The Dinner Party
Chapter 2: After Dinner Adventures

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, True Story, Zoophilia, Incest, Interracial,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 2: After Dinner Adventures - A dinner party set in Harare, Zimbabwe, where white female guests comprise the desert course!


Sally Harkness looked up from speculating how her youngest daughter was fairing with Igwe's notorious eleven inch cock. There was an army sergeant standing to attention near the entrance to the room.

'Hmm, now that looks like a real brute of a man, ' she thought.


"The lady who prepared the meal has asked me to request you come to the kitchen."

Sally was annoyed and irritated that her reverie should be disturbed over some minor domestic matter, but she could hardly expect the Military Attaché to deal with such matters. She wondered at the lack of organisation of the French embassy staff that resulted in her advice being sought. It really did not make any sense at all.

"Just what is the problem?" she asked.

The army sergeant looked confused. Sally sighed and stood. Excusing herself she walked out of the room. She shivered as she past the sergeant. He was like a gorilla, with big muscular arms, and legs that could have been tree trunks. She pulled her thoughts together and tried not to think of the muscle dangling between his legs behind those army shorts. Then she realised she did not know where the kitchens were.

She turned to the sergeant in time to see the lust on his face as he looked her over. Her nipples hardened virtually instantly at the recognition that this brute of a man was lusting after her.

"Where are the kitchens?" she asked, regretting the way the army sergeant's face had quickly resumed its bland passive immobility. She much preferred to see the open lust that seemed so easily to show on the faces of African men.

"Follow me, ma'am," the soldier bowed and moved past Sally. She followed, regretting that army shorts did not fit more tightly. As she walked behind him all her feminine senses seemed to focussed on the muscular black animal marching in front of her as though on parade. Her nipples seemed to harden further as she took in his scent, his size, and his strong muscles. She wondered what sort of man had the strength of character to hammer new African recruits, and fantasised at what it most be like to be at his mercy.

He paused at a doorway, turned to Sally and waved her through. Sally nodded and passed through, acutely conscious of the closeness of the man. Inside the kitchen a tall African woman turned to greet her. Sally was taken aback at the woman's poise and expensive dress. It was a very colourful wrap around tied with an elephant shaped diamond broach. She had expected a round dumpy African matron as cook, not this elegantly dressed and she realised quite attractive woman.

She was thrown off course, and her irritation at being called away evaporated and curiosity took over her thoughts.

"I understand you wanted some advice?"

The woman smiled.

"I wondered what Ibo would say to draw you away."

Sally looked confused, and looked back at the sergeant. He was grinning and rubbing his crotch lasciviously. Sally's heart started to beat faster.

There was a rustling sound behind, and she turned back to the woman and was shocked to see her dress was around her feet. In a moment's glance she took in the woman's body. She was tall, but not lanky with a fully developed and shapely body. Long black legs that seemed to rise forever to a bare crotch; the lady's hips were full and round. Her breasts were remarkably full and prominent, unlike so many African women this woman was vibrant, healthy and her breasts reflected that.

She had a long neck, high cheekbones and dark lovely eyes, and instead of tight curls, her hair was long, lustrous and wavy. In that moment the woman had walked up to Sally and rested her hands on Sally's waist.

Sally was surprised and little stunned at the turn of events. Sally sought to pull away but the African woman held her firmly.

"What's going on?"

She looked back at the sergeant, and her eyes widened at the sight of his hand gently stroking an exposed thick length of cock. Her eyes focussed on it and her breath caught in her throat. The African woman reached for Sally's face, and turned her back to face her.

"Never mind him. I trust you enjoyed eating the food I prepared?"

Sally was even more confused. "Yes, it was lovely but..."

"No but's! I want you to return the pleasure you took at dinner, by giving me pleasure now in return."


The light slap silenced and shocked Sally.

"I said no more but's..."

The hand that had been caressing the side of Sally's face, looped behind her head and pulled. Sally found her face smothered by a large black breast. The lady had used her other hand to lift up one of her full breasts, urging a nipple into Sally's mouth.

Sally took the already hardening nipple and started sucking on it as though it was the most natural thing in the world. She had not had much experience with women and none before she had come to Africa with her husband, but she knew how she liked her own nipples to be nuzzled.

