Comely Incest With Homely Sister

by Ramprabhu

Caution: This True Indian Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Heterosexual, True Story, Incest, Brother, Sister, MaleDom, Oriental Male, Oriental Female, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Indian Erotica, .

Desc: True Indian Sex Story: This is true happenning to a friend of mine. He remained unmarried for a long time due to family circumstances. He was fucking prostitutes for his satisfaction. He once got disease from them and stopped it. Later under advise from his aunt, he started using his sister for his pleasure. He did so till she went away after her marriage. Now he is also married. (I have written and posted this with his permission).

Author's Note

I have written this story with idea gained from two sources — one from a lady relative of me and another from a friend of me.

It is said this lady's children were born to her through her own brother because her husband was impotent. Reportedly she did it with the full knowledge and consent of her husband and her in-laws. This was done by her to get a larger share to her husband in his ancestral property. I know this lady from my childhood. In fact her children and I were playmates. But I did not know about her incest at that time. I came to know of this only when my marriage talks began. This lady had proposed her daughter to me for marriage. I was also interested to marry her daughter as I knew that girl from her younger days and also because they are well to do and they promised for a grand style marriage. But my parents did not accept her proposal and they gave me this reason for their rejection of that girl.

In case of my friend he has married only recently though he is 40 years old. I knew him from school days and we are very close to each other. Many times I have gone to his shop and spent time there. Some prostitutes roamed in that area and they were also his friends. He would chat with them regularly and at times he fucked them. Occasionally when I went to his shop to see him, I also chatted with those prostitutes and on a very few occasions I have fucked them. He confessed to me that once after fucking with a prostitute he had got infection. He did not know what to do and so he sought advice from his aunty. She saw his condition and on her advice he went to a doctor and got cured. Later she advised him to have sex with his younger sister. He was reluctant in the beginning but she induced him very much for it and he then agreed. He had sexual relationship for sometime with his younger sister using only her anus and mouth. He did this with full knowledge of his house people. His younger sister was first reluctant for it but later she did not resist and he had his satisfaction with her daily. He continued it till she got married and went to her husband's house. Now he is also married and happily settled with a child.

I have used first person narrative to make better reading.

Main Story

This happened when I was 30 years old. I belong to a poor family. My father was a cook employed by a catering contractor for marriage et cetera functions. I have two elder sisters and one younger sister. Reportedly my mother had several miscarriages and only we 4 survived. My elder sisters are named Vedham and Rajam, and my younger sister is named Thangam.

My father was not earning much and what he got was squandered by him in drinks and card play. Practically he was not supporting the family and his death at my young age did not make any adverse impact on me or our family. My mother though illiterate was a patient woman and only she reared the family by her hard work and willpower. She will go and cook in some select houses and she will make good eatables in their houses for various functions like Deepavali etc. Further in our house she will prepare pappads and condiments and sell them. We also used to help her to our best in these doings. Like this she was earning small amounts which only helped her to run the family in frugal way. Her these activities earned her a pet name "pappads aunty" or in Tamil "appalam maami". Her preparations were all good, tasty and in good demand also. But we had no other support worth mentioning. Blissfully our house was our own and it was the only plus point we had.

When I finished my school education, in my financial condition, college was out of question. With some help from well wishers I started a Xerox shop with one old machine and in some years I was able to change it to a new improved version Xerox machine and I added a spiral binder and lamination machine. I was looking after it totally. Fortunately my shop was in the market area and some offices were there. They were giving me Xerox and binding / lamination works regularly. I also kept a stock of pappads and condiments prepared by my mother in the shop and used to give it to select customers asking for it. In this way I had some reasonable income. As I did not employ anyone I would keep my shop open for long hours every day and practically on all Sundays and holidays also. A tailor shop was next to me and he was my good friend. So when I had to go out to deliver the Xeroxed works, or go away to pee, he will just watch my shop in my absence.

In due time I got my two elder sisters married with much efforts. For this purpose I raised money by selling part of our house and I also incurred further loans on my shop. All our meager savings were wiped out and we ended up with some debts which I was clearing slowly. We tightened our belt further to save whatever was possible for the marriage of my younger sister.

