The Nudist and the Bath

by Nudemac

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Desc: True Story: Mom gives nudist son a bath

I was chatting on line with my friend Bill about similar childhood experiences we had growing up in a nudist home. Our conversation explored the many areas of our childhood. That's how we discovered how much we both loved bathing with and being bathed by our parents.

I told Bill that I bathed with them, especially mom, well into my early teens. In fact the only reason we stopped bathing together was the lack of room in the tub. Mom, dad and I still share the bathroom.

Bill told me his dad used to wash him whenever they bathed together. I asked him how old he was the last time his father bathed him. He chuckled and told me it was after his parents had retired and had moved to Florida. He was in their condo watching TV with his mother when his dad walked in nude and announced he was he was going to take a soak in their new Jacuzzi tub.

"Why don't you join your Dad?" His mother suggested. Bill protested he was too old but his mother and to his surprise his father also encouraged him join in. He remembered it fondly. He was 37 years old and it was the last time they bathed together.

He asked me if I remembered my last time. I said him I was in my early teens, around 13, and how much I loved it when mom washed me all over. I told him how I used to get boners which mom called stiffies and tell me I was her big boy. Of course the baths were non sexual, but looking back now, I realize how erotic and sensual they really were.

I closed my eyes and visualized myself back when I was about 9 and mom and I were in the tub full of clear warm water soaking before she started washing me. She never used a washcloth, but instead she used her bare hands to wash me.

I loved it when Mom cleaned my weenie. With her fingers around my stiffie, she would gently push my foreskin back exposing cock head. After she finished washing it, she would pull my foreskin back covering my cockhead. I remembered how I would laugh and squirm and tell her it tickled. I don't recall being embarrassed. I thought it normal and just something all parents did.

When I saw mom later that evening, she asked me how my day went and that's when I told her about my chat with Bill and how we both were reminiscing about being bathed by our parents when we were kids. She smiled and told she remembered how much fun it was and how she used to tease me about my stiffies.

I laughed back and said, "I don't think you'd be teasing me if you saw my stiffie now."

"Don't be crude young man, I'm still you mother," she said faking sarcasm. Then in a more serious tone, I said, "Bill told me he was 37 the last time his dad bathed him."

"Well, I hope you don't wait until you're that old for me to give you a bath again," she said smiling.

"Hell no! Any time you're up to it, I'm game," I replied laughing.

A few days later I came home from school early and had nothing to do, so I decided to take a soak in the tub. I was in the bathroom filling the tub up with water when mom came in.

"How would you like it if I bathed you today?"

"Really? Hey, Go for it," I said.

"I'll wash you just like when you were a baby," she said smiling.

I couldn't help from grinning ear to ear. It's not like she hasn't seen me naked. I'm a nudist and I live at home with my parents. She sees me nude every day.

"Well, maybe not exactly," she said laughingly.

"What do you mean?" I asked as I poured some bath soap into the water.

"You're older and a lot bigger and I'm not getting into the tub with you," she said taking the soap bottle from me.

"Yea, too bad," I said stepping into the tub and kneeling down in the water.

Mom knelt next to the tub and started scooping warm water over my head and shoulders. It felt nice and warm and relaxing. When my hair was all wet, she started washing it just like when I was a kid. Next, Mom soaped her hands and started washing my back all the way down and over my butt. She scooped up some clean water and rinsed my back and butt off several times until all the soap was gone.

"Ummm, that feels good," I said enjoying the touch of her hands.

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