A Trip to the Dentist

by JW

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, True Story, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Doctor/Nurse, Big Breasts, .

Desc: Sex Story: And that's exactly the way it happened; so help me God.

Everybody's favorite, I know. Three years ago it wasn't mine either; then came Melanie.

I entered the waiting area and Rhonda—the receptionist—greeted me. She's a very pretty girl—young woman really. She'd been there for as long as I'd been coming to that dental office (about five years).

"Hi Jackie, how have you been?" I answered in my usual quip;

"Be careful if you ever meet me in an airport" and then I sat down perusing the ancient magazines. I searched to find an article that wasn't overly dated when I heard my name called again. When I looked up I saw a new face—one I hadn't seen before.

She was pretty, her dark hair held back in a tight bun, the surgical scrubs hugging her body like a second skin. She was not my usual hygienist. "Come with me please" she said very politely and I followed her down the short hall. There were four rooms. We entered the first on the left. I saw that there was nobody in the first on the right. "Just relax" she encouraged and I threaded myself onto the vinyl couch; with the instrument array and overhead light.

Like a dutiful employee I'd scheduled the appointment for as late in the day as possible. The office closed at five and it was a quarter to when I was being ushered to the treatment chair.

"Hi Jackie" my dentist extended his greetings briefly as he passed by; I really didn't have time to acknowledge them.

"Hi my name's Melanie" she said as she settled on the stool next to me. "That's almost everybody gone," she said, as she donned her rubber gloves.

I was thinking about what I was gonna conjure up for dinner with my eyes closed. There was roast beef from Sunday's dinner and chicken from earlier in the week, while the hygienist sorted through her implements of torture. My mind was about as un-sexually orientated as it ever could be. She looped chain behind my neck, the one that held the blue paper bib, her knuckles very gently—unintentionally—brushed my tit. Even through the burgundy silk blouse and the polyester bra my dormant nipple responded. The electric pleasure pulse that went to my pussy stood in stark contrast to the pain my hygienist was preparing to deliver.

My eyes opened and surveyed the impact on my chest. It was just a little embarrassing to see how my nipple immediately stiffened and made its condition known through the layers of material. The fact that it started to tingle and send its nasty little messages to my pussy was just mean. As usual, it didn't really start in my womanhood; it was more like a tingling in my upper thighs.

Her hands approached my mouth and I opened automatically. I usually closed my eyes and went on a transcendental trip to nowhere. For a few moments I kept them open, and then I felt her firm breast pressing in my shoulder. It turned up the volume on the tingle in my thighs. It also shifted the focus so that the dancing electrical charges were right between my legs now. Getting turned on while my teeth were being cleaned was new—even for me.

As she chipped away at the deposits on my teeth Melanie told me that her girlfriend is a nurse, and that her name was Denise. "She's trying to get a job around here too" the hygienist told me and continued to rub her boob on my shoulder. I couldn't remember ever being aware of Stacey's boobs. Stacey was my usual dental technician. I wondered why Melanie's technique was so much different.

Just then Rhonda poked her head around the corner.

"Melanie I really gotta go and pick up my son from daycare." She had a sort of grimace distorting her pretty face. "They charge me an arm and a leg if I'm late."

"That's OK I'll lock up" the woman seated behind me said.

"Doctor Chapman doesn't like anyone to be left all alone with a patient" the pretty young woman in the doorway informed. Her face still contorted.

"Well he'll never find out from me" my hygienist assured her co-worker.

"Thanks Melanie ... I owe ya one." Her pretty smile was back; "I left a new appointment card on the counter for you Jackie."

"Thanks" I responded.

"I'll lock the door when I go out so nobody just wanders in," and then she was gone.

Melanie went back to work digging and scrapping, and yes her tit was pressing on my shoulder again. I was enjoying it. She pulled one of the dispenser nozzles from the tray beside the lounge and sprayed something in my mouth. It tasted sort of minty and vaguely antiseptic. As she was replacing it in the holder the trigger was 'accidentally' activated. A stream of liquid shot out hitting the left side of my blouse around the bottom of my boob.

"Oh my God, I'm so sorry!" the woman in the one size too small blue scrubs apologized and jumped up to retrieve some towel like material. She was patting the stain on my blouse and apologizing again. Her fingers, though the towel, was pressing into the bottom swell of my breast and the subtle tingle I had been feeling got a lot less subtle.

"I don't think that stuff stains but I can't really dry it like this" she was saying as she continued to blot and press on my boob like she was completely unaware of what she was touching. "Maybe you should take it off."

Our eyes met and I wondered what was going through her head. I knew what was going through mine. I was picturing the pink lace, and very see through bra I was wearing. If I took the blouse off that's what she'd be seeing. Thinking about how my dark areolas shone through the delicate floral pattern of the bra made my nipples tingle. I could feel them getting harder and sending an electric current down between my legs.

I'm a lot of things, including dual-sexual, but I'm not shy. Still lying on the dental couch I started to unbutton. I was still trying to read the expression on the hygienist's face as I released each fastener. Her eyes got a lot wider as she watched my fingers work. My interpretation of her facial expression was either shock or anticipation. 'I don't know why she'd be shocked ... it was her idea' I thought as I released the last.

She was standing beside the chair slightly hunched over still holding the paper towel. She really hadn't moved since she'd been blotting the liquid on my blouse. She'd suggested that I take it off but I'm pretty sure she didn't think that I'd actually do it.

I had to sit up from my severely reclined position to get the burgundy top off. She moved back or we would have butted heads. When I pulled the silk down off my shoulders my breasts were naturally thrust toward her. I saw her bite her lower lip. I had looked at myself in the mirror just like this when I was dressing this morning so I had a very clear and recent image of what she was seeing in my mind.

"Th ... that's such a pretty bra" she complimented but she had trouble getting the words out—as though she didn't have enough air.

"Thanks" I said and handed her my top. "Maybe you can hang this somewhere so the air can get at it." She just stood there holding the blouse. Her eyes were still riveted on my chest.

I've seduced more than a few women, and the expression on Melanie's face was very familiar.

"The panties match" I said, "Wanna see?" I started pulling up on my conservative knee-length black skirt. The slit that went halfway up my thigh made it easier, but I still had to do a lot of wiggling to get the hem up nearly to my waist. True to my word the lacy floral pattern of the bra was duplicated in the bikinis. I'm quite sure that she couldn't have missed the Brazilian wax job that was only minimally obscured by the pink lace.

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