I became sexually aware when I was 14 years and I started regular masturbation. Usually in the night after ensuring mother and my sisters are settled in bed I will lie on my bed and turn to the side facing the wall. I would have removed my underwear and wore only a lungi before going to bed. I will always keep a small cloth inside my pillowcase. I will let out my cock from inside lungi, take this cloth from pillowcase and covering my cock with the cloth I will jerk till I ejaculate. My semen will collect in the cloth and I will wipe my cock dry with it. Then I will just put the semen wet cloth onto a table nearby. I will correct my lungi and then sleep. My this practice was known to my people. In the morning they will take and wash this cloth and after drying it they will fold and keep it inside my pillowcase for my use again in the night.

Sometimes I will wake up in the midnight and again masturbate. Then I will just do it inside my lungi and get my lungi wetted with my semen. In the morning when I wake up the wetness would have dried leaving visible stain in my lungi. I would remain in home with the semen stained lungi well in the notice of my house people and I did not feel any particular shame about it and they also would see but ignore it. Sometimes my sisters would giggle good naturedly on seeing it and I will get a pleasant embarrassment.

Sometimes while watching TV or reading some juicy thing in some book I would get erection. At such times I will just insert my hand inside my lungi and play with my cock for sometime. At times I would even jerk fully to the finish and ejaculate semen wetting my lungi. Like this I have done many times before the very presence of my mother and sisters who would be watching TV along with me. I never felt any shame in doing such things and they also never objected to such acts of me.

In the same market area there was an old paper merchant whose shop was in the lane next to my shop and he was buying and selling all kinds of old things. He was also keeping a small bookshop where he kept old magazines and books. I was his customer and usually I took and returned old Tamil magazines from his shop for reading by my house people. He was keeping many pornography books in his shop but he kept them well hidden and gave them only to customers particularly asking for it. Sometimes I took these books from him and I will read them in my house and do masturbation. Though my habit of masturbation was thus well known to all members in my family, yet they never criticized me for it or spoke ill of it to me.

My sisters would teasingly refer to that cloth (used by me to catch my semen) as my first wife and my lungi as second wife. So on days when I did double masturbation and wetted both the cloth and my lungi they will jocularly say "so did you sleep with both your wives in bed yesterday night?". I will just smile in shyness and they will giggle with affection.

Sometimes my sisters also teased me for my habit and said "you have so much starch in you — why do you waste it — instead of spilling it in the cloth or in lungi you should pour it in a vessel- then sell it to washer men for starching their clothes — they will give you money and you can become rich". I would be embarrassed and give them a weak smile and they will giggle and tease me more. Many times mother will just smile with them but sometimes she would intervene and scold them and say "why do you taunt him - it is men's practice - so you girls don't interfere in his ways and don't speak about it".

My shop was in a market area. The building in which my shop was situated was the last one at the end of a market lane. This building was divided into two portions, my shop was in the corner and a tailor shop was next to me in same building. Our shops had a small verandah under an awning. Some prostitutes would roam in that market area during night times. These prostitutes would stand in our corner and invite the passerby to come to them. At a little distance from our lane some open land was there after which there was a drainage canal. This canal or ditch was used by all of us to pass urine. After this canal ditch some more open space and railway tracks were there. This open space after the canal was abounding with some bushes and small trees. No lighting was provided in these open places and so they would be dark places during nights.

These ladies had put some huts there. They will take their customers to those huts, satisfy and send them. Again they will come and stand in the lighted corner of our shop for getting more customers. Sometimes they will sit in our verandah and chat among themselves. Because they had to attract men they will dress very loosely, do cheap make-up and smile easily. Often they will scratch their tits or cunt or buttocks before the men without any shame. They will make lewd comments about the passing men and very loudly laugh even for silly things. Many times they will not care to properly cover their blouse clad tits with their saris. So their balls and nipples will be prominently visible under their thin blouses giving very erotic and inviting look to the passerby men. These ladies will easily identify the men interested in them and on locating such persons they will make lewd fucking signs secretly and stare boldly at such men with inviting gestures and looks.

I am from a very decent family and so I distrusted these women and I had a very low opinion for them in the beginning. But I was also tempted by their body and I would see them with desire in a furtive manner when they were not looking. But at times they will catch me eagerly looking at them and then they would give me inviting looks and signals. Sometimes they will openly ask me "what sir — why only look — come and do it with us". I would then feel embarrassed and deny them and they would tease me for my shyness.

