Forbidden Sex

by YellowGirl

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Rape, True Story, Cheating, Interracial, Oral Sex, .

Desc: True Sex Story: My husband was the only man I had ever been with and our sex was boring, and he never gave me the attention I needed... So I turned to his is best friend... a sexy White boy...

My husband Christian and I married at a very early age. We were both 19 years old. He used to go out and party with his friends while I stayed home most of the time.

My husband and I are both mixed race. His father is polish and his mother is from Spain. I am mixed background too, a very light brown girl I guess you could say, or high yellow some would say. Well my husband and I, we had that in common.

We got along great, but sex got really boring at times. He was the only man I had ever slept with in my entire life ... he was my first...

He invited me out with his friends one night. Mostly all of his friends were white boys. They were very down to earth, laid back guys. They were really friendly towards me, especially Danny.

Danny went to high school with me and my husband the year we'd first met. I admit, I always had a secret attraction for Danny. There was something about him that made me go nuts! He was very tall with long light blonde that fell into his sea blue eyes ... smooth white skin and a sexy cute voice. He always sounded stoned out of his mind.

We all sat around in a circle listening to "Pink Floyd" and passing the packed bong. My husband got up and sat with his friends on the other side of the room. I went over to sit right next to him, until he shouted, "Go back to your seat! I need room to breath"

I went over to my seat. I felt so embarrassed. Danny's blue eyes were still watching closely. I was hoping that he didn't see what had just happened, the music was awfully loud, but I think he still saw and heard all of it.

He got up from the bed and announced that he had to go to bed because he had to work early. He'd just gotten a job at a bakery downtown. We continued to all sit in the circle. My husband ignored me the entire time. I was the only female by now, Sean's two sisters already left, and Scott's girlfriend too. I had to pee, and asked where the bathroom was.

"Oh my god! You don't remember where it is?" my drunk brother in-law asked.

I sighed "No I don't."

"Follow your way to the right, and go straight up the stairs okay honey" he laughed.

I left the room ... and felt my way through the dark hallway and up the stairs trying so hard not to fall down. I saw the light from the bathroom.

Instead of going in, I went to the room across the hall. I opened the door and went in, without even thinking first...

Danny sat up from his bed whispering, "Hey, what are you doing in here?"

I went over to him and sat on his bed, "Hi Danny, When you left it got so boring."

"Oh really?" he whispered.

"Yea," I whispered. "So, can I give you a goodnight kiss?"

"Hell yea," he whispered back.

And we began to kiss for a very long time. "Wow, thanks" he moaned...

I got up and left the room ... and went back downstairs. My brother in-law had already gone home. My husband was ready to go home. We were living with his parents a couple of houses down the street.

"Come on let's go," he said.

Back at the house I washed myself in the shower, letting the warm water engulf me completely. As I touched my body with the soft lathery washcloth and my hands I could only think of Danny's kisses. I wondered what it would feel like to have him deep inside me? After all, I had only been with my husband and no one else. I tried to block it out, and rinsed my body thoroughly along with the thoughts, I towelled off and went into the bedroom of my husband. He lay in the bed waiting for me. I put my hair into one braid that hung down to my hips.

"You know what I want," he said.

"I am too sleepy and tired" I said. He had ignored me all night long, and that made me feel sad. I didn't want to have sex with him ... I did'n't want him touching me. He fell asleep before I did.

I don't know what came over me...

I got up from the bed naked, and put on sandals and one of my husband's oversized t-shirts. I slipped out of the bedroom. My in- laws house was a very big one with strict security. I was afraid I would get caught but, I wanted to be daring now. I wanted to do something new ... break out of my boring little shell.

I crept down the stairways and into the family laundry room and out to the brick patio ... through the flower gardens. I went in the darkness past Miss Polly's big backyard and all the way to Danny's. I hid behind the bushes ... I saw Danny's older brother in the driveway ... he was raging drunk and blasting his car stereo. He peeled out of the driveway like a madman. He'd carelessly left his sliding door wide open. I slipped into his bedroom door and into the hallway. I was so nervous ... What if I got caught? What would I say? I couldn't think about that now ... it was too late to think about all of that. I slipped up the stairs and into Sean's bedroom. I closed the door behind me.

Danny was sleeping softly, the moonlight hit his handsome, angelic face ... I got on my knees and pulled down his boxers.

"Hey!" he whispered, half asleep ... jerking away from me "Hey what's going on!"

He was rubbing his eyes, trying to focus...

