by Sven the Elder

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, True Story, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Sven's longtime friend becomes much more.

And so we met, she and I - having talked so long and met only with others present in the past - now it was just we two.

Inside the door we gave each other a hug and she sighed contentedly happy to just stand with our arms round each other - savouring the moment. We kissed affectionately. "Coffee?" she asked, but no move away was made. We kissed again, more urgently this time, tongues slipping between lips, lips being savoured, hands slipping down and pulling each other closer. Still saying nothing more we broke apart a little and she half turned and nestled back into me, her hands holding mine, which were now clasped across her front. I rubbed gently then moved up and lovingly caressed her bra-less pendulous breasts. Pendulous maybe, beautifully proportioned certainly, delicious and ready to be suckled definitely. As I cupped them she sighed again and tilted her head back to kiss me. She moved one hand down and cupped my hardness tenderly, rubbing it, making it even harder than it was, not that I thought that possible.

Turning again to face me she kissed me with more urgency as I answered the earlier question with "Perhaps later."

"Just a moment then," was her response and she disappeared into the bathroom.

Moments later she came back out to find me still stood waiting. I was shooed into the bedroom, top sheet of the waterbed already turned down. She pushed me back to sit on a blanket chest, more on her level. I ran my hands up her bare legs below the woollen shirt. Finding no knickers in the way I was able to caress her lovely cheeks, savouring them, cuddling them as I pulled her back towards me. Then I tried to undo her shirt buttons but my trembling fingers refused to cooperate leaving me unable to undress her. She did it for me, now standing in front of me quite unselfconsciously. I took one of her already hard nipples and suckled it delicately, my hands once again holding her backside -- feeling her tremble as I now nibbled her teat.

She pulled my t-shirt over my head and then urged me upright to unbuckle my jeans and ease them down. My shorts were eased over my hardness as she knelt down in front of me. She kissed the precum from the tip then licked it gently with her tongue before wrapping her lips round the cap as she pulled the foreskin back to let her do so. She released him and blew gently on the wetness she had left behind. "He's so lovely...

and big...

and proud...

and ready!"

Each phrase punctuated by a another slurp, each slurp taking him deeper until at the end her lips were round the base amongst my pubic hair, the tip touching the back of her throat. I marvelled at that. Few had ever been able to do it to me but now she had easily, and was obviously basking in the pleasure of the moment as I caressed her hair - moving with her as her head bobbed to the act of homage she was performing.

Reluctantly I stopped what she was doing; "Not yet, lover, this time it belongs elsewhere"

She stopped and moved towards the bed - "in the middle," she said, then "which way up?"

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