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Desc: True Sex Story: Home on leave before heading to my new duty station in the Philippines. Some serious frustration with a tease and then bingo!

It was the summer of 1958, and I had just pissed-off my C.O. at Camp Pendleton by going over his head to get transferred the hell out of that miserable desert landscape. It had cost me an additional year on my enlistment, but I had considered that a cheap price to pay.

My next duty station was to be at Subic Bay in the Philippines, and I was leaving base with three and a half weeks delay in reporting to Treasure Island in San Francisco - this was to be spent with my parents and brother in Anchorage.

On arrival, after all of the greetings and assorted BS, I decided to see if I could find a little excitement. This in my case meant warm and willing girls.

With my reputation as a hell raiser (the main reason that I ended up in the Marine Corps), and my Marine dress blues, it was a little like going after goldfish with two pound blocks of C4.

I had dallied with several young ladies during my first ten days in Anchorage, and then through a friend I met Jean.

Three couples and I had picked up my "blind date" Jean on our way to an overlook along Turnagain Arm for a session of beer drinking around a campfire, and on arrival we discovered that we had a small problem, actually thousands of them. Mosquitoes!

What the hell, we lit the driftwood fire and broke out the beer. The only remaining problem was how to get eight people close to the fire and still get enough of the smoke to keep those damn mosquitoes away.

Jean and I drew the short straw, and ended up on the upwind side with no protection. In Alaska, this is serious. Our solution at first was to pull up our jackets (evenings in Alaska are cool), pull up the zippers and try to keep the mosquitoes away from our faces.

After the first few beers, Jean began to warm up a little and I turned to her and put the opening of my jacket up to the one on hers and gave her a light kiss. She decided that this was not only a delightful idea, but that it solved the problem with the bugs.

Next thing I knew, she got up, faced me and sat her tight little butt down on my lap. We placed jacket neck to jacket neck to block out the mosquitoes and went back to exploring each others tonsils.

French kissing with someone as beautiful and as beautifully built as Jean has serious consequences when you're only 19 years old, and especially if this body is on your lap and wiggling the whole time.

Yup, Junior did his damnedest to try to stand up in my Levis without much success. I'm beginning to ache, and Jean is getting a silly grin on her face. Unfortunately, I was about to discover that Jean was a tease and not much more.

The Marines when not constrained by politicians have a reputation for conquest. We may find that our first attempts at an objective are repulsed, but we regroup and renew the attack.

I went home that night with a bad case of "lovers nuts", and started planning my next assault on the objective.

The next night, I took Jean out to dinner at one of the better restaurants in Anchorage, and then for a ride to on of the more popular overlooks. It didn't do me that much good, just more soul kissing and some snuggling in the front seat of the family's '57 Ford Fairlane, and the same "lovers nuts that I had ended up with the night before.

Night number three. This time I took Jean to the movies. We found two seats open in the back row of the balcony and hooray, I actually got to get in a little tit squeezing even if it was restricted to feeling those beautiful breasts through her sweater and bra. End result, a case of "blue balls that would keep me awake half the night, and a wet spot high on the front of my trousers. I took Jean to her home and then went to mine to suffer quietly.

Night number four. My parents and younger brother were going to be out of the house until midnight, so I walked Jean over to my place and put on some quiet music for background while we talked and snuggled on the sofa.

Jean made a serious mistake that evening. Jean sat at one end of the sofa enjoying the fire that I had started earlier, and I had convinced her to let me stretch out and use her lap for a pillow.

As we talked, I had to move my head out about four inches from her abdomen to see past those wonderfully shaped breasts (but I did manage to keep looking at them from to bottom side) as we talked about a little of everything.

After around twenty minutes of this, I rolled over onto my right side. This put my face almost in contact with her lower abdomen, and my warm exhalations started have some effect on Jeans breathing. As her breathing became slightly ragged, she bent her upper body over to look at me and wonder of wonders, her left breast was leaning on the side of my head and the right was resting just below my jaw.

With a slight twist of my head, my warm breath was now heating the underside of the right breast. The result was spectacular, she unbuttoned her blouse, and slipped out of her bra. Oh what a sight. Those breasts did not need a bra. Her areolas were puckered and her nipples were poking out like they were made of wood. I did manage to give them both a good massage, but I had to resort to more drastic measures.

Next, I rolled some more, so that I was face down in her lap. My hot breath was now directed down between her legs and right across her pussy. The return flow of air as I inhaled was filled with her fragrance.

Understand that this young lady had just finished taking a bubble bath several hours earlier, so what I was getting was a combination of bubble bath and female. Definitely female!

Her cunt smelled both sweet and musky, and make that heavy on the musk.

Results for the night, an aching crotch that would keep me awake until three in the morning. Oh well, such is life.

Night five was a family function that precluded any get together with Jean, but there is always tomorrow.

Night number six. The folks and little brother are out for the evening again with an ETA back home around midnight - 1:00 AM.

I started another fire in the fireplace, and walked over to Jeans house.

When I got there, Jean's mother asked me what we had eaten for dinner two nights earlier. I told her that we had stopped for pizza on the way to my house, and asked why she had asked.

Her mother told me that shortly after I had brought Jean home, she has developed severe stomach cramps that had kept her up until after 2:00 AM. It was all I could do to keep from laughing out loud. What's that saying? I believe it's "Paybacks are a Bitch!".

Anyhow, Jean was feeling fine that evening, and we headed over to my place again.

While Jean settled in on the sofa to enjoy the fire on the hearth, I got busy in the kitchen and fixed cheese burgers with all the trimmings for the two of us.

After we had finished off the burgers and I had cleaned things up for the night, I settled on the sofa stretched out using her lap for a pillow again.

This time though it was only a few minutes before I rolled facing her stomach. It took just about ten breaths in that tender area between her navel and her mound before her breathing got a little ragged and she surprised me by removing the sweater she had worn tonight without my even having asked - second surprise of the evening was to discover that she had not worn her bra.

I reached up with both hands and started massaging her beautiful cone shaped breasts, starting at the bottom, slowly working out to the sides and then spiraling in gradually working my way to the nipples.

The next thing I know, Jean reached down and pulled my head up and one at a time placed each of those incredibly gorgeous nipples to my lips. What was I to do? I took each one in turn and gently sucked it in where I could give it the tender tongue lashing that it desired while using both hands to gently hold and massage the breast that I was nursing on. Jean sounded like she was having difficulty getting a deep breath, and just couldn't seem to stop wiggling her butt on the sofa.

TIME FOR THE KILL!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did a fast rollover and started exhaling through her Levis right past her vulva. She started making a slight forward twitching with her hips and her perfume began to rise up into my face.

It only took five minutes of this before she asked me to let her stand up for a minute.

As Jean rose from the sofa, she was already undoing her belt. By the time she had finished standing up, she had begun lowering her Levis. As she bent over to take them off, I could see a two inch wide stripe where she had soaked them with her juices. No wonder that her perfume was so strong.

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