Maui's Little Beach

by Dreamwalker

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, True Story, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Somewhere that was warm, sunny destination with beaches. A place to boost my spirits; hell maybe I could even find a man there. Oh God, it would be so nice to feel like a woman again.

My name is Genevieve, but you can call me Ginny. I'm a sixty years old, divorced, and live in a small town in western Ohio. However, today I'm sitting a warm sandy beach in Hawaii, soaking up the rays of the sun, and watching the white sails that dot the blue waters. I came here to renew my spirit and maybe find a man to make me feel like a woman again.

My story starts in early February, when I glanced out the window I noticed there was more snow on the ground.

I shivered, "Burr, I'm tired of this dang snow! I want to be somewhere warm, with the tropical sun tanning my nude body."

I had no problem with nudity, because I still think I'm sexy, warm and inviting ... even if I only have one breast now. You see I had cancer two years ago, and to save my life the doctors removed my right one.

We had just celebrated our twenty-sixth anniversary. My husband had a problem with the loss of the breast and could not accept the results, so needless to say the marriage ended in divorce.

As I sat there looking at the white, cold, landscape, I decided I needed a change of scenery. Somewhere that was warm, sunny destination with beaches. A place to boost my spirits; hell maybe I could even find a man there. Oh God, it would be so nice to feel like a woman again.

I began thinking, and then it dawned on me. Before our divorce, I'd secretly been saving for a trip to Hawaii, some thing I could surprise hubby with. However, now that he was gone, and the money was still in my saving account, why not go there now?

I quickly grabbed the newspaper, as I remembered seeing a special Hawaii vacation package from the local travel agency. I thumbed through the Sunday Times and spotted it. I could spend seven days and six nights in Maui for a fraction of what it usually cost.

I looked at the clock; it read 2 p.m., so I picked up the phone and dialed the number.

"Hello, this is Ginny Baxter; do you still have the vacation package for Maui, Hawaii? Oh good, book me the trip."

The woman at the agency then asked, "You will just love Maui this time of the year. The trip leave March 1st and returns March 8th, airfare, hotel room and a rental car is included in this package. How many shall I write down are going?"

I giggled aloud and told her, "Oh it's just me honey. I need to get away from all this dang snow!"

After that she took my address down and said, "Your packet for the trip should arrive their by Friday. If you do not receive it by Monday the 3rd, give me a call."

I replied, "Okay, thanks for everything, goodbye."

I almost dropped the phone as I was so excited about getting away. I ran to the bedroom saying, "Maui, here I come!"

It took me almost two days to decide what to take with me. I made a list of things I needed to buy for the trip as I went. The last thing I looked for to pack was my swimsuit.

After one glance at it, I turned red, frowned, then shrieked, "That'll never fit, I have to buy me a new one."

I added that to my list, making a mental note not to buy anything hot pink in color.

Then on the next day, I went shopping, and found this cute bright blue suit that hugged every curve of mine perfectly. I bought it, and by suppertime, I was packed, excited and raring to go. All I needed now was the information packet from the agency.

I swear the rest of the week drug by slower than molasses. I thought Friday would never arrive.

When it finally got there, I had to wait until four o'clock in the afternoon to receive my mail. I was watching the mailbox like a cat about to pounce on a canary. After I saw the mail carrier coming up the walk, I ran out the door, and almost knocked him down.

I stopped dead in my track, blushed from head to toe, and said apologetically, "Oh sorry, I was in a hurry because I am expecting something special in the mail today."

He grinned, looked into his bag, and then handed me my mail, and suggesting, "That's okay, just be careful not to run next time, you might fall." He tilted his hat and offered, "Bye and have a good day."

I went back into the house and sat down on the sofa and hurriedly ruffled through it. I found the packet from the agency, then laid it on the coffee table, and then went into the kitchen and made myself a cup of tea.

I sat down, took a sip of tea, and then opened the envelope. After I made sure everything was there. I picked up the colorful brochure about the island, and began reading it. The site of the blue sky, white sandy beaches and tropical palms trees made me wish I was there already.

It was then when I noticed another brightly colored brochure. Upon closer inspection, I read, "Visit 'Little Beach' while in Maui. A nude beach where one can enjoy the sun and friendship of the other nudist".

