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Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, True Story, Interracial, Black Female, White Male, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A young black woman discovers that I have a sure cure for the "Terminal Hornies".

Chapter 1

Ellalee was black. I don't mean that she was just African-American, Ellalee was one of those rare negroes that was so dark in complexion that she actually looked blue-black.

Enough about Ellalee's skin color, Ellalee was beautiful. She was nineteen years old, 5'10" and 135 lbs. Her hair had been straightened and hung to the middle of her back and with her general good looks, she had no problems finding boy friends.

Her face was not that of the typical negro, her nose was only slightly broader than a Caucasian's, as were her lips, and her eyes were deep, deep brown.

Ellalee was a little on the slim side of things, with a small waist, slim but well proportioned hips and long, long legs. Her breasts while being on the large end of an "A" or small end of a "B" were nicely pointed and firm with nipples the size of my little finger tips.

Me, I'm a 6'2" 225 lb. 30 year old blond, blue eyed white boy with two small boys living in a black neighborhood and trying to figure out how to survive after the "Bitch" (my first wife) took off with one of her many lovers.

Due to an asshole landlord deciding to tear down the house we had been renting in West Miami during the height of the tourist season, we had ended up renting one of the five units in an apartment building in one of North Miami's black sections, as everything else was priced by the week at five to ten times what they were worth.

When you have two children, you take what you can afford.

It turned out that as a single father, we (the boys and I) were welcomed by our new neighbors, and I had no difficulties finding babysitters for my working hours, and few problems when I needed to go out chasing the girls for an occasional evening.

Anyhow, I had decided one Friday evening that I didn't have the cash to go out, so I called several of the single ladies in the neighborhood and asked if they were interested in a game of "Hearts".

Three, Pat, Jean and Tina showed up around 8:00 PM while I was putting the boys to bed, and while I finished with the boys, the girls discovered that I had a case of Cokes in the fridge and two bottles of 151 Bacardi on the kitchen counter.

I was parked on the sofa, the girls had grabbed the bean bags and we were using the coffee table for a playing field.

The game was on!

We had been busy playing and drinking for about an hour when Ellalee came down from her apartment and knocked at the open door and asked if she could come in and kibitz for a while. I had no problem with another fox joining the crowd.

Ellalee sat down on the sofa with me and scooted up close to watch my end of the game, and as the evening progressed, stretched out so that her side was on my lap and her arm was propping up her head.

I noticed a fragrance in the air, and as time passed, the scent kept getting stronger and stronger.

Ellalee was horny!

Me, I had a problem. About 6 1/2" of problem.

With Ellalee across my lap, and that musky scent wafting past my nostrils, I was harder that Japanese algebra. Ellalee noticed my predicament, and compounded the felony by constantly wiggling and changing her position slightly while keeping pressure where it would drive me batty. I didn't dare get up to go to the bathroom as my pants were not only being severely stressed, but I could feel the growing wet spot from all the precum I was leaking.

I had enough of the rum to have a nice buzz, but not enough of the Coke to cause extreme pressure so I just sat things out and hoped that I could last out the game.

Around 11:30 PM the other players decided that they had played enough, said their goodnights (stopping by the sofa for a parting kiss) and headed back to their respective homes.

I managed to get Ellalee to sit up so I could relieve myself, and as I got up I noticed that I had not only soaked the front of my trousers, but had even managed to make a wet spot on the side of her blouse. Talk about something being embarrassing.

Back to the sofa. As I sat back down, Ellalee stretched back out, but this time, she turned over so that she was facing me, wrapped her right arm around my back and used her left to pull our faces together. I took the hint!

Kissing Ellalee was an experience!

Her soft warm lips, her left hand pulling me tightly against her face and that TONGUE!!!!!!!!!!!

Her tongue was as long as my index finger, and it was active! She explored the entire inside of my mouth. She even tickled my tonsils for me. I almost unloaded in my pants. I returned the favor to the best of my ability.