The next shop tailor was friendly with them and he would talk to them regularly. Sometimes he will also stitch their clothes. He was also their regular client. Though he was married and having kids he often used some of them for his enjoyment. Usually in the night before the shop closing time he will call any one woman inside his shop and keeping the shutter down he will enjoy her. Then after sending her out he will lock his shop and go away to his house.

This tailor prompted me sometimes to join in his talk with them and so like that I started talking with them. Initially I talked with them very sparingly but over some days I started to talk with them regularly for longer time and became well known to them. So these ladies became our friends and would normally speak with us when we find leisure. Further the shop in our next building was a big hardware godown where normally none will be there after evening hours. So we had some privacy of a sort in nights and hence talking with those prostitutes for a longer time posed no problem to us. Talking with them also relieved me of the monotony of my work and it was a welcome diversion for me at many times.

Among these women one lady was an older woman with age of about 50 years or more. I came to know she was previously doing prostitution and after becoming old she did not take customers. Her name was Elisi and she was always addressed with respect by the other ladies as Akka (meaning Elder Sister in Tamil) or Perisu (meaning elder person in Tamil). She had stopped prostitution due to old age but she was helping these other prostitutes in getting men or in avoiding police people. The other prostitutes would all speak with her with affection and they will be guided by her advice only in everything. I came to know this Elisi is a very tough women and the other ladies always looked to her for protection. If any customer tries to avoid payment after having sex or behaves violently with these women, immediately they will seek help from Elisi and she will deal with such person harshly and very severely.

Elisi would always keep a basket with her in which some quantity of plantains will be there. She will roam in the market hawking for selling these fruits. But her eyes will always wander and locate men interested for having some quick sex. Ostensibly she will roam in the market area in the role of a fruit vendor. Her real job was to locate and guide new comers in the market to these prostitutes. While regular customers knew about these prostitutes and came to them directly, new comers to the market will not know about them. But they may have desire for having some quick sex with some women. Elisi will easily notice such persons and bring them to these women. While hawking the fruits she had a typical way of crying "fruits". She will do it with such voice modulation that one can easily understand that she was selling different ware.

This Elisi, when not roaming in the market, will normally sit in our verandah and chew betal leaf (paan). Then she will always gossip with me and the tailor. Many times she will say to me "Thambi (meaning little brother in Tamil) — my girls are very good — all men eagerly come in search of them — you should also spend some time happily with them — don't feel shy — tell me whom you like and I will ask her to be with you". I will merely laugh and keep quiet.

These ladies were all illiterate and for them tailor was "tailor sir" and I was "machine sir" because they could not understand about my Xerox machine or what I did with it.

These ladies had come to that profession by force of circumstances and many had very sad tales to tell. Most of them were abandoned people and had no one to call as their support. Some were children of coolies who took to this profession finding it easier than the arduous coolie work. Some were in that profession from childhood because their mothers were also prostitutes. They had nothing to call as their own and never even cared for what will happen to them in future. Altogether listening to their tales made me to feel that I was a more fortunate person thanks to the grace of God.

Though I talked with them many times I could not get their exact names because they had no real name or they had several fancy names and they also did not care for those things. When I tried to know their name they will jocularly say "machine sir - what is there in name — we have cunt and you have cock — that is what is material — so call us "Pundai" (Tamil word for cunt) if you want — but give us money". Then they would all loudly laugh and I used to enjoy it. Almost all were called "Pappa" or "Pullai" which are Tamil terms for girl child.

Occasionally they would be harassed and rounded up by police. Then they had to pay fine in the court or go to prison. When I came to know of their stories and their plight I felt sorry for them and slowly my aversion for them changed and I became quiet friendly with them.

