Sue Raped "in Transit"

by maxmarieuk

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, NonConsensual, Rape, Heterosexual, True Story, Rough, Humiliation, Gang Bang, .

Desc: True Sex Story: Sue is grabbed off the street and raped in a Transit van

They gathered round her in a ring. She was really scared as there was no-one around to help. She should never have gone this way home so late at night. Slowly they advanced, the ring closing around her. She knew it would be useless to try to run for it - she would not be able to break through the ring and she certainly could not outrun them. Her voice froze - she couldn't even scream for help.

Hands grabbed her arms then bodies crushed in against her, hustling her along the pavement against her will then she was bundled into a large, closed transit van parked at the kerb. The doors were shut and the interior light went on.

"What have we got for ourselves tonight then lads?" asked the young man who appeared to be the ringleader. He reached towards her and slipped his hand around the back of her neck and pulled her towards him with one hand while the other reached out to her blouse and grabbed her breasts. She struggled and tried to kick him but he jerked his knee into her and she doubled over in agony.

Hands from behind held her under her arms and lifted her back up to face him again. Again he reached out to grab her breasts and this time she held herself in check, still winded and pained from his knee.

"That's better. You'd better realise that we shall all have you before the night is out - you can either enjoy it or struggle and we'll use as much force as we need to but we'll still have you only that way you get more bruised, understand?" She froze. He twisted her breast painfully and shouted at her "I said understand? I would appreciate an answer!"

She nodded, still unable to speak. She was playing for time. After all, the van was parked on a public road, there was limit to how much noise they could make without arousing suspicion - help may yet be at hand - perhaps someone saw her being dragged in.

However, her hopes were quickly dashed as she heard the ringleader bang on the van wall and the engine started up, the interior light went off and they moved off. There were no windows, she had no idea where they were going. Everyone settled down, the men round her, squatting on their haunches so she also squatted down, making herself into a small protective ball, her arms wrapped protectively round her knees. Surprisingly they left her alone for a while. Eventually she felt the van going down a rough lane or track of some sort and her stomach lurched. They must be in some pretty deserted place so no-one was likely to hear however much noise she made. after a few sharp turns and bumps the van rolled to a halt and the engine was switched off. She heard the driver's door slam shut, footsteps round the van then the back door opened and the light went on.

Arms reached out to her again and she was lifted to the back of the van and helped out. She stood shivering as the ringleader spoke again.

"Look around you - nothing for miles. You can screech and shout if you like but no-one will hear you, that's why we use this house. We can all have a good time then if you behave yourself we'll drop you near where we picked you up and no harm done, except maybe a few little bruises. On the other hand, if you don't play ball then we'll be quite happy to persuade you, but in the end you'll still get shagged just the same so lets go inside and have some fun. After you" he gestured as the bunch of them moved her towards a large house set in what looked like woods.

Someone opened the door and she found the house warm and well furnished, very obviously lived in. She was led to a large sitting room where a big fire blazed, the room being almost intolerably warm.

"We don't want you to get cold when you strip off" he laughed as they closed the door behind themselves.

"Now, you can call me Rod, its not my real name of course. What shall we call you eh?"

A voice from behind called out "how about Cunt? That's what she is going to be for the evening isn't it!"

"No, that's not very polite to our guest - accurate but not polite" he joked. "I know, we'll call you Princess, after all, you look a bit up market. Now, someone get the Princess a drink. What would you like?"

She was struggling to cope with this. She did not want to give in and join in with them but on the other hand she knew that resistance would be futile, there were too many of them. Should she go down trying anyway or would that simply make things worse for herself.

She decided to try to reason with them and to be positive. "Wwwine pplease" she managed to stutter.

Her hand shook as she tried to drink from the glass they gave her. It was good wine she found herself noticing, despite what was going on around her.

"Look, if you take me back now, I'll forget this and not make any trouble for you. I'm not going to take part in whatever it is you have planned, you've obviously got the wrong person. Let me go now and we'll forget all about it." She saw the grins on their faces and knew this was not working.

"Please, I beg you, please let me go - don't do this."

