Birds Eye Lust

by denver

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: I always thought that my first experience would be with my wife on my first night but my age of innocence was over when I fucked a 33 year old married woman in my vicinity. Let me have the pleasure of explaining to you how this happened in my life and how she ended up being my fuck buddy. Here we go...........


I always thought that my first experience would be with my wife on my first night but my age of innocence was over when I fucked a 33 year old married woman in my vicinity. Let me have the pleasure of explaining to you how this happened in my life and how she ended up being my fuck buddy. Here we go...

Chapter: 1

Construction of my slut's residence

I was sixteen then and I was living in my flat for the past 11 years. So, I pretty much knew almost everyone who lives there. It was at this eleventh year that a paper mill in the adjacent compound caught fire and completely burnt to ashes. It was then demolished and it made room for a new housing sector. It was a three storied building and on each floor there were only one residential plot and so altogether there were three families who could live in that new building. My position on the adjacent flats was on the third floor and the buildings are built in such a way that the balconies were facing each other.

Chapter: 2

People move in...

Luck in all its form is always against me. In the dwelling of the third floor exactly opposite to mine a old couple moved in with their only son who was about two years elder than me, unless I am gay let me not into the details of this house anymore. The ground floor was occupied by a sait family; a mature couple with a daughter just about my age and a seven year old boy I suppose. But the problem is that the compound wall was raised to just about the first floor balcony and I being in the third floor was totally cut off the view of ground floor. Then came the worst nightmare the second floor was occupied by an ugly Tamil family it had two brothers, wife of one of the brothers and their children. The women herself was big, foul mouthed and downright repulsive. How much more beating can a man take? Then all of sudden like a bolt out of clear sky she and her family occupied the first floor. Theirs was a lower middle class sait family with her husband being the sole bread winner and she is a house wife. They had two children an eight year old girl and young chap most likely in his L.K.G.

Chapter: 3

My position

By the time she moved in I have already crossed my seventeenth birthday. That was the time when my friends both at school and my flats were spoiling me by propagating their dumb virtues of sex to me. I was beginning to comprehend the connection between woman's body and a hard tissue of mine which has a mind of its own. But, even then I have never actually ejaculated even though my friends briefed me of how to jack off. And then they forced the pornos onto me I still vividly remember the first porn movie I have seen it just got stuck onto to my ill thatched mind. One fine day when I was watching one of those movies I was laying on my stomach all of a sudden it happened on my couch. Eyes rolled upwards tears rolled downwards. The most flabbergasting experience in my life as a matter of fact every man's life, the vibration of a million lives in their dying moment. Contentment was quivering thro my whole body and form that moment on I considered my self adult.

Chapter: 4

Bird's eye lust

The door from the balcony lead directly to her kitchen on the left side of the door there was a window sill. So, whenever she was there cooking in her kitchen I could see her sides. My view of her is such that I get to see her from the top and she has no chance of knowing that I am prying her. Most of the time here head is cut off view and I get to see her face only when she lifts her head for drinking water. The balcony unlike any other had a tap and a drain and so the used utensils from the kitchen were usually left at the balcony to be cleansed there. Even the worn clothes are washed at the balcony.

She usually juggles two nightees at her house, a rosy white one which is so thin that I could see her protruding nipples and a brown cotton one which is thick but the neck lining is so low that I could effortlessly see the cleavage while she works in the kitchen. I will explain the advantages of each one of those nightess later, occasionally she wears saree too. But first let me explain her physical characteristics ... Unlike Tamil woman who know how to cover themselves with a saree a north Indian like her are no good when it comes to wearing sarees properly. She did not bother to snip her saree to her blouse. The top of her sari is more often than not bunched together which runs between her breasts and then to her back and so a vast amount of belly and breast mounds under the blouse is visible when she wears saree. Also she wears her saree so low such that three to four inches of her tummy below her bellybutton is exposed. She had an average breast but it was sharp, her nipples are forever trying to shred her blouse. Middle aged as she is her tummy had some sagging fat at the bottom below her bellybutton, which to me seemed kinda sexy, but the top part of her navel was almost flat and striking. Her face as I knew form a few glimpse was slightly pimple scared but cute. Unlike most Indian woman who is short and plump she was tall with nice long legs; she had brownish black hair, nicely plucked brows and full lips.

She did not hire any servants and did the entire house hold work herself. She used a small wooded stool almost as flat as floor to seat herself at the door of the balcony with running water from the tap she used to clean utensils and wash clothes. I just had to look down from the balcony to turn myself on when she does the cleansing. Coming back to the nightees the thin rosy white one had the benefit of getting wet during the washing procedure and her tits becomes clearly visible and by the time she finishes the stool on which she sits get wet and so does the portion of the nightee on her ass, the lining of her ass shows itself with awesome gleam. She had nice round buttocks which could not get any better. The brown one on the other hand exposes her whole breast while she bends forward to work. Chennai has three seasons hot, hotter and hottest this forces most women not to wear under garments. She habitually draws her nightees to her knees and secures it there while working. While cleaning the floor with clothes soaked in water she stretches herself on the floor like mad. All these events gave me wakeful nights I bought a high resolution binoculars and the oldies right next to me never bothered to open their balcony door. For almost two months I would peep at her with the binoculars. I do this only when my house is vacant. I was getting addicted to this situation and I broached this subject to my friends.