It made me think of our younger days, when hubby and I used to always go to places that had nude beaches.

My mouth went dry, and I began to become aroused, thinking about what might happen if I went to that nude beach while I was in Hawaii

I quivered with anticipation and exclaimed, "Oh my God, I'm going to that nude beach--just maybe I will find a man, who is not afraid to look at a one-breasted horny, lonely woman!"

That night, I fell asleep dreaming of tropical beaches, nude men, and a midnight rendezvous' under a star-lit sky. As the warm ocean waves caressed the shore, this tall dark handsome male, was caressing every part of me. I woke up, naked, quivering, with rock hard nipples and a drenched pussy.

I looked at myself, laughed out loud and said, "Ole lady, you need a man!"

Before I knew it, March 1st was here, it was 8:45 a.m., and I was boarding, Continental Airlines flight 5757 to Maui-Kahului. It was going to be a long trip lasting almost twenty-four hours, and I would arrive at my destination at 08:37a.m., the following morning.

I arrived there exhausted, after an easy flight, right on schedule. After checking through customs, I was greeted by a Hawaiian woman, who placed a lei around my neck, and announced, "Aloha."

I thanked her, and then looked around for the information desk. Once locating it, I walked over and inquired where I would find the shuttle that could be taking me to the Sheraton Maui Resort.

The woman politely smiled, pointed and replied, "It's out that door to your left. You can recognize it by its bright yellow, blue and green colors. When you get there, the driver will then assist you and take you to your hotel."

I thanked her and made my way outside to the shuttle. I couldn't miss it, because it was the only brightly colored shuttle there. In front of it stood a man, holding a card with my name on it.

I greeted him, and showed him some identification. Afterwards he gathered my luggage and escorted me onto the buss. In about forty minutes, I was at my hotel.

The hotel and the surrounding area offered a wonderfully enchanting view of the island that was even more beautiful than the pictures in the brochure.

Once inside, I checked in and a bellboy assisted me with my luggage as we headed up the elevator towards room 342. When we were outside my door, he politely asked if I needed help to unlock the door, and I assured him I did not. After I entered the room, he followed with the luggage.

I tipped him, and told him thanks. When he was gone, I locked the door, kicked off my shoes, then walked over, opened the drapes and walked out on the balcony. Oh, wow, the view was even better then it was before. I could see the white sandy beach, stretching for miles on either side of the hotel. White sails dotted the blue waters, and a few sunbathers were scattered along it shore. I made a mental note to check it out later as I needed a nap.

Since the bed was right by the window, I lay down, listening to the sounds of the waves hitting the beach and fell asleep.

When I awoke it was well past lunch time. I rubbed my eyes, searched for the room service brochure and ordered me a light lunch, with a diet cola.

After that, I unpacked. I then looked at my watch and noticed I still had time for an afternoon stroll. I change my clothes, putting on a cotton white short, with a matching flowered top, sandals, and a hat. Applied some sunscreen, checked my make-up, then grabbed my purse and headed toward the beach.

I took the elevator down to the lobby and followed the arrows that directed hotel guests to the private beach.

The warm sun and cool ocean breeze made me feel relaxed. I watched the people on the beach. I couldn't help but notice a young couple, probably on their honeymoon, frolicking and caressing each other. It made me remember the times when my husband and I walked hand in hand, along the nude beach. Of the times we found a secluded spot to make love in the middle of the afternoon.

I trembled with desire, feeling my nipple and clit swell and throb. Oh how I wanted a man, to take me away from it all, and make me feel like a sexy-hot woman once more.

I sighed, looked at my watch and decided to head back to my room. It was best to take it easy today. Tomorrow, I would do some site seeing, or maybe check out that nude beach.

Once I was back inside the room, I stripped. Then walked over to the full length mirror on the closet door and looked at my body. I quivered, so aroused with desire that I needed to masturbate. Oh how I loved doing that as I watched my reflection.

I ran my fingers across the left nipple, pulling at it, then rolling it between a thumb and forefinger until it was taunt and erect. I then spread my leg and saw how wet I had become. As I watched, drooled, and panted, I began caressing the inner folds of my pussy in search of my sensitive clit. I gasped and trembled hard when my fingers touched it. The more I caressed the more my body responded, it wasn't long until I was panting, and shaking all over with an earth-shattering climax.

