Trailer Park Lovin'

by Anal_King

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Drunk/Drugged, True Story, Incest, Mother, Son, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: What does a son have to do to keep his momma from drinkin'? Well, why don't y'all find out.

People around these parts know me as Bo, but my real name is Charlie Henderson. I live with my momma, Audrey, in what she likes to call a "mobile home." That's fancy talk for a traveling box situated in a "trailer park."

Momma don't like me sayin' them words 'cause it ain't proper. Says folk will end up callin' us "trash." Maybe we is trash but that don't mean we ain't happy. Sure, times can get rough, loss of jobs, bills to pay, what have you. But me and momma always come out on top.

Ever since my daddy left us seven years ago, momma's been going through a bad spell drinkin' and all. Said it broke her heart how daddy left her for that cock-sniffer, Ginnie Wallace.

Momma's 54 now and I'm 26. I work over at Bubba's Auto Repair 'N' Such. The "Such" part is the convenience store Bubba's wife runs. Anyhow, I do most of the repair work on bikes while Harris does the cars. It's a livin', so I can't complain.

My momma works as a part-time waitress at Lucy's Diner, which is situated on New Dixie Highway, just pass the turn which takes you to Arloff. She makes enough money to pay the utilities while I take care of the rent and food.

Now momma is what I would call plain more than pretty. She stops at 5'4" with sandy hair that's all wavy and small tits that ain't worth much. Her ass is what God blessed her with. It's creamy white and shaped the way I like 'em. That don't mean you're goin' to like it, but it suits me just fine.

Back when daddy was aroun' she used to cover herself up in a robe. But now that she's gone and found love in a bottle, I get to see a lot more of that ass I want to fuck so much. Yeah, I know there's no quicker way to Hell than by wanting to fuck my own momma. But I can't let it be.

But it's all that drinkin' she does that gets me all worked up. Walking around in the mornings with nothing on but a shirt and panties. Half the time, momma sits in front of the tee-vee and watches her soaps and Jerry Springer. I try to get her sober by the time she has to report to Lucy's place.

My daddy sure did a doozy on this here woman. I know the drinkin' is to stop the hurtin' but it's been seven years already. Woman, move on!

Well, one day I had had enough of momma's drinkin'. I decided the only way for this woman to stop killin' herself would be to find her a man. And who better for the job than me. I figure since I got daddy's looks, she'd be a fool to refuse me. Sure it's incest and all, but around here, that's not news. Why just the other day I heard George Connors was caught fuckin' his baby sis in his van. He's 23 and she's only 15. No one said nothing about it. People chuckle and go about their business.

So, I got to thinkin' momma needs a little cock in her life. Cure anything ailin' a woman. But don't tell 'em that. They got their pride. And momma was no different. I knew I couldn't just come right out and say, "Lemme fuck you in the ass." I needed a plan. And one that wouldn't backfire, or she'd have my hide.

I spent the better part of Saturday thinkin' on it when it just about clobbered me on the head. I never had anal sex before and momma needed some cock. What if I put those two things together while I video taped it. I'll do it when she' sleepin' her whiskey off. She won't be helpin' out much but that's fine by me.

The next day before she hits that damn bottle, I'll play her the tape and say she asked me to do it to her. Once she realizes we've already done it, she won't have a problem doin' it again with me. That's when I'll let momma know she can have all the dick she wants if she quits drinkin'.

So, that's what I did. When momma was out cold, I removed her panties and put her on the floor. I took one of her pillows and let her head rest on it. Then I went and turned on the camera I bought with my first check a few years back. I eyed that 54-year-old ass of hers and wondered why I had waited so long.

At this point, my dick was rock hard and hurtin' something awful. So I picked up the purple bottle of lube I'd gotten for this occasion and squeezed out a drop on her shithole. I slid my finger in and pumped it a few times, then I lubed her crack before squeezing out another drop. I pushed my finger back in and pumped it some more.

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