Servant Maid Removes Sex Fears Of College Student

by Ramprabhu

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Desc: True Sex Story: This is a true experience my friend had with his servant maid when he was studying in college. He had some fear that he cannot fuck any women because of the tight foreskin on his penis. The maid servant helped him by pushing the foreskin back on his penis and also allowed him to have his first fuck with her which he enjoyed deeply.


(This is an experience narrated to me by my friend. He wanted this to be put in website. As per his wish I have written this. I consider his experience a good one. I also think it is a bit informative on foreskin covering the penis.)

This happened about 15 years back.

We had one servant maid by name Sarasu. She was 35, illiterate and married to a drunkard whose profession was cutting firewood. She had three small children also. She was a very docile and good-natured simple woman and in our house she will do all works such as cleaning vessels, washing clothes and sweeping and mopping of floors. Daily she will come around 3 PM for our house work. She used to call me as Brother out of courtesy and affection.

I was studying in college then. Though I was masturbating, yet I had no sexual experience. At that time my penis was fully sheathed by tight foreskin and I had not pulled it back by stretching it. While doing masturbation I will cup and hold my shaft and just by moving my hand and making my foreskin rub on my shaft I will get release of my semen.

One day I saw a photo of a man having sex with a woman and noticed his shaft was fully exposed and his foreskin was fully pushed back. So I felt that to enjoy a woman the penis shaft should be exposed and foreskin should move back. Talking with my friends also confirmed this to me. They also said that their foreskin fully went back exposing their shaft when they got aroused and did their masturbation.

So I tried to pull back my foreskin but it did not go back and I got pain also. I feared that my penis was defective and I cannot enjoy any woman in my condition. Unfortunately I did not know who will guide me correctly.

One time my sister delivered her baby and to take care of her and the baby my mother went and stayed in her house for a few months. Me and father were alone and we cooked our food also. My father will return home only late in evening but I will return by 2 PM so Sarasu continued with us that time also in our employment.

I felt I can consult Sarasu on this matter. But I did not know how to open the topic with her. I was fearing how she will react if I talk with her about my problem. So I decided that I will talk with her on this in a round about way and first make her curious about my disability and then seek the help from her.

So one day I asked her "Sarasu - can you help me in one matter". She looked at me and said "tell me Brother — what is it".

I said "actually I don't know how to talk about it with you" and she said "Tell me what it is and I will do what is to be done"

I said "Can you promise me that you will not go and tell about it to anyone" and she looked at me in surprise and said "I don't know what is such a secret matter that you want to tell me — but I will not tell it to anybody".

I shyly said to her "yesterday I went to a prostitute to enjoy her. Then I found there is some problem with me". She looked at me again in surprise and smiled also. She said "Brother — you know you should not do such things — they will give you disease — anyway don't allow the problem to remain — you go and immediately see doctor and take medicine — you will get okay".

I hastily said "No — No — I am alright — there is no problem of any disease with me". She asked "Then what is the problem".

I said "that woman did not allow me to do it to her". Sarasu smiled and said "why — you did not pay her what she asked for".

I laughed and said "no — it is no that - actually she said to me that I cannot do it". With confusion Sarasu said "do what?"

I said with some hesitation and shyness "that lady said I cannot fuck her" and Sarasu asked "why — what is the problem". I replied "she says I have defect in my penis and cannot fuck any woman"

Sarasu looked at me in surprise and said "Brother — I don't understand — but I know you for sufficient time and I think you should be alright — don't mistake me — but while washing the cloths I have many times seen your underwear and bed clothes carrying semen stains — it shows you are fine — so why you have worry"

I said "no Sarasu — it is no that - actually I don't have problem in taking out semen — but she says my penis is having a defect and I cannot enjoy woman — so she sent me away". Sarasu quizzically looked at me and said "Brother- I don't understand — I don't find any problem when you can get out semen — perhaps she had some problem and she wanted to avoid you that time — so she said some story to send you away — don't believe her — just don't listen what such prostitutes say"

I said "no — she had no problem - actually she then went with another man who came at that time there and wanted to fuck her - she is a professional prostitute — she had no reason to send me away when I have money to pay her".

Sarasu could not understand what I was saying. She said "did that woman tell you what is the defect you have there".

I replied "no - she did not — I asked her — but she told me to go and get it explained from some ladies known to me — she later went inside her hut with another man who came there — so I could not ask her more".

Sarasu was now really puzzled and she scratched her head in confusion. She then said "brother — I don't understand — but my feeling is that she made you to worry about nothing — although I don't see what she will get out of it".

I said "yes - that is what is worrying me also — she fucks with any man who will pay her money — so why should she deny me unless she saw some defect in me — I don't understand it and from yesterday I have lost my peace of mind — I cannot sleep or do anything and I think I will go mad with this tension".

Sarasu said "no - no — don't say such things - but I don't see what defect you can have when you can take out semen". Then we stood silent for sometime looking at each other. Then I took some boldness and told her "can you do me a favor". She said "yes". Then I said "I don't know which lady to ask — so I am asking you because you know me and you are my well wisher - I will just show mine to you — will you look at it and tell me what is the defect there".

Sarasu hesitated for a minute and later said reluctantly 'alright — show me".

I quickly removed my pant and underwear and stood nude before her. My cock was up and beating nicely and it had become wet also. But my black foreskin tightly covered my shaft. I stood like that before her with some shyness. She looked at my beating shaft for a minute. Then with a smile she said "brother — she has unnecessarily frightened you — you are perfectly okay"

I asked her with relief "is it alright — there is no defect"

She smiled and said "no defect — it is fine — if you marry today your wife will give you baby in ten months".

