by Danny January

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Desc: Sex Story: Danny January answers a few science questions from a student and ends up providing much more detailed instructions than he ever planned.

This whole thing started several years ago. We have all moved and I asked the others' permission to write this, and they actually helped. I changed the names and all that. I also condensed some of the story to make it easier to read. This story covers only about 3 days while the actual events took place over a two week period. I was reminiscing the other day and decided to write it down and later, I decided to post it so you could enjoy the story and perhaps be a little jealous, I guess. I've written two endings, the actual ending and the real ending. I'll guess that you would enjoy the fantasy ending more. Sometimes, I wish I would have followed the course of the fantasy ending instead. It could have easily gone that way. But I'm a pretty happy guy now so, no regrets.

I'm Daniel January, also known as Mr. Dan, Dr. J, or Danny. I wasn't a doctor and most of the kids don't know who the real Dr. J was. Danny worked just fine for me. I don't like to stand on formalities and my kids usually pay the proper respect so Danny works. When we are out, they all called me Mr. Dan. I was a school teacher at a small private school in the south. I taught science to 7th, 8th and 9th grade kids. And math to 7th graders. The two older grades learned earth and then physical science but the 7th graders got my favorite, life science. Each class was small with 18-22 kids and the whole school only had around 300 kids so you got to know everyone pretty well.

Some of the kids came from broken homes. They spent a week with mom and a week with dad or maybe their grandparents raised them. Some of them had never met their fathers. That was the case with Elena Landry, Lani to her friends. She came to us a few days into a new school year. I had talked with Lori, her mom, briefly - to get the circumstances and find out if there were any special needs or accommodations. Lani had been held back a grade when she was very young and I needed to be sensitive of her age since it can be embarrassing and Lani had never met her father.

Now that she was 14, Lori was concerned about the lack of a father figure in her life. Lori was very young at only 31 but she was doing her best by her only child. She told me part of the reason she was coming to this school was because of me. A friend of hers had a kid in our school and she talked me up as a positive influence. A lot of schools don't have male teachers below the high school level. It's tough enough to make ends meet on a public high school teacher's pay. I was earning a lot less but have investments in stocks and real estate, purchased with inheritance money that allowed me to do what I like. Lani's mom, Lori, asked me take the role of father or big brother as best I could and I agreed. It comes with the territory. I liked her and it didn't hurt that she was pretty and only a year older than me.

Lani usually got pretty good grades, working hard for As and Bs came easily and she was always on the honor roll, something she took pride in. She was about 5' 4" and maybe 95 lbs, with fine blonde hair, fair skin and light blue eyes. She went to the beach often enough so that she seemed to have a perpetual tan and it looked nice on her. She has a pretty smile. It was easy to tell she had a lot going for her even without a dad at home and that is no small feat.

The school year was progressing normally, a good year, in fact, with pretty good students that got along together well. Each year at the end of winter, the school has a fundraiser and when it's over, the whole school celebrates with a fun field trip. Lani had been ill for a week at the end of the fundraiser and stayed back from the school-wide celebration. About 8 other kids stayed back for various reasons and this year it was my turn to stay on campus with them. Lani had some make-up work to do and we spent most of the day outside at picnic tables while younger kids played. I was grading papers on external fertilization in animals. The next section was on internal fertilization and that was kind of a crazy section. I always worried that someone would ask a touchy subject question. "Danny, what's a clitoris?" or "What are multiple orgasms?" With middle school kids, you never knew. Some of them were very sophisticated and some were wonderfully naïve. Most didn't want to ask those kinds of questions for fear of looking stupid.

Lani had been working on catching up in life science and she not only caught up but passed the rest of the kids with one question that almost came out of the blue. The study of sexual reproduction in animals must have got her thinking.

"Danny, I have a question", she said and waited for me to come to a stopping point.

I made two more marks and set the paper down.

"OK, Lani. Stump me", a challenge I always presented knowing that if they ever did, I would have to get back into the books.

