Pud Pudding

by Thesandman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Reluctant, BiSexual, Heterosexual, True Story, Oral Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Sex Story: A poker game leads to bi-sexual exploration

Authors note: This story contains several bi-sexual situations, which I have written after having heard the details of this event and situation. So if this isn't your cup of tea, I would strongly urge that you not read this particular story. I also want to add that this is a true story as related to me, though I have of course changed the names, locations (if mentioned) so as to protect the identities of those who were involved as told to me in this writing. And though I have written it in the first person as it's easier for me to do, I have done so as it was given to me by the individual who wishes to remain anonymous. I also wish to mention there are sexual situations later on in the story, but it was important to tell the story and how it all came about prior to my going into detail about any of that. So if you're looking simply for a stroke story as well, then again, you won't find that here either. But I do hope you will find this story as interesting to read as it was for me in hearing it, and then in trying to write it and do it justice. -MF

I had known Larry Thompson for years, we had grown up together as kids. Larry and I had even lost our virginity together on the same night to the Jackson twins, though we'd been in separate rooms at the time. We had played football together, though Larry was a starting tight end, where I usually sat the bench. Though I was fast, I was also the smallest member of the team. My role then was returning kickoffs and punt returns, something I was very good at even though I didn't play much of the game.

What I appreciated however was that Larry appreciated that, perhaps more than anyone. And we remained the best of friends even long after we had graduated high school. We had both gone into the service too, Larry into the Army, and I into the Navy, so it was several years before we saw one another again, but when we did, it was just like old times.

Larry married soon after getting out, also pretty much picking up where he'd left off. He married one of his high school sweethearts, to which I was his best man of course. And then a year later, he was mine when I married a woman I had met when I was stationed in San Diego.

And though Larry worked at an auto repair shop, whereas I worked for a local newspaper, we managed to get together as often as we could, including nearly every Sunday morning where we played basketball with a group of guys Larry worked with at the shop.

Like I said, Larry was my best friend and I thought I knew him inside and out. I was soon to find out that I didn't know him nearly as well as I thought I did. And that took a little getting used to after having known him for all these years.

I had gotten to know several of the guys Larry worked with fairly well though I only saw them once a week when we played ball. One of the guys father was a janitor at a local high school, though not the same one Larry and I had gone to. He had given Brian a set of keys in order to let ourselves in and use the gym. And as long as we cleaned up after ourselves, and left everything the way it was before we got there, he allowed us to play a little ball on the court. We'd been doing so for several months now, something I looked forward to, and something my wife Chris encouraged me to keep doing. Another reason why I loved her so much, she supported my friendship with Larry and the guys, not to mention becoming rather fast friends herself with Larry's wife Suzie.

"Hey Larry, you playing poker with us on Friday?"

We had just finished playing ball and were dressing after showering. Most of the other guys had just left, though Larry and I usually hung around for a bit, sometimes grabbing a cup of coffee together afterwards. Mike was a new guy that had just joined us, he'd only been working at the shop where Larry did for a little over a month. He was likeable enough I suppose, but there was something about him that I found a little off. Not that he was stranger than anyone else mind you, hell, every one of us was a little strange in our own ways. But there was something about Mike I could never quite put my finger on. And when he addressed Larry in the locker room about the poker game, something I knew nothing about, I thought that pretty strange too. Especially when I saw the look on Larry's face that looked less than pleased about Mike's bringing it up.

"I dunno, maybe," he responded sounding somewhat irritated about it when he did, receiving a shrug of the shoulders from Mike as well as a confused look.

"What's up with that guy anyway?" I asked after he had left, purposely and completely evading the reference to the poker game. Larry knew how much I enjoyed playing poker. But if this was a private game just between the guys he worked with, then I somewhat understood his being uncomfortable by having it brought up since I obviously wasn't invited.

