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Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, Lesbian, Heterosexual, True Story, Wife Watching, Oral Sex, Petting, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: An old friend shows up. The wife and I spend a glorious weekend catching up on the intervening years and enjoy some incredible sex with her.

It was 1984, and a beautiful early fall day in Southern Oregon, and Mary (my wife) had asked me to get a few things from the glorified junk shop that was about two blocks from our home. I had finished my shopping and gotten into the checkout line when I realized that the young lady in front of me was someone that we hadn't seen for several years.

I tapped her shoulder and said, "Hi Sherry, where have you been hiding?".

"I've been living down in Humbolt County for the past three years, and I'm on my way with the girls to Seattle to live. I couldn't stand Bill any longer."

"Well, Mary and I live just around the block, and if I tell her that I saw you and couldn't talk you into stopping by, she'll be pissed at me."

"How about if I follow you to your place with my pickup and we'll fill each other in on all the juicy details."

"Fine, I've got the silver Honda Accord parked right by the door."

When we arrived at my place a few minutes later, Sherry chased her two girls to the front porch and went around to the back of the truck. I joined her and asked what she getting. She replied. "I can't visit without bringing a little present".

I looked into the back of the camper shell on the pickup, and saw that it was filled with stuffed black plastic bags. She opened one.

The smell of skunk almost overwhelmed me. The bags were filled with the most beautiful reefer buds that I'd seen in a long time. I figured that there most have been close to a quarter million in Humbolt County weed in that truck. Sherry grabbed a small bag, dumped a generous couple of ounces into it and we headed into the house.

"Sherry, where in Hell did you get all of this?"

"It's my share of the last three years crops."

Annie (aged nine) and Crystal (aged eleven) were getting under foot, so we asked our boys (Tom aged thirteen and Marty aged eleven) to take them to the back yard and keep them occupied for a while so we adults could talk.

I grabbed one of our bongs, filled it with some fresh cold water, Mary hit the fridge for the bottle of white wine and we settled in for the BS session.

Several hours later, I remembered that there was nothing in the house for dinner that night, and that I was supposed to have gone grocery shopping ... We told the kids to stay out of trouble that we were going to Safeway.

You should never go for groceries when your high, we weren't high, we were righteously ripped!

We shopped. We spent almost two hundred at Safeway, and we actually had enough real food for several days ... the bulk of it though was junk food (but it all looked sooooooo gooood while we were loading the cart).

I fixed BBQ'd hamburgers with all the trimmings for the crowd.

After dinner, we watched TV 'til around 9 PM, and put the kids to bed for the night. We doubled the boys in one bedroom and put the girls into the vacated one. Then we got back into the bong and the wine.

When They were all tucked in for the night, Sherry asked if there was anything good to watch on the tube, and I told her. "Just the usual crap."

Mary piped up with, "We have a pretty fair collection of videos on the high shelf."

Mary and Sherry went over to sort through the stacks of tapes. About two minutes later, Sherry said, "Oh. You've got some X rated films. Can we watch some.

Mary and I looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders and said, "Why not."

Sherry picked two, "Debbie Does Dallas" and "Inside Desiree Cousteau".

Mary popped "Desiree" into the deck and both of them joined me on the sofa for a little (okay, a lot) more weed and wine.

Around midnight, I told Mary and Sherry that even though tomorrow was Saturday, I would most likely have a full days work and it was time for me to hit the sack. I brought out some sheets and a blanket for the sofa bed for Sherry and headed into the master bath for a hot shower.

The master bath had a tub. It also had a 5' x 8' shower with two heads and a 50 gallon gas water heater so you could get into a crossfire from the nozzles and stay until your skin started to slide of your body if you felt like it.

I'd been in the shower for about ten minutes when the curtain was suddenly pulled back and I heard TWO voices say, "Surprise, Surprise".

I turned to see TWO naked bodies getting in with me.

"We're all stoned, you know where this could end up?" I asked.

Two voices said, "We sure do!"

At 130 lbs. On 4'10", Mary is what you would call comfortably padded. She had a nicely rounded ass, wide solid hips and a little pooched out stomach that makes a wonderful pillow. Sherry on the other hand is about 5'7" and quite slim with small pointy breasts and small hip, but still in the very nice looking class.

"I'm game." I replied, "But I've got to take care of something first."

I got out of the shower, wrapped a towel around my butt and went to my home office to change the message on my answering machine to, "We're out of town camping for the weekend, we'll handle all problems Monday morning." and dashed back to the shower.