"Whats the matter? You are too old to be a virgin, you must have had lots of blokes by now so what difference will a few more make? I promise you we are all clean, there's no way any of us want to get anything nasty so we are fussy who we pick up. You are obviously a bit upmarket, not a slapper, I would guess in your 30s, maybe 40s so you've been around a bit, know what its all about. Most women in their 40s would appreciate being shagged by some fit young blokes like us so just stop all this messing about and do what we tell you."

"Yeah, get your tits out for a start" someone called and they all laughed.

Rod laughed, "well that's as good a start as any, go on then, get them out for us, lets see what you've got."

She tried to back away, she threw the glass at them and tried to make a break for it but strong hands grabbed her arms and held her.

Rod stood in front of her. "I'll overlook that but its the only time I will. Now lets get this clear. We are going to shag the arse off you, make no mistake. We do this about once a month and tonight you happened to be the one, its pure luck who we grab, although we are quite fussy about appearance as I've explained. Now, either you do as you are told or I'll have you stripped, your clothes will be ripped off which will make it tricky when we dump you back on the pavement tomorrow morning. In addition, to repay you for the trouble, I'll have you tied to those rings" he pointed to rings set in the ceiling and lowered, like an airing rack, "hoisted up on tip toes then flogged with a riding crop across your back, your tits and your arse before we shag you so its up to you. Do you want to be shagged or would you prefer to be flogged then shagged?" As he had said this, someone had passed him a riding crop which he now slapped against his thigh to emphasis his point.

She did not want either but was scared of being flogged, she could see that he meant it. She dropped her head in submission and in acceptance of the unavoidable. He recognised it.

"Sensible girl Princess. Now then, do as the man said and get your tits out for us."

They went to sit down in the arm chairs and settees which formed a half circle round the fire with her in the centre. She looked round, there was no way out. She unfastened her cuffs, unfastened the buttons on her blouse and very slowly opened it then slowly slipped it off her shoulders so it fell to the floor and she stood topless, her shoulders hunched to try to cover or hide her naked breasts.

Rod got up and went to her. He stood behind her and pulled her shoulders back.

"Come on, stand up straight, push your tits out so we can see them, didn't anyone tell you not to slouch like that?"

She stood with her shoulders being pulled back, knowing how it was thrusting her breasts forward to them all. Rod's hands left her shoulders and slipped round her, cupping her breasts as he stood behind her, cupping them and jiggling them. He was surprisingly gentle, although she did not realise that this part of his well worn routine to get her a little more at ease before they started on her properly.

He squeezed her breasts and pulled and pinched her nipples.

"Look lads, what lovely big nipples, and such large, brown rings round them as well. She really feels lovely, a lovely handful I can tell you and judging by the size and state of her nipples she's beginning to enjoy it now, and so she should."

She knew her nipples were betraying her but half naked, surrounded by strangers who were going to shag her, one of them already groping her, she knew her nipples would have to be erect but it did not mean she wanted this. She tried again.

"Please, let me go now - you've had your fun, let me get dressed and let me go now before things get out of hand. I promise I won't say anything - I can't - I don't know who you are or where we are. Please let me go now."

Rod made no reply but simply clicked his fingers and she heard pulleys squeak as the rings were lowered.

"I warned you what would happen if you resisted" he told her as he pushed her to stand by the lowered rings. Her wrists were fastened to the rings.

"If I were you I would hold the rings to take your weight otherwise it will all be on your wrists" he advised her as the rings were raised, this time lifting her weight. She quickly grabbed the rings with each hand while she could to hold her weight off the cuffs around her wrists.

She was raised until she was on tip toes. Rod walked in front of her, slapping the crop against the flat of his hand.

"I told you what I would do to you so you have only yourself to blame for this. First it will be your right tit."

With that he stepped back, aimed at her right breast and then sharply brought it down across her breast. She screamed. The men cheered. Rod raised it again.

"This time, it will be your right nipple" - he brought it slashing down across her right nipple, the pain cutting through her again, making her scream again.

