The Dinner Party

by expatdad

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, True Story, Zoophilia, Incest, Interracial,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: A dinner party set in Harare, Zimbabwe, where white female guests comprise the desert course!

Meredith stroked the long stem of the crystal glass, as she glanced around the room. The atmosphere was charged, and that was not solely due to the black hand that was casually stroking her pussy under the table.

She felt comfortably woozy from the alcohol. These days she expected the best wine and the best food. It was a far cry from New York and the world she had grown up in. In those days life had been a battle against rents, high costs, and high taxes. Since marrying her husband and moving to Zimbabwe, she had lived a very comfortable life.

Since accepting African lovers into her bed, she had become used to a luxury and refinement beyond anything she had ever expected to experience growing up in New York. Five years into her sojourn in Zimbabwe she took the attentions of African men for granted, just as they took for granted that she would position herself as desired and submit to every demand.

She shivered at the erotic images that sprang to mind. African men demanded deeds her polite loving husband would never dream of demanding. She just loved the kinky depraved sex the Africans wanted, and which she knew her husband could not provide, or even dream of asking her to do. He was too polite, too considerate, too loving. She did not care that the Africans only wanted satisfaction; it was the way they took that satisfaction that thrilled her to the core.

A finger slipped her panties to one side, and slid through her wet excited vulva. She had learned to control her reactions to such caresses, and glanced again around the table. The dinner party was in its final stages, and her heart raced as fast as the juices leaking from her pussy in anticipation of the sex that would follow sooner rather than later.

The meal had been superb, but that was to be expected in the French Embassy. Of all the embassies in Harare the French demanded national honour could only be satisfied by the highest standards of cuisine. She glanced across at the only member of the French Embassy present at the dinner. Pierre Lacombe if she remembered his name correctly. Sitting beside him was creamy looking French girl. She was all serenity and poise, acting hostess in a confident competent manner far beyond her fifteen years of age.

Meredith was not fooled. The girl was no virgin, and had no doubt experienced many black lovers. The racy comments, and flirting suggestive remarks of the dinner guests had not fazed her at all, unlike the young woman sitting opposite, whose cheeks were even now flushed pink in embarrassed wonder.

She was pretending not to pay any attention to Igwe Orizu the businessmen/facilitator who was the most important man at this dinner. Igwe was waxing lyrical over his latest conquest, a lady called Angel Scott who Meredith had never met.

Igwe's description of her charms, while being full or praise and gallantry, was also quite graphic as to her tightness, liquid heat, limber pleasing tongue, sucking mouth, adoring eyes, hard nipples, full round white breasts and tight ass, and her increasing willingness to please.

The young lady opposite was flushed pink to the tips of her dainty ears and Meredith suspected she was virginal in every way a young woman could be. She has been introduced as Amy Harkness and was the youngest daughter of Thomas Harkness, who had recently won the contract, with Igwe's aid, for the maintenance of Zimbabwe's civilian air fleet.

Thomas Harkness was sitting further up the table with his wife Sally. His smug satisfaction would not have wavered had he known Igwe's hand was under Amy's skirt and gently stroking the young woman's soft, trembling, inner thigh. Thomas knew the price of doing business in Zimbabwe, and if Amy was also about to learn that price then so be it. He was unaware that his young daughter had already been deflowered. He swished the excellent wine around his mouth savouring the fruitful taste. The new contract had won him a $250,000 bonus, secured work for 500 Zimbabwean employees, but the spare parts bill for the aircraft would earn his country millions and provide work for a thousand machine tool specialists for the next five years.

At fourteen years of age Amy was over the age of consent in Zimbabwe, and he considered she was not the going to be the first teenage girl to enjoy the experience of sex! He glanced across at his eldest daughter Emily, who had not been much older than Amy when an elderly Zimbabwean Air Marshal had deflowered her in an aging troop transport. Emily had thrived since being introduced to black cock all those years ago, and he had no doubt Amy would love the experience of hot throbbing maleness just as much as her sister had.