"Good girl, that was not so bad was it?"

The hand on the back of her head held her firm giving her no opportunity to reply. Sally worked the nipple, using her teeth carefully and working hard with her tongue. There was an audible popping sound when Sally's mouth was pulled away. Then her pretty face was presented with a second untouched nipple. She needed no encouragement to take it into her mouth. She was too absorbed to see the grin that passed between chef and sergeant.

"Ok Sergeant Ibo, you can strip her now."

Sally hardly heard the words so hard was she concentrating on the still strange feeling of sucking on another woman's nipple. The words sank in as she heard the African approach in a thrill passed through her. Then his hands were at her dress pulling it off her shoulder and down her sides pinioning her arms.

She felt a strange sensation pass through at the feeling of being restricted. Then fingers were popping free the clasp of her bra, and her full breasts tumbled free. Immediately the woman leaned down and clasped one of her breasts. It was a firm, but not painful grip.

The sensation of the warm woman's hand fondling her breast was very pleasant and her nipple pressed into the woman's palm. Then she became distracted as the dress was pulled down to her hips.

The African behind her moved close and his hands came around her, pushing aside the chef's hands. She felt hard, calloused male hands roughly grip her full mounds, and her vulva flooded with hot need.

"Down Boy!" the chef snapped and to Sally's surprise the African sergeant released her breasts.

The woman leaned forward and soft hands replaced the hard male hands fondling her breasts. It was a strange contrast and she regretted the departure of the sergeant's rough hands, but the woman's hands had a sure, deft touch. She whimpered when the sergeant's hands dropped to her waist and then started pushing her dress over her hips. His actions were rough and urgent and the sight of his aroused cock came back to her. She wriggled her hips eager for the moment when the brute would ram himself into her.

She knew he was too impatient and aroused to care for other than his own satisfaction and creamed herself in anticipation of the rough rampant ride coming her way. Her panties were not so much removed as shredded by the strong soldier and she stuck her bottom out towards him.

The chef pealed with laughter at the eagerness of this proper white wife to be ravaged. Then she pushed Sally away and used her hands to lift herself up onto the long preparation table. She caught Sally's eye then slid her thighs apart. She watched Sally glance down then quickly look away, and grinned.

"Come on, honey, I think you know what I want."

Sally swallowed, and licked suddenly dry lips.

Then strong hands gripped her shoulders from behind and pushed her forward and down. The chef laughed again as her fingers curled and gripped Sally's hair and pulled her forward.

"Now lick, white bitch!"

The words were lost on Sally as the hard rubbery length of cock rammed between her legs seeking an opening. She spread her legs wider and waved her hips eager for the entry. She gasped in relief as the black cock sank home. The hands in her hair tightened and she shot her tongue out to lick the pussy of the woman who had arranged this delightfully exciting scenario.

Reggie sauntered along the corridor and into the dining room.

He glanced at Vicky Carlisle; she had a slight flush to her cheeks, which only enhanced her natural, almost ruddy good looks. He wondered how much wine she had enjoyed. Thomas Harkness and his pretty daughter Emily were also at the table. Pierre Lacombe was opening a fresh bottle of red wine. A number of Africans had filtered into the room; they were bodyguards, and chauffeurs mostly gathering as the meal ended to see what enjoyment they could make of it while their betters were distracted by the after dinner sex.

"Mrs. Carlisle, if you would come with me please? Your husband has something he would like you to see."

Vicky looked up, surprised to see the African sergeant standing there, and wondered what he had to do with her husband, who had after all gone off with the Arabs to review those stupid reports that everyone thought were important.

"Mrs. Carlisle?"

Vicky looked at the wine in her glass, she felt warm and cosy, and suitably inebriated and disinclined to move. Pierre glanced between them and misunderstood Vicky's hesitation.

"It will be safe to go with him. Here in the embassy your safety is guaranteed."

He did not notice the smirks on some of the African faces.

Vicky felt mild annoyance that this man should think her afraid! Determined not to be thought of as afraid, she had seen little to be afraid of since her arrival in Zimbabwe, she pushed herself to her feet.

"This way Madam," the African sergeant led her off down the corridor.

Vicky took time to note the ornate plaster moulding, a painting of Napoleon, and a large landscaping of presumably French countryside.

