Abstract Nothings

by SpidaGirl

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Desc: True Story: Another commentary on life

Part 1: Charlotte and Josh

Life is a journey of unpredictable occurrences and yet it also harbours the tendency of repetition and the stark reality of being ordinary. Miracles and phenomenon are extremely rare; even more rare it is to be the witness of true love. Luck has never been on my side — it is often battling against me — and yet I am able to observe this rare miracle of love everyday — in all of its beauty and chaos. The aura of true love emanates radiantly from the two I know as Charlotte and Josh. To say that age doesn't matter has never truly appealed to me — I have often disputed it as if to say so was derogatory. Contradictory to my beliefs, I have come to see that the exhaustive, unwavering and often argumentative feelings we know to be true love can in fact exist in a couple of 15 and 16.

Love is extraordinary; it can connect between two completely opposite people — thriving vigorously for all to see. However, love tends to act like a candle — the flame burns strong for a while and then eventually falters. In this case, the flame is stronger than ever- it battles against the odds in an attempt to stay alive, but only time itself can decide whether or not their love will wane in the years to come. Every night there seems to be senseless arguments erupting between them almost as if they were bound together by the law — yes I am referring to a married couple. However, regardless of their pathetic attempts to remain angry or irritated by each other, their fairytale love is so overwhelmingly evident that it simply takes swift moments for them to return to their state of 'togetherness'. Rare is the moment that I extend a bounty of hope to others, but for this astounding couple — almost surreal couple — I extend no less than all that I have to give for I truly do hope that their love lasts 'forever, ' because the way I see it — if they can't make it then the rest of us are lost. Nevertheless, I must acknowledge the fact that they are indeed children, their entire lives are ahead of them and although they have found something so precious in each other's company, people have a way of changing when you least expect them to.

Part 2

The 14th of February or better well known as valentines day is a ridiculous occasion where boyfriends and girlfriends, husbands and wives and all around couples splurge on meaningless gifts and overpriced dinners; whilst the single population drown in the reality of being alone. SINGLE AWARENESS DAY is the alternative and more accurate name for such a day.

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