These ladies also enquired and so I told to them about me. When I told them that I was unmarried they were surprised and asked me "then what prevents you from enjoying us — for unmarried people like you we are the wives given by God — why them only - see tailor sir — he has wife and children — but he fucks us — so you should also do it — if even an unmarried person like you do not come to us then what we will do for food". Then they all laughed louder and I also laughed with them. I also told them about my three sisters, about how I got the marriage done for two elder sisters and how I was endeavoring for third sister to get married. They highly appreciated me for this. They emotionally told me that for them all men were only fucking machines and they did not know what is brotherly love. They said that if perhaps they had a brother like me, they may not have become tarts but got married and settled in life. They very much felt that they missed such brotherly love and affection and they wished that I should succeed in life. I felt very much moved by their sincere wishes.

At times when they stand waiting for a long time to get a customer I would ask them "what happened — why no one is coming to you today — is there something wrong with you?". They will laugh and say "we are alright — if you have any doubt come and see". Then they will say "there must be starting problem for men today — suddenly their penis seems to have become dry — so they are not coming to our side". They also will teasingly ask me "machine sir - what about you — you are always looking at us with desire but just keep quiet— do you have any problem with your cock — or in the first place do you have one - why don't you allow us check it?". I would reply "mine is quite okay now — I don't want to get it spoilt by you". Then they would just laugh and make some lewd comments on my potency. Though I enjoyed their teasing very much I always spoke with them politely unlike the tailor who would tease them like anything and earn their rebuttal. So they liked me much for my polite behavior with them and though they gently teased me to my liking yet they never spoke in an offending manner with me.

A few times they will ask me to get them tea saying "machine sir - today no customer has come to us so far — we feel like taking tea but we don't have money — you don't come to us and pay us anything like the tailor sir - so at least get us tea". Then I used to get them tea from a nearby tea shop where I kept account. All of them were also paan and tobacco chewing people and many times I would get them paan and tobacco also and then they would thank me very much for it and softly invite me to fuck them in return. I would laugh and with great difficulty I would control myself from the urge to enjoy them.

For them, a customer who took short time with them to complete his business was "express" and a customer who took longer time to complete his act was "bullock cart". So when they take a customer, finish him and return to our corner the tailor would teasingly ask them "was he express or bullock cart?". They will laugh and tell him dirty jokes about what that customer did with them.

I would talk with them in polite way only and never insulted them. But the tailor would purposely use very foul words and speak with them in a nasty way. Only with Elisi he would use polite words while talking, because if he uses impolite words she will retort more crudely and doubly insult him. (I came to know that he had fucked her many times previously when she was younger and often dodged payment to her or paid her less than agreed amount. She will remind him of those instances and berate him like anything if he tries to insult her). But with the other ladies he took particular pleasure in insulting them. They will not mind such talk from him because he was their customer and they knew he wanted to have fun with them. Also they were in no position to fight with him though they detested his insults. So they will reply in equally nasty manner and the tailor would have a good laugh. I will enjoy very much their exchange of obscenities and have a good laugh with them.

I came to know these ladies were controlled by some criminal rowdy of that area. Further I also noticed that these ladies were not permanently staying in one place but used to do some sort of migration. Except Elisi who was always in that place the other ladies were not staying there permanently. Each lady would stay there for some length of time and then go away to some other place. I will find one staying for some weeks or some months and later she will not be seen. If I enquire about her, then Elisi or the other ladies would just say "she has gone to some other area" and beyond that they will not know about her or care for what had become of her. Some new lady would come and then the others would introduce that new lady to me and the tailor.

Also at times one lady may vanish only to come back after some period. When I enquire where she was all along, she will simply say "I was doing it in another area". They never bothered to keep track of these things and would stoically say "machine sir — what is there for us to worry about any particular place — in every place we open and show our cunt for the men to water it — that is all". (In Tamil they would say Machine sir — engalukku endha idaththile enna irukku — ella idaththilum aambilai thanni vida enga koodhiya thirandhu kattarom - avvalavudhan).

When I asked the tailor about this he laughed and said "why do you worry about where they come or where they go — if more and more new ladies come it is only good for you". Then more seriously he said "you see — most of the men coming to these people for pleasure either live or work in this area or in nearby area — so if the same lady stays here permanently then the men will find it boring with the same old cunt - so only if these ladies keep going and coming the men can see new cunts".