The sergeant opened a door in the corridor and waived her within. Vicky nodded and stepped into the room, and was immediately aware that her husband was not in the room. She turned to see the African sergeant locking the door behind them, and stepped backwards away from him.

He turned and saw the sudden worry on her face.

"Trust me Mrs. Carlisle. This is something you need to see."

He moved to the hanging tassel of a long line of drapes and pulled. Some sort of motor must have operated the drapes and they slid smoothly open.

Vicky's hand rose to her mouth in shocked horror as she looked through the revealed window into the next room.

Her husband had been splayed across and table and three of the Arabs were holding him down across it. The regular humping thrust of one of the Arabs behind her husband left her in no doubt of the act taking place in the room beyond.

"Oh God!"

Vicky wanted to put her hand over her eyes to blot out the sight, but could not tear her eyes off the obscenity in front of her.

"I am sorry Mrs. Carlisle, but I felt this was something you needed to know about."

"I needed to know about this! My husband is being raped! You should stop this, not bring me to see it."

Reggie looked through the window.

"I am not certain he is being raped!"

"How can you say that? My husband is not gay. He is normal. Those filthy Arabs are abusing him."

She purposely avoided looking through the window.

"But your husband has a hard on."

Vicky could not stop herself from glancing through the window. It was true! Underneath that table her husband's cock was hard and long, bobbing in response to the thrusts of the Arab behind him.

"Oh God No!"

As she watched the Arab behind her husband tensed and jerked, and then started shivering and trembling. She trembled as she realised she was seeing a man spend himself inside her husband!

The Arab stepped away and his member was wet, shiny and shrinking in length. Her husband struggled in the grasp of the men holding him as a second Arab with a hard fully erect cock stepped up behind him. Vicky watched mesmerised and horrified as the second Arab aligned himself behind her husband and pressed home. She bit her knuckles as her husband squirmed in the hands holding him, but was he really struggling very hard?

He hands seemed to stretch and flex and she could see his cock was clearly hard. Her husband surely could not be enjoying this?

Reggie moved up behind her and his strong hands grasped her shoulders, holding her steady.

"He's not ... he's not gay ... really he isn't."

"He would not be the first gay man to marry to hide his real inclinations."

Reggie's words hit home. Worry creased her pretty face. Surely it could not be true? She wondered at her husband's behaviour in the past. The small things she had noticed and dismissed as quirks.

Reggie moved closer and she sensed his strength behind her. Normally she would not allow a man other than her husband to get so close, but at the moment she was confused and disturbed.

Another Arab moved to the head of the table. His cock was also hard and erect and he was waving it in front of her husband's face. She could not hear the words being spoken, could not hear the threats being made against her if her husband did not do what they wanted. All she saw was her husband's eyes close and his head bob forward and accept the cock into his mouth.

"Oh No! No, no, please nooo!"

"I wonder if you ever experienced a real man?"

Reggie's hands caressed her bare shoulders and he stepped forward so that his loins rubbed against the soft round curves of her bottom. Vicky wanted to pull away but the length of cock pressing into her bottom was thick and warm, and her doubts about her husband had thoroughly unsettled her.

"What are you doing?"

The body behind her felt warm and comforting and very male. Reggie's hand slipped lower and cupped her sensitive breasts.

"Oh No ... please don't touch my breasts..." Her breath was raspy and caught in her throat as the black hands fondled and caressed.

She tried to push away from him but the African held her close. She cursed her breasts. They had always been her downfall. When old man Garner had first fondled her breasts in that haystack her virginity had been lost half an hour later!

Now an African was fondling her breasts and he was having just the same effect old man Garner's fondling caresses had on her. Her knees were already weak and a hot flush suffused her loins. Her nipples had shot erect, and she moaned as tingling sensations shot through her.

"Please let my breasts go..."

It was a weak plea. Perhaps Reggie was right? Perhaps she needed a strong masculine man experienced at lovemaking? How could she ever trust her experiences with her husband again?

Reggie's hot breath was on her neck and his lips nuzzled her soft skin. When he released her she found herself regretting it. He walked over to the hanging tassel and pulled. The drapes slid closed blotting out the obscenity of her husband pleasuring Arab men. He turned towards her with eyes raised.