The two of them ganged up on washing me from hair to heels, then I ganged up on them returning the favor. Two heavenly bodies. I've got a boner that you could use to punch holes in steel plate. We rinsed, grabbed three big towels and spent the next ten minutes drying each other before jumping into the king-sized water bed.

I'm in the middle, Mary and Sherry were on their sides facing me, they're taking turns, one stroking my cock the other gently fondling my balls and in the mean time my head is making like a windshield wiper turning from one warm probing mouth to the other.

After a little while I did a "U" turn between the two of them and they slid down so that we could pay a bit of attention to the more interesting parts.

While I was kissing first one lovely pussy then the other, Mary and Sherry were taking turns liking and sucking on my cock. When they'd see me getting ready to cum, one of them would grab and squeeze the head to bring me back to earth then start teasing again.

We shifted around again. I'm still on my back, but Mary is straddling my hips with my prick buried to the hilt in her pussy, and Sherry is parked over my face and wiggling like she had St. Vitus Dance. I'm in heaven!

Mary and Sherry were hugging and kissing each other, I'm reaching up between them trying to figure out how to play with four breasts with only two hands and at the same time doing my damnedest to lap up pussy juice as fast as the one on my face could produce it. The one on my prick and I were making enough lubrication that it was dribbling all the way down the crack of my ass to the sheets

About every ten minutes, the girls would switch positions, and I'd have a chance to ease off (I wanted to make this last as long as possible).

We'd been at it for almost two hours when I decided I couldn't hold out any longer, and asked, "Which one of you gets the load? I can't hold out any longer."

Mary said, "You have to give the first batch to Sherry. It's only common courtesy to our lovely guest."

I had Sherry get on her hands and knees, went around in back of her and slid my dick up and down her pussy for a moment and then slowly shoved it all the way in.

I could feel the head of my cock bumping her cervix, so moved my hips from side to side giving it a massage. Sherry moaned and came.

I reached around with one hand and massaged her breast and she came again.

I used my other hand and rubbed her clit. She CAME AGAIN.

I fast stroke my prick into that hot wet hole, massaged her breast and rubbed her clit all at the same time and shot the most incredible load of all time into her pussy. She screamed, her ass was swinging in circles, I thought she would break my dick off. SHE CAME, She passed out.

Her arms gave out and her head and shoulders collapsed onto the pillow. I held her ass up by her hips and gave her little short slow strokes until she rejoined the world of the living, and let her gently the rest of the way down to the mattress.

Mary and I rolled her over onto her back, and while I sucked, nibbled and licked those cute little boobs, Mary proceeded to lick Sherry's pussy 'til it was sparkling clean. Sherry just lay there and gibbered quietly.

We snuggled for a while. Me in the middle with a head on each shoulder, four warm breasts pressed against my ribs and two hot pussies pushed tightly to my hips. Is this heaven? You bet!

We lay there for almost an hour just talking quietly and then they started playing with my dick. When it was fully erect, Sherry whispered in my ear, "Time for you to do your wife properly."

I began by doing some serious spit swapping with Mary, gradually working done to those fabulous "Double D's" while Sherry lapped at Mary's pussy

Then I rolled onto my back while the girls climbed aboard ... Mary sitting on my face and Sherry on my prick.

I licked Mary for a bit and then sucked her clit between my lips and gave it a thorough tongue lashing while Sherry top fucked me just enough to keep me as hard as a steel bar.

Mary came at least three times before climbing off my face, assumed the kneeling position and said, "Drill for oil Daddy."

Who am I to refuse a damsel in distress?

I got out from under Sherry, knee walked behind Mary and slid slowly all the way in.

I did. I drilled for oil. I drilled for gold. I drilled for the center of the earth. Even after fifteen years, Mary still had the finest pussy I had ever had.

I stroked that pussy all the way to the bottom. I'd pull out until only the head of my prick was barely inside her and then slowly slide back to the bottom. She dropped her head and shoulders to the pillow, sticking her ass as high as it would go and rammed it back at me as hard as she could. Damn. Pure pussy! Pussy that was pretending my prick was some kind of cows teat. Pussy that milked my cock for all that it was worth.

Sherry scooted around to where she could rest her back against the headboard and presented her cunt to Mary for a bit of attention. Mary obliged.

I reached around Mary's hip and spread her nether lips with two fingers, stroked her clit with a third and used the ball of the thumb on the other had to make little pressing motions against her anus.

Mary came. Sherry came. I came. We all came. Hooray!!!!!

That was it for Friday night. You couldn't have gotten me stiff with spray starch and a hot iron after that. We fell asleep with me back in the middle and to warm ladies snuggled up close using my shoulders for pillows.

Four hours later, the kids were up and hungry.

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