In Tamil he said "edhukku nee kavalai padare — avanga enga vandha enna — enga pona enna — pudhusu pudhusa ponnuga vandha unakku adhu nalladhuthane — ivanga kitta vara maximum alungalukku veedu alladhu velai ingayo illatti pakkathiladhan irukkum — appo ore pombalai inga eppavum irundha aambilaigalukku adhe pazhaya pundai salichchu pogum - indha pombilaigal maari maari vandhadhan ambilaigal pudhusu pudhusa pundaigal paakkalam. I noticed that they lived only in the present. Altogether they had neither any attachment for the past nor any thought for the future. Either their very low intelligence did not permit it or they had attained a very high level of philosophy to achieve this. Especially their lack of concern for the future really scared me. I am one person who always live in fear of the future and therefore I could never believe such hard and nonchalant mindset these ladies in them...

On week days usually they will not come out during daytime and I learnt they will sleep at that time. Also very few men came in search of them in daytime. But on Sundays more men would come to them during daytime also. So these ladies will come and stand near my shop on Sundays to invite customers during daytime also.

I kept my shop open on Sundays also and I would talk with them more leisurely that day for a longer time. The tailor will not come on Sundays and also that day most of the shops in the market would be closed except a very few shops kept open that day. So on Sundays and other holidays I spent most time talking with them. Then they would tell me juicy stories about their various customers and I enjoyed it very much. Many times their stories will kindle my desire and I will get a raging erection. Then I will feel the urge to masturbate and so I would close my shop for sometime. There was a small gap in the door shutter of my shop. Through this gap I would look at their bodies and have a leisurely masturbation to get a glorious release. After this I will go for urinating in the ditch.

Once when I closed the shutter like this and was doing masturbation looking at their body, Elisi came near the hole and she peeped through the gap at me. I hastily moved away from the hole and covered myself. But she loudly laughed and then moved away from the door. She told something to those ladies and they all loudly laughed. Later when I finished my masturbation and went for peeing, they all loudly laughed at me again and Elisi then said "Thambi — when so many girls are waiting here why do you put hand — it is a shame to us". At her words I felt very much embarrassed and the ladies again started their loud laughter. They nicely teased me with very sexy and naughty comments which I enjoyed very much inwardly. But outwardly I shouted at them "keep quiet — otherwise I will call police" and my false anger only made them to laugh further loudly and I also joined in their laughter.

Like this these ladies easily and quickly understood my purpose for closing the shop for a short time. So after masturbation when I go out for peeing they will tease me by saying "what machine sir — you always run only hand cart — why don't you run express with us". Sometimes they will come and stand closer to the crack in the door and shout "machine sir — open the door — we know what you do inside — allow us to watch it for fun" and sometimes they will also shout "machine sir — open the door — we will apply our hand for you and we will also do it free of charge". Sometimes they will say "machine sir — open the door and we will come inside — we will stand naked before you — you watch our Pundai (cunt) and put hand — then you will get very good satisfaction". Then they would all laugh very loudly and I will also join in their merriment. Altogether I was having a good time with them in this way.

Like this I was tempted by them many times but I avoided them as I had mo money to spare for such things and also out of my fear of getting disease from them. Altogether I was attracted and repelled by them and so I satisfied my craving for them by masturbating in the shop or by thinking about their bodies during my masturbations in the nights.

But my lust did not leave me. One night the tailor had already closed his shop and left early. I was having a bulk order and I was busily doing it. Suddenly heavy showers were there and a few of the ladies got up and stood in verandah for shelter. One lady had become totally drenched and her clothes were sticking to her body revealing every aspect. I saw her wet body and my heart leapt with desire. I knew her and I had spoken with her many times previously and gave her tea also several times. She took her sari pullav (that portion of sari covering breast portion) and toweled her head to dry her hair. This exposed her tits and I got a good view of them. I looked at her body with naked interest and she noticed it. She smiled and unbuttoned her blouse and dried her chest also. She had big juicy tits. Now her tits were more exposed and my eyes got riveted on her tits. She giggled and said "what machine sir — what has got into you today — you are fucking me with your eyes".

