

'Maybe going braless wasn't such a great idea, ' she reconsidered as the precisely targeted nerve responses traveled swiftly to her crotch.

With the same determination that enabled her to do the pussy fuzz removal she pulled on her knee high black boots resolving to ignore the delightful sensations.

She felt like she'd calmed a little by the time she kissed her mother and the kids good-bye. Now as she drove toward the Country Inn the gnawing was demanding her attention. The queasy nervousness in the pit of her stomach was completely unwarranted and she told herself so over and over as she parked her car.

At the reception desk she asked for Kathy Ferguson's room number. The desk clerk informed her that it was policy to get the guest's approval and buzzed the appropriate room. Jessica waited patiently looking at the big wall clock.

'Ten to six, Oh shit ... I'm not supposed to be here until six-thirty'

'How in the world did I get that far ahead of schedule ... I didn't even rush ... I guess I would have had time to take care of myself in the shower after all, ' that thought caused a tightening of the walls inside her pussy.

"She says you can come right on in," the desk clerk informed her and then proceeded to direct her using the motel layout under glass on the counter.

She was making her way to her co-worker's room and now she had to add embarrassment at being so early to all her other disquieting feelings.

Jessica knocked on the door and felt the butterflies swarm. Suddenly she had to pee.

'Oh great ... just what I needed, ' she thought and very briefly pressed between her legs.

'Oh God it's still so swollen down there, ' she realized snatching her hand away as the door opened.

A warm rush over took her when she saw Kathy's pert mounds tenting the red Iowa State University sweat shirt with Cyclones emblazoned across it.

'Maybe they are bigger than mine, ' she speculated but pushed the thought aside in favor of concentrating on holding her water.

Kathy's initial welcoming smile drooped quickly.

"You're all dressed up!" the motel guest announced observantly.

"Yeah well I told my mom I was going to a dinner meeting so I had to dress appropriately," Jessie responded looking around the room for the washroom door while taking off her coat.

"Just give me a couple of minutes to change."

"Oh you're fine ... we're not going anywhere that fancy ... are we?" the Nursing Home Manager said tossing her coat on a chair; still scanning for the toilet facilities.

"I'm not sure where we're going but I wouldn't feel right dressed like this with you dressed so nicely," Kathy explained.

"I just love that sweater," she added running her hand up Jessi's arm from the elbow to the shoulder. "It's so soft ... it must feel wonderful on your skin."

There was electricity in the touch. Jessi felt like her skin was trying to push its way out through the thick sweater so that her co-worker's hand would be directly touching her. She felt her knees get a little weak but the need to empty her bladder reasserted as top priority.

" ... it looks so warm too—" Kathy was saying when Jessi interrupted.

"I really need to pee," she informed her friend with a grimace.

"It's right over there," Kathy indicated a closed door at the back of the motel room, which is why Jessi hadn't been able to find it.

"Thanks," the beautiful brunette said and hurried toward relieving herself.

As soon as she entered the bathroom she noticed the beautiful steamy scent left over from Kathy's bath. Skirt up panties and pantyhose down Jessi felt that blessed relief as she evacuated. The fragrance in the room was the one she had come to associate with the woman from corporate.

'Maybe it wasn't perfume ... maybe it was the kind of soap that she used, ' the woman on the commode pondered.

When she applied the toilet tissue she was once again reminded of how engorged her sex was. Wiping to remove the residual urine she noticed that there was another more viscous fluid present—she realized that she was wet.

'Oh my God Jessi you've got to get these crazy ideas out of your head. Just because you haven't been on a date in three years is no reason to be having these insane thoughts.'

A date, there was the abuse of that term again.

'You can't be going on a date with another woman.' Jessi tried to correct herself as she pulled up her panties and pantyhose. 'Dates are with men.'

Stepping over to the sink to wash her hands she realized that she associated dates with romance; yeah and sex. She had no romantic notions toward men right now and she was trying to convince herself that she didn't have inclinations toward other women either. The thought had certainly occurred to her more than once lately but she always suppressed it quickly. Her upbringing and the conventions of society said it was deviant but the curiosity could not be denied.

Wasn't it fantasizing about what Kathy's breasts looked like when she was brushing her own hair that had resulted her pussy getting damp? Jessi shuddered and tried to deny it but you really can't effectively lie to yourself.

She picked up the wet washcloth to cool her flushed face and a gentle wave passed through her as she inhaled deeply of the alluring scent that permeated the little square of flannel. It was the same fragrance that subtly surrounded Kathy and hung in the humid air of the bathroom—just stronger.

