If the Wife Should Go Wrong...

by Stultus

Tags: Ma/Fa, True Story, Cheating,

Desc: Romantic Story: Hotel room: $79. Room service: $135. Your credit card company calling you telling you that your fiancee's there with another guy: Priceless. This is the story of how one man dealt with this unwelcome news. Fortunately, the fine folks of Lovett County are always ready to lend a hand! Based on a true story.

If the wife should go wrong with a comrade, be loath

To shoot when you catch 'em -- you'll swing, on my oath! --

Make 'im take 'er and keep 'er: that's Hell for them both,

An' you're shut o' the curse of a soldier.


Thanks to my usual Editors: Dowyd & DuffieDawg

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Ma/Fa / True Story / Cheating /