Tension Relieved

by salacious wench

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, True Story, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Slow, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: A simple scene in which a submissive's need for control and pain are beautifully paired with her Dominant's desire to control and stretch boundaries.

Tension from a number of days, uncertain in her mind, had mounted until it was almost unbearable. Yes, perhaps she should learn a different way to relieve the anxiety and pressure of day to day life, but this was such a good way. She always felt refreshed, rejuvenated, almost like a newer and better behaved person afterwards. The thoughts rushed through her mind like water through a dam as she got undressed, tossing clothing into the corner before slowly wrapping the soft cloth straps around her ankles, struggling slightly with the ones on her wrists to get them tight enough but not too tight. She then waited not quite so patiently, sitting in the center of the bed wondering when He would be as ready as she already was.

It wasn't really a long wait when He finally walked back into the room and smiled at her. They had both been waiting, perhaps her longer than Him but that was His doing ... she was always a bit easier to deal with if she'd been anticipating for a bit. He reached for one ankle, pulling it towards the opposite corner of the bed and fastening it there easily ... then flipping her onto her stomach as He tugged the other into place. Walking around the bed, He grasped her wrist firmly and clipped it to the strap at that corner. She playfully pulled her other hand away as He rounded the bed once more but the warning look on His face and a firm slap to her bare bottom quickly provided a mild attitude adjustment. She was always more difficult after more than a few days without this and as long as it had been He had come to expect a slight bit of resistance. The blindfold followed easily since she could move only slightly now, trapping long curls beneath its strap. He wondered silently how well she would comply with the newest addition to His collection, and then pressed the gag gently against her lips half expecting her to pull away. He was surprised at the ease with which she parted her lips allowing the rounded penis shape to slide into her mouth. Perhaps when she so easily complied she hadn't realized exactly how tightly He intended to fasten it around her head. Satisfied with the bondage He walked out once more, making sure to close the door loudly. He wanted her to know she was once more alone, knowing the disquiet and fear that would build slowly inside her mind.

He never left her alone for long, at least that's what she told herself as she tried not to count each passing second. Tugging lightly at first, and then harder, she fought the straps she already knew wouldn't come loose and sighed, knowing better than to even attempt unfastening them. Sometimes she could manage it, depending how tightly bound she was but if He came back to find them undone, or even to see her making the attempt, He wouldn't be very happy and in her desire to help the night go as well as possible she fell still once more. The gag was a new development that He hadn't bothered to mention beforehand and she slowly ran her tongue over the smooth surface of it, aware of how far it extended into her mouth. She could barely lift her tongue up across the sides and knew she wouldn't be able to form a single intelligible word. Then, that was the point wasn't it? Sighing again she lay her head down to wait, not knowing how long the tension in her body would built with each passing moment. Her muscles tightened, her heartbeat quickened, saliva seemed to instantly evaporate around the gag. She knew why He did it, the feelings of helplessness and submission washing from her head to the tips of her toes, her eyes moistening slightly beneath the gag. Such a simple way of emphasizing the position in life she had chosen and yet such a sure device in assuring that her mind was as pliable as warm clay ... that she would be so easily molded. She tried to relax as soft whimpers barely escaped her throat. She struggled to control her breathing, to slow the pounding of her heart.

She was somewhat more relaxed when He eased the door open careful not to let it alert her to His presence. He could tell from the lack of tension in her muscles and her slowed breathing. He knew her eyes would be closed now behind the blindfold almost making it unnecessary. However, He would not remove it for the simple effect of the additional feelings it created of the situation being out of her control. She could barely move and could not see, or even speak. He had seen to that. She would not be able to beg tonight for a single thing, not even with her eyes and He quite enjoyed the possibilites that could stem from that.

To His pleasure she seemed not to notice that He had re-entered the room and He took His time choosing the first implement of pain ... or pleasure as it was. The first loud thwack of the hand-made flogger she had dedicated so much time and effort to seemed to shock her back to awareness. It hadn't hurt, that much He was sure of but the sensation was definately not a soft one. He lifted the flogger again and again, spreading the delicious feeling of striking leather across her shoulders ... down her back ... her ass ... the backs of her legs. The frequency and force slowly increasing until the pleasure begin to mix ever so slightly with a gentle pain, barely there. He knew as she writhed on the bed under His watchful eye that she would be an easy subject tonight ... she was already drifting. He spared little time between tools, switching easily from the heavy flogger to another than carried slightly more sting to increase the amount of pain. Enjoying the view as her skin turned from barely flushed to a dark pink, the crop afterwards leaving small blotches a darker red. Each movement of His hand decorated an already crimson tinged canvas as He worked carefully, rarely striking the same spot twice. His hands alternated with the various toys ... sometimes gently caressing to soothe tormented flesh ... sometimes with scraping fingernails to leave welted scratches across her ass and shoulders. Her movements had lessened and cries of pain that were at first muffled by the gag were now barely noticeable moans and whimpers, trailing from her throat to His ears as they twisted in an erotic song of pain and pleasure.

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