"Was I right? Was that something you needed to know about your husband?"

Vicky swallowed and nodded. "Yes ... thank you ... I can't believe what I have just seen!"

"Understandable. I understand western women do not like their men to be gay?"

Vicky shook her head. Reggie dropped his hand and unfastened the buttons of his shorts and took out his cock. It was long thick and hard.


Vicky stared at it as Reggie gently fondled and stroked it.

"So do you want a real man?"

"My ... my husband..." her voice trailed away as she glanced towards the drape covered window.

"Yes indeed, your husband..." and then Reggie was advancing on her.

Her knees collapsed under her as Reggie's strong hands swept her up and laid her down on her back on the carpet in one swift easy move.

"Ohh!" she gasped.

And then her skirts were being swept up as the lusting African grasped and tore at her underthings. The African was hungry, impatient and rough, and so masculine.

"Ohhhh ... ooooooh!" she moaned as that black length of his slid up into her already wet channel.

Meredith sat back with a satisfied smile. Her tongue ran around her mouth savouring the rich man juice that had recently spurted and surged through her mouth into her hungrily sucking throat.

She looked up at Moshe with quiet satisfaction at the look of dazed satiation on his dark features. Women had far more power over men than men liked to think, even black men with their dominant ways.

Moshe stirred himself and looked down at the pretty white wife kneeling at his feet who had worked so hard to bring him to orgasm and greedily devoured his seed. He had needed that. A quick release so that he could savour and enjoy to the maximum his plans for the evening.

He elbowed himself back up to a sitting position an reached across for the small silver bell resting on the nearby mahogany side table. He give it a quick shake and its clear tinkling tones disturbed the quietness that had encompassed the room following his spurting orgasm. Then he sat back and wondered how Meredith would react to what was to follow.

The large double doors that led into his bedroom swung open and Angelique Lacombe swept gracefully into the room. Her glance took in the kneeling white woman, and her current master lying at repose on the sofa. His long thick cock exposed and glistening.

She caught a glimpse of herself in the room's large walled mirrors, and with quiet serenity that was stark in contrast to the wild beating of her heart and the wet mush between her legs, she walked gracefully into the room.

She had learned what this fierce African colonel expected from her and walked with calm and poise that hid her mixed desire to tear the heart out of the woman kneeling at her Master's feet, and her other desire to rush to her knees in front of him and gobble up that wonderful black cock!

Meredith looked with a certain awe at the vision of youthfulness that strolled into the room as though she had no cares at all. The girl was all nubile freshness. She was wearing a red dress that seemed to be half ball gown and half the swirling diaphanous robes an eastern harem houri might wear.

The dress seemed to be see through but was of sufficient depth and consistency to hide the soft female body beneath it, with slits and slashes that opened and closed as she walked revealing the creamy white skin of the French teenager.

'She is yummy, ' thought Meredith.

That Moshe thought so too was evident from the way his cock had sprung back to hardness.

"Meredith, may I introduce you to Angelique Lacombe. She is my latest acquisition and tonight we are all going to have some fun together!"

Meredith looked at Moshe than back at the exquisitely pretty young Frenchwoman, and ran her tongue over her lips in anticipation of the perverse games Moshe might have dreamed up for tonight.

"I want you both to get better acquainted with each other."

The two pretty females eyed each other both wondering how they could put the other out of the picture. After all Moshe was the only man in the room and they both wanted him for themselves.

"Over there on the carpet."

Moshe waved his hand towards the rug that covered the dark varnished, shiny timber flooring. Meredith knew at once what Moshe wanted. Angelique was more confused but trying not to show it. Did he mean for them to sit at chat with each other while he watched? His now hard cock suggested otherwise.

Meredith rose to her feet and walked over to the pretty French teenager and led her over to the carpet, together they sank down on it beside each other. Angelique looked across at the grinning Colonel and then turned to the woman, struggling to think of anything she wanted to talk about.

Meredith grinned at the look of surprise on the French girl's face as she leaned forward and kissed her. The girl tried to pull away but Meredith slipped her arm around her slim shoulder and pulled her close refusing to release the girl's lips from her own. She looked with delight at the alarm on the girl's face and wondered if she had ever made love to a woman before. The girl at last broke free, gasping and at last trying to push Meredith away.

