Bum Beating During Bus Ride

by Ramprabhu

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Desc: True Sex Story: This is a real incident during a bus journey. I helped a middle aged lady to get into a bus during a very crowded time. Later standing behind her I fully beat my cock on her buttocks throughout the time of journey. I also poked my cock on her tit and she did me masturbation for my tremendous satisfaction.

This happened in the year 1992 when I was staying in Thanjavur where I was employed. I was staying alone in a relative's house, taking my food in hotels. I have already written about one incident that happened to me there with a Malayalee women under the title "HANDJOB FROM A HANDSOME AUNTY" which is available in this very site. This is another incident which happened in a bus journey.

I have an aunty in Trichy who is very dear to me. Her name is Chellamma. She is a widow living alone in her own house. The distance between Trichy and Thanjavur is hardly 60 kilometers and by bus it is about two hours only. My weekly holiday is Sunday. So whenever possible on Saturday evening I will go to her house in Trichy to stay there and return to Thanjavur by Sunday night or Monday morning. I liked staying with her because she will take good care of me. She will prepare good eatables and I enjoyed her cooking, which I found a welcome change to the poor hotel food I was taking on week days. Further I shared all my sexual desires with her and get masturbated by her hand. In fact she only taught me masturbation which I have narrated in this site under the title "MY AUNTY TAUGHT ME MASTURBATION".

Once on a Saturday evening I started for Trichy. It was in year 1992. At that time the famous KUMBAKONAM MAHAMAHAM FESTIVAL was taking place and so lot of pilgrims were coming and going through Thanjavur. So when I went to Thanjavur bus stand to catch a bus to Trichy I found a huge crowd there. I was perplexed and wondered whether I could board a bus there. The rush due to festival was too much and when each bus entered a mad pack of people simply rushed to enter the bus in every possible way unmindful of any concern for others. Even able bodied men found it very difficult to board the buses and the plight of ladies, children and elderly people was not at all mentionable.

I stood by the entrance gate hoping to make into any bus going to Trichy. I did not get lucky for considerable time because I could not show the brute strength to board a bus and so waited for some luck.

I noticed one lady of about 40 years also trying to get into some bus. She was not successful being a lady and further I saw she was carrying two huge bags in her both hands. Even with no luggage she had less chance to board a bus that day. Now today definitely with these impediments, she can never hope to enter a bus in that rush. She would run with her bags alongside any bus coming inside in an attempt to get in, and then unsuccessfully return to wait for the next one. I watched her pathetic attempts to get into the bus with some amusement and also felt pity at her plight.

The lady also noticed me waiting for sometime and she smiled at me. I was confused and kept quiet because I thought she smiled at me by some mistake. But she again smiled at me and I also smiled back at her. She was a total stranger to me so her smile baffled me. Then she came near me and asked "don't mistake me — are you going to Trichy?". I said "yes madam". She said "you do not have any luggage with you?". I said "no — but why do you ask?". She said "in that case can you kindly do me a help?". I said "please tell me". She said "I am also going to Trichy — I am not able to catch any bus — with these two bags I find it very difficult to run and enter a bus in this rush — so if you will kindly help me by carrying one bag I will get into the bus and later take the bag from you".

I hesitated because I felt in that rush it will be difficult for me also to get into any bus if I carried a big bag in my hand. But she looked at me with expectation and I could not bluntly say no. Seeing my hesitation she then sighed and said "it is alright — please forgive me for asking". She was about to leave when I said "no madam — I will help you — give me one bag". She smiled with relief and said "I do not know how to thank you — God will always bless you". I was touched by her sincere thanks and said "it is alright — after all we have to help each other — otherwise there is no purpose in our life". She again smiled and said "when I saw you I felt you are a real nice person from good family and felt you will help me if I asked you — now my feeling is correct and I thank Lord Vishnu for showing you to me today". I was bit embarrassed and said "no — please don't use big words — after all this is nothing". She said "no — before you I asked two or three men but they just did not care even to listen — so I must sincerely thank you".

Then she gave one bag to me and carried the other with her. I was a bit relieved because even though the bag was big and full it weighed tolerably only. Out of politeness I said "you please give me the other bag if that is heavier than this". She said "no — both contain clothes only — weight is mot much — only they are trouble because they are big and bulky".

We stood nearby and waited for our bus. She politely asked me about myself and I told my name and said I was employed in a company in Thanjavur and was going to Trichy to spend weekend with my aunty there. She said her name was Pankajam and she was married and living in Trichy with husband and children. She had come to her relative's house in Thanjavur and was returning to her place. We then chatted this and that for sometime.

After sometime a Trichy bound bus came. Fortunately some civic minded person had complained to transport authorities so an employee of the transport came and stood blocking entry into bus and people were asked to form queue. Even for this there was lot of pushing and pulling and we managed to stand in the queue, she first and me behind her. People boarded the bus through back entrance only with some orderliness and we were sure to get in.