The other ladies giggled and one of them said "you should be careful with machine sir — otherwise he will make you pregnant just by his look". They all loudly laughed and I also laughed with them. Then that drenched lady said "machine sir — today I did not get a single customer — so how about paying me some money — you need not give it free — you fuck me as many times as you please and then pay whatever you feel". The other ladies loudly laughed and said in chorus "yes machine sir — that is what you should do". I said "you people please keep quiet and get away from the verandah — I have work to do and you are spoiling my time - allowing you people to stand here is becoming a great nuisance to me — if you make further trouble I will ask the police to remove you". They all loudly laughed. Then the wet lady said "okay machine sir — we will keep quiet - but you see I am fully drenched — if I remain like this in this chill climate I will catch cold and fever - so please allow me to come inside the shop - I will stand under the fan till my clothes become dry". She said this in a very pleading manner and I could not bluntly refuse. So I said "okay — come and stand under fan". She came inside the shop and stood under the fan to dry herself.

I was Xeroxing some materials and she stood only a foot or two from me. She curiously watched what I was doing and asked me "machine sir — please tell me how the white sheets you give this side suddenly comes that side with black letters". I laughed and said "for knowing that you should first go to school and then to college to learn all those science". She said "I am an illiterate donkey — how can I know all these things". She stood watching and I furtively watched her wet body with lusty thoughts. She had not buttoned her blouse properly and her one nipple was peeping through her blouse. I watched her tits eagerly.

She noticed that my eyes were glued to her tits. She purposely scratched her bosom and exposed more of her tits for me to see. Now almost her one breast was naked and fully outside her blouse and I could not take my eyes away from ogling it. I started to get an erection and soon the bulge in the middle of my pant became very much apparent. She saw it and smiled at me and winked and I felt very much embarrassed. I tried to hide my bulge from her view. She giggled and then very softly said "machine sir — don't hide your desires for my body - we all know very well about how much eagerly you want to fuck us — but you are also very much shy and so you hide your feelings with difficulty — why do you do it — why should you feel fear or shyness about fucking us — who will question you or stop you from doing it — so you should feel bold and enjoy with us like all the other men do — don't hesitate — come — take me and fuck till you are satisfied".

I kept quiet and she further said "you don't feel shy with us - we all like you — you are not like that tailor bastard or other men - you are very kind to us — you talk with us nicely and with politeness — we normally do not get any man talking to us politely with such kind words — all they want is to fuck us and go away — and they always insult us - so we also don't respect them — but you are different and you treat us with courtesy -so we all like you and respect you — we are all ready to please you fully — so it will be very satisfying to me if you fuck me - you don't worry — just come and enjoy me — for once let me have the happiness of spending some time with a kind person like you". I could not say anything and just looked at her in confusion. Then that lady told the others "girls — today I am spending time with machine sir — so don't disturb us". Then the other ladies shouted in chorus to me "machine sir — today is a good day — so begin with her and have a wonderful time". They also told that wet girl "you don't rush him like you do with other men — allow him to enjoy you fully".

Then Elisi laughed and said "Thambi — today is a good day — don't waste it — she is a very good girl and she will give you good pleasure — so take her and enjoy". Then she suddenly caught hold of the rolling shutter handle from outside and pulled it down and the wet lady also pulled down the shutter from the inside and the shop got closed. Now I was alone with her inside the closed shop. I weakly said "no — no — don't close the shop — and you just go away from here". But she sweetly smiled and in a flash she removed her dress and stood nude before me.

I had not seen naked women anytime before. In my house I have at times seen glimpses of the body of my sisters when they come out of bathroom or when they changed their dress. But those were only fleeting looks and I did not see them anytime fully nude. Such occasions were also very few. When I happen to see their body I cannot stare at it for longer time and also they will immediately cover themselves on noticing my look at their body. On a very few occasions when they exposed their body for a little longer time for me to see, I would immediately look away from them out of brotherly instinct. They knew I was interested to see their nude body fully for a longer time and occasionally teased me for my lust but out of modesty we will immediately change the subject.

I have seen nude bodies of women only in some pornography books and those pictures always excited me to masturbate. But now there was a real woman fully naked before me with an inviting smile to take and enjoy her. But I still hesitated though my mouth had become dry with desire and my heart was beating faster. She immediately unbuckled my belt and my pant fell down to my ankles. My cock was bursting to come out through my underwear. Already I had leaked a small amount of water and my underwear had become wet. She saw it and smiled and said "see — your little master is very impatient — he is already pouring out his water - he is not even waiting for you to remove your cloth". Then she pulled down my underwear below my knees and now I stood naked below waist with my cock fully rigid and beating like mad and water dripping from it. She gripped my shaft and slowly shook it and my cock started to twitch in her hand impatiently. She then removed her hand and stood a little away.

