Comely Incest With Homely Sister

by Ramprabhu

Caution: This True Indian Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Heterosexual, True Story, Incest, Brother, Sister, MaleDom, Oriental Male, Oriental Female, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Indian Erotica, .

Desc: True Indian Sex Story: This is true happenning to a friend of mine. He remained unmarried for a long time due to family circumstances. He was fucking prostitutes for his satisfaction. He once got disease from them and stopped it. Later under advise from his aunt, he started using his sister for his pleasure. He did so till she went away after her marriage. Now he is also married. (I have written and posted this with his permission).

Author's Note

I have written this story with idea gained from two sources — one from a lady relative of me and another from a friend of me.

It is said this lady's children were born to her through her own brother because her husband was impotent. Reportedly she did it with the full knowledge and consent of her husband and her in-laws. This was done by her to get a larger share to her husband in his ancestral property. I know this lady from my childhood. In fact her children and I were playmates. But I did not know about her incest at that time. I came to know of this only when my marriage talks began. This lady had proposed her daughter to me for marriage. I was also interested to marry her daughter as I knew that girl from her younger days and also because they are well to do and they promised for a grand style marriage. But my parents did not accept her proposal and they gave me this reason for their rejection of that girl.

In case of my friend he has married only recently though he is 40 years old. I knew him from school days and we are very close to each other. Many times I have gone to his shop and spent time there. Some prostitutes roamed in that area and they were also his friends. He would chat with them regularly and at times he fucked them. Occasionally when I went to his shop to see him, I also chatted with those prostitutes and on a very few occasions I have fucked them. He confessed to me that once after fucking with a prostitute he had got infection. He did not know what to do and so he sought advice from his aunty. She saw his condition and on her advice he went to a doctor and got cured. Later she advised him to have sex with his younger sister. He was reluctant in the beginning but she induced him very much for it and he then agreed. He had sexual relationship for sometime with his younger sister using only her anus and mouth. He did this with full knowledge of his house people. His younger sister was first reluctant for it but later she did not resist and he had his satisfaction with her daily. He continued it till she got married and went to her husband's house. Now he is also married and happily settled with a child.

I have used first person narrative to make better reading.

Main Story

This happened when I was 30 years old. I belong to a poor family. My father was a cook employed by a catering contractor for marriage et cetera functions. I have two elder sisters and one younger sister. Reportedly my mother had several miscarriages and only we 4 survived. My elder sisters are named Vedham and Rajam, and my younger sister is named Thangam.

My father was not earning much and what he got was squandered by him in drinks and card play. Practically he was not supporting the family and his death at my young age did not make any adverse impact on me or our family. My mother though illiterate was a patient woman and only she reared the family by her hard work and willpower. She will go and cook in some select houses and she will make good eatables in their houses for various functions like Deepavali etc. Further in our house she will prepare pappads and condiments and sell them. We also used to help her to our best in these doings. Like this she was earning small amounts which only helped her to run the family in frugal way. Her these activities earned her a pet name "pappads aunty" or in Tamil "appalam maami". Her preparations were all good, tasty and in good demand also. But we had no other support worth mentioning. Blissfully our house was our own and it was the only plus point we had.

When I finished my school education, in my financial condition, college was out of question. With some help from well wishers I started a Xerox shop with one old machine and in some years I was able to change it to a new improved version Xerox machine and I added a spiral binder and lamination machine. I was looking after it totally. Fortunately my shop was in the market area and some offices were there. They were giving me Xerox and binding / lamination works regularly. I also kept a stock of pappads and condiments prepared by my mother in the shop and used to give it to select customers asking for it. In this way I had some reasonable income. As I did not employ anyone I would keep my shop open for long hours every day and practically on all Sundays and holidays also. A tailor shop was next to me and he was my good friend. So when I had to go out to deliver the Xeroxed works, or go away to pee, he will just watch my shop in my absence.

In due time I got my two elder sisters married with much efforts. For this purpose I raised money by selling part of our house and I also incurred further loans on my shop. All our meager savings were wiped out and we ended up with some debts which I was clearing slowly. We tightened our belt further to save whatever was possible for the marriage of my younger sister.

I became sexually aware when I was 14 years and I started regular masturbation. Usually in the night after ensuring mother and my sisters are settled in bed I will lie on my bed and turn to the side facing the wall. I would have removed my underwear and wore only a lungi before going to bed. I will always keep a small cloth inside my pillowcase. I will let out my cock from inside lungi, take this cloth from pillowcase and covering my cock with the cloth I will jerk till I ejaculate. My semen will collect in the cloth and I will wipe my cock dry with it. Then I will just put the semen wet cloth onto a table nearby. I will correct my lungi and then sleep. My this practice was known to my people. In the morning they will take and wash this cloth and after drying it they will fold and keep it inside my pillowcase for my use again in the night.

Sometimes I will wake up in the midnight and again masturbate. Then I will just do it inside my lungi and get my lungi wetted with my semen. In the morning when I wake up the wetness would have dried leaving visible stain in my lungi. I would remain in home with the semen stained lungi well in the notice of my house people and I did not feel any particular shame about it and they also would see but ignore it. Sometimes my sisters would giggle good naturedly on seeing it and I will get a pleasant embarrassment.

Sometimes while watching TV or reading some juicy thing in some book I would get erection. At such times I will just insert my hand inside my lungi and play with my cock for sometime. At times I would even jerk fully to the finish and ejaculate semen wetting my lungi. Like this I have done many times before the very presence of my mother and sisters who would be watching TV along with me. I never felt any shame in doing such things and they also never objected to such acts of me.

In the same market area there was an old paper merchant whose shop was in the lane next to my shop and he was buying and selling all kinds of old things. He was also keeping a small bookshop where he kept old magazines and books. I was his customer and usually I took and returned old Tamil magazines from his shop for reading by my house people. He was keeping many pornography books in his shop but he kept them well hidden and gave them only to customers particularly asking for it. Sometimes I took these books from him and I will read them in my house and do masturbation. Though my habit of masturbation was thus well known to all members in my family, yet they never criticized me for it or spoke ill of it to me.

My sisters would teasingly refer to that cloth (used by me to catch my semen) as my first wife and my lungi as second wife. So on days when I did double masturbation and wetted both the cloth and my lungi they will jocularly say "so did you sleep with both your wives in bed yesterday night?". I will just smile in shyness and they will giggle with affection.

Sometimes my sisters also teased me for my habit and said "you have so much starch in you — why do you waste it — instead of spilling it in the cloth or in lungi you should pour it in a vessel- then sell it to washer men for starching their clothes — they will give you money and you can become rich". I would be embarrassed and give them a weak smile and they will giggle and tease me more. Many times mother will just smile with them but sometimes she would intervene and scold them and say "why do you taunt him - it is men's practice - so you girls don't interfere in his ways and don't speak about it".

My shop was in a market area. The building in which my shop was situated was the last one at the end of a market lane. This building was divided into two portions, my shop was in the corner and a tailor shop was next to me in same building. Our shops had a small verandah under an awning. Some prostitutes would roam in that market area during night times. These prostitutes would stand in our corner and invite the passerby to come to them. At a little distance from our lane some open land was there after which there was a drainage canal. This canal or ditch was used by all of us to pass urine. After this canal ditch some more open space and railway tracks were there. This open space after the canal was abounding with some bushes and small trees. No lighting was provided in these open places and so they would be dark places during nights.

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