Mom's Morning Fantasy Part 2

by LaurenMom

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, True Story, Incest, Mother, Son, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: I thought I was finished with this taboo fantasy idea of me fucking my son. But it wouldn't leave me alone. Here's where my naughty mind went next. After I dreamed of doing it with my son on the sofa, I went back to bed expecting to find my husband sleeping as usual. But much to my surprise, he actually woke up and had a surprising reaction when he found out what I had been up to.

My recent fantasy about my real life son, while taking me totally by surprise (and making me feel more than a little guilty), has refused to leave me alone. So, here's what happens next in my twisted little mind.

After I caught my son jerking off in our family room one morning, and after my horniness overtook me to the point of silently climbing on him and fucking him, my intention was to head straight for the shower in my bedroom. As I went upstairs I could feel his cum begin to ooze out of me. While I thought I should immediately put this incredibly taboo encounter behind me by washing myself clean, the feeling of my son's semen between my legs got me horny all over again. So, instead of going in the shower, I dropped my robe and climbed into bed next to my loving but sleep-loving husband.

My regular routine (in real life) is to wake up well before he does, then lay there wishing he was horny like me and longing for him to wake up wanting to take me. No such luck ... pretty much ever. Very often I'll let my mind and hands take over. I touch him with one hand (which doesn't rouse him in the least) while I get myself off with the other while thinking of my latest naughty fantasy (which I've now begun turning into stories). Anyway...

I couldn't resist the urge to touch myself while my son's stuff was dripping out of me. The thought turned me on nearly as much as fucking him in the first place. I snuggled right up to Hubby and caressed him with my left hand as usual. Also as usual, my right hand went right between my thighs, immediately feeling my son's wet, sticky (and wonderful) cum. No sooner had I begun to enjoy the feeling of rubbing the leftovers of his ejaculation into my crotch, Hubby did something he never does. He woke up. What the hell was he doing? He was going to wake up now? TODAY of ALL DAYS? I immediately withdrew my hands and rolled away. But he knew I was awake.

He did what I have longed for him to do a million times. He cuddled up behind me, put his hand on my arm and began carressing me while he started kissing my shoulder. I tried to tell him I was still sleeping but he wasn't buying it. He said something about knowing that I always wanted him to wake up in the morning and that today I was getting my wish. Great fucking timing! I had no choice but to roll back toward him and accept his kissing and fondling. And within a minute and a half, I saw he meant business. After kissing and fondling my boobs and stroking my tummy, his hand went between my legs. I froze as he went further, as he felt the wetness, the gooey juice that shouldn't have been there, since it was very early, in our bed. And since he had just woken up. I thought of trying to convince me that he had just fucked me in his sleep, but I knew he wouldn't buy it. He wanted to know what was between my legs and how it could possibly be what he thought it was.

I felt I had no choice. I told him it was just what he thought. Semen. How the fuck had semen gotten in me when I was in bed with him and he had been asleep? Again, no choice. I told him I had just had sex. He was silent. He demanded to know what the hell I was talking about. How was this possible? As reluctant as I've ever been to tell anyone anything, I told him the truth. I had just minutes before caught our son masturbating on the family room sofa, and I climbed on and fucked him. It was his cum inside me. More silence. Deafening silence. His hand remained there. I had no idea what he would do next. Still more silence.

Then he quietly called me a whore. How could I possibly do that? With our son? He always knew I was twisted ... but this? More silence. Hubby then took his hand from between my thighs. He brought it to my face and smeared our son's semen all over my mouth. If I hadn't felt overwhelmed with guilt and remorse, I might have enjoyed this gesture. But not this way. He repeated that I was a whore. A filthy one. More silence. Then, as unexpected as him smearing cum on my face, he pulled his boxers off and climbed on top of me. Was he going to hurt me? Goodness knows I deserved it.

(In reality at this point, he was softly snoring next to me as usual. I had one hand on his thigh and the other ... you know where!)

He spread my legs and got in between. I was shocked when he moved toward me to find that he was hard. Without warning, without preparation, certainly without foreplay, he lifted my knees and entered my pussy. He had no trouble, since I had been fucked not fifteen minutes before. I was still very wet (Both because of my son's juice and my own ... especially since I had still been very horny and wanting more.) He didn't wait a moment to start screwing me hard. He rammed his dick into me, then pulled back fast and rammed me again. My sloppy cunt made a squishing sound and his pelvis slapped as he drove hard into me. I was filled with guilt and remorse, as well as a scared kind of thrill. I couldn't believe he was doing this, actually fucking me. But I also didn't know what to expect ... didn't know if his wrath was yet to come.

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