Somehow again pandemonium started because that employee went away. Then people rushed into the bus through front entrance also and in a jiffy the queue was broken and again it became might is right. We had reached very close to the back entrance when this happened and somehow we managed to get inside jostling with everyone. In a minute the bus became jam-packed and there was no place for any last minute boarders like us to even stand properly. She stood holding the overhead bar and she was pushed tightly against the backrest of a seat and a side bar. I was just behind her pressed onto her back from every side. In each seat provided for two persons three sat crushing each other and we were just pressing hard on them with not an inch of free space to even move our limbs. In my entire life in many bus journeys I had not felt so much tightly compressed by human bodies from all sides.

She was holding a bar over her head and she stood somewhat leaning on some ladies who were sitting. I was just behind her with my entire body pressing behind her. In fact my navel was tightly pressed to her buttocks. I felt a little uneasiness with such close pressing on her body but I had really no other choice.

The conductor came and started giving tickets. Because he could not move inside the jam-packed bus to issue tickets, he stood outside the bus and through windows he issued tickets. She could not take and open her purse with one hand and the conductor got irritated and shouted at her to give him money quickly. So I told her "don't worry — I will buy two" and from conductor I purchased ticket for her also. She protested but I said "it is alright — in Trichy I will take the money". She thanked me very much for my kind gesture.

A little later the bus started its journey and the jerks and jolts caused me to repeatedly fall and press my body more on her. I felt a bit embarrassed and tried to make it as less as possible but practically I got plastered to her back. I could feel the heat of her buttocks on my lap and I will not say it was unwelcome to me. If she felt any embarrassment at least she did not show it to me. She knew I did not do so intentionally. Further I had helped her to get into bus by holding one bag for her and also purchased ticket for her when she could not open her purse and thereby saved her from the ire of the conductor. Perhaps she felt grateful to me for this and hence put up my pressing though definitely it should have caused her some embarrassment and anguish.

One of the women sitting in the seat saw me pressing myself tightly to the backside of Pankajam. This woman probably mistook my act and got offended for some reason and she said to me in a sharp voice "mister - go to front and stand — why you fall on that lady like this". I said defensively "where is place in front — show me and I will go". She said "if you press this lady like this how she will feel — don't you have any courtesy?". I got irritated and said "if you know courtesy then you give your seat to this lady to sit". The woman hotly said "I know what is courtesy — you don't teach me — only you don't know what it is - because if you know you will go to front without anyone telling you". I understood she wanted to provoke a fight with me so that others will notice it and come to her support. So I did not say anything to her further. Actually there was also no room for me to move to front and further I also secretly liked to keep my lap pressed onto Pankajam's buttocks. In fact I had rubbed my cock on her bums a few times when the bus jolted and I felt very nice doing it. So I did not want to move from her behind. I said to Pankajam "I feel bad about pressing you like this - but there is no space to move — that woman is unnecessarily suspecting me". She said soothingly "there is too much crowd — what you can do?". I felt somewhat better with her reply.

But that woman did not keep quiet and she loudly said to her neighbor "these people are just the same everywhere - look for a chance so that they can do dirty things on helpless ladies — how indecently he is pressing that lady — how bad she will feel — it is shame for her but she cannot do anything - there are no askers for these things". I knew her remark was aimed at me but I kept quiet because if I speak anything it will only increase her ire. The neighbor woman looked at me but kept quiet. The first woman somehow was irritated with me and wanted to make me go to front so she again said "conductor should order this fellow to move to front side". The neighbor woman then looked at Pankajam and asked "madam — he is pressing you very much — you should tell the conductor to move him to front". Pankajam then said "it is alright - he is known person only - we are both going to same place". The neighbor woman then said to first woman "see - they know each other — so leave it". Her words calmed the first woman and she kept quiet thereafter. I felt greatly relieved and I inwardly thanked Pankajam because now the bother from the quarreling woman stopped.

The distance between the two cities is only 60 kilometers but buses cannot go very fast because in the roads lot of bullock carts will come and further heaps of hay will be spread in the roads for drying. Normally the journey takes one and half hours or sometimes even two hours by ordinary buses. Our bus was ordinary one bound to a town by the name Musiri (another 50 kilometers beyond Trichy). Being jam-packed it was not stopping in way side villages and was going relatively fast. So we had about one and half hours travel to Tricy.

After sometime with the movement of the bus the crowd got adjusted and the pressing of bodies eased to some degrees. But I did not move away from Pankajam but now I did not press her that very hard as I did earlier. Also people in the bus started dozing as nothing else was there. People sitting or standing started to doze in whatever position they were. I noticed Pankajam was also trying to doze but every time she woke up when her head rolled to hit side pole in the bus close to which she was pressed standing.

I had been pressing myself on her back from the time we boarded the bus and now I noticed I was feeling heat of her buttocks on my lap. I had seen her closely when we waited for bus and I found she was middle aged with a round body. Now the heat of her bums was nicely felt by me and I liked it. So I pressed my crotch more tightly to her. Her heat entered my lap and my cock stirred and started to bulge and rise. I now pressed myself even more onto her bums and the press of her soft bums on my cock was very nice to me.