I pointed out to my foreskin and said "but what about my this black skin — it is not going back". She said "I don't know what you are talking — it is same like every man — there is no defect".

I said "but they say this black skin should go back exposing the thandu (Tamil word for the red penis shaft) fully".

She said "I don't know about it — but yours is like what every other man is having — see — it is standing up and rocking — that shows it is ready for enjoying a woman".

I said "but Sarasu - unless I get this black skin fully back with my thandu fully out I will not be able to enter a woman's hole". She tittered and said "then you just push it back — it will go back".

I said to her "yes — I tried — but it is very painful and I am not able to Push it back". She said "then you don't worry — when you marry and sleep with your wife it will become okay".

I replied "but how can I marry when I have a fear that this black skin may not go back exposing the thandu for enjoying a woman".

She looked at me with confusion and said "brother — I do not know what you talk — but I assure you — yours is alright and you can marry — there is no difference of yours from the other men"

I said "then tell me — you have husband — is he having same" and she replied "yes- all same — no difference".

I said "what about his black skin — does it remain in front or goes back exposing his thandu when he does it to you".

She paused for a minute and then said "yes — that skin pushes back when he does it to me".

I asked her "does it happen every time he does you" and she replied "yes".

I asked her "think and reply — whether his black skin remains like mine till he inserts it inside or it goes back even before when he gets ready".

She stood in confusion and again scratched her head. Then she said "that skin is back when he does it to me". I said "no — you tell me whether his thandu is fully out before he inserts it inside you". She said "yes — his thandu is out when he starts it".

I asked her "so this skin goes back and thandu comes out when he gets ready — afterwards he does it to you".

She replied "yes - I have seen it going back when he gets ready — then he inserts it inside me". Then I asked her "don't mistake me — have you slept with any body else other than him".

She hesitated and later said "brother — I don't know what to say". I said "please tell the truth to me — it is only for the purpose of finding my defect — I will swear on God that I will not talk about it to anyone else".

She said "I have done it with some other men also but it is all done by me very secretly — my husband is a drunkard and I am not happy with him — but I cannot leave him — I have three children — even if I don't need him the children need their father - so I have to live with him — but my heart is not with him — so I have done it with some other lovers - but please keep this within you and don't say it outside — it will ruin my life".

I again assured that I will maintain absolute secrecy about it.

Then I said to her "now tell me — did you see with all of them this skin going back when they get ready to take you". She thought for a moment and said "I think yes — when men get ready that skin goes back and their thandu shows out clearly before they start doing it".

I said "from what you tell it is clear that I some have defect in my penis". She replied "I will not say so — but thandu normally shows out when men put it inside my hole — that is what I have seen so far".

I said "but my skin refuses to go back — so how can I do it with a woman" and she replied "I don't know what to tell you — you should push it back just like that and let your thandu out".

I said "but I have tried many times — it is not going back — and it is very paining". She said "I think you should bear some pain and push it — then it will go back".

I said "I am not able to do it — there is too much pain — I don't know why".

She looked at me in confusion and scratched her head. Then I said to her in a low voice "Sarasu - can you do me one more favor".

She said "tell me" and I said "when I try to do it I stop it half way when I feel the pain — I will close my eyes - can you push it back because you can do it to the finish as you will not know my pain".

She hesitated and said reluctantly to me "I do not know whether it is alright"

I said "see — I am totally confused and I do not know from where to get help — I am asking you because you know me very well and you will not mistake me — I cannot ask any other woman — please help me — otherwise the very thought that I cannot enjoy a woman will kill me — if I am not sure of my capacity how can I marry — I will remain sad always then — take pity on me and help me please".

She said "okay" and she came and took my penis in her hand. It became more rigid and beat faster with the excitement of her touch. It was the first time a lady's hand touched me there and her cool fingers touching my penis was the most satisfying thing to me.

She took my penis and gripping my foreskin she pushed it back. Its round hole stretched on my stout cockhead and distended a bit. I got some pain but I bit my teeth and held my breath. I did not close my eyes because I wanted to see it fully. My cockhead slowly peeped out of the hole in foreskin and the red cockhead first came out a bit. The pain was now more and I feared the round hole of my foreskin may tear. Fortunately it did not happen and its roundness increased exposing more of my cockhead outside. Now I could see the cockhead was halfway out of my foreskin hole but now the hole was more tightly stretched giving a burning pain at the tip of the foreskin.

The pain was in fact unbearable and I almost cried for her to stop it. But I bit my teeth more tightly and held it.

She gently and steadily pushed and now my cockhead was three fourth out. The hole in foreskin had increased very much in diameter and the pain also subsided a bit. Then with some more gentle push she pushed my foreskin over my cockhead and it now stuck out fully from inside my foreskin. The pain dropped down very much even though at the tip of the foreskin still some burning was there. She pushed the foreskin fully back and now my red shaft was fully exposed. I had a good view of my naked cockhead and naked shaft for the first time and my heart swelled with joy. At last I was really ready with my cock rigid, foreskin fully back and the red thandu ready for a good fuck. I broadly grinned with happiness and with satisfaction I looked at her with joy.

She also smiled and said "did it pain much". I said with grin "somewhat — but I bit my teeth and bore it". She said "I told you — you should not have worried at all about it". I said "I really felt some fear there was a defect in my penis — now I am satisfied"

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