"Danny, please let me!" I sighed.

He pulled me very close and looked at my face ... he smiled..."Its you"...

"Mmmm just let me. I really want to..." I moaned as I took his smooth 8inches of white cock in my mouth. I sucked and licked it soooo goood! He started moaning so hysterically, like he didn't want me to stop.

"Ohhh hell yea! my god! Hell fuckin yeah!" he moaned. I sucked and sucked him until he was grabbing me with his hands, trying very hard to pull me on top of him. I climbed on top of him, and pulled off my t-shirt. I was not wearing any panties. My sandals flopped onto the floor loudly. I straddled over him and sat down on his hard dick. My pussy was so wet from me giving him a blowjob. It turned me on, watching him squirm and moan...

My heart pounded in my chest as his hands guided me up and down on dick. His hands were on my breasts squeezing them. I was up and down on his cock until we both couldn't control ourselves any longer! He was pushing me up and down on him so hard and so much faster! We were both breathing so wildly -- until I felt his cum spurting inside me and as I came. His hands caressed my ass while we looked into each other's eyes, panting frantically for breath.

"Lie down with me. Come here girl," he whispered, pulling my down to his chest.

"But what about Christian? What if he finds out and..."

He cut me off, "Don't worry about it. Please lie down here with me. Relax," he kissed my forehead. I laid down on him, and he wrapped his arms around me very tightly. I lay there wide awake for some time, until finally falling asleep in his arms.

On this one particular afternoon in May...

My husband Christian and I were over at Danny's house. We were all up in his room laughing and taking bong hits.

I wanted to go to the kitchen for snacks, because I had the munchies. I closed

Danny's bedroom door behind me, and looked around the hallway to see if the parents were around, so that I could raid their refrigerator and cabinets. I slipped into the kitchen, which was next to the steps leading to the basement.

"Hey," a guys voice said. I turned around to see Danny's older brother Shane standing by the sliding door.

"Oh hey," I said. I didn't feel very comfortable around him. He was one of those guys who would get stoned and smash things ... he wasn't really mellow like his younger brother Danny at all. Instead of listening to Pink Floyd and Grateful Dead, he'd rather blast DeathMetal music or something.

"So your Chris's lil wifey," he said.

"Yes" I said, struggling to reach the top of the refrigerator and grabbed a bag of chips.

"Nice ass" I heard him say.

A strong cold chill came over me...

I could feel his eyes raking over my body, I felt so uncomfortable and tried to hide behind the bag of chips...

"Where's your girlfriend Christy?" I asked. I tried to bring her up so that he would maybe stop staring so hard at my body and saying rude things like 'nice ass'.

"We broke up," he said.

"Oh," I said and slowly started walking towards the doorway.

I stood inches away from the doorway, Shanes eyes were still watching very me closely.

"Wanna beer?" he asked.

"Uhhhh no thanks," I said...

He walked over in front of me and his face got closer and closer like he was going to kiss me or something.

"NO THANKS! You know that I'm married," I said.

"Yea well, you sure don't act like it. Not from what I heard," he grinned. He had a very cute grin, nice full lips just like his brother Danny's ... except Shane's eyes were a scary, cold ice blue. I didn't really like looking into them.

"I don't know what you heard ... just go away," I said.

He grabbed my arm, "Wow your such a lil bitch!"

I suddenly hated him. I went back in the room with Christian and Danny, and sat on the bed with them.

"What's wrong?" Danny asked.

"I hate your brother. Hes such a creep..." I said, tearing open the bag of chips. Christian and Danny started laughing childishly with each "BUZZ KILL!"

We stayed there for most of the day, then went home.

Back at Christian's parents house, the phone rang, it was Shane.

"Yes? What do you want?" I asked.

"Is Slick home?" Shane asked.

"No. He's not," I sighed.

"Hmm ... must be out with some chicks," he said.

"Fuck you," I said and slammed down the phone.

Christian hadn't been coming home lately. I'd end up in the kitchen watching his mom peeling potatoes and talking about their old farm in Europe they moved from. I'd sit there bored out of my wits, and horny as hell. My husband and I rarely even had sex anymore, and when we did ... it was awful most of the time. I missed that time when Danny and I were together. It was the first time I'd ever been with another man besides my husband. The phone rang again.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Uh hey, listen. I've got some really good green funk over here. I mean the "Kind Stuff". Why don't you come over and try some," it was Shane again.

"You are a fucking creep!" I said.

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