"We will have to make this look good, or Moshe will be annoyed."

Angelique looked across at Moshe and saw him leaning forward gazing at them avidly, his hand grasping and stroking his hardness as he watched. Hot breath swept over Angelique's ear, then a hot wet tongue wriggled inside creating dizzy sensations in her stomach.

"But I'm not a lesbian!" she whispered to Meredith, careful not to let Moshe hear.

She had already discovered he was free with a riding crop if she did not immediately do as he required.

"Don't worry neither am I, but we both have to do what Moshe wants or he will be angry."

Angelique felt reassured that she was not in the arms of a perverted lesbian, even as the woman's tongue left her ear and softly licked along her neck. Meredith wondered just what she was. She had only ever performed with women and girls at the insistence of African men who wanted a 'show.' She had never looked on women with a desire to have sex with them, but holding this scrumptious creamy French girl in her arms she felt an unaccustomed hunger swirling inside her.

What had happened to that innocent New York teenager who had married Mike to many years ago, thinking he was worldly and experienced? Africa and African men had opened up a whole new world to her. She rose to her knees above the French girl and held the girl's face in her hands as pulled the girl's mouth to her aroused nipple.

"Make it look good for Moshe!"

The girl had been seeking to pull free until Meredith said those words. Meredith watched as the girl's eyes flew to Moshe, them her soft mouth moved forward and encased Meredith's nipple. Meredith moaned at the feel of the soft inexperienced lips on her hardening flesh.

"Use your tongue, and let Moshe see your tongue licking and circling my nipple."

Angelique shot Meredith a strange look, but freed the nipple from her mouth before sticking out her tongue and running it over the wrinkled hardened flesh. Underneath the diaphanous dress her own nipples had become rock hard little nubs and she could easily imagine the pleasure of the woman whose nipples she was now licking. She glanced across at Moshe was shocked and gratified by the sheer lust that had transformed his face. Meredith was right; this was what he wanted to see!

She decided to concentrate on the nipple in front of her. She had never wanted to make love to a woman before, but neither did this woman. She was not a lesbian just a woman like her who had to do what the African men wanted.

She relaxed and concentrated to the strange feelings and sensations that were accompanying her licking of this nipple. She felt an unexpected twinge of disappointment when Meredith pulled her breast free of her questing tongue, but then Meredith was presenting her other breast to her and without thought she greedily sucked the new nipple into her mouth.

Meredith looked across at Moshe who was eagerly stroking his cock and winked at him. His girl was going to be a little treasure. She wondered how he had acquired her, and if her father, sitting at the dining table below, had any inkling of what was happening here in Moshe's suite of rooms.

She ran her hands through the girl's long silky hair, which seemed to run down to her waist. She patted the girl's head in encouragement, before slipping the dress off the girl's shoulders. The girl made no effort to prevent her removing her dress, but moaned a complaint when Meredith pulled back and her nipple popped free of the girl's hungrily sucking mouth.

She pushed the girl back down to the carpet and the teenage girl slipped backwards at the urging of the older woman. Sprawled on the carpet with her dress now down to her waist she looked up at Meredith waiting for whatever new surprise might be coming.

The teenager's breasts were firm and ripe apples that stood proud of her chest, but were not overlarge. Meredith ran her hands over them enjoying the soft but firm feel of them. The girl's nipples retained the light pink of youthful freshness, but had already hardened into little pebbles.

She positioned herself above the girl then lowered her head to suck into her own mouth those little grapes of lust. She cast an eye over to Moshe to make sure he had a clear view then opened her mouth wide and endeavoured to suck the whole breast into her mouth. The girl gasped and wriggled but made no attempt to pull free as Meredith's mouth became hungry and devouring of those soft female apples.

Meredith reached down and started pushing the remains of the girl's dress over her hips, and was pleased when Angelique raised her hips and helped push the dress off her.

Then she rose over the girl pushing her lithe coltish legs apart and settling her own body between them. Angelique looked startled when their pussies rubbed together and momentarily tried to pull away.

"Moshe is watching," Meredith whispered to her and the girl froze and looked across at him.