She smiled and said "machine sir — you have wonderful cock — the girl who is going to marry you is very lucky". I smiled in embarrassment and tried to cover it with my palm but she laughed and said "machine sir — today you cannot escape me — either come and fuck me like a man or I will take and rape you". I could not say anything and stood in great confusion. She said "stop the paper machine there and come to me". She then lied on the floor spreading her legs in open invitation to me and urged me to fuck her.

I saw her juicy cunt and lost all my senses. Mad desire to fuck her seized me and so I switched off the machine and I hastily took away my pant and underwear. I went and knelt between her legs and immediately pushed my throbbing cock into her waiting hole. Catching hold of her knees I started to bang her.

The tailor had told me that these professional prostitutes are very hardened women and they had no gentle feelings. For them fucking meant nothing and they were only interested in taking the money from the men. They would not enjoy anything in the act and they also cared nothing for the enjoyment of the men. They wanted the act to be over soonest and so urged the men to complete it fast and get away from them. If one would take a long time to come to ejaculation they will scold or even insult that man for being slow in that act and question about his virility and potency. He had said that while fucking with family women they will show much interest and tenderness in the act and encourage men to fuck slowly for a longer time to fully enjoy it. But these prostitutes will loose patience if a fellow does not ejaculate immediately and rudely ask him to get away from them and get lost. He would say that fucking these women would at best only relieve the man's sexual tension for that moment, but otherwise it was an empty act and will not give any lasting pleasure.

So when I started I wanted to bang and finish it very fast and get it over immediately. So I furiously banged her. But she soothingly said "don't hurry — I will not run away — do it slowly and enjoy". — Then I reduced my speed and gave her leisurely thrusts. As she knew me previously she was very soft and responsive to me and gave me her body fully and willingly with eagerness to satisfy me totally and she also patiently taught me how to fuck her nicely. I enjoyed her for a long time in a leisurely manner and found it was highly satisfying and very nice to me. After a good fucking I ejected inside her completely and felt highly satisfied. I then tried to get up and she said "there is no hurry — keep it inside me and enjoy me again". I felt very dear to her and buried me head in her bosom. She caught and kneaded my buttocks gently and I felt I was in heaven. I kissed her and sucked her nipples. She gently massaged my testicles and soon I grew full inside her. Then catching my buttocks tightly she lifted me and my cock came out of her cunt. Then she brought me down by pressing my buttocks and my cock banged inside her cunt. She repeated this by raising and banging me in her cunt and it was a very nice experience to me. Again I ejaculated massively inside her and I was totally exhausted and fully satisfied. With a deep sigh I lied on her with total contentment.

I had started fucking her and then only realized that I did not wear condom to protect me. I did not keep any condom with me and I also did not know how to use it. But I knew it was always safer to put condom before touching those ladies. Though I was a little afraid, my eagerness to enjoy her body drove me into frenzy and I just went ahead and fucked her. But now after it was all over my fears returned and so in a hesitating manner I asked her very timidly "Pappa — please don't get offended — but I want to know whether you are clean". She giggled and said "why — is your cock burning now". I said "no — but I did not put condom in my eagerness — so I wanted to make sure". She smiled and very gently squeezed my testicles. She said "don't worry — I am clean — I got tested by doctor only last week". Then after a pause she said "don't worry — we also know these things and take care — if we get anything bad, then who will come to us — who will pay us money — then we will have to die of starvation — so we periodically see doctor and keep ourselves clean". I was very much calmed by her soft words.

Then we separated and got dressed. I wanted to pay her but she said "no — no - machine sir — for the first time in my life I have done it with a good person — that satisfaction is enough for me". But I repeatedly pressed her and she then took only twenty rupees from me and said it was more than enough. I knew it was a small amount for her because she had spent more than thirty minutes with me whereas a customer paying her thirty or forty rupees will not take more than five or ten minutes. I thanked her dearly and she giggled and said "I should only thank you — you gave me nice enjoyment and also gave money for it".

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