After some serious spit swapping, my right hand worked its way down from her beautiful breasts, over her stomach and finally to the crotch of her Levi's. They were soaked.

It's time to go on the offensive.

I undid her blouse first, freeing those breasts from confinement. You could see where the areolas were, they couldn't get any darker than the rest of her skin, but they were all crinkled, and the nipples were standing tall.

As I bent my head down to the nearest breast, my hand was on autopilot and undid the belt and buttons on her pants - guess what - NO PANTIES!!!!!!!

I played "Yellow Pages" with her and let my fingers do the walking.

Her pussy was soaked. The outer lips were puffed up, and the inner lips were just barely visible with her clit swollen up and protruding about a half inch. Did I mention that she was wet. She was drooling from both ends.

I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, I slowly finished undressing Ellalee, laid her gently on the bed and then proceeded to strip for action.

Chapter 2

I stretched out next to Ellalee and started kissing her.

I began at the top of her forehead, kissed my way down to her lips and restarted the tongue duel that had begun in the living room. When we finally broke gasping for air, I kissed around the sides of her face to her ears, giving each on a proper nibble and then worked my way down her neck to THOSE BREASTS.

Granted that they were on the smaller side, but they were the cute pointy kind that you can really get your mouth around. I took turns with them, practically inhaling them and then working back out to the nipple, nipping and tonguing them like as starving man.

After paying proper homage to her breasts, I started kissing my way "South".

I paused at her navel long enough to bring giggles when I stuck my tongue into it and then moved further down.

Her pubes were tightly curled, but she had shaved them into a narrow triangle that pointed to her shaved nether lips. I kissed my way through to curls, and then placed a kiss right over her clit.

Ellalee asked "What are you doing to me". I replied that I was going to taste the pussy that had been teasing me with it's lovely fragrance all night.

She told me "None of my boy friends have ever done that and besides, isn't that nasty?"

"Just let me take a few licks, and then tell me if you still think it's nasty"

I moved so that I was between those long legs, first I spread her thighs and then her lips and dove in for the kill.

The first lick started over the opening to her vagina and ended with a flourish of tongue tip around her clit.

She simultaneously screeched, slammed her thighs against my ears and grabbed my head with both hands and tried to stuff me head first into her cunt. I didn't think I needed to ask her whether or not she had liked it.

Now let me tell you, I love to eat pussy. If it has been washed recently, there is nothing in the world like the taste and scent of a hot woman's box, and this one was clean, fragrant and juicy.

I propped her ass up with one hand, grabbed a pillow with the other, and folding it double, stuffed it under her butt. That put her pussy at just the right height for some serious snacking.

Ellalee wasn't a squirter. Ellalee's juices just ran out in a steady stream like she had a honey jar in there that was leaking. Oh God! This is heaven on Earth!

Ellalee started cumming. She was moaning constantly, and every few minutes she came again ... and again ... and again.

I have no idea how many orgasms Ellalee had in the next hour, but suddenly she screamed and went totally limp.

Ellalee had fainted.

I moved from between her legs, and slid along side of her, rolling her unconscious body face to face against mine and just held her tight until she came back to Earth. As she opened her eyes slowly, she was sobbing quietly and haltingly said that she had never experienced anything like that before.

"Ellalee, that's because you've been playing with boys instead of men." I said. "If a man truly appreciates a woman, multiple orgasms are the greatest gift he can give her."

I rolled onto my back, bringing Ellalee on top of me and held her there for a while. When she started wiggling again, I asked "Do you want to make love to a white boy now?"

Ellalee lifted her hips, reached back to line up my stone hard prick with her pussy and very slowly eased herself all the way down to the root. On bottoming out, Ellalee stopped moving for a few minutes and just sat on me with a big smile on her face.

"You might not be as long as some of the boys around here, but that is one nice fat hole stretcher you've got." I replied that, "So far no one has ever been disappointed, and I hope you continue to make that a unanimous decision". SHE STARTED MOVING!!!!!!!!!!

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