"Well for one, he's Stan's son-in-law, which explains why after he got laid off where he worked, that Stan invited him to come work for him ... with us," Larry explained. "And since one of the other guys took another job out of state, Stan hired him on."

"Holy shit! You're kidding me, you mean to tell me he's married to Jaylin?"

I had known Stan for years. Everyone did. He'd started up the auto-parts/repair shop in the small town we all lived in years and years ago. Back then, he worked mainly out of his own home, his own garage. Eventually making enough of a go of it to lease a new building and grow the business. Now he had two additional stores in other small towns just like our own. As for Jaylin, I had once had a crush on her myself. She had been the head cheerleader at school, dated all the jocks or so it seemed, and eventually went off to some beauty college nearer the big city. I never saw her again, though I did hear she had eventually gotten married. Obviously Mike was the guy she had gotten married too.

"Man, that surprises me," I added. "He doesn't seem the type..."

Larry cut me off with one of his less than friendly looks, another oddity as I didn't get those from him very often. "Yeah well, he's the bosses son-in-law, and obviously one of the guys now, so that's that," he said standing in preparation of leaving.

"Want to stop for a cup?" I asked not really wanting us to part on hard feelings, though for the life of me, I couldn't understand what I might have said or done to see Larry's change in demeanor the way that it had.

"Nah, I really need to get home, promised to spend a little more time with Suzie today, which reminds me, she mentioned something about the two of you coming over for dinner tonight anyway."

Once again, I wasn't aware of the invite, but that was to be expected too, no doubt Suzie had just mentioned it in passing, and by now had called my wife setting it all up. By the time I arrived home myself, she'd no doubt inform me that we were going over there for dinner.

"Well alright then, I'm guessing we'll probably see you tonight."

"Probably so," Larry said finally smiling again, and then giving me a quick brief "guy hug", just as we always did whenever we'd said good-bye to one another. Something else we'd been doing even when it probably wasn't a cool thing to do as kids. But he had continued to do so, even in high school, especially if I had managed to score a touchdown during one of the games.

Sure enough, shortly after arriving home, Chris informed me we were going over there for dinner. I smiled at that, it meant two things, no doubt a great meal with good friends, but it also meant Larry and I would get to watch the afternoon football game together on TV.

We'd enjoyed the game as well as the meal, and now sat together at the kitchen table enjoying a cup of coffee along with the dessert Chris had made and brought along with us.

"By the way, Pete called, he said they're switching locations for the poker game next Friday, it's going to be at his place now instead of Brian's."

Once again I saw a brief look of surprised irritation cross Larry's face, which then turned to one of near panic as Chris spoke up completely unaware of the change which I saw in him as he sat there. But in addition to that, I also saw the same look on Suzie's face when my wife spoke.

"Poker? Damn, Steve's been dying to find a group of guys to play poker with, why haven't you invited him?"

Like I said, I loved Chris, but sometimes she had a way of speaking her mind before thinking about the reasons why she might not have. Though in her defense, at the time, it seemed like a totally innocent question.

"Ah well, um ... it's not really my place to invite him," Larry stammered, his face suddenly growing beet red. He was obviously uncomfortable for whatever reason, though it was his wife who suddenly came to his defense, and rightly so as she'd been the one to bring it up in the first place.

"Larry just started playing a few weeks ago himself," she informed us. "The guys he works with have been doing so for a long time. The only reason Larry got invited was because one of the other guys quit coming when he took another job elsewhere, which is also why Mikey came to work for Stan."

"Mikey?" I thought to myself. That was a strange way for Suzie to address him, though she continued on without elaborating about the way she had spoken his name.

"So not that Steve wouldn't be welcome I'm sure, it's just that Larry just got invited to start playing himself." Suzie then turned towards her husband, though I saw a curious look pass briefly between them. "Maybe you could bring it up to the guys that if ever you're short someone, that Steve here might be able to come and play as a substitute," she offered, only then turning towards Chris and I, smiling as she said that.

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