Gentling Sine

by Tigerseye

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, True Story, Oral Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Sine and Cole finally come together, but only after Cole helps Sine overcome her haunted past.

Dear reader, this is the second story to a four-piece tale. I would suggest you read "Ivy's Aphrodisiac" first to get to know the character in "Gentling Sine". I already have the second two stories mapped out in my head, but due to life, it may be a while until I can post them. I hope you enjoy Sine and Cole's story as well as Ivy and Nikolai's. Thanks for reading! Tigerseye

Sine Devi closed her almond shaped violet eyes; inhaled the heady aroma of her ranch and feels immediately at peace with her life. The sweet fragrance of freshly cut hay and the stronger scent of the horses always helped in creating the homey feeling Sine strived for. Her life had not always been as free as this. In the past, her life was a special kind of hell thanks to her father and she tried hard to forget all of tortures she was forced to live through.

Sine loved this time of year, when dense fog blanketed the peaks of the mountains that cradled her ranch, signaling the snow that will soon come and make everything clean and fresh. The trees around her sprawling ranch and through the mountains were starting to show off their brighter side in crimsons, golds, and saffrons. Best of all Sine loved knowing that most of her mares were carrying the next generation of prized Friesians.

The weather was turning cooler and the ripened apples from the orchard could be scented in the gentle breeze that combs its fingers through Sine's wavy fiery red hair. She stood next to the corral watching her prized Friesian stallion as Luc Garrett, her ranch supervisor and ex-bull rider champion, cooled him off from the long run he had taken him on.

Sine counted her blessings where Luc was concerned. She was on the verge of loosing the ranch when he came to her looking for work. His qualifications were overwhelming and if she was honest with herself, she knew that he could easily start his own breeding ranch and do just fine without her. People from all countries came to her ranch to buy breeding rights and lay claim to unborn foals. All of this because of the quick minded man cooing to the huge beast in the ring.

She watched as Luc walked with a slight limp around the corral and as he pulled the lead tighter and brought the midnight beauty to a stand still. Black Majic came to Hyde Friesian Ranch five years ago from an elderly couple in Europe. It had taken many late night phone calls, emails, and tears before her dream of finally owning the glossy stallion came true.

Majic stood sixteen and a half hands tall and was made of pure muscle. Watching him run always sent shivers down Sine's spine. The glossy black of his coat rippled as the hardened muscle moved under his exertion. His wavy main and tale reminded her of her own hair, only black and with a slight feathery appearance. This was the horse that people came looking for when they wanted purity that guaranteed a winning bloodline and he had been a busy boy this year.

Sine placed one boot-encased foot on the bottom rail and pulled her tall body up, so that she could sit on the top bar and watch Luc work Majic. There were only a handful of men that Sine was willing to be alone with and Luc was one of them. She guessed him to stand about two inches over six feet, if she used Majic as a ruler and just over two hundred pounds. As big as Luc was, Sine knew without a doubt his gentle side is what allowed him to calm even the most skittish of creatures.

Taking in the view before her, Sine could admit that Luc was as much of a stud as the horse he was handling. His white sweat soaked t-shirt was stretched and sticking to his ebony torso as he moved with the horse. Letting her eyes travel down further, she smiled and shook her head at the sight of his jeans. The man had a killer ass, but his pants always sported holes in places there should not be holes. One hole in the back was just below the crease between his dark muscled thigh and his flexing butt, causing his flesh to give tantalizing glances of what was hid beneath the dirty jeans.

The man carried himself in a way that lesser men would give him wide berth and stupider men would quickly learn to follow their lead. His closely cropped black hair held the tight curls that most African-American are blessed with and Sine could only dream of her own hair being tamed so easily. Sine knew that Luc was a danger to men, but good God he was more than lethal to a woman's heart. She had witnessed many women fall for his icy blue eyes and work toned body, but she had only seen him fall once for a woman. However, that topic was off-limits to everyone who valued his or her own life.

Luc must have felt Sine's violet eyes boring a hole through his back, because he chose that moment to turn his cerulean eyes on her and grace her with his wide brilliant smile. "You staren' at my ass again boss?" His southern timber teasing her, as the sun induced lines at the corners of his eyes deepened.