With her eyes closed clutching the cool washcloth to her face the image of her co-worker's pert tits poking against the worn 'Cyclones' sweatshirt shimmered on the inside of her eyelids. The throb in her mons wasn't so gentle this time.

Quickly Jessi put the cooling cloth down and inspected her make-up. Satisfied that the damage was minimal she fluffed her long brown hair and stepped back into the motel bedroom.

At first her mind simply refused to accept what her eyes were seeing. A warm wave passed over her leaving a tingle in its wake. Jessi's knees felt weak. There was no way she could believe that her co-worker, her friend, her date, was standing at the foot of the bed wearing only a blue thong.

She didn't have long to contemplate the incredible sight because the beautifully proportioned blonde was approaching her—getting closer by the second. The practically naked woman locked eyes with her dinner date as she moved toward her.

"I'd really like to try this sweater on," Kathy was saying, still staring deeply into the brunette's eyes.

She ran her hands over the thick green material where it ended on Jessica's hips.

Jessi was so overwhelmed by the sight and smell that she found herself incapable of conscious thought or reason. Her head was spinning and when Kathy began to lift the sweater she just cooperated; lifting her arms so that the soft material could be pulled over her head.

The all over tingling, which began on first sight of her naked companion, was intensifying until it was almost an itch. As the sweater ascended above her bare boobs the heel of Kathy's hand brushed the outside of their fullness. That brief titillating contact along with the insistent tingling and the cool air of the motel room made Jessi's nipples rise to the occasion. The feeling like electricity dancing on her skin was still there but the portion in her breasts was the strongest and it seemed to focus in the tightening bright pink pleasure button pushing their way out from her areola.

"Oh Jessi ... you forgot your bra," Kathy sighed looking down at the magnificent bust she'd just uncovered.

It seems the sweater is completely forgotten by both women.

The outer surface of Jessi's breasts cool rapidly deprived of the warm sweater. Their eyes are still engaged but Kathy glances down at her target and cups both of the nurse's breasts gently squeezing and feeling their firmness while the rising nipples bore into her palms.

For Jessica the hands are warm—no HOT—and they send their wondrous heat spreading out from her tits until it seems to be in every part of her body. The Nursing Home Manager can feel the blood rushing to her head and Kathy's eyes are back on hers, getting closer, ever closer until their lips meet.

Jessi isn't sure if it is automatic or learned behaviour but her eyes close as the incredibly soft lips caress and suck on hers. Kathy's tongue begins an incursion into her mouth. The nurse's tongue responds automatically dancing with the invader.

The topless woman in the green and black paid skirt is overcome by the new sensations. She's kissed passionately before. She's thirty-eight years old, divorced with two kids; but she's never felt anything like this. Her partner's lips are so soft and tender; her tongue is flirting almost shy as it tests the interior of her mouth, not bold and aggressive as she's used to. She moans her approval into Kathy's mouth and barely notices when her skirt precipitously drops to the floor.

The hands on her breasts are different too; more like her own touch. Maybe it's just because the hands are smaller and softer than the men who've pawed her sensitive melons and maybe ... maybe it's more. What is sure is that the churning in her lower belly and the yearning in her pussy is becoming intolerable. She needs more!

Their lips part and she's left kissing air. In that instant she expressed her frustration by a deep groan. Her boobies are chilling as Kathy descends licking and sucking toward her waist. She feels the younger woman's fingers digging into the flesh on her hips; the fingers intent on grasping the waistband of her pantyhose. The soft moist lips are on her lower tummy and Jessi made no move to resist when the kneeling woman's strong grasp started to pull her tights down.

The stretchy but already stretched material resists being pulled over her firm round bootie, but as soon as it clears her butt the hose slip down her thighs with ease. The hi-tech fiber crumples and folds until it reaches her ankles.

"Help me honey," her co-worker asked as she started to peel the stocking off Jessi's left foot.

Lifting her foot was not a conscious decision but it happened nonetheless. The process was repeated on the other side. The sexy black boyshorts style panties, that Jessica hadn't expected anyone to see, were now the only thing between her and total nudity.

Kathy's soft gentle hands are sliding up the back of her legs. The kneeling woman's fingers slip under the lace trim of her panties and squeeze her butt cheeks firmly. She can feel the woman's breath on her upper thighs and realizes that her co-worker's face is mere inches from her throbbing womanhood. She begins to feel faint.

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