Meredith took the moment to grind her loins in a circling motion against the young woman's wet centre. Angelique gasped and looked back at Meredith.

"Remember we are only doing this to please Moshe!"

Angelique was no longer sure what planet she was on as she ground her hips back at the woman and felt her clitoris crushed against the woman's hard vulva. The sensation of her pussy rubbing against the other woman's pussy had been quite startling and she was happy for it to continue. She no longer cared if Meredith was a lesbian or not, or if Moshe was watching. She liked this!

When Meredith's lips came down on hers she eagerly accepted the kiss as enthusiastically as she had accepted the kisses from the African men. Meredith was surprised at the girl's growing enthusiasm and wondered if she was ready to have her pussy licked, or even better return the favour. She broke free of the girl's hungry kiss and edged lower to lick and kiss her slender soft neck. This just set the girl to fresh delightful wriggling. Then she edged lower to the girl's breasts to find the girl eagerly thrusting her breasts at Meredith's mouth.

When she popped her mouth free of those round orbs and began to kiss and lick her way lower the teenager seemed to freeze in shocked surprise as she realised what Meredith intended.

The teenager trembled in confusion, but Meredith gave her little time for thought as she twirled her tongue through the teenager's belly button before licking even lower...

Meredith did not consider herself to be a lesbian, but she had made love to many women to please various African lovers. Her tongue licked over the soft skin of the girl's stomach before it encountered the soft curls of her womanhood. She lapped her tongue over the girl's clitoris and had to grasp the girl's lithe thighs as the young woman shook in a spasm. She grinned and circled her tongue around the nub above her womanhood.

Meredith could feel the young woman squirm, shiver and tremble as her tongue worked its magic.

Moshe grinned as he watched his lover excite and arouse his latest acquisition then he stood and left the room. Meredith noted Moshe's departure but she was engrossed on her enjoyment of the creamy skinned fresh, nubility of the French teenager. She rose above the girl and offered her nipple to the mouth of the gasping teenager, who did not hesitate to take it into her mouth.

"Good, girl, what a treasure you are! Where did Moshe find you?"

The girl flushed as she left off sucking the older woman's nipple.

"My father lost me in a card game."

Meredith looked down in disbelief at the embarrassed girl.

"You are joking!"

The teenager flushed even pinker in embarrassment.

Meredith laughed. "You mean Moshe won you in a game of cards? This is a question"

Angelique shook her head.

"No, it was an important General in the army. My father swore he had a hand that could not lose, and that the General must have cheated!"

"But surely your father would not have gone ahead with that stupid deal!"

"We were visiting the army base at Magunje and the General called in some armed soldiers. It seems my father decided prudence was the better part of valour."

"So you lost your virginity to an African General? Who was it?"

"Samuel Mboko, was the General. He was a brute! But he did not take my virginity. The Embassy gardeners taught me about sex ages ago!"

Meredith laughed again!

"A brute you say?"

"Yes, it was very exciting at first."

"At first?"

"Afterwards he let his soldiers have me and they were not very nice."

Meredith nodded her head, before lowering her lips to kiss the girl motherly on the forehead.

"How have you found Moshe?"


"Yes he can be. That's his job, to scare people."

The girl nodded. "He has a nice cock though." Meredith pealed with laughter again.

"What's all this laughter!"

Moshe's voice boomed across the room, and the two white women turned to look at him. Their eyes widened when they say the large Great Dane straining at the leash as it sniffed and pulled towards the sexually aroused bitches Moshe had brought for him. Angelique could not suppress a yelp of fear at the sight of the powerful animal pulling Moshe towards them.

Meredith's breath caught in her throat as saw the dog's pink cock was already peeking out of its sheath. This would not be the first Great Dane that had enjoyed her body, and she found herself getting even more excited at the kinky sex that Moshe obviously wanted.

She felt the girl beneath her start to tremble and looked down into terrified eyes.

"Easy Angelique. It's just another male wanting sex."

The girl's alarmed eyes widened further and she clutched at Meredith.

"Oh God, do something. Save me!"

Meredith was surprised by her delight at the girl's naïve innocence.

"Relax, a cock is just a cock, and you will discover they certainly know how to use them on a woman."