"You wish. I was just thinkin' that maybe I don't pay you enough. Seen as how you can't afford to buy yourself pants without holes in them." She laughed as she jumped to the ground and approached the sun kissed pair.

"Uh huh. Sure that what you were thinkin'. What would that boyfriend of yours say if he knew that you were ogling my stragically placed holes." Luc's blue eyes brightened as he watched a blush rise from Sine's chest and spread to her face.

Sine felt her face flame with self-conscious heat at the mention of Cole. "He's not my boyfriend Luc. He's not my anything, so keep you ideas and your strategically placed holes to yourself." She snapped in frustrated embarrassment.

Luc immediately regretted the teasing remarks and tried to calm Sine. "Okay, okay. You know I don't mean nothin' by it. Besides I'm just a simple ranch hand, what the hell do I know?" He busied himself with Majic's harness as he spoke.

Sine knew that she had no cause to snap at Luc and besides she was angrier with herself for not being brave enough to go after Cole the way she wanted to. "No, I sorry Luc." She sighed as she placed a forgiving hand to his sun-warmed arm. "I shouldn't have snapped at you. I'm just feeling a little ... I don't know." She laughed bitterly. "I don't know what my problem is." She confided dejectedly.

Luc slipped one of his strong arms around her thin waist caringly and led her to the gate as Majic's heavy footsteps thumped behind them. "We both know what's been eaten at you. It's the same thing that been buggin' Cole and I think it's time one of you take the first step and put the other one outa' their misery."

Sine looked at Luc out of the corner of her eyes as he spoke and noticed him looking at the ground as he called her bluff. "You shouldn't be talking so openly with me Luc. I am your boss you know." She said as a smile curved her full pink lips and a sparkle crept into her eyes.

At that, Luc threw back his dark head and gave a deep laugh as he turned to look down at Sine. "Boss my ass. More like pain-in-the-ass little sister." He said as he tugged on Sine's flowing red hair.

Sine tried to look shocked as she looked up at him, but in the end couldn't hold back the laughter bubbling up from her throat. "I should have known you would try to out grow your position here." She teased as she slipped one of her slender arms around his thick middle. "I am lucky to have you here. I hope you know how much I appreciate you being in my life. And to be honest, I like the idea of having you as an older brother. A much older brother." Sine laughed even harder at the shocked look on Luc's chiseled face and jumped back from him when his arm lifted to swat at her.

Luc growled playfully at Sine and landed a hard smack on her backside as she jumped from him. "You jus' wait'll I get Majic set up. I show you what older brothers do to their bratty little sisters when they tease em'." His smile broadened, making him appear younger and more carefree.

Sine turned quickly from a laughing Luc, holding her stinging backside and ran into what felt like a brick wall, which caused her to sprawl out onto her smarting bottom. Sine brought her hand up to shade her eyes as she tried to look into the face of the man she ran into. Her smile quickly fled as she looked into the anger-hardened planes of Cole face.

Cole could hardly believe his eyes when he pulled up the drive of the Hyde Friesian Ranch. The woman he couldn't get alone to save his life, stood next to her fucking foreman and fucking flirting. He felt the blood in his veins boil when he watched the other man put his arm around Sine and had to fight off the urge to kill when the dust and sweat covered cowboy actually slapped Sine's little ass.

"You two seem awfully familiar with each other. Do you always manhandle your boss Garrett?" Cole gritted out at Luc, as his smoky-gray eyes turned as black as Majic's beautiful coat.

Sine slapped her hand down into the dust she was sitting in and stared in shock at Cole's arrogant tone. "Don't you take that rude tone with Luc, we didn't do anything wrong. Besides, it's not as if either one of us spoken for or anything. If he wants to manhandle me than I do believe it's my decision to tell him to stop or not." Sine stood and backed up until she press her back against Luc's sweat covered chest.

"Sine..." Luc and Cole warned at the same time in low voices. Both men knew she had just made a bad move. Only for different reasons. Luc liked Cole and knew that he loved Sine, so he would never intentionally step between them. Cole on the other hand was making sure that he established his possession of Sine and he did not intend to let another man come between them.

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