"This time we'll give your left nipple a go then I'll just go where I like."

He crisscrossed the crop over her breasts and nipples, making her scream each time. When he stopped he stepped closer into her and fondled her burning breasts as he spoke.

"Do you feel a bit more like joining in now? eh? Or do I carry on with this - I don't mind either way myself - quite a few of my friends here enjoy watching this and I'm quite happy to carry on with the crop all night if you want - its completely up to you." All this was said in such a reasonable voice that it was quite unreal but she knew it was very real, she knew he really would carry on with the crop all night if she gave him an excuse.

She mumbled faintly "stop you bastard, I can't take any more. I'll do what you want."

He slashed down hard across each breast. "Don't you ever talk to me like that. Now tell me again but this time with more respect."

"I'm sorry" she sobbed, "please don't hit me again, I can't take any more, I'll do whatever you want."

He teased her. "But you don't know what I want you to do - how do you know you are willing to do it? Are you saying you will do anything for us, whatever we tell you?"

She knew that was exactly what she was saying - nothing could be worse than the pain from the crop.

"Yes, I'll do whatever you want of me."

"OK then - lower her down lads."

She was untied and they allowed her a few moments to get the circulation back into her arms before Rod told her "kneel down in front of me."

She kneeled down in front of him. She thought she knew what was now going to happen. She was not wrong.

Rod spoke crudely to her. "Princess, I am going to fuck your royal mouth. You are going to unfasten my trousers and take out my cock and you will suck it, you will suck it well otherwise I shall have you tied up again and this time I shan't stop. Now, get gobbling." They all laughed at her treatment.

She reached for his zip and unfastened him. She was fond of oral sex, both sucking and being sucked, and was proud of her abilities so she was confident she could please him enough to stop him hurting her. She reached into his fly and found he was not wearing underwear so his cock sprung out quite easily. She was pleasantly surprised. It was clean and smelled nice, her big fear was of uncleanliness. He was large but not enormous, she knew she could take him in her mouth and in her cunt later which she knew was going to happen. Might as well get on with it.

She gave him her best, sucking him in deeply as she stroked his shaft and cupped his hairy balls, until he pulled back. "That's better. Now I don't want to come just yet although later you'll have plenty of come in your mouth, and everywhere else as well" he laughed.

"Stand up and get the rest of your kit off. Your mouth is good - lets see what your other holes are like, eh lads?"

She worried at this - did they mean they would use her arse as well? She did not like that - it was too painful unless she was very aroused so she rarely did it like that which meant she was tight so it hurt even more.

She lowered her jeans, standing there in just her small white pants until she saw the look on Rod's face and quickly hooked her thumbs into the waistband and lowered these also, stepping out of them as they fell.

"That's much better. Now lets see everything - walk around a bit and turn around for us so we can see all of you. Go on, parade for us like a fashion model."

She paraded up and down the room, receiving very appreciative noises from them all.

"Now, come back here." She stood in front of him.

"Give us a guided tour of your body, and don't use the text book words, we like to hear our Princesses talk dirty, otherwise it will be back up on your toes for another session with the crop girl. Start at the mouth and work your way down, taking in all the sexy bits - just to make it more interesting, anything you miss out will be cropped, so include everything for us."

This worried her. What should she include. She started pointing.

"My mouth" running her fingers round her mouth provocatively. They cheered. She realised she was on the right track.

She ran her hands down to her breasts. "My breasts, I mean my tits" as she fondled her breasts then pulled her nipples "and my nipples."

She continued down over her stomach to her mound, "my lips" as she pulled her lips open to reveal her pink fleshy cunt "and my cccunt" she stammered, as they laughed, obviously enjoying her discomfort. Her fingers slid in and out of her cunt as she froze, worrying about where to go next. Of course - her fingers moved up a little "my clitty" she said, relieved.

She then reached her hands behind herself and cupped her bottom, "my arse" she finished and brought her hands around to hang, covering her shaved mound as she stood naked in front of these men.

"You've missed one out" Rod told her severely. She was puzzled.

"How many orifices have you, how many holes can you get fucked in, eh?"