"What's an erection?" she asked without looking up from her book. I wasn't even sure I hear her correctly. I looked around to make sure younger kids weren't close enough to hear and asked her to repeat the question.

"What's an erection? Is it the same thing as a boner?" she asked, this time looking right at me.

"Yes." I answered intelligently and then I thought about it a minute.

"Lani, do you realize the nature of the question you're asking me?" I wanted to be sure she knew where this was going.

"Yeah. I know. I just want to know how animals do it. Is it the same way people do it? I mean does the guy just stick it in, they hump around a bit and then the female gets pregnant? That's pretty much it, isn't it?" she asked again ever so nonchalant.

I looked at her, dumbfounded. How do you answer a question like that? I mean, really. How do you answer that without getting in trouble? Every now and then I'll get a call from a parent asking if I really said something in class. It's tough to know just where the boundaries are in middle school. You need to be a little on the edge just to keep their attention. I decided to answer pretty much like I always do, as honestly as possible.

"Yup. That's about it. The male gets an erection, the female presents herself, the male penetrates her and deposits sperm that will work their way to her egg and she'll get pregnant. The female doesn't always get pregnant but that's the basic process." I said it with an academic voice and a straight face and watched to see if she understood and the answer was what she was hoping for. Apparently it was.

"That's what I thought", she said and went back to her reading. For all of about two minutes.

"How do you get one?" she asked. Now I was really off guard.

"How do you get one what, Lani?"

"An erection. How does a guy get an erection? Does he just decide to get one or does it just happen at the right time or what? How does he know if he has one? I mean, animals don't have clothes on and they know, but how do guys know if they have one?" She looked right at me as though she had asked a question about geology or algebra, without the slightest hint of embarrassment or mischief.

This is where I could get into big trouble, I thought. I just looked back at her for a few moments. Answering these type of questions could get me fired or worse if I did it wrong. I didn't think she was trying to find a way to get me in trouble. Not that kind of kid. Maybe she simply wants to know and has no one else.

"This seems like the kind of question you should ask your mom, don't you think?" I asked expecting her to agree.

"No. My mom's not a guy, silly. How's she supposed to know? This is what I'm supposed to ask my dad, which, I obviously can't do." She smiled just a little and she sort of prompted me with her eyes. She could tell I was uncomfortable.

"All right. I can't believe I'm going to answer this. Here goes. I can't tell you about animals. I know I'm the science teacher but animal erections are not something the average guys studies. I can talk about guys. Men."

"OK, she said, "how do you get an erection and how long does it last or do you have to have sex to make it go away?" she asked and for the first time I saw a bit of a twinkle in her eye. She knew what she was doing.

"Guys are pretty visual," I answered, trying my best to be factual. The problem was, I was getting an erection as we talked. She was 14 and small but her breasts were developing nicely and stretching the fabric of a slightly too small polo shirt and she had such a wonderful smile on such a beautiful face. I'd noticed all this before but not while talking about sexual reproduction in animals.

"Almost anything sexual can start a guy to have an erection. Sometimes it just lasts for a little while and sometimes it lasts a long time. It depends on what is going on. Different guys respond differently to stimulation. Visual stimulation, I mean."

I hoped that satisfied her curiosity but then part of me was beginning to enjoy this. She was discrete and she was enjoying it too. She had pulled me into this and now, well, now I was just in it. I decided to go with it as long or far as it went. We were out in the open with plenty of witnesses but no one to hear us. What could go wrong?

"Well ... what stimulates you?" she asked and she actually pushed her beautiful blonde hair back to expose her wonderful little neck and now her lips were kind of pouting as she smiled. If she could look under the picnic table she would have the answer to that question already. I had a raging hard-on for this teen.

"That's a pretty personal question, Lani. Each guy is different. Some guys are attracted to pretty smiles or long legs and some guys just like nice breasts." Some guys - I hope she caught that I wasn't going to tell her about me.

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