Chapter: 5

Breaking the ice

All those days I would scamper right into my house as soon as I have the felling that she might catch me watching her and then she might cover herself properly I thought or worst complain to anyone else. I did not want that to happen. My friends' advice was to get noticed. they wanted her to know that I crave her. Smile they said to me; when she becomes aware of you. I just did not have the guts to do it. After nearly a month passed by I decided to do it no matter what, I just did not consider waiting any longer. I purposely put my mobile on full volume and played a ring tone while she was washing clothes she raised her head up and I smiled. She smiled back sooner or later I am gonna get her I thought. But the very next day I was heart broken to see kumkum on her forehead I understood what that meant. Contradictingly from that point on smiles were exchanged more often but no actual words were spoken that's because we have to yell at each other to make ourselves clear. Her dressing pattern did not change. She was sending me both affirmative and off-putting signals and I was confused. In fact from then on she didn't even bother to look uneasy even though she knew I was there watching her. I took advantage and started gawking for hours.

Chapter: 6

Tremor in Chennai

My parents were out of station when that happened. There has not been an actual earthquake in Chennai but most of you might remember the night Chennai experienced the slightest of tremors. Being their first shaky experience most people are scared to death being alone in my house so am I. My next door neighbors scurried me out of my house and said that I shouldn't be there at that moment; the entrance to our flat was packed with people all over. I was on the road just outside the gates when I heard a voice.

"Hi" she said and smiled you must beeeeeeee...

"anish" I said at last (names changed) and smiled back raising my brows euphorically.

She stretched her arms and it was a firm handclasp

"mamtha" she said in a sly tone.

"Come with me" she said firmly. Filled with apprehension I strolled behind her like a panting dog. We were under a dark tree I was able to see her only when the nearby street light flickered. Up-close she looked much better, easy going and definitely not a tough nut to crack.

"I hate crowd" she said, for a moment I thought she's gonna slap me left and right.

"So?" she queried. It was certain, she was a mono syllabled person.

"What do you at times when I am not in the kitchen?" she asked. I could not help but chuckle.

"I have got college to attend" I said.

"I see, how do I look from the top?"

"Pardon me"

"Stop it you spoiled brat I know you and the things you do with your binoculars"

Trying to act smart I said "You look gorgeous"

"I am gonna talk to your mom" she said. I skipped a heartbeat. However, on seeing my blunt expression she was quick to add

"Just kidding, to be honest I like it when you are there watching me with that intention"

"I am a bit confused about that kumkum thing" I puzzled.

"The man has always been loyal to me and my kids you know, further I knew you gave up school uniform lately and I didn't want to mess up an ignorant child" she added.

"What makes you think otherwise now?"

"The fact that I know that you are already spoiled and the desire to get fucked more than my hubby can offer makes me think otherwise"

"I have to leave now" she said.

"Number?" is all that I could manage given the situation. She took my mobile from the shirt pocket of mine and typed it.

"Bye take care later" she said as she put the mobile back into my pocket. I nodded. She asked me not to call until she sends me a message. From that conversation with her I could make out that she is well-groomed, cunning, likes to match wits and an educated housewife who is caged by male dominance. Also I learnt that she craves like hell.

The next morning at nearly half past nine I got the message. It read" position yourself now". But I did not act until every one in my house left. I called her back and the words flowed liberally. She had the headset on her and she was washing kitchen utensils. What started as a simple talk leisurely curved into phone sex. She had the brown one on her then. I asked her to stand up and draw the same a good six inches above knees sit back again and work. She complied and from that point on I could see a considerable amount of her juicy thighs. I asked her to bend down always and explained why, she smiled and did so. She winked at me every now and then. Once I mentioned a fetish of mine and asked her to breast feed her small boy at the kitchen while I was watching, she said the chap does not drink breast milk anymore, but on my insistence it was fun to watch her grabbing her unwilling son and forcing his mouth onto her fully uncovered nipples. On my request she started to take midday naps at the kitchen; she might be properly covered initially but as she enters deep sleep she twists and turn in the process reveling her. At times she cautiously makes sure that no one else other than me is prying her and would flash her vagina or bust for two or more seconds, she cleverly denies me without offending if the time and situation did not permit such acts. More and more phone calls followed and we are getting to know each other better. She shared with me all her dirty secrets like being addicted to internet porn, masturbating at least twice every day, her desire for another man and much more. Her toys included vegetables like radish, carrot and a small cylindrical rose essence bottle which she claims to be her personal favorite. Her husband runs a wholesale sheet metal business and a workaholic. I gave up vital information about me too.

"Why don't you actually buy real vibrators?" I asked.

"You find one for me in Chennai" she quipped.

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