She realised what he meant and was frightened. "I only use two, please, I've sucked you and you can fuck me but not anywhere else please, I can't do that, its painful."

"More painful than my crop on your tits or between your legs? We will hoist you up, your feet off the ground, your legs held wide open while I stand between them and use the crop on your cunt. How do you fancy that?" He ran the crop up between her thighs and over her cunt as he spoke.

She knew that would be even worse but could not bring herself to offer her arse to them.

Rod nodded and before she could say anything she was grabbed and tied to the rings again. This time she yelled as they lifted her up, up off her feet as he had threatened.

"No, don't do this, I beg of you, don't. I'll let you do what you want but don't hit me there."

He completely ignored her cries. He spoke to her. "I am not interested in what you have to say unless I have asked you a question. The only reason you are not gagged is that my friends here like to hear you scream so you can say what you like until I ask you a question, it will make no difference. I told you what would happen."

One man grabbed her left ankle, another grabbed her right. Rod nodded to them and they pulled her legs wide apart as she hung from the rings. They pulled her so wide open that the tops of her thighs burned.

Rod stepped between her open thighs and lined up the crop. He slashed at her cunt and she thought she was on fire. The pain shot through her. He reversed the crop and used the handle to open her lips then he pushed the crop into her, jabbing it up her. He put a hand on her stomach so he could feel the crop handle inside her as he fucked her with it.

"I'm getting it wet so I can fuck your arse with it" he told her, unless of course you would prefer me to use the crop on your cunt some more?" Its up to you."

"No, please don't hurt my cunt again."

"Then ask me to fuck your arse with the crop handle - its not that big you know. Ask me nicely now otherwise I start on your cunt again."

"Please Rod, fuck my arse with the crop, please."

"That's much better. OK lads, turn her over."

Her hanging body was swung round so her back was to Rod and once again both ankles were taken and pulled apart but this time she was pulled so her legs were slightly ahead of her body so her buttocks were pulled open as well. The crop was still deep in her cunt as other hands held her cheeks wide open for Rod.

"Well, since you asked so nicely, I'll oblige you" he laughed and put it against her tight rosebud then leaned hard into her, pushing it past her ring of tight muscle and deep into her arse. Once again she screamed out with the pain but as it was so wet, it easily slipped deep into her, its hardness very uncomfortable as he stroked into her with its length.

Everyone gathered round to watch as he fucked her arse while she hung, completely helpless. Hands reached up to squeeze her breasts and fingers probed her cunt until Rod decided she had had enough and pulled it out of her. They held her open for a while the men explored her body as she hung, suspended in front of them.

When she was lowered and untied, she almost fell but she was held up until she was steady.

"Now, we shall watch while you give us another guided tour of your body - this time of all the sexy bits and including all the holes that are on offer to us otherwise it will be back up for a full session with the crop."

She went through the tour again. "My mouth, my tits and nipples, my lips, my cunt, my clitty, my arse" and as she reached behind herself, Rod prompted her "and where has the crop handle been my little Princess?" "My arsehole" she replied to their cheers.

"Well done - now we shall get on with things. Follow me Princess." With that he lead her from the room and up a large staircase and into a bedroom. It was very large, with a huge bed in the centre of the room and rings around the wall. There were couches, vaulting horses, stools and other objects, many with straps attached, obviously for tying someone to to hold them in place.

First of all, my friends here want to give you a good shag before we get to the tricky bits so over to you my friends" he said with a sweep of his arms, guiding them forward to where she stood.

She was lifted and dropped on the bed while the men pulled off their clothes. Hands pulled her about on the bed until one man stepped forward. Rod called out to her to explain that they had drawn lots to see what order they got her in - the early ones were best before her holes got too wet with spunk he laughed.

The man kneeling on the bed ignored her as he told his friends how to position her. She felt like a lump of meat being pushed and pulled about. He legs were pulled open, her ankles were pushed up towards her body to raise her knees then they were pushed apart to make her cunt wide open for him. He could have told her what he wanted but he wanted her put in position whether she agreed or not.

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