I felt weak in the knees and I decide to lie down on the bed. I continued playing, fantasizing that my fingers were his. With one hand, I tantalized my nipple as the other slid inside my hole, finger-fucking it deep, and hard.

I closed my eyes, raised my hips off the bed and squealed, "Make me cum darling. Then fuck me, deep and hard, and fill me with your sweet cum!"

As I once again, shuttered towards another orgasm. I screamed, "Oh God, I want a man, to take me and make me his!"

I then envisioned a tall handsome man, fucking me with long, deep thrust. I bit my lip, shook all over and climaxed once more. I lay there, for a moment, daydreaming of who that man might be.

After that I got up, took a shower, done my hair, reapplied my make-up and dressed in a new silky dress. Rechecked myself in the mirror, whistled, winked, and headed out the door, to go eat dinner, in a lovely restaurant I'd seen while walking on the beach.

After dinner, I was having a bit of jet-lag and decided to return to my room. When I got back to the room, I ordered some dry wine. After it arrived, I poured me a glass, and then walked out onto the balcony. I sit in one of the comfortable lounge chairs and gaze up at the starry sky. I sip my drink, listen to the waves hitting the beach, and wondered what tomorrow will bring.

The cool night breeze and calming sounds of the water almost make me fall asleep. So I decided it was time for bed.

That night I dreamt of Hawaiian luaus, romantic walks along the beach, hot-lust filled night of wild sex and passion, with a man, I meet at Little Beach.

I awoke the next day, with the cool breeze of the ocean caressing my face. I did not want to get out of bed, as jet-lag still had me in its grip. So I ordered breakfast in my room and just took it easy that day.

I also thought about site seeing, verses the nude beach and it made me feel uneasy. What if the people on that beach were like my ex-husband. Would taunt me, and not accept me like I am. Could the fear of hearing their, whispers, and stares keep me away?

I felt like a nervous teenager about to go to her first prom. So I decided just to spend the next two days sight seeing, until I could muster the nerve to just go the nude beach.

On the fourth day their, I said, "Ole lady, its now or never to go to that beach!"

So I donned a pair of casual shorts a loose t-shirt, and went commando. Grabbed my beach towel, sun blocker, shades, and bottled water placed them in a tote and headed out towards that beach.

Once I got there, I paid the fee to spend the day on the nude beach.

The attendant gave me a pamphlet outlining the rules. He then directed me to the bungalow where I could change, adding that lockers were available where I could put my things.

After that he handed me a key on a chain and said, "Enjoy your time at Little Beach."

I walked over to the bungalow, change, and place my clothing in the locker. I then grab my tote and strolled naked out the door, expecting to be taunted and stared at.

To my surprise the people around me were open, warm and quiet friendly.

By the end of that day my heart sank, as I was sure, I'd meet a tall handsome man. One not too embarrassed to with me, and would treat her like a queen for the day.

I laughed at that remark thought to myself, "Oh hell who am I kidding, one who'd fuck the daylights out of me and make me feel like a real woman again!"

I did meet a lot of nice people my age. We talked about everything from gourmet cooking to sailing. As the sun began to set it was time for the beach to close.

A woman, on my left named Martha asked, "Hey Ginny, will you be back tomorrow. I sure hope so; you're a wonderful person to talk too."

I smiled, and replied, "Sure, I'll be back tomorrow." I then leaned over to her, winked, chuckled and confessed, "Maybe I will find a tall handsome man here tomorrow, lord knows I need one."

She laughed out loud and suggested, "Well if you do honey, ask him if he has a brother? I need a man too."

That night as I lay there in bed, I began to cry. What if I came all that way, enjoyed the sun kissed island and never experience the touch of a man?

I cried myself to sleep. My dreams were not filled with hot-wild nights of making love, but with visions of spending the rest of my life alone.

I awoke the next morning feeling depressed. I wanted to crawl in the nearest corner and just cry the day away.

I shook my head and gave myself a little pep talk. "Ok woman, it's time to quit wallowing in self pity and get out in the sunshine and enjoy yourself, with or without a dang man!"

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