Dad's Physical by His Lady Doctor

by Linda Davis

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Desc: True Story: I like to think this is more of a public service than that it is erotic. It is more to let men rest at ease if they find themselves in a similar situation

My Dad has been a very healthy man much of his life. Therefore he did not have a doctor that he called his own for much of his life. He often told me that he was a very sickly child and must have had every cold and virus that a body could have and become immune to them. So it was rare for him to even go to a doctor.

When he was about 40 he had an injury on his job that resulted in a cut to his finger that required a visit to the hospital for stitches. He then had to follow up that with visits to the doctor's office that was handling worker's compensation for the company that he worked for. He saw a male doctor named Dr. Taylor. Dr. Taylor was the official doctor but it was actually a nurse practitioner that took care of most of the actual work. Dr. Taylor just had to check what she did and sign off on it. Dad wasn't impressed with Dr. Taylor, but realized that he didn't see a doctor that often and just figured that was how things were done. Every thing from that was taken care of and he was released after the stitches were removed about a couple weeks later.

When Dad was 44 he again found he needed a doctor and called the office where Dr. Taylor had been to find he was no longer there, but because he had been a patient there before they would make him an appointment with another doctor at the office. It turned out that the new doctors name was also Dr. Taylor. But unlike the last time this one was a lady. So that is how Dad got his lady doctor.

Dr. Taylor was a very pretty lady. She was about 10 years younger than Dad, had blond hair and a nice smile and was probably just a little over weight, but that was not something that really distracted from her good looks. She also wore those oh so sexy half glasses for reading, which I have heard Dad mention liking on women. She busied herself with asking him questions and checking various things and seemed pretty sure that he had a kidney stone. She sent him to the hospital for a sonogram which was scheduled for the nest day. The next day when Dad showed up for his sonogram he was surprised to see Dr. Taylor show up in time for the test. She was actually going to be there for the test. That's when Dad decided that he was going to make her his permanent doctor. He did in fact have a stone, and it was taken care of. Dad started going to see her about once every 6 months even if he wasn't sick. Along about this time he found out that he had high blood pressure and started getting medication for it.

The day I really want to tell you about takes place after he is 50 yrs old. On his previous visit Dr. Taylor suggested that Dad needed to have a complete physical as was recommended for men after the age of 50. Dad didn't give it much more thought, but when he called later to make his next appointment the receptionist asked his if this would be for a physical or just a regular check-up. Dad told he hadn't thought about it, mentioned what the doctor had said and left it at that. It turns out that she did indeed schedule a physical.

As the day of the appointment arrived, Dad's truck was in the shop and Mom had taken the car to go to a reunion at her old high school that she had been looking forward to for some time, so I ended up taking him to the appointment as I live near by. I realized he seemed a little nervous going, but we didn't really talk about it then. Dad went in and they needed him to update some of his history and insurance information, so he did that while waiting. Then the nurse came out and called him back. He handed her the clipboard that he had been using and she told him to wait for her at the scales while he handed it to the one that need it. She weighed Dad. (179 pounds) and asked his height (5 feet 9 inches). Then she told him to take a seat in one of the exam rooms and checked his pulse, his blood pressure, and his temperature. She wrote all this down in his file and then told him the doctor would be with him in a few minutes.

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