"No ... no ... please no," her words were whispered into Meredith's ear. She kept her voice low as she did not want to annoy Moshe, but the dog seriously scared her. "It's a dog!"

Meredith cuddled the worried girl, she wondered how long she would stay worried once the animal's cock slithered up inside her and started stretching and pounding her womanhood. She found her own pussy moistening in anticipation.

"Ok, Meredith first. You can show Angelique that she has nothing to worry about." Moshe had a wide grin on his face as he held back the straining animal.

Meredith rolled over on to her hands and knees in an easy motion and presented her posterior to Moshe and the Great Dane. The animal lunged eagerly as it recognised one of the human bitches was already in heat. Moshe struggled to keep it check, while he waved for Angelique to get clear and sit on the sofa.

The girl quickly scrambled clear and nearly jumped on to the sofa. Moshe bent down and struggled to unclasp the lead from the excited dog's collar as it strained and pulled him towards the waiting woman. Meredith spread her legs so that the animal would be able to easily stand between, then looked across at Angelique, who was staring wide eyed and looking horrified.

She grinned at the girl. "There's really nothing to worry about. Once he starts licking your pussy you will think you have gone to heaven."

Angelique looked doubtful, even as she recognised that Meredith was displaying no fear at all, and seemed to be eager for what was to come! Then she flinched as the dog bounded free and rushed up to Meredith.

Its head dipped between Meredith's legs and seemed to sniff at the woman's private parts.

Angelique's own pussy seemed to flinch in sympathy. She watched her eyes riveted as the dog leaned closer and its long tongue seemed swept out and upwards licking along the length of Meredith's womanhood. The woman jerked her head back and her shoulders tightened.

"Oooooh God ... ooooh ... that's fucking good!"

The dog now seemed to be going to town between Meredith's legs, licking and slurping and greedily lapping up the aroused woman's tasty juices. Meredith's shoulders relaxed and she dropped to her elbows and wriggled her bottom back at the animal that was plundering her loins with its long wet, pink tongue.

"Oh yes ... yes ... you lovely horny beast. Lick my pussy!"

Moshe arrived at the sofa, and swept Angelique up in his arms before sitting back down with the enticing creamy skinned French girl astride his lap. The girl wriggled to get comfortable with Moshe's rampant manhood looking for somewhere to go.

The matter was soon resolved as Moshe raised her in his lap and the long black weapon centred itself naturally on the young woman's loins. Then he dropped her back down again, and with remarkable accuracy the head punched through her already wet vulva.

"Oh!" Angelique gasped as the thick head of the black cock pushed inside her. She felt Moshe's hands on her slim waist pushing her down, and she wriggled to facilitate his entry. The cock slid deeper, and she gasped her own delight, momentarily distracted from the depraved scene in front of her.

She heard the rush of movement and looked up to stare as the big dog and raised itself above Meredith and seemed to be trying to climb on to her back. She gasped as she saw the thick pink prick that seemed to bulge along its length. It glistened wetly and seemed to bounce up and down as the dog surged over the submissively kneeling white woman.

Angelique's hand rose to her mouth in awe and disbelief. How could the woman just kneel there as the big brute prepared to mate with her?

Meredith's heart was in her mouth in sheer excitement as the animal's warm heavy body slid over her back. There was going to be nothing but sheer lust involved in this coupling, and her wet pussy craved the slithering penetration of the hot animal cock.

The dog barked in frustration as it sought a hot tight opening. Any opening would do as it sought to bury its maleness up in the kneeling female. It lunged, jabbed and humped eagerly seeking entry. Meredith curved her back and pushed her bottom up high, and gasped as a sudden jab found a lodging in her pussy.

Moshe reached around and fondled the French girl's pert jutting breasts as he looked over her shoulder. He licked a dainty ear as he watched the lustful sight being played out in front of him. Angelique wondered if her own heart would stop as the animal's frantic humping suddenly stopped. The dog growled quietly to encourage Meredith to remain still, and Angelique watched, her own breathing seemed to be on hold, as the dog gathered up its hind legs behind the kneeling woman's round curves.

Then it humped forward.

"Ooooooh ... Oh God, yes ... I needed that!"

The dog and the kneeling woman seemed for a moment to be frozen in position. Then the dog began a frantic, jabbing feverish thrusting motion.

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