Delightful Days With Double Sisters

by Ramprabhu

Caution: This True Indian Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, True Story, Masturbation, Indian Erotica, .

Desc: True Indian Sex Story: This is a true happening in my life. In one portion of our house two young sisters moved in. I loved them both, exchanged love letters with both. It was my first love and also theirs. I also did many love pranks with them including showing my naked cock to them. But beyond touching one of the girls once, I did not have any sex with them. I very much desired to marry one of them but it did not happen and our love failed. My only satisfaction is that their honor remained intact.

This happened in 1989 /1990 when we lived in a common tenancy house. I have already written an earlier account about it under the title "NICE TIME WITH A NEIGHBOR WOMEN" which appears in this very site. I have referred to my sexual happiness with my neighbor lady Soundarya there. I had also said that she left that house when her husband was transferred to another place.

In their portion which is next to us, a new tenant came. His name was Parthasarathy and his family comprised of himself, his wife Alamelu and two daughters Prema and Priya, his aged mother and his old aunty. He was basically an astrologer giving predictions from horoscopes, but he also was practicing palmistry, numerology, gemmology, namelogy and vaasthu shastra connected to buildings construction. He was mostly using the verandah in our house where his customers will sit and hear his predictions. But many times he will also go outside or to outstation and do special Pooja for his customers to bring them good luck and solace for evil effects of their horoscopes.

His two daughters were aged about 17 and 15. They were what is known as "savalai" in Tamil which means the second child was conceived and born soon after first child and age difference is minimum. They were studying in 11th and 10th class respectively. Both were matured and wore pavaadai (big petticoat) and dhavani (short sari) which is the regular costume for our girls of that age. They were studying in the same school and usually go and return together. Mostly they will be found together in the house when studying or doing other chores. They will wear same coloured uniform for school and even in house their dress will be of same hue. They will also look very similar, same height and same build. Prema had slightly longer hair compared to Priya whose hair was more curly. But they would both double plait their hair and further throw the plaits over their shoulders to the front. So many times one would be confused for the other and it is difficult for anyone to find the difference between them unless one knew them at least for some time.

They will talk politely and also they were God-fearing type. Prema was a very calm type and compared to her Priya was more talkative and easy going. After they moved in, they became good friends of my sister. (I have two sisters. One was married at that time and was living with her husband elsewhere. Another sister was with us, and having completed her school education she was idle in home awaiting her marriage for which we were seeing alliance.)

From the day they moved in I became interested in them. They also noticed my interest in them and became responsive to me. Fortunately at that time in our house though there were totally five families, I was the only young man and similarly they were the only two girls of right age. Naturally we were attracted to each other. I will use every opportunity to see them and they would also find one reason or other to come within my sight. But in our multiple tenanted house privacy is next to nil and so we had to be very furtive in this. However whenever I was in the house those two girls will somehow drew my attention to them and we secretly enjoyed our love look for each other.

These two girls will be mostly found with my sister and usually in the evenings they will sit together and chat. They will also go to temples along with my sister. They were very talkative with my sister and my mother but with me they felt very shy and I was also feeling shy to talk with them. So we avoided talking and if at all we talked it was very short and only when essential. Also as a godown clerk I had long hours of work and I remained minimum time in house so my contacts with them was very less and infrequent.

Further at that time we were constructing a small own house in the outskirts of the city. Usually my father will supervise it but many times I will also go there to assist him. This also was one reason why I had contacts with them sparingly and sporadically. They will politely call me "anna" meaning elder brother and I will address them very generally and only very occasionally I used their names.

They were average students and usually many times they asked my sister to clarify doubts in their lessons. Where my sister did not know, she will ask me and I will clarify to them. I then used such chances to talk with them for a longer time. I will elaborately clarify on their doubts, very intensely looking at them and often smiling at them. I took all pains to impress them very much with whatever was my knowledge. They knew my purpose and secretly they relished it. They will raise some more doubts just to prolong my talk with them and encourage me further with their appreciative smiles so that I can go on and on. Many times even if they did not have any real doubt, they will come with some silly doubt and not letting go that chance I will patiently explain just for the sake of talking with them. My sister understood our game but she will just grin and keep quiet. At times she teased them by saying "his voice is not at all sweet — then why you girls want to hear him more and more — are not you fed up?". She also teased me by saying "beware of these girls — they want to sleep instead of studying their lessons —because your voice is like a lullaby to them they make you talk more and more to get better sleep". We enjoyed her bantering very much and laughed joyfully.

They were medium complexioned and very homely looking girls. They both had normal sized body. Prema was a little more fair than Priya. Prema had more fully developed and bigger tits and they were jutting very much behind her blouse and dhavani. Priya had more bigger and well rounded plump buttocks and when she walked her buttocks will sway nicely. They both were nice looking to me and I admired both, Prema for her tits and Priya for her buttocks. Though secretly I lusted for them and wanted to be more intimate with them, yet out of fear of my parents and theirs, I maintained correct distance and decorum with them. Only with my sister, I occasionally teased them by referring Prema as Breast Girl and Priya as Buttocks Girl (in Tamil Molaikkari and Kundikkari). My sister scolded me every time for it, but then she will also laugh with me later and we both carefully kept this within us. She understood my desire for them and teased me for it and I enjoyed it.

On some rare occasions when I was alone with any one girl and we were sure that none was seeing us, I will boldly stare and wink at her. Then she will look away but I would notice a secretive smile in her face and it made me happy. At times she would glare at me and warn me with her finger. But I knew it was done by her in mock anger and so I will only grin more at her. I was careful not to do such gestures to both when they were together because I felt then they both will get angry with me and thereafter both will avoid me. Each girl understood my passion for her (unaware that I was equally interested in the other) and it made her happy in a girlish way. So when either girl was sure that no one was around, she will unnecessarily make some noise or clink her bangles to draw my attention to her and when I see, grin and wink at her, she will giggle and run away.

In our house there was a washing stone in the backyard. Once Prema was sitting on it and Priya was standing behind her and she was combing and plaiting Prema's hair. I came to backyard for some work and I had to pass Priya. Her juicy buttocks tempted me. I ensured none was noticing us. I pinched her buttocks just once and rushed away from there. Later while returning inside I saw her. She glared at me and bit her lips but she could not suppress her smile when I looked at her with some guilt and fear. Seeing her smile I became bolder, grinned and winked at her. She ran away with a giggle.

Later one day I and Priya were alone in backyard. I took some boldness and told her "I am not able to sleep". She quizzically looked and asked "why?". I grinned and said "how can I sleep — my mind is always on your big buttocks". (I said in Tamil "eppadi thoonguvane — ennoda manasu eppavum onnoda gundu kundi maeladhan irukku"). Her face reddened and she threatened to tell my mother and sister about my misconduct. But I knew it was only a mock threat because while going inside she went giggling all the way and she purposely swayed her plump buttocks more than necessary and also purposely scratched them for me to see and feel happy about it.

One day I left home at 4.30 AM for some purpose and returned around 7 AM. At that time Prema was in the front of the house and she was drawing Kolam in the entrance of the house. (In our house regularly in the morning and evening Kolam (decorative design drawn in front of Hindu houses with white and colour powder) has to be drawn and our house being multiple tenanted each tenant will do it daily on a turn basis (known in Tamil as Murai Vasal). That day it was their turn.

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