I found no one was giving any attention to us. So I got bolder and pressed my cock more firmly on her bums. It had raised halfway and was getting harder every second. Soon it was fully stiff and I pressed my cock to her buttocks still more firmly. I poked it on her bumcheek and made her to feel its beat on her buttocks. After sometime she understood what I was doing. She turned her neck and saw me. I met her eyes but immediately looked elsewhere and she turned away.

I was actually pressing my stiff penis on her bum and now I slightly shifted so that my cock started to poke into the cleft of her buttocks. She sensed this and slightly turned to move sideways from me. But I had got bolder by this time and so I just held the side bar with my right hand and pressed forward. Now she was tightly pressed to the side bar and could not move out. She had no moving space on any side and she had to put up with the relentless pressure of my body on her and my cock simply housed itself in her buttocks cleft.

I was keeping nice pressure on her cleft and the jerking movement of the bus added to repeatedly poke my penis on her shithole. She should have definitely felt anguish now because previously my pressing was only accidental but now it was deliberate and growing bold every minute. She could not do anything to avoid it as I had deliberately pushed and locked her to a tight position for my purpose.

For travel I had worn a very loose fitting underwear and a dhoti. Because the underwear was very loose my cock had maximum space inside my dress, and it now was in full size erection. So it was now raising and falling and giving drum beat on her buttocks.

She again turned and looked at me. This time I met her look without averting my eyes. We steadily looked at each other and after a few seconds she opened her mouth to say something but changed her mind and turned away. Probably she did not want to expose and embarrass me before the others because I had helped her to get into the bus. Her inaction made me more bold and now I really drilled my cock into her buttocks. I was getting very much exhilarated and my cock become rock hard and poked more into the cleft of her bums.

With my right hand I was holding the side bar so that she cannot move away and in my left hand I was holding her bag. I just dropped the bag and it settled on the floor of the bus getting locked between our legs. With my free left hand I caught the bar on the back rest of the seat on which she was leaning very much. Now I had locked her in position with my two hands and unless she literally pushed me away she had no moving room. Now my left hand was also at her hip level and my fingers lightly touched her hip. After ensuring no one was observing, I tickled her hip with my thumb. At the sametime I gave a hard press on her bum and gave a twitch to my cock which was felt by her. My action brought a sudden tightness in her which I could notice. She in drew her buttocks and I felt her bums becoming taut.

Now she unmistakably understood my desire. She again turned and saw me. I lightly smiled at her. She frowned a little but she did not say or do anything. She once again turned her face and a little later I noticed she had relaxed and her buttocks once again felt supple against my cock. I knew she did not like this but did not also want to create any scene. So I became more bolder and while beating her bums with my cock I also lightly tickled her hips a few times.

This has been going on for sometime and I was getting nice enjoyment but that was not enough for me. Simply pressing my hot cock to her buttocks or tickling her hip did not satisfy me. I very much wanted to bang my cock on her bum but it was not possible. I tried to extend my finger and touch her navel but she had tightly pressed herself to the seat's backrest bar and my fingers did not get room.

So with my right hand holding the side bar I exerted pressure and pushed her slightly to my left. Because of the pressure she slightly moved and now her crotch was within my finger's reach.

A little later I extended my thumb and poked it into her crotch. She jerked a bit but kept quiet. I tickled her crotch lightly slightly above her cunt. I could feel her pubic hair beneath her sari and I was elated. Now my cock started to give more twitches and I telegraphed my heat through her bums. In fact I could be as well fucking in her ass for what I did.

But these things did not satisfy me. I was in maximum tightness in my loins by now but there was no way for a climax. I tried to move sideways and rub my cock on her bums. Though I did it a few times, the vigorous movement which was needed by me to reach orgasm was not possible. I was not also able to forcefully bang my cock on her buttocks to reach orgasm. My left hand fingers could only touch a little above her cunt and it was not possible to lower my hand and rub her cunt. She was tightly pressing her left thigh to the backrest of the seat on which she was leaning and so I could not insert my finger any below to touch her cunt. So I had to be content with what I was able to do and it only increased my frustration in not getting to climax.

If she understood my frustration she did not do anything to help me and I was feeling more frustrated. Then the bus suddenly braked and all were thrown to front and again moved to position when the bus started running. Now my fingers found some gap between her thigh and the backrest. I lowered my left hand a bit and positioned it correctly. Then I slowly extended my finger and touched her cunt. She tightly pressed her thigh to the backrest and my fingers were nearly crushed so I took my hand away. I tried once again after a few minutes and found there was no room as she was now pressing her thigh tightly to the backrest. So I again gripped the bar of the seat and started to tickle her hip.

May be I did this for about half an hour and finding no way to improve it to my liking I lost interest. Now though I pressed my cock on her buttocks and tickled her hip with my fingers, I did it only with half hearted fashion and my cock also became less stiff now.

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