Emma's Awakening

by docBlue2

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, True Story, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: An wet and wild amusement ride leaves Emma quite exposed. The events stimulates her and her husband into other daring dates. When a policeman stumbles upon them, Emma and her emotions twist and turn in the wind.

My wife Emma and I have a very close and loving relationship in our fifteen-year marriage. We have raised beautiful children and built a nice home for ourselves. I have always been in awe of Emma's beautiful face and extremely curvy body. At forty-one years of age she remains a beauty.

Emma has always been very conservative, yet stylish, with her wardrobe. I would catch men looking at her and was aware of how much more looking would happen if she dressed the way many younger woman having figure likes hers seemed to dress. This was fine with me; she was my little secret treasure.

A very innocent event that occurred while our family was on a weekend getaway seemed to be the impetus for change in both her conservative nature and my desire to keep it that way.

After a long hot day at an amusement park in eastern Pennsylvania, the family was ripe to take in some water rides in the park. The long lines for these particular rides made the amusement even more refreshing once we were able to get on. We found that the heat of the day steered us more towards the wet rides.

I had encouraged Emma to wear a bathing suit under her clothes in case we decided to bring our children to the Watergrounds, an area of the park where all the rides you were expected to get a good soaking. She declined because she was not as comfortable wearing her suit under her clothes all day and figured she would just stay clear of most of those rides anyway. So she wore cotton shorts and a sleeveless cotton shirt over a summer bra and light panties. As the day wore on the rides escalated in height and spray, I indicated to Emma that she might get wetter than anticipated. I was thinking mostly about what her tan colored blouse might show. I didn't think she really understood my concerns because she was always a bit oblivious of her own beauty and this time was no different.

Well, we all got on a ride call the Typhoon. We were the lucky group who sat in the front seat of the car, having three rows of four people in total. As we stepped into the row we realized that the seats were very wet. We exchanged knowing glances as we realized this was going to be a very wet experience. The ride was not very exhilarating in the beginning. I was thinking that maybe we should have taken a roller coaster instead, but as the trip progressed there were four or five places where streams of water hit the car and startled us. Suddenly the car went under a waterfall. Emma came out looking liked a drowned rat just before the ride sent us down a fifty foot drop where the water swelled up against the sides of the tunnel and dropped down on the inhabitants of the car, absolutely drenching all aboard.

When we came to a stop, Emma was the last to get out. I looked back at her and I thought I was looking at a contestant from a wet T-shirt contest. Her tan blouse was plastered against her skin. Her very sheer bra was almost invisible, framing her tits quite nicely. I looked around to see what I could find to her to cover up, but found nothing. We made our way off the ride coming out onto a landing on the way to the exit. As we came down the steps I noticed a few men who had been watching the people come off the ride point in our direction.

My eyes shifted in the direction of their view where I found my wife holding her hands in the air looking down at her clothes. By the expression on her face she realized her nipples were protruding, but I don't think she realized that the shirt was see-through at this point. She did notice the men looking at her and shook her head as if to say, 'Can you believe how wet we got?'

I looked over at the two guys most notably staring, looked back at my wife's tits, showing clearly through her top, and shook my head as if to say, 'Yep, those are her tits, what can I do?' And in reality, there was very little that I could do?

Emma looked at the two men again, turned and came up to me saying, "I think I'm showing a little too much."

"No, you're showing everything Emma." I responded.

"You can't see that much, it's just that my nipples are..." Click! I took a quick picture with my cell phone camera.

"Take a look." I said quickly playing it back.

"Oh my God!" She stared at the image in amazement. "I'm completely..."

"Yes you are! I'm not sure what we can do about it though because we don't have anything to dry off or cover you with, we're all wet too."

The kids, oblivious to any of our concerns, continued to rollick in the wet spray, as they exited through a tunnel that blasted water at them. It was here that Emma surprised me. Maybe because there was nothing she could really do, or maybe because she found it suddenly titillating, she stood in front of each and every one of the water blasters, letting her body become more saturated.

The two guys from the landing had made their way to the far end of the tunnel, enjoying Emma's little show as we exited. Two more men, waiting for their kids outside, suddenly stopped short and stared as Emma came out of the tunnel, her arms above her head, shaking the water our of her hair. I'm sure they had seen some nice skin that day, but I noticed that most women had a swimsuit on beneath their clothes or openly wore a bikini top; sexy, but not see through. Yet here was Emma, arms raised, dark nipples centering her uplifted and very visible tits. All she need to do was shake them left and right and it would be no different than watching her in a topless bar.

"Wow!" I said with a laugh, scanning down Emma's blouse. "I never thought I'd see you like that in public! We'd better find a place to dry." I added as she and the kids, followed behind.

It took us about five-minutes to find a place to sit down in the sun. During that walk many men and women took in the site of my wife's wet see through shirt. I found myself semi erect at this thought. Though I had always kept Emma's assets well hidden, there was something about my wife being looked at this way that now aroused me. I found out that night during a particularly satisfying night of sex in our room at the hotel (yes, the kids had their own room!) the episode had aroused Emma as well.

It wasn't until some weeks later that Emma and I discussed the event. It was a warm summer night and it had just started to rain. Emma had on a very light sleeveless shirt over a sheer bra. We were home alone together and I suggested she come outside to our backyard and stand in the light drizzle with me to be refreshed.

She joined me in the light rain drizzle. The yard was quiet, no birds or squirrels. All three of the neighbor's homes visible from our yard showed no sign of life in their yards or in the darkened windows. It made us feel as if we were the only people in that part of town.

There is something exciting about that feeling of being alone, but not entirely sure we were really alone stirred ones hormones. I was holding Emma's hand and could tell something stirred in her as well. The rain was now falling harder and Emm's shirt began to have that wet T-shirt look to it.

"Emma, you're starting to look like you did that day at the amusement park. Unfortunately for us, I am just a crowd of one tonight." I commented playfully.

She must've liked the idea because she put her arms up and let the rain fall on her face and chest as it came down harder.

"I have to admit you turned me on that day." I said.

"I have to admit that I was very turned on too." She replied bashfully.

"I thought you'd be a bit panicked about being out in public like that." I continued.

"I thought so too, but for some reason it was very exciting. I felt like a temptress or a dancer at one of those clubs. The way people were staring so!" Then she surprised me and put her hands to her chest, swayed her hips, and danced subtly as if she were onstage in her wet shirt.

"I guess you didn't mind?" I added, mildly surprised.

"I know you didn't mind." She smiled bashfully. "But yeah, I enjoyed it too." She giggled. She stopped dancing and looked at me a little more seriously, "The way those men were staring." Emma stared off into the quiet empty yard. "I mean, I felt like they were raping me with their minds the way they looked at me.

I noticed that Emma was subtly squeezing her breasts. Then she shook her head as if she were clearing the though, "I'm sorry I didn't prepare for that trip better. I would NEVER do that on purpose!"

"Actually, I saw you in a new way, Emma. And I I liked it a lot. I must admit. It excited me. You're a very sexy woman. I'm not asking for you to be a topless dancer", though the imagery was appealing, "but maybe we can be a little more daring." I figured I'd try a little push in that direction while the karma was still good.

"What did you have in mind?" She leaned forward and nudged her forehead against my chest.

"Well, like now for instance. Would you take off your shirt?" I said daringly.

"Out here in the backyard?" Emma's voice was loud with surprise. "Paulie!" She yelped. "Not out here. Someone might see."

"There's no one here to see anything." I said quietly but expectantly.

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