Igwe had suggested that Amy be flown to Zimbabwe from her private English Boarding School, and enrolled in the now black owned International School in Harare where the polite young daughters of European and American expatriates were taught, among more the more academic subjects, the more practical aspects of sex education.

Principally that involved learning how to please the African elite now running the country!

Sally Harkness looked across the table at the blushing Amy and remembered her own youthful excitement when a male hand explored under her skirt. She would not deny her youngest daughter the sheer exuberant thrill of taking a hard cock in her hand, as she surely would later in the evening. She knew Igwe very well. He was one of the best lovers she had ever experienced, though not as rough and crude as the black men she preferred. Amy would be in excellent care later in the evening and she had no concerns for her welfare, or the experience she was about to go through.

She glanced across at her seventeen year old daughter Emily, it had been a few years since her first threesome with Igwe and Emily. Then she had been worried, concerned, embarrassed at being naked in bed with her own daughter and the rampant big cocked African. Instead it had been a most remarkable bonding experience.

She knew Igwe would expect the same experience with Amy, and would probably want to enjoy Amy and Emily together at some time. She swirled the excellent wine in her mouth. It really was an excellent wine.

Reggie ran his hand across the soft creamy skin of Meredith's inner thighs. He trailed finger wet with her juices in circles, but then just grasped her thigh tightly. He wanted this woman and he wanted her now! He released his tight grip and sighed, looking across at the Colonel.

He was here at the direct orders of his boss, Joseph in the CIO, or Central Intelligence Office, ordered to escort Meredith to this dinner date, not that he would have needed ordering. Reggie had not revealed to Joseph that he had already bedded Meredith. His boss would only want to know why he had not mentioned it and offered her to him. He suspected he was going to be very lucky tonight and get much more than a discreet fondle from the way the important army colonel was eyeing up Meredith.

If he was lucky he may even get to drive her home. If he did he would get the chance to fuck this American wild child in front of her wide eyed American husband, and maybe make him lick the cream of two men from Reggie's cock. Reggie loved the confused tormented look in the eyes of Meredith's husband when he was asked to do things he did not really want to do, but he did them anyway, just to please his lovely wife.

Reggie squeezed Meredith's leg and looked across the table at the pretty blonde sitting politely beside her husband and trying to keep track of the conversation around the table. She was not so much pretty as bubbling with a healthy vitality. Reggie wondered if anyone had been assigned to her, or if she even knew the after dinner plans. He straw blonde hair was in disarray, and looked is if it was always in that state. On some women that would have seemed sloppy and careless. On Vicky Carlisle it just added to that vibrant wholesomeness.

He had been delighted so see her arrive. When she had walked up the steps into the embassy the evening sun had shone through her skirt and sharply outlined full firm thighs, and strong legs. Sitting opposite her at dinner, the fullness of her breasts had distracted Reggie's attention despite the low cut dress Meredith's was wearing that hid little of her 34C sized breasts In England she would have been a typical strong healthy farmer's daughter. Tanned by regular trips outdoors, and helping around the farm, she was far removed from the usual soft white beauty that categorised Zimbabwean white farmers' daughters. They were often spoiled brats living lives of luxury and comfort.

He took no notice of her nervous hesitant husband who seemed totally out of his depth and quite unnaturally nervous. His name was Peregrine Carlisle and was only attending this dinner at the insistence of Joshua Farei. Peregrine was a geologist, the only geologist working for Joshua, and Joshua was negotiating an investment contract with the five Arab men sitting at the far end of the table.

After the dinner Peregrine was meant to be running through the geological findings with the five Arab men, though he wondered if any of them would have any understanding of the stratigraphical survey he had brought for the purpose. He tried to avoid their eyes. He had looked into the eyes of Ahmed Mustafa the Arab businessman and seen hard cruelty in those dark piercing eyes. It had turned his stomach upside down at the thought of negotiating with him.

"Angelique, I think it is time for you to go and get ready."

It was the army colonel Moshe, who had spoken. Her father Pierre winced though most did not notice.

Angelique smiled quietly and nodded. She really did look like a little doll Meredith thought as the young woman stood and stepped away from the table. With remarkable style she strolled out of the room, leaving Meredith strangely subdued at the French girl's natural grace. Would American women ever be able to walk with such natural refinement?

