Fantastic Foursome

by Cleanshaven

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, True Story, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A true story about a man who introduces his girlfriend to another girl and her husband. Both couples spend a wild night together sucking, fucking and licking.

During the '90s, I had a wonderful relationship with a girl named Bonnie. She was not beautiful like a fashion model, but she was incredibly cute. Bonnie was 5'2" tall with curly black hair, nice tits and a great figure. And when she walked, she had a wiggle in her hips that drove me absolutely wild. It wasn't anything that was affected or intentional; it was just the way she walked. It reminded me of a snake the way that her hips gently swayed back and forth. I would get a hard-on just watching her walk in front me. Bonnie had a winning personality that made people around her very comfortable. She was kind, generous, and thoughtful and she loved to fuck and give head! In addition to all that, we were both bisexual or at least inclined to be bisexual.

Bonnie was sexually experienced and told me about times in the past when she would join her girlfriends and their boyfriends/husbands for orgies at someone's house. She said that there were several times when she would be straddling a guy who was fucking her while she sucked another guy's cock or she would take a man in her cunt and her ass at the same time. Of course, these tales always got me supercharged and I always jacked-off as she related the details to me.

I had sucked a few cocks before, but Bonnie had never had the opportunity to be with a woman and she said that it was her biggest fantasy. She said that she wanted to approach her girlfriends for some girl/girl sex, but she was afraid that they would reject her. So I always stayed on the lookout for a woman that might be a suitable sex partner for her and me.

I did know one girl named Sara whom I had dated in the past. Sara was 5' tall with reddish-blonde hair and had a great figure with huge tits. She also loved to fuck and she gave me one of the best blowjobs of my life. She had a special technique where she would twist her head back and forth as she bobbed up and down on my cock and the effect was like sticking my cock in a rotating WetVac. She also confided in me one time that she had fantasies of having sex with her sister. Hmm ... maybe? Could she be the one?

I worked in a nightclub as a piano player and I called Sara to invite her to the club so she could meet Bonnie. When the girls did meet, they got along famously like they had been friends for years. We invited her back to my house for cocktails and swimming after work. Although Sara had no bathing suit, she was comfortable going into the pool naked with us. Good sign! During the course of the evening, Bonnie confided in Sara that she was bisexual and that she wanted to make love to woman. Sara relayed the same information to Bonnie and so the stage was set.

We went back to the living room and the girls started caressing each other on a futon as I sat on the couch and stroked my cock. Then Bonnie spread Sara's legs and finally got to eat her first pussy! Without coaching, she knew exactly what to do and she brought Sara to a gut-wrenching orgasm. Then they traded places and Sara returned the favor. I was in hog heaven as I watched the girls kiss and suck each others' nipples. Soon I joined the act and got down on the futon to first eat Bonnie's pussy, then Sara's pussy. After bringing them both to orgasms, they realized that I hadn't cum yet. So just like in a porn movie, the girls took turns sucking and licking my cock and balls until I blasted globs of white spunk all over both of them!

We sat on the living room floor drinking wine and talking about the events that we had just experienced. The girls sat with their legs propped up and spread wide so I was able to look into their gaping pussies. Man, I felt just like Hugh Hefner! During our conversation, Sara said that she would love to see her boyfriend and me suck each others' cocks (she didn't know yet that I was bi and had done that before). I shared fleeting glances with Bonnie as I explained that I would be nervous sucking a man's cock, but I said that if that was what Sara wanted, I would try to accommodate her. I asked her about her boyfriend, Ron, to find out where he was sexually. She said that he was as straight as an arrow, but she believed that under the right circumstances, he could be persuaded. I've always maintained that any man, no matter how straight he claims to be, when placed in a situation that is safe and discrete, will put anything in his mouth; including another guy's cock. Can I get an Amen! Sara also mentioned that Ron was well-hung with an 8-inch cock. Good enough for me. We made plans to have dinner at my house the next week with Ron included.

On the appointed evening, Sara and Ron showed up and Bonnie cooked a wonderful steak dinner. Ron was not very sociable, but I tried my best to engage him in conversation. I was hoping that he was kind of shy and not just stupid. We had many glasses of wine during dinner and eventually Ron started to loosen up. Then the girls suggested that we all go skinny-dipping in the pool. Ron was initially apprehensive, but I'm sure that he was interested in seeing Bonnie naked and his curiosity eventually got the best of him. The girls got things started by stripping down and jumping in the pool then Ron and I slowly disrobed in front of each other. I feigned embarrassment to make him feel comfortable, but I stated that this was, after all, what the girls wanted.

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