Igwe stood and offered a toast to Colonel Moshe and thanked him for the hospitality of offering this wing of the embassy for their celebratory dinner. Through some strange quirk it seems that the French Embassy had offered this wing of the embassy to the Colonel as his personal lodgings.

Meredith did not realise the intricacies of business relationships, she was more concerned with Reggie's hand, which was now inside her panties again.


Startled to be formally addressed by the man who had spent most of the dinner with his hand up her skirt. Amy looked up at this imposing African man.

"Perhaps you would allow me to show you around the embassy and its grounds. There is going to be some complicated business discussed now that will surely bore you."

Amy looked up into the eyes of Igwe Orizu, if she went somewhere with this man her stomach suddenly burst into movement as though a thousand butterflies had been released. His eyes were deep, dark and mesmerising. He was holding out his hand to her with the unspoken invitation to her to take it and rise from her seat.

She was acutely conscious that it was the same hand that had been up her skirt! Her pussy seemed to be throbbing and pulsing in response to that exploring hand, and she looked into deep, dark eyes.

"Come Amy." Her breath caught in her throat rendering her speechless.

She was more nervous than she had ever been in he life! She glanced across at her father, who was holding his wine glass in his hand. He nodded to her. Her father had carefully explained just how important Igwe Orizu was and how essential it was not to upset him. Did her father have any idea what would happen if this man took her somewhere private?

Amy glanced from her father to her mother, who was sitting quite relaxed it seemed beside her father. Sally raised her glass to her daughter as though encouraging her to accept his hand. Did her mother have a clue the sort of things this man might do to her? Did she not understand the world as it was these days?

Amy's nipples stiffened at the thought of what Igwe might do to her, but that made her only more nervous. The sexual hormones that were raging through her were very confusing, and more than a little scary. Her body seemed to be out of control in the way it was responding to this man.

She glanced across at her sister Emily. In Emily's eyes she saw mocking laughter. The smirk on her face irritated Amy. She knew, Emily knew what she was experiencing, and was laughing at her! Amy pulled herself together. She would not, she would absolutely not allow Emily an opportunity to tease and torment her for months as would surely happen if she chickened out!

Amy stood pushing her chair back more forcefully than she intended and slipped her slim white hand into Igwe's large black hand. The hand was warm and strong and clasped hers firmly. Amy's heart started racing faster than a rocket bursting upwards from Cape Canaveral. Igwe savoured the soft warm hand; he could sense the nervous tension in the girl. His cock was already erect in anticipation of debauching her fresh innocence.

Meredith watched as Igwe led the girl out of the room. Her own sexual excitement had risen substantially, and she glanced across at the girl's father who was staring into his wine.

Reggie nudged Meredith and rose to his feet, his hand firmly on her arm as her brought her up with him. He nodded to the other guests.

"I have some things to do with Meredith, before she has to return to her husband, so please excuse my early departure."

Laughter greeted his words, though Peregrine and Vicky looked embarrassed.

He quickly urged and a hot and horny Meredith out of the room. Moshe looked after them. That woman was naturally sensuous and vibrant. He would give Reggie a few moments to get her worked up then take her off him. Mixing her with Angelique would be very entertaining.

"Peregrine, it's been a pleasant evening and I hate to bring up work, but you need to get off with Ahmed and go through those reports so we can sign off the contract."

Peregrine sighed and rose from the table. He nodded to his wife Vicky. "I'll be back soon," and followed the five Arabs out of the room.

Meredith was urged along an ornate embassy corridor. Then she was urged through a door partly concealed in the corridor and up a spiral stairway that led to another corridor.

At the end of that corridor with Reggie's eager hands all over her curvy bottom she was urged into a luxurious bedroom. She squealed as Reggie's demanding fingers goosed her, and laughed at the eager lust on his face. Reggie was a simple man. He wanted her knickers off and her legs spread. Life was simple for Reggie! She loved the rampant lust displayed on his face, if only her husband could betray such passion and excitement. There was something uniquely thrilling to see such wild lust in a man.

When Reggie's hands reached for the straps of her dress, he did not so much as slide them off her shoulders as rip them aside and down, exposing her full firm breasts uncluttered by any brassiere. Reggie's head dropped and hungry greedy lips fastened on her breasts, causing Meredith to squeal and wriggle in his grasp. His strong arms were around her waist trying to hold her steady as Reggie hungrily feasted.

Meredith cried out and made no effort to hide her excitement at the feel of hot lips and hard teeth nibbling and sucking at her sensitive nipples. She felt the bed behind her legs and fell backwards with Reggie's body following after not once releasing her nipples from his grasp.

Meredith gasped as the breath left her body. Her legs came up on either side of the Zimbabwean policeman, and grasped him to her. The lower part of her dress came between her and the hard iron bar of Reggie's hardness. She was very conscious of the throbbing heat and lust hardened cock between her willingly spread thighs.

She groaned when Reggie's mouth abandoned her breasts and his kissing mouth worked up her body. She gasped in delight as hard hands grasped and moulded her aching breasts.

Then Reggie's head was under her chin and demanding teeth were sucking at her soft white neck and she squealed again and humped desperately at the hard length pressing against her vulva. She was intensely frustrated by the clothes between her receptive womanhood and the manhood she wanted inside her!

When Reggie's hands released her breasts and started pulling up her dress her excitement rose and she could not control the feverish humping of her loins.

Reggie cursed the humping heaving woman beneath him. If she would just stay still a moment!

The sound of the door opening went unnoticed by the passionately struggling couple on the bed. Moshe stepped into the room and glanced at the couple struggling to mate on the bed. As he suspected the woman was vibrant, energetic and horny. She would be a good fuck!

He coughed.

Reggie cursed as he heard the sound behind. He looked behind him through lust glazed eyes as he struggled with the eagerly squirming white woman beneath him. He saw Moshe standing behind him, and groaned in frustration and barely concealed annoyance. It took him huge self control to pull himself free of the eagerly clasping white woman.

Eventually he pushed away the confused woman and stood to attention. He struggled to restrain the hostility he felt at the army colonel showing in his face. It would just not do to show any irritation or annoyance with this important army officer.

"Thank you, Reggie, you can return to the dinner now."

The grinding of Reggie's teeth could not be heard.

Meredith looked up panting. Her excitement hardly abated as she witness the two men facing each other over her. She was hungry for cock and was familiar with Reggie and straight honest lust. The army colonel was a big bull of a man, and the excitement in her loins did not diminish as she waited for the two men resolve which of them was to have her.

Reggie did not hesitate to turn and leave the room. The army colonel was not a man someone like Reggie could challenge. At least the colonel's face remained impassive until Reggie left the room, with no show of triumph displayed to annoy Reggie further.

Moshe turned to look over the aroused white women on the bed. Her face was flushed with excitement, her nipples erect. As Moshe looked her over she lay back comfortably and awaited him.

He grinned as he unbuttoned his uniform and walked over to the bed. Meredith raised her hips as he reached for her dress and pulled it down and off her. It slid over her hips and was thrown across the room. Moshe started unbuttoning his shirt and nodded to Meredith's lacy panties. He watched as the woman reached down and peeled off them off with no hesitation at all.

He dropped his shirt on the floor and unfastened his trousers, all the while running his eyes over the naked curvy white body on display. The woman was gorgeous with full firm thighs, slim waist and firm proud breasts. Her eyes glittered with her own sexual excitement and from the way she had been responding to Reggie she had a very passionate nature. Perhaps it was time for him to take a new lover.

He saw the ring on her wedding finger.

"Does your husband know you are here?"

"Does it matter?"

Moshe grinned at the forthright reply. She was right it didn't matter. His shorts dropped the floor and his erect cock burst into view.

"Come and play with this honey."

Meredith grinned and curled her knees under her as she rose up and scooted across the bed.

Igwe ran his hand over Amy's firm round bottom as he urged her into the room allocated to him. Her bottom was full, round and soft to the touch. The girl seemed to skitter away from his exploring hand, and that pleased him. Nothing delighted him more than knowing that his latest interest was relatively innocent to sexual adventures.

He watched the rolling tight curls of her dark hair cascade down to the small of her back, which brought his attention to her delightfully slim waist. The girl's hips flared out from that slim waist in an enticing manner and she was wearing trousers that hugged tightly the curves of her derriere. Her legs seemed to be long, lithe, and full and he was already hard in anticipation of the joy of pushing them apart.

Amy glanced around the room, but the large bed in the centre of the room had her in palpitations. The feel of Igwe's hand sliding across her bottom had been disturbing and thrilling. She was used to being fondled and having her bottom stroked by African in the street, but always her parents had been present to shoo the men away. In this bedroom there would be no one to shoo this man away. Indeed her parents were sitting drinking wine nearby and had made no fuss when Igwe had taken her by the hand and led her from the dinning room.

Her stomach roiled in uncertainty, her heart was pounding, and her blood seemed to racing through her veins. When Igwe pulled her back close and ran his hand over her bottom again she stood silent and close as the warm hand cupped, squeezed and caressed her soft roundness. Igwe enjoyed the way the girl now stood submissively as he enjoyed fondling her. He leaned in close and breathed in her scent. She was so fresh, young and clean.

He led her over towards the bed, with an arm around her slender waist he could feel her nervous tremble. She was only an inch or so shorter than her mother, and head shorter than himself. He reached up and ran his hand through her curling waterfall of dark hair. At the bed he turned her to face him. Her hazel eyes looked up at him and he could see the confused emotions running across her fresh pretty face.

She was excited, fearful, confused, defiant and aroused, a delightful condition in a young female that really excited him!

"Your mother thinks you are still a virgin," he was amused by the flash of annoyance and embarrassment that crossed her face, "Are you?"

The uncertainty returned to the pretty face that was returning to the pink flush it had displayed at the dining table. He raised a hand and caressed her soft cheek.

"Well that's not something to worry about," his voice was soft, as gentle as the hand stroking her cheek.

She felt a hot flush between her legs. This man was very imposing and his masculine power seemed like an aura around him. He was totally unlike any man she had ever known, not that she had known a man so up close and personal as this man who was going to introduce her to sex.

The realisation seemed to set her heart pounding again. Igwe smiled at the expressions flashing across her face. She had not yet learned to control her emotions. He hoped she never would. He reached down with one hand and lowered the zipper of his trousers, and put pressure on her shoulders.

The girl looked confused but a firm push made it clear what he wanted and she sank to her knees as his black cock appeared like a writhing snake, lengthening and thickening and rising high, bobbing with a life of its own in front of her face. He glanced down at the sweet fresh face. She looked up at him confused and uncertain.

"Pleasure me."

She looked even more confused.

"With your lips and tongue."

Her eyes widened, then she felt his hand on the back of head. Igwe closed his eyes as the delightful sensation of her hot, wet tongue licked tentatively along the length of his cock.

As Reggie made his way down the staircase his disgruntled mood soon left him. He never considered it worthwhile to bemoan his misfortune at Moshe taking Meredith off his hands. He had no doubt he would enjoy her favours another day. If it was left to him to drive her home, he may yet still have her tonight!

The noise of a struggle from behind a door came to him as he walked down the corridor. His police instinct took over and he set discretion aside and pushed open the door.

Inside the room five Arab men were struggling with the geologist husband of the wind blown pretty blonde woman he had noticed at dinner. He was bent over the edge of a sofa, with his trousers around his ankles. The five Arabs had him firmly in their grasp.

"Please, no, please don't. I'm not that kind of man."

The cruel laughter of the Arabs piqued Reggie's humour, and he paused to watch.

"No, please No!" The man's voice rose in squealing desperation as one of the Arabs positioned himself behind him.

Reggie grinned as the Arab thrust and the man gasped and moaned. Closing the door he wandered off back down the corridor, wondering how the man's wife was spending her evening. A